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Detailed Power Contactors Description:

* These contactors consist of a fixed contact system with a magnetic core, solenoid coil and a moving contact system with an armature.
* Provides trouble free and noiseless operation.
* Exceptionally long contact life due to bounce-free double break design and silver alloy contact tips.
* They are machine wound; vacuum impregnated, baked and is tested for inter-turn short circuit.
* Stainless Steel springs are used & contacts are thoroughly tested. Besides, the coil of the contactor provides protection during periods of under voltage.
* 2 NO + 2 NC auxiliary contacts is a standard feature.
* The Main, Auxiliary contacts and coil are easily accessible for inspection and replacement purpose.
* The unit can be mounted on, in any position on a vertical plane. Magnetic cores have a very low loss and are provided with shading rings to reduce chattering and humming.
* Wide range of coil voltages is available.
* In PC1.5, shroud is a standard feature and shroud is optional in case of PC0 and PC1 contactors.
* Spare kit containing Main and Auxiliary contacts are available.

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