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List extensive product information of Circuit Breakers (include Mini Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Breaker, Leakage Circuit Breaker), provided by Circuit Breaker manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ell Residual Current Device
ELL Residual Current Device Specification: Type: Residual Current ; Poles Number: 1P+N, 3P+N ; Standard: IEC61008, EN61008 ; Rated Current(In): 16,25,32,40,63,80A ; Rated Voltage(Un): 230V, 400V ; Type of terminal: lug type ; terminal capacity: : cable up to 35mm2 ; RCCB Features: Rated current (In):16,25,32,40,63,80A Rated voltage: 230V,400V Rated Tripping Current: 10mA,30mA,100mA,300mA Numbers of poles:1P+N,3P+N Rated Short Circuit: 6KA Maxim Back-up Fuse: In=16-63A 63A Gg/gL ...
Company: Wenzhou Elsine Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Plug-on Circuit Breakers
Plug-On Circuit Breakers Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Certification: CE ; The SQD circuit breaker comes in a compact 3/4 inch wide format for one-pole circuit breakers, helping minimize panel space and footprint. The SQ-D exclusive quick-open protection is standard on all 15 A and 20 A circuit breakers-trip reaction within 1/60th of a second. No other circuit breaker trips faster. A comprehensive selection of 10kA rated circuit breakers is available including: 1) SQD ...
Company: Jiangxi Sunhong Electric Co., Ltd.    China

MCB Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 2 ; Number of Poles:1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P Rated Current (A):1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20,25, 32, 40,50, 63 Breaking Capacity (A):6000, 4500 Rated Voltage (V):230/400 Rated Frequency:50/60Hz Endurance:≥4000 Circumstance Temperature:-5°C~+40°C Electrical Life:no less than 6000 operations Mechanical Life:(O-C) no less than 20000 operations Protection Degree:IP20
Company: Wenzhou Jinxu Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breaker
magnetic hydraulic circuit breaker Specification: Type: Magnetic ; Poles Number: 1 ; Function: magnetic hydraulic circuit breaker ; Series CVP-SM Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers Product name CVP-SM series circuit breaker for equipment Meet the criterion IEC 60934GB 17701UL1077 Rated voltage DC80VAC250V Rated current 0.5-30A Breaking capacity 1000A Isolation function YES Poles 1 Ambient temperature -40-+85 Mechanical life 10000 operations Certificate CCC UL1077 UL489 CE TUV CSA ...
Company: Zhejiang Chinehow Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Mcb Mini Circuit Breaker
DZ47/C45N mcb mini circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Application: DZ47/C45 mini circuit breaker/MCB: 1.Model:DZ47-63,C45N 2.Standard:IEC60898 3.Function:overload and short circuit protection 4.Rated voltage:240/415V 5.Rated current: 1~63A 6.Pole number:1P,2P,3P,4P 7.Breaking capacity: 4.5KA 8.Curve: B,C,D 9.Used for unfrequently switching on&off electric equipment and lighting circuit in normal case.
Company: Shanghai Delixi Switchgear Co., Ltd.    China

3p 250a Mccb
BDM3T 3P 250A MCCB Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3 ; BDM3T Moulded Case Circuit Breaker ( MCCB ) Application BDM3T moulded case circuit breaker is suitable for circuit AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage up to AC 660V, rated operating current up to 250A.It features normal structure, reliable performance, high breaking capacity, used for power distribution and protecting the circuit and electrical equipment against overload and short circuit. It complies with standard of ...
Company: Yueqing BODUN Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Fcl9-2p Rccb Elcb
FCL9-2P RCCB ELCB Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 2 ; color: white ; RCCB of FCL9-2p(AC Type )Residual Current Circiut Breaker without over current protection conform to the sandards of GB16916.1,IEC1008,SB4293ect.It is used in industrial &mining enterprises,Commercial buildings and housing for protection of people electric equipment from electric shock hazard ,and also can be used for unfrequent switchover of circuits under normal conditions. We have ...
Company: Yueqing Fivecircle Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Surge Protection Device
Surge Protection Device Specification: Certification: CE, RoSH, ISO9001 ; Application: TY6 series surge protection device suit for the AC 50Hz/60Hz, for the TT, TN-S, TN-C, and IT, not over 380V. It is used to protect the direct or indirect thunder influence or other instantaneous over-voltage surge. This protect is mainly used in house, third industry and industry field for surge protection. Thia product is comply with GB18802.1-2002; IEC 61643-1:1998. Specifications: 1) Protection ...
Company: Yueqing Taike Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Mcb Mini Circuit Breaker
BKN mcb mini circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1P,2P,3P,4P ; Certificate: CE/ISO9001/ROHS ; Superiority: Competitive price, Punctual Delive. ; Current: 1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63 ; BKN mcb mini circuit breaker Application BKN series circuit breaker is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protection overload and short-circuit in the system. The product is neoteric in structure , light in ...
Company: Changjiang Group Stock Co., Ltd.    China

SF1-G3 Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; Black body: white knob ; MCB SF1-G3 NEW Hydraulic magnetic mini circuit breaker is mainly suitable for overload and short circuit protection. It adopts hydraulic magnetic trip instead of bimetal. So it has a high sensitivity and the ambient temperature does also not affect it. It is especially used for illumination and distribution in industry and commerce. They are mainly used for overload and short circuit protection within the circuit ...
Company: Yueqing Aolin Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker
Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Air ; Poles Number: 4 ; Application: ZLW1series intelligent air circuit breaker, is generally mounted in low voltage switchboard as main switch for protection. Its reproductive products: ZLW1 series isolators installed in distribution circuit to make and break the circuit for isolation. Its per formances reach up to the international similar products. 1.Ratecurrent 630~5000A; 2.short circuit breaking capacity 80~120KA(rms); 3.Rated ...
Company: Tianjin Century Great International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

R80m High Breaking Rccb Residual Current Circuit Breaker
R80M high breaking RCCB residual current circuit breaker Specification: Type: Residual Current ; Poles Number: 2 ; Standard: IEC/EN60898-1 ; Electromagnetic earth leakage circuit breaker is a kind of protective device against residual current,is suitable to the circuit of AC 50/60Hz,rated voltage up to 400V,rated current to 100A .It is mainly used to protect human safety from electrical shock and prevent fire disaster caused by residual current due to damaged equipment.It also can be used in ...
Company: Zhejiang Gacia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Ce Circuit Breaker
CE circuit breaker Specification: Type: Residual Current ; Poles Number: 2 ; CDL7 series CE residual current device is designed for electric shock protection and human indirect contact protection, and electric equipment protection whenhuman body touching electricity or electric network leak current exceeds stipulated value, in household or similar uses with AC 50HZ, rated working voltage400V and below, rated current up to 63A, without relationship to line voltage. It is widely used in all ...
Company: Zhejiang Dehui Electric Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Protection Circuit Breaker
GK65N high quality protection circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 2 ; Safe: Long life ; Construction Features of GK65N high quality protection circuit breaker The GK65N series miniature circuit breaker, isolating switch, protectiong switch has compact construction,in the width of 18mm,it has two poles(P+N) with high breaking capacitysmall volume , which is specially suitable for household and leakage current circuit breaker. Zero line and fire wire cutting at one ...
Company: Guangxi Electrically Controlled Electricity Group    China

Current Overload Protector
current overload protector Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 2 ; certification: VDE ,CSA,UL ; over current protector 88 series Engineering Information: Rating:3 Amp-25Amp Input power:125/250 Vac 50Vdc 50-60Hz Interrupting Capacity:1000 Amp × 125Vac 200Amp ×250Vac Dielectric Strength: 1500Vac 1minute Resettable Overload Capacity :10 times rated current Voltage Drop: Less than 0.25V ...
Company: Shanghai Ruiqiao Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Dz47 Miniature Circuit Breakers
DZ47 miniature circuit breakers Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; DZ47 series miniature circuit breakers: DZ47 se. ; DZ47 series miniature circuit breakers C45N series circuit breaker is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protecting overload and short-circuit in the system. The product is novel in structure, light in weight, reliable and excellent in performance. Its case and body adopt high fire-registrant and shockproof plastic. The ...
Company: CK Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Residual current circuit breaker Specification: Type: Residual Current ; The product serves in the line od AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 230V and rated current up to 30A to automatically and immediately cut off power once someone suffers from electric shock or leakage current above specified valve. The circuit-breaker can also function as overload and short-circuit protection and unfrequent changeover of line under normal condition. The products is conformity with GB16917.1, IEC61009-1 ...
Company: Hangzhou Metals Minerals Machinery And Chemicals Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Circuit Breaker
circuit breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3 ; 1,circuit breaker(MCCB,breaker) The rated value and ultimate Value for the Main Circuit The rated insulation voltage for this series of circuit breaker is 690V,the rated operating voltage is 600V, the rated frequency is 50Hz, the othe rated values for the main circuit, please see Table 2 Table 2 The Rated Values of MCCB Rated Current of Frame InmA Conventional Thermal current Ith A Testing Voltage V ...
Company: Yueqing Honyo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Overload Protector
Overload protector Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3 ; color: up to customers`optional ; Overload protectors' Specifications : 1)Contact Resistance ∠20mΩ 2)Rated Voltage 125/250VAC UL1077 ; 250VAC EN60934 3)Overload open circuit-time 5-20 seconds 4)Reset time 1-20 seconds 5)Rated Current 3A-20A 6)Electrical Life ...
Company: Shenzhen Baokezhen Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Prcd Safety Plug Leakage Protection Circuit Breaker
PRCD safety plug leakage protection circuit breaker Specification: Type: Residual Current ; Poles Number: 3 ; Type: Electrical Plug ; Grounding: Standard Grounding ; Application: Residential / General-Purpose ; Rated Current: 16A ; Color: red/white/black/yellow ; The RCD detailed discription: portable RCD plug for industrial/construction site use 1 Rated supply voltage:230V 2 Rated current:16A,10A 3 Operating frequency:50/60HZ 4 Trip time:<0.03S 5 Tested according to BS7071 and ...
Company: Yueqing Dongya Electric Switch Factory    China

Switch Disconnector
Switch Disconnector Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 1 ; The product is suitable for power distributions and control circuits which are used in AC50/60HZ,releated voltage is up to 400V.It can mainly used as the chief switch in the erminal combined electrical equipments as well as used for unfrequent control all kinds of small power equipments and lightings.
Company: Zhejiang Meywon Electric Co., Ltd.    China

High Voltage Circuit Breaker
High voltage circuit breaker Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Poles Number: 3 ; Mounting type: Indoor ; Technical parameter: Name Unit Number value Rated voltage KV 12 Rated insulated level 1min work frequency, dure voltage(efficient value) KV 42 Thunder and lighting assault, dure voltage(Peak value) KV 75 Rated frequency Hz 50 Rated current A 0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO Rated short-circuit open current KA 630 1250 Rated ...
Company: Zhejiang Weilijian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Mq45-63 Rccb Residual Current Circuit Breaker
MQ45-63 RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Earth Leakage ; Poles Number: 1P+N ; Color: Any ; Quality: Trustable ; RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection Construction and Feature *Provides protection against earth earth fault/leakage current, short-circuit and overload *High short-circuit capacity *Provides complementary protection against direct contact by human body *Effectively protects electric equipment against insulating ...
Company: Ming Qi Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing    China

Car Power Circuit Breaker
Car power circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: Twin ; Features: 1- High current circuit breaker 2- Manual reset 3- Gold plated bolts and screws 4- Bakelite cover 5- Waterproof AMP's available: 12FH85-70 70 AMP 12FH85-100 100 AMP 12FH85-150 150 AMP 12FH85-200 200 AMP 12FH85-250 250 AMP 12FH85-300 300 AMP
Company: Allied Eastern Industry Co., Ltd.    China

!!!6ka 1p Mini Circuit Breaker
!!!6KA AL7 1P Mini circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; color: white ; Rated Voltage: 110/230/400V ; Rated frequency: 50/60Hz ; Rated Interrupting capacity: 10KA ; New6KA AL7 1P Mini circuit breaker Pole:one pole,two pole,three pole,four pole Rated voltage:110/230/400V Rated frequency:50/60Hz Rated short-circuit Interrupting capacity:10KA The products is according to standard:63A less than:IEC60898 GB10963 80-100A:IEC947-2 GB14048.2
Company: Wenzhou Sogo Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Overload Protector
Overload Protector HT-01A-101 waterproof type Specification: Type: heat-miniature ; Poles Number: Other ; Material: Plastic shell, silver contact ; The products can be used in combination sockets,power switch,multifunctional cockets,generator and other equipment etc. Technical Parameter Rated current: 3A-25A Rated voltage: 125/250Vac 50Vdc 50-60HZ Breaking capacity: 1,000A×125Vac, 20A×205Vac Insulation withstand voltage testing: 1,500Vac/min Reset switch overload ...
Company: Yueqing Chhet Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Gardy Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Gardy residual current circuit breaker Specification: Type: Earth Leakage ; Poles Number: 2 ; 2 Poles and 4 Poles: Grey ; PG residual current circuit breaker (gardy circuit breaker, gardy rccb) is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, 230/400V circuit, prevents from overloading, short-circuit etc. On the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage, it will trip immediately. At the same time, the rated current of overload protection can be adjustable. Technical Data Item Adjustable Residual Current ...
Company: Zhejiang Minyang Electric Co., Ltd.    China

MCCB Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 4 ; Color: Black ; FPIM2-1250A Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 1 , Working condition 1 , the installation altitude less than 2000m 2 , the surrounding temperature from -5°C ~ +40°C 3 , in the non-explosive condition . or without adequate erosion and destruction of gas and dust conductive area . 4 , without rain and snow invade 5, pollution level 3 6, install type 3 circuit breaker installation the basic installtion ...
Company: Yiwu Farphie Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Ltd.    China

Led Spot Led Plug And Socket
LED Spot LED Plug and Socket Specification: Specifications: Male and Female ; Color: white or Black ; Connection: 250V ; Current: 7A ; Cable length: 1500mm ; Connector Material: Nylon66 UL94V-O or V-2 ; Cable: VDE H03VVH2-F 2 x 0.75mm2 ; Certificate: SGS,RoHs Approval ; LED Spot LED Plug and Socket Details OF Spotlight Socket Part NO.:AMP-HV Suitable Distributor: MINI AMP Distributor L801A, L801B L802A L802B Connection: 250V Current:7A Connector Color: White or Black Fire Rating: V-0 ...
Company: Dongguan Fongkit Electronics Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Surge Protector For Solar Photovoltaic System
OBV5 surge protector for Solar Photovoltaic System Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Product DescriptionSurge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) SystemThe OBV5-C40 series Surge Protection are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks. These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and differential modes protection. The OBV5-C40 series is available for the main operating voltages ...
Company: Wenzhou Chuangjie Lightning Protection Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Vs1 Circuit Breaker
VS1 circuit breaker Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Poles Number: Other ; 12KV: VS1 ; indoor: switchgear ; All parts are made by ourself. High quality, competitive price.It is used for indoor switchgear. It is suitable to control and protect transmission and distribution system such as electric network equipment and industrial & mining industry etc as their protection and control unit. Features: Rated voltage (KV) 12 Rated Current (A) 630 Rated Dynamic ...
Company: Shanghai Zhengli Electric Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Type Miniature Circuit Breaker
DZ47-63 Type Miniature Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Specification: Certificate; SEMKO, CB, CE Satandard ranges of instantaneous tripping: B-type, C-type, D-type. Rated voltage(V): 230/400 Rated current(A): 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63. Rated frequency(Hz): 50/60. Rated short-circuit capacity: 6000A(In<=40A), 4500A(In=50A/63A) Number of poles: 1, 2, 3, 4 Standard: IEC60898 We also can manufactur MCB against customer's requirement.
Company: Tengen Group Co., Ltd.    China

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