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Detailed XF Cold deck/baccarat cheat|baccarat shoe|baccarat poker shoe|dealing shoe Description:

We have a high quality not only the marked cards, but also special labels on shirts cards. With modern technology: thanks to the application of special infrared paint on card backs printers that can only be seen when using technology, absorbing a portion of the light spectrum, the players in the casino or club becomes almost imperceptible.
• Among marked cards now we have basically three types:
Marked cards for contact lenses
• The first type of marked cards with a special invisible ink for infrared contact lenses and glasses that are designed a special technique using a special light spectrum. When you wear these lenses, you can read the labels on the maps easily, which are invisible to the naked eye.
• We adopt advanced IR invisible ink to mark the cards. We usually have labels are of two kinds: we note in the middle of major labels and the four corners of the small markings. We also have a personalized service to each client, if possible, we can produce according to your labeling requirement.2. Marked cards to a video camera
• The second type-marked cards to the camcorder. These maps are used in conjunction with video cameras. This is a more advanced version of labeling. To nobody else suspected use of marked cards, we use a different IR dye to mark the card that is completely inaccessible to the human eye, even with special contact lenses and glasses. Only with the help of our special video camera, you can see on the shirt Crappie maps clearly through the display.3. Marked cards to the scanner camera
• The third type-marked cards to the scanner camera. It is known that such cards should collaborate scanner cameras. This is a more advanced version of the labeled cards. We use the most advanced barcode technology to Crapo card. At the 4 sides of a complex bar codes, which can not be seen or eye contact lenses and incomprehensible to humans. Only with the help of our special scanner camera that can scan the signs on the sides of cards and pass the analyzer signals at the same time the analyzer via micro earpiece can bring you results for Texas, Omaha or other games.We get only the best reviews of the labeled maps of this type. This section presents the card manufacturer Fournier and Copag. However, contact our manager, you can check whether the order cards from other manufacturers, as well as order the production of maps for the necessary template.

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XF Cold deck/baccarat cheat|baccarat shoe|baccarat poker shoe|dealing shoe
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  • Post date: Mar 1, 2014
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of XF Cold deck/baccarat cheat|baccarat shoe|baccarat poker shoe|dealing shoe in China.


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Company: Guangzhou XF PokerSoftware Co.,Ltd
Address: Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China
Region: Guangzhou, China
Contact Person: Andy
Telephone: +8613926243807