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List extensive product information of Circuit Breakers (include Mini Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Breaker, Leakage Circuit Breaker), provided by Circuit Breaker manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3 ; Frame current: 100A ; Rated current: 40A,50A,63A,80A,100A ; Frequency: 50Hz ; Rated voltage: 380V ; Break capacity: 6kA ; Poles No.: 3 ; Type: Moulded Case ; DZL25 Series Circuit Breaker: Anti-jamming abil. ; Usage: Over-loading,over-voltage protecting ; Moulded Case Circuit Breaker: Small volume,with. ; 1.Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 2.Rated voltage:380V 3.Rated current:40A,50A,63A,80A,100A 4.Type:Moulded ...
Company: Shanghai QIPIER Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

2p Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
TYM1-250 2P Moulded Case circuit breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 2 ; Environment temperature: -5~40 ; Pollution rate: 3 degree ; Protection level: IP20 ; Rated current: 250A ; TYM1-250 2P Moulded Case circuit breaker The TYM1 is suitable for power distribution, overlaod for line or power devices, undervoltage and short circuit protection, overload and short circuit protection for motors under 800A. It also can be used as the infrequent starting of motors. The ...
Company: Shanghai Tianyi Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Pl10 Mcb
PL10 MCB Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; PL10 MCB Applications: Mini Circuit Breaker L7 belongs to the advanced level of the 90th in the world instead of the older generation of L7. It has protective function of overload, and is used in lighting distribution system in industry, commerce, dwelling and protect fractional electric motors. They also have many merits of high protective grade (up to IP20), high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient multi-pole ...
Company: Yueqing Etec Electric Co., Ltd.    China

MCB Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; quality: good ; price: competitive ; 1.standard:CE, ROSH approval certificate, 10KA MCB 2.rate frequency:50/60hz 3.rated voltage:230/400vac 4.rated short-circuit making capacity:10000a CONSTRUCTION AND FEATURE *Capable of switch electric circuit with load *Capable of quickly releasing stored energy operation *Adaptable to padlock device *Contact position indication *High short-circuit current withstand capacity *Highlighted of high making ...
Company: Wenzhou Kangyu Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Specification: Main characteristic 1,The circuit breaker for the console-model handcart structure, uses the explosion chamber in on, the organization in the under integral-type layout, is advantageous for the debugging. 2, Use the air and the organic material compound insulation structure, the design compact, the weight is light. 3, Match American Cuter-Hammer Corporation the vacuum explosion chamber and the domestically produced vacuum explosion chamber, its ...
Company: Shanghai Orinno International Business Co., Ltd.    China

Ip Mini Circuit Breaker
IP Mini Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; Certification: CE,IS9001-2003,CCC ; phase: 1 ; IP: 40 ; Features: 1) Module design and standard guide installation 2) Current transformer uses beryllium membrane alloy material and has high reliability 3) Adopts Geman import double matel plate, stable and reliability function. 4) Used of copper-iron composite arc-starting plate,low temperature and quick heat dissipation. 5) Cantact is made of siliver alloy ,so contact ...
Company: Guangdong Junon Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Non-polarised 4 Poles 1000v Dc Solar Circuit Breaker
Non-polarised 4 Poles 1000V DC Solar Circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 4 ; current: 1000V DC ; No. of poles: 4ples ; certification: Semko ; application: PV ; Solar 1000V DC circuit breaker: True DC breaker not changed from AC. good design and good quality for PV system can avaiable for 1P/250V,2P/500VDC,3P/750VDC and 4P/1000VDC with 6KA according to IEC60947-2, can supply Polar and Non polarised as requested the non polarised is easy for wiring and and avoid the ...
Company: Zhejiang Huagong Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Car Circuit Breaker
Car Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: FUSE BOX ; Poles Number: 2 ; Certification: ISO9001, TS16949/ISO14001: 2004 ; Car Circuit Breaker Features:1) Consist of fuse box, fuse plate and storage battery connection2) Used for car storage batteries3) Cut circuit automatically and protect car when problems exist We have strong and skillful engineer team and developing facility, tracking from the beginning of designing to aftersale service. Our products range quite a wide scale. Any request, pls ...
Company: Wenzhou Fengdi Auto Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Circuit Breaker
Mini Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 3 ; Certificate: CE,ISO9001 ; ←miniature circuit breaker,circuit break,breaker→ CE certificated high quality mini circuit breaker,miniature circuit breaker,circuit break,breaker, (MCB) Protection and control of circuit against overload and short circuit,In building installation-such as houses,offices,commercial complex,motor system(D curve) and industrial installation-for switching ,control,protection and ...
Company: Hua Tong Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Non Polarise Dc Breaker
Solar Non Polarise DC Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; DC: DC550V,DC800V,DC1000V ; Quality: High quality ; Web: ; Rated Breaking Capacity: 6KA ; Certification: CE,SAA,CB ; Confrom to standard of electrical: IEC 60947-2 ; Shell Color: White ; Poles Number: 2P,3P,4P ; Name: Solar Non Polarise DC Breaker ; CLDCBO2, CLDCBO3, CLDCBO4 non polarised DC Miniature Circuit Breaker. CLDCBO2, CLDCBO3, CLDCBO4 Mini circuit breakers is used extensively in the commercial, ...
Company: Ningbo Clipso Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Good Quality Kuoyuh 98 Circuit Breaker
Good Quality KUOYUH 98 Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Circuit Breaker: Agent ; Circuit Breaker Using scope: Suitable for various kinds of medium and small-scale electrical machineries , built-up socket of electric apparatuses. Technical Parameters:Rated current: : 3Amp — 50Amp .Rated voltage: 125/250V AC,50VDC 50-60Hz .Insulation Press resistance Test : 1,500Vac /minute.Resetting over charge: 10 times current.Resetting time : In 60 second.Insulation resistance : ...
Company: Foshan Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Hi-amp Circuit Breaker
Hi-amp circuit breaker Specification: Type: NO ; Poles Number: NO ; CIRCUIT BREAKER: CIRCUIT BREAKER ; Circuit Breaker for HI-current operation accept two Ring Terminals HI-AMP Circuit Breakers Auto, Manual, & Switch able Reset Available: 80A, 100A, 140A, 200A,250A,300A Nickel or Gold plated Applications: Used in auxiliary accessory circuits where you need hi-amp current & protection too. Cars,Trucks, Buses, RV's and Marine applications.
Company: Ningbo Yinzhou Sky Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Distribution Box
distribution box Specification: Type: Mini ; Grey: GREY ; Product Description 1, Distribution box ( breaker box ). 2, Standard: CE, IEC, ISO-9001-2000, CCC. 3, They are widely used in hotel, building site, corporations, office buildings, high-grade uptowns, and so on. 4, It is series of distribution box are standard enclosures suitable for consumer, it is able to protect your home appliance, lighting and circuit. 5, Made out of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet of up to1.5mm thickness. ...
Company: Shaanxi Fuji Power Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Miniature Circuit Breaker
Miniature circuit breaker Specification: Control and protection of circuits against short-circuit and overload currents Protection of persons against indirect contact Head office :No.66, Meishu E. 5th Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung 804, Taiwan TEL:886-7-5521311 FAX:886-7-5553667 URL:http://.tw/en/
Company: RST ENTERPRISE CO LTD    Taiwan

Miniature Circuit Breaker Mcb
Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB Specification: Miniature Circuit Breaker (Mini Circuit Breaker) mcb We can supply C45N(DZ47) MCB, DZ47LE, C60N MCB, C65N MCB, NT-50 Safety Breaker, S101 Screw MCB, E4CB MCB, 200B 200BZ MCB, L7 MCB, NC-100H MCB, MY, MT, MU MCB, SX MCB, BH MCB, Hydraulic Magnetic Miniature Circuit Breaker We specialise in circuit breakers for world market. Professonal OEM manufacturer.
Company: Changcheng Electrical Equipment Group Zhejiang Imp And Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Surge Arresters
Surge arresters Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Poles Number: 1 ; Zinc Oxide Polymer Lightning Arrester(Surge Arrester) ISO9001:2000 Standard applied: IEC60099-4. High energy input capacity. Rated voltage 13KV,18KV,24KV Service condition: 1) Ambient temperature: -50C~ +50C 2) Altitude: Up to 2000m 3) Maximum wind velocity: 45m/s 4) Earthquake intensity: 7 degree We also can produce by users' special requirements.
Company: Shangyu Jinwang Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

NS100SX80A Specification: Type: circuit breaker ; NS100SX80A Schneider circuit breaker Terms: 1.Payment Term: T/T in advance, paypal, western union or escrow or others. 2.Delivery:by FEDEX, DHL,TNT,UPS,EMS or others. Freight paid by customer, goods can be delivered after payment. 3.Warranty of any parts from Yaspro Electronics Shanghai is 60 days company introduction: .cn Yaspro Electronics (Shanghai) is a customer-oriented independent stocking ...
Company: Yaspro Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.    China

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
DZ15LE-40/4901 Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Earth Leakage ; Poles Number: 2,3,4 ; Rated Voltage: 220V ; Rated Current: 40A ; Frequency: 50HZ ; Certification: IEC60947-2,GB14048.2 ; Color: Black ; Main Technical parameters Model Shell Frame level Rated Current lmn(A) Rated Voltage(V) Rated Frequency(HZ) Pole Rated Current ln(A) Rated Limited Breaking Capacity Lcu(kA) Rated Earth Leakage Current With Operation(mA) Rated Earth Leakage Current ...
Company: Zhejiang Tongyong Electrical Stock Co., Ltd.    China

Circuit Breaker,
circuit breaker, Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; ISO9001: CE ; The product,with long life,is mainly used in AC 50HZ/60HZ single pole 240V or two,three,four poles up to 45V circuit for overload and short circuit well as for unfrequently switching on&off electric equipment and lighting circuit in normal case.the product comply with IEC60898&GB10963-1999. SPEC: setting temperature of portective characteristics at 400C rated voltage:240V/415V rated ...
Company: Hongbao Electric Group Co., Ltd.    China

Circuit Breaker
MHQL circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: Other ; plug in type: plug in type ; MHQL mini circuit breaker applies to industry ,commercial ,lighting and electrical machine distribution system with AC415V,50/60Hz ,rated working current to 100A protect against overload and short circuit ,The item is installed into plug-in type mounting base. Technical Data Type MHQL Number of poles 1P, 2P, 3P Rated Current(A) 6, 10,16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 63, 70, 80, 90,100A ...
Company: Yueqing Meto Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Drive Mechanism For 12kv Vacuum Circuit Breaker
drive mechanism for 12kv vacuum circuit breaker Specification: Type: Vacuum ; Poles Number: 3 ; In factor, it has two types, including manual type and motor driven type. Technology Parameter Number Item Unit Date 1 Rated voltage kV 12 2 Rated current A 630-1250 3 Rated short-time breaking current kA 20-31.5 4 Output rotate angle Degree 3540 5 Output distance mm 26 6 Closing work J 70120 7 Size Manual type mm 560*210*494 ...
Company: Yuyao Hengtong Electric Appliance Factory    China

Circuit Breaker 88
Circuit Breaker 88 Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Poles Number: 1 ; CIRCUIT BREAKER: 88 Series ; CIRCUIT BREAKER/SAFETY SWITCH/BREAKER Rating: 3 ~ 25 A 125/250 V AC Input Power: 125/250 Vac 50V dc 50-60Hz Interrupting Capacity : 1,000Amp x 125 V ac 200Amp x 250V ac Voltage Drop : Less than 0.25V Dielectric strength: AC 1500 V 1 minute Insulation resistance: >500 Megaohms Reset Time: Within 60 seconds Temperature Rise at Terminal Block: Less than 65oC at 100% of rated current ...

Shielded Enclosure Custom-made Aluminum Casting
Shielded enclosure custom-made Aluminum Casting Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Poles Number: Other ; Voltage grade: 126KV ; High voltage circuit breaker (or says the high voltage switch) it can not only cut or closed the idle current and high voltage circuit, load current and when a fault occurs through the relay protection device role, cut over load current and short-circuit current, it has quite perfect arcing structure and sufficient flow ability, can be divided into: oil circuit ...
Company: Wuxi Zhongdao Ruiyuan Alloy Product Co., Ltd.    China

Hs Mini Circuit Breaker
HS mini circuit breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; CE approval: white ; APPLICATIONS The products of HS belong to the advanced level of the nineties in the international instead of the older generation of HS. They have protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in lighting distribution system in industry, commerce and dwelling, and protecting fractional electric motors, and they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20), high breaking ...
Company: Wenzhou Zhenglang Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Pvc Cable Wires/copper Wire
PVC cable wires/copper wire Specification: Type: CCA ; Poles Number: 2core ; home electrical wire We can supply a range of solid and stranded cables which are used for fixed wiring, house / domestic wiring / project & industrial plants and others. Further, these are also used for fixed wiring, house/ domestic wiring/ Project & Industrial Plants and others. Specifications: Standards: 227IEC01/02, equivalent to VDE 0281 BS6004 Conductor: Single Core solid & ...
Company: Yueqing Iger Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Circuit Breaker Schneider
Circuit Breaker Schneider C65N4PC25A Specification: Condition: Original/stock ; Type: Circuit Breaker ; Circuit Breaker Schneider C65N4PC25A Type:breakers Place of origin: france Brand name: schneider Lead-time: Stock Packaging Detail: Cartons Delivery Detail: After payment TNT/UPS/DHL /Fedex Shipping methods Application 1.Inverters for AC motors 2.Power supply units for DCmotors 3.DC power supply uints for battery chargers 4.General purpose DC power supply uints. Related Products C65N2PD10A ...
Company: Shanghai Zifine Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 6a 3p
JM5-5SB Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 6A 3P Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3 ; Color: black ; Rated current: 6a ; JM5-5SB Series Mould Case Circuit Breaker 1. Modle: JM5-5SB 2. Name of article: Mould Case Circuit Breaker 3. Rated voltage: 120V to 415V 4. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 5. Rated current(A): 6A 6. Poles: 3P Application Range: 1. Applied for the power distribution network of AC50Hz/60Hz 2. Rated working Voltage up to AC 415V or DC125V 3. Rated Current up ...
Company: Jiaxing City Jiakong Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1-4 Poles ; Desc: : Mini Circuit Breaker ; Pole: : 1-4 ; Type: : Mini ; Standard: : GB10963, IEC60898 BS3871. ; Brand: : HF-SHAW ; DZ47-63 series circuit breaker is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protecting overload and short-circuit in the system. The product is novel in structure, light in weight,reliable and excellent in performance. It has high breaking capacity, can trip quickly and ...
Company: Yueqing HF-Shaw Electric Co., Ltd.    China

1/2" Snap Disc Thermostat-301
1/2" snap disc ThermostatKSD-301 Specification: Type: High Voltage ; Usage: Household ; Theory: Temperature Controller ; 1/2" snap disc HERMOSTAT(THERMOSTAT PROTECTOR)KSD-301 series Technical parameters: 1,electrical parameters: 10/250V (resistance loaded),2,temperature range: 45 ~ 150 ° c (any),disconnect temperature precision: ± (2.5 ~ 5%) degrees Celsius3,moveable bracket4,Insert terminal 187 # (0 ~ 90% % d bending is optional, thickness, 0.8 mm 0.5 ...
Company: Wuhan Zhenguan Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Thermal Circuit Breaker
Thermal Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 2 ; Thermal Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker 1) ratings from 0.5A to 70A rating AC125V & 250V 2)Safety Approvals: UL CUL VDE CCC Features Designed for push-button illumination indicated that the circuit breaker under overload condition Snaps cutout as many common circuit breakers 0.5A~70A Rating AC 125V & 250V Switch Type: Pushbutton Voltage Compatibility: DC Typical Applications : ...
Company: E-Yung Enterprise Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

Chinese pcba turn key solution
PCBA turn key solution to international customer Our usual follow flow , 1. Receive the customer inquiry 2. Project analysis 3. cost evalution and project quotation 4. Client accpet the offer and we start prototype , 5, sample make and approve 6. pcb and components procument 7.incomding check and components storage 8.mass production 9. Engineering support 10.Outgoing quality assurance 11.PCBA package and dispatch 12.Project review and customer ...
Company: Leadsintec Co .,Ltd    China

Miniature Circuit Breaker (S7)
CSB07 miniature circuit breaker is mainly suitable for overload and short circuit protection within the circuit of AC50/60Hz, rated voltage of single pole up to 230V, two three or four pole up to 400V and rated current up to 63A, it can be also used for an unfrequent switchover of the circuit and illumination under normal condition. More Product Features HS Code: 8536200000 Trademark: Hean Model NO.: S7 Standard: IEC60898 Productivity: 50, 000, 000 PCS/Year Unit ...
Company: Hean Group Co., Ltd.    China

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