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List extensive product information of Power Contactors (include AC Contactor, Vacuum Contactor, DC Contactor), provided by Contactor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

NC1 AC Contactor
1) Used with circuits of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage up to 660V and rated working currents of up to 95A under application class of AC-3 2) Uses: to remotely make and break circuits ; 3) When connected with a proper thermal relay, the AC contactor can be used ; as an electromagnet starter to protect a circuit in which overload running may occur, and as a frequent start control for an AC motor
Company: FATO Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd    China

Flexible Copper Connectors
1) Copper strip thickness: 0.03 ~ 0.1mm ; 2) Thicker cover sheet on request ; 3) Contact ends are press welded and silver-based braze welding could be adopted ; 4) For high voltage circuit breakers and switch gears.
Company: FATO Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd    China

1) Rated voltage 660V AC 50/60Hz ; 2) Rated current 630A ; 3) Suitable for frequent starting and controlling motors ; 4) Combined with a mechanical interlocking device, it becomes a 3TD series convertible contactor for controlling, starting, breaking and reversing motors ; 5) Complies with IEC947-2 & VDE0660 standard
Company: FATO Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd    China

Interlock Contactor
1) CJX2-*N (LC2-D) series machinery interlock relay is a combination of CJX2 (LC2-D) series AC relays and machinery interlock ; 2) It is suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), voltage up to 660V and current up to 95A ; 3) It is used for directly controlling the start, stop and reversible running of three- phase electromotors in long distance

New Type AC Contactor
1) 3 poles: up to 150A (AC3) ; 2) Conforms to IEC947 standard ; 3) Tropicalized as standard ; 4) High making and breaking capacity ; 5) All model D contactors incorporate 1 N/O and 1N/C aux, contacts as standard

Vacuum Contactors
1) Various specifications from low-voltage to high-voltage available ; 2) High breaking capacity ; 3) Long service life ; 4) Less maintenance ; 5) Compact, light, safe, reliable and quiet ; 6) Non-expose arc ; 7) Suitable for frequent reliable start/stopping under serious environments 8) Suitable for 3-phase AC motor control and electric load switches 9) Applications: coal, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electrical power, machine and traffics

Household AC Contactor
1) Mainly applicable to a power system of AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage up to 230V ; 2) In a line of application class AC-7a with rated working voltage up to 230V and rated working current up to 20A ; 3) Used to remotely close or/and switch off the line ; 4) Widely used in dwelling houses, hotels

DC Contactor
MZJ series of DC contactors may be used to start,stop and adjust speed of the accumulator driven vehicles,also may be widely applied as power switching and on ups in fields of traction ,mineral machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy and marine, telecommunication and computer.The contactors are in conformity with JB3974-85"Basic technical requirements on DC Appliance used on accumulator-driven vehicles", and in conformity with standards of YD/T585-92"communication power ...

AC Contactor
1) Rated voltage: AC 660V, 50 / 60Hz ; 2) Rated current: 370A ; 3) Suitable for making, breaking, frequent starting and controlling the AC motor ; 4) Combined with the auxiliary contact block, air delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor, and star-deltastarter ; 5) With the thermal relay ; 6) Combined into the electromagnetic starter

Bimetal Contactor, RCA Pin Jack
We are professional manufacturer for all kinds of metal contactor, they R selling well inthe worldemarket as a switches component. Also supply RCA Pin Jack: 1) Rated load: DC50V 0.2A ; 2) Withstand voltage: AV500V (50Hz)/min ; 3) Life up to 10000 times.

DC Electromagnetic Contactor
1) Used as a non-polarity switch for electric locomotives and vehicles on railways ; 2) Tap-change contactor in the main and auxiliary circuits ; 3) Also a locomotive control contactor ; 4) Contactor may be mounted in the locomotive with a protective case

Insulating Connector
PC plugs, sockets and couplings are constructed for extreme operating conditions with easy installation, long life and high reliability. They are long used in machine industry, crane industry, construction industry, trains and care. The cases and inlets are produced of high-grade plastic nylon66. The material features good insulating, unbreadable, wear resistant, long time durable up to +120oC, resistant against oil, gasoline, salt water, non-aging, cold-proof and splash-proof. All units fit ...

Mini DIN Connector, Purpose Contactor
Mini DIN Connector: MZ series double mini DIN connector (R/A, T/H, with grounding PC99 12 Pos). Definite Purpose Contactors: HLC-2X Series Definite Purpose Contactors For Use In Air Conditioners.

Contactor For Switching Capacitor
Cj19 switch-over capacitor contactor is the new type of components for electric appliances, which is developed and produced on the basis of the introduced foreign technology of the same kinds. The device is widely applied to the low voltage reactive power compensation screen to replace the subbassembly composed of three xd1 current-limiting reactors and a cj10 contactor, ad it is also can be used in the general control circuit to limit flashy flow.

Modular Contactor (MSH)
1) Essential for control and automation duties in dwelling house, offices, shops and hospitals ; 2) Particularly suitable for switching lighting installations, heat systems, pumps, air conditioned plants and for other devices in building automation.

Air Conditioner Contactor
1) Suitable for using in the circuits up to rated voltage 500V AC, 50HZ or 60HZ for making and breaking remote circuits and rated operating current 11, 16, 18, 25 and 35A at rated operating voltage 380V under utilization category AC-3. 2) Can be combined with suitable thermal overload relays to form electro-magnetic starters in order to protect overload circuit. 3) Combined with auxiliary contact block of building block principle and mechanical interlocking accessories

Switch-over Capacitor Contactors
1) Developed in the base of 3TK44 capacitor contactor of Siemens company Germany ; 2) Compact, main circuit composed with resistance on-off switch ; 3) Widely used in controlling small electric capacitors

Power Contactors
* These contactors consist of a fixed contact system with a magnetic core, solenoid coil and a moving contact system with an armature. * Provides trouble free and noiseless operation. * Exceptionally long contact life due to bounce-free double break design and silver alloy contact tips. * They are machine wound; vacuum impregnated, baked and is tested for inter-turn short circuit. * Stainless Steel springs are used & contacts are thoroughly tested. Besides, the coil of the ...

3TF Contactor
1) Suitable in electrical system with AC 50/60Hz, rated operational voltage up to 660V ; 2) In AC-3 usage, rated operational voltage up to 380V, rated operational current up to 630A to make or break remote motors or system ; 3) Can form electromagnetic starters with suitable thermal overload relays 3UA series to protect system and motors against overload or phase-failure

Miniature AC Contactor
1) Unique amortization system to eliminate contact bounce. 2) Low cost . 3) It have particular impulse system. 4) Various kinds of terminals for customers' special requirements. 5) Easy to change the coil . 6) Ensure efficient operation also in heavy-duty ambient or with very low voltage and current conditions. 7) Can be combined with a thermal overload relay to form an electromagnet. Starter to protect lines in which overload may occur. 8) Double E-magnet assembly provides optimal ...

Medium / High Voltage Vacuum Contactor
The series JCZ5 of high-voltage vacuum contactor are suitable for the distribution system of metallurgy, mine, petro-chemistry and building, to control the equipments used eletricity such as high-voltage motor of 3.6kV,7.2kV or 12kV, transformer and capacitive loading etc. Especially suitable for frequent operation domain. Because of its small volume, light weight and packaged design of upper and lower arrangement, prevalented in the world. It is convenient to use and maintain, and is easy ...

Lc1-D ac contactor
LC1-D AC Contactor manufacturer: LC1-D AC Contactor model: LC1-D0910 Contactor,LC1-D0901 Contactor,LC1-D1210 Contactor,LC1-D1201 Contactor,LC1-D1810 Contactor,LC1-D1801 Contactor,LC1-D2510 Contactor,LC1-D2501 Contactor,LC1-D3210 Contactor,LC1-D3201 Contactor,LC1-D4011 Contactor,LC1-D5011 Contactor,LC1-D6511 Contactor,LC1-D8011 Contactor,LC1-D9511 Contactor. LC1-D AC Contactor Applications: 1). It is suitable for frequency 50/60Hz, rated voltage up to 660V, rated operation current 9~95A ...
Product Group: Ac Contactor
Company: Yueqing Tianhui Electric Co.,Ltd    china

LE1-D magnetic starter
LE1-D magnetic starter LE1-D magnetic starter manufacturer 1.LE1-D magnetic starter Model : LE1-D09 magnetic starter, LE1-D12 magnetic starter, LE1-D18 magnetic starter, LE1-D25 magnetic starter, LE1-D32 magnetic starter, LE1-D40 magnetic starter, LE1-D50 magnetic starter, LE1-D65 magnetic starter, LE1-D80 magnetic starter, LE1-D95 magnetic starter 2. Application of LE1-D magnetic starter LE1-D magnetic starter is mainly applied to circuit of AC 50 or 60Hz, voltage up to 550V for far ...
Company: Yueqing Tianhui Electric Co.,Ltd    china

Cjx2 Ac Contactor
CJX2 AC contactor Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; Number of Pole: 3 ; Phase: 3 ; Main Circuit Rating Voltage: High Voltage ; Main Circuit Rating Current: 800a ; CJX2 series AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50Hz or 60Hz. rated current up to 95A. for making.breaking.frequently starting& controlling the AC motor.Combined with the auxiliary contact block,timer delay& machine-interlocking device becomes the delay ...
Company: Minyang Group Co., Ltd.    China

Cjx2 Cjx2-n18 Ac Contactor
CJX2 CJX2-N18 AC Contactor Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; Number of Pole: 2 ; Phase: 3 ; Main Circuit Rating Voltage: 690v ; Main Circuit Rating Current: 100a ; color: white&grey ; CJX2(LC1-DN) CJX2-N18 Series AC Contactor Rated operational current le max AC-3(Ue<440V) 9A 12A 18A 25A 32A 38A le AC-1(0<60°C) 25A 32A 40A 50A Rated operational voltage 690V ...
Company: Wenzhou Sogo Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

36 Pin Header Connector And Terminal
36 pin header connector and terminal Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; Number of Pole: 3 ; Phase: 3 ; Main Circuit Rating Voltage: High Voltage ; Type: Other ; Application: Automotive ; Gender: Female ; Product Type Features: Product Type = Housing Assembly Gender= Receptacle (Cap) Receptacle Number of Positions = 36 PCB Mount Angle = Right Angle Mating Connector Lock = Without Mating Connector Number Positions = 16, 20 ...
Company: Jinchuan Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Carbon Roller Contactor
Carbon Roller Contactor Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; Number of Pole: 3 ; Phase: 3 ; Main Circuit Rating Voltage: 380v ; Main Circuit Rating Current: Other ; Double or Tripple Roller Assemblies are made to the required specifications. These are used in power supplies and rectifiers.
Company: Business Resourcing International (Shanghai) Ltd.    China

Air Conditioner Contactor
Company: Long Term Inc.    China

Aviation Socket/plug
Aviation socket/plug Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; No.of contacts: 64+ PE ; Rated current: 10A ; Rated voltage: 250 V ; Termination: Crimp ; Colour: Grey ; payment term: payment before shippment ; shipping mark: as customer's option ; used in equipment: package printing machinery, . ; Certified: UL, CE, CCC, ROSH, CSA and Bodycote ; HD-064-MC Class:HD Series >> HD-064 Part:InsertModel:HD-064-MCThe need for additional ordering Crimp contacts:YesProduct ...
Company: Xiamen Wain Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Concrete Contractors
Concrete Contractors Specification: Roadway bridge repairs Highway, Road & Bridge Maintenance equipment Construction Machinery & Equipment Rental Road Construction Machinery | Civil Construction Machinery Parameters: Item:ZR180 Drum Diameter mm(in):560x400 (23x6) Frequency: 4620v.p.m. Impact Force: 10kn Compaction Depth: 20cm(in) Power: Honda GX160 5.5HP(4.0KW) Travel speed km/h: 0-1.6 Weight :180kgs Packing size: 850X8500X1020mm
Company: Changsha Zubon Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Connecting Pads
connecting pads Specification: zebra connector which used to connect LCD&PCB Material: Made in high grade silicone rubber, environmental safe material, non-toxic, smooth feel, excellent transmission. The hardness of silicone rubber can be graded between 30 to 70 shore A. suggested hardness for silicone rubber keypads is 40 to 60 shore A depending on customers' requirement. Contact resistance: Silicone rubber keypads can be co-molded with silicone conductive pills (carbon ...
Company: Dongguan Daliwei Silicon Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Ac Contactors
AC Contactors Specification: Electricity Type: AC ; Number of Pole: 1 ; Phase: 1 ; Specifications: 1) Used with circuits of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage up to 660V and rated working currents of up to 95A under application class of AC-32) Usage: remotely make and break circuits
Company: Zhejiang Fly-Dragon Electric Co., Ltd.    China

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