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List extensive product information of Electrical Ceramics (include Piezoelectric Ceramics, Electrothermal Ceramics, Insulating Ceramics, Dielectric Ceramics), provided by Electrical Ceramics manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Porcelain Insulator
Porcelain Insulator Specification: Porcelain Insulator: product parameters Cat No: ANSI CLASS 55-2 Main dimmension in(mm) D H h 95 83 38 Creepage distance: 127mm Min.Pin length:102mm Cantilever strength: 11KN Flashover voltage:power frequency:Dry: 50/45KV Flashover voltage:power frequency:Wet: 25KV Flashover voltage:Positive: 75/70KV Flashover voltage:Negative: 95/85KV Power frequency puncture voltage(peak): 70KV Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground: 5KV ...
Company: Yueqing Sarah Electric Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Piezo Ceramic Plate For Hair Straightener
Piezo ceramic plate for hair straightener Specification: Type: Piezoelectric Ceramics ; Material: Glass Ceramic ; Piezo ceramic plate for hair straightener The piezo ceramic plate is ordinary used in hair straightener it is Sliver electrode the electrode are all strong adhesive force, low resistance, it's 35*9*2mm. Examples:
Company: Dongguan Cosson Electronic Plastic Co., Ltd.    China

Gas Cooker Ignition Cables
Gas cooker ignition cables Specification: Type: Dielectric Ceramics ; Material: Silicon Nitride ; Free sample: OEM supply ; Gas cooker ignition wire set, used for spark ignition system. Length can be specially produced according to customer's Order. OEM accept Prompt Delivery, Good se
Company: Wuxi Huacheng Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Porcelain Insulator
porcelain insulator Specification: Type: Piezoelectric Ceramics ; Material: Silicon Nitride ; We are specialty on epoxy resin medium voltage and high voltage components, such as 10KV, 24 KV , 36KV and 40.5KV switchgear bushing , contactor box , insulators , transducers . 630A, 1250A ,2500A , 3150A and 4000A contactor box , club contact , fix contact, arm contact and jaw contact . 630A and 1250A VS1 circuit breaker . 630A and 1250A ZN85-40.5 circuit breaker . 12KV and 24KV earth switch. ...
Company: Wenzhou Gaoyi Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Chicom Walkie Talkie Interphone Earphone
CHICOM Walkie Talkie Interphone Earphone QH-e1 Specification: Type: Walkie Talkie Earphone ; Material: polyester ; Function: Communication ; Usage: Walkie Talkie ; Type: Acoustic Tube ; CHICOM Walkie Talkie Interphone Earphone QH-e1 Acoustic Tube Kit Earpeice with Small Lapel PTT for Two Way Radio Key Specifications/Special Features: · Transmits and receives · Comfortable to wear for long time · Discrete communications · Include ...
Company: Quanzhou Nanan Chicom Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Steatite Ceramics
steatite ceramics Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: Alumina ; Features: 1. Material: cordierite or steatite 2. Mainly used as insulator 3. Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance 4. Texture: high frequency ceramics Application: used in all electric products and electric heating products Notes: We can customize alumina ceramics and steatite ceramics with various shapes,colors and sizes.
Company: Lianyungang Zhong Ao Aluminium Co., Ltd.    China

Alumina Plate
Alumina plate Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: alumina ceramic ; Type: Insulator ; Application: High Temperature ; Alumina ceramic plate: 1)Material:95%-99.9%AL2O3 2.Method of moulding:Thermal casting/dry press/extusion 3.Color:white/light yellow 4.Sintering temperature:1580OC 5.Material characteristics:HRA&ge 89&rho&ge3.6 resist acid and alkali 6.surface finish:Ra0.4 &simRa0.8&mum 7.Packing:pack with carton and ship with wooden ...
Company: Qingdao Hisuper Industrial Products Co., Ltd.    China

Mini External Buzzer For Electric Lock System
Mini External Buzzer for Electric lock system Specification: Type: Piezoelectric Ceramics ; Material: ABS ; Rated Voltage: 12Vp-p Square Wave ; Mini External Buzzer for access control Lock systems. Buzzer sounds informing you your magnetic lock is demagnetized / unlocked. Rated Voltage: 12Vp-p Square Wave Max.Allowable Voltage: 3-30Vp-p Square Wave Max.Raed Current: 3mA at 2.9KHz/12Vp-p square wave/30cm Resonant Frequency:2.9±0.5KHz Capacitance at 120HZ: 20000pF±30% ...

Silver Ink For Printed Keyboards
silver ink for printed keyboards Specification: Type: Other ; Material: Other ; DT1202 is a heat-drying silver paste designed for membrant-keyboards adn plexible printed circuits,it has haig solid contend with the features good conductivity, excellent printability and excellent oxidation resistance it can suit different curing temperature and substrates, good adhesion that no matter if it treated by printing ink,it is astandard silver paste can be used for thick film screen printing
Company: Hunan LEED Thick Film Paste Co., Ltd.    China

1 Din Detachable Front Panel Dvd/cd Player
1 Din Detachable Front Panel DVD/CD Player Specification: Type: Car DVD Player ; Color: Black ; Net Weight: 1.5kg ; Gross Weight: 2.2kg ; Install size: 180mm*165 mm*50 mm ; EQ Effect: POP ROCK CLASS ; 1 Din Detachable Front Panel DVD/VCD/MP3/CD Player FM/AM Tuner Built-In USB Port/SD Card Slot DESCRIPTION: - 1Din Detachable Front Panel - Control Panel Night Illumination Function - 4×45W Surround Stereo - EQ Effect: POP ROCK CLASS - Auto-Memory Function - Built-in LCD ...
Company: Shenzhen Yotoon Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Hakko Ceramic Heating Core
Hakko ceramic heating core A1321 Specification: Type: Electrothermal Ceramics ; Material: Glass Ceramic ; Suitbale range: HAKKO936,HAKKO937 ; Hakko Heating core A1321, orginal for most model of HAKKO soldering station. stable and duable, long working life. Hakko Heating core A1321 Heating core for HAKKO soldering iron. Compatible with: 936, 937, 938, 942, 953, 956, FM-202, 931, 933, 934, 455, 456, 373, 815, 816, 702B etc. Also suibable for other brand sodering station, lead ...
Company: Dongguan Zhangmutou Feitai Electron Sales Dept.    China

Bobbing Insulator
Bobbing Insulator Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Color Available: Brow / Ivory ; Material: porcelain ; Bobbing Insulator Ceramic Shackle Insulator with brown/grey graze High: 67mm Side Groove Dia: 46mm Diameter: 76 Radius: R9 Mechanical Failing Load: 9KN Routine tested before delivery
Company: Fujian Shangren Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Seal Ring
silicon nitride ceramic seal ring Specification: Type: Dielectric Ceramics ; Material: Silicon Nitride ; Material: silicon nitride ; High mechanical strength silicon nitride ceramic seal ring Excellent high temperature strength High breaking strength excellent thermal shock-resistant Resist to chemical corrosion lubricating property excellent wear resistance
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Line Post Insulator
Line post insulator Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: Steatite ; Type: Insulator ; Line post insulator We can supply you low price with high quality. We can make products of gray and brown or other colors. We can make products according to ANSI IEC AS BS GB standards. We can make products according to different model and customer's choice; If you are interested in our porcelain insulator, please don't hesitate to We have the enough ability to meet ...
Company: Xiamen Rising Mechanical Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Cement Resistor
Cement resistor Specification: Type: Other ; Cement resistor key Specifications/Special Features: Cement resistors are made by winding resistance wires around non-alkaline ceramic core, which is added with a layer of heat and humidity-resistant and non-corrosive protective material Wire wound resistor is then placed in a square ceramic package sealed with special nonflammable heat-resistant cement SGS (RoHS compliant) Cement resistors are manufactured by winding the ceramic rods ...

sensor Specification: Type: High Frequency Ceramics ; Material: Silicate / Fused Silica ; color: black ; High quality & precision! the dew sensor is a kind of switching-mode element and only sensitive to high-humidity, working under DC. It's used to protect equipments from dew because its high precision and quick response.
Company: Shenzhen Beiluojing Co., Ltd.    China

70kn Disc Suspension Porcelain Insulator
70kn disc suspension porcelain insulator Specification: Type: insulator ; Material: porcelain ; color: brown/grey ; Disc suspension insulator 1.according to AS,BS ANSI,IEC standard 2.gray and brown glaze We can make products according to ANSI, IEC, BS, DIN AS, JIS standards and also base on customer's specifications and drawings. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification, and also we possess different types of test reports, which are issued by independent laboratory
Company: Liling Dongfang Electroceramic Co., Ltd.    China

Dielectric Silicone Insulator
Dielectric silicone insulator Specification: Type: Dielectric Ceramics ; Material: silicone ; color: per request ; size: per request ; material: silicone or LSR ; durometer: 10-90shore A ; silicone insulator for High Voltage material: high quality& high Ohm silicone or LSR wide range of durometer with diff color features: 1)high quality dielectric & high Ohm colorful silicone or LSR :different color available 2)wide range of durometer from 10-90shore A 3) Clean and Lean ...
Company: Xiamen Waexim Rubber Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Heating Beads,different Beads Parts
ceramic heating beads,different beads parts Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: Glass Ceramic ; flexible ceramic beads,different parts. Insulation: Aluminium Oxide Ceramics (96%) Heating Conductor: Ni-Cr wire(Cr20Ni80), 19 single strands Temperature: Max. 1050 ° C Power: 1.35 / 2.7 kW Voltage: 30 / 60 V Amperage: 45A Applications: All kinds of pipe and tank circumferential welded joints Longitudinal-seam welded bends. Connecting piece and flange welds.
Company: Yancheng Songtai Electric Heating Element Factory    China

2pole Slide Switch
2pole slide switch Specification: Type: High Frequency Ceramics ; Material: Silicon Carbide ; functions: Single/double pole 3 throw ; rating: 13A 125V AC 6.5A 250VAC 16A 250VAC ; terimal: 8PIN (can be choosed) ; knorb: can be choosed ; HM-SS-23 Single/double pole 3 throw Ratings:13A 125V AC 6.5A 250VAC 16A 250VAC UL&TUV 8A 250VAC TUV Features: knob, terminal &casing options see selections guide Demensions:42(amount hole 35.7)*12*20.6( knob=4.8) Φ3.5
Company: Shenzhen Hongmingqiang Technology Limited    China

Ceramic Insulator
Ceramic Insulator Specification: Type: High Frequency Ceramics ; Material: Steatite ; Ceramic Insulator 1.Beautiful appearance 2.Compact design 3.High strength and rust profing 4.competetive price and high quality 5.fast delivery Remarks: our company can customize alumina ceramics and steatite ceramics with various shapes,colors and sizes.
Company: Shanghai N.J. International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Dehumidifiers Specification: Type: Accessories ; Dehumidifiers in three specifications, the first one is ordinary, the second is with a glass, the third is with the stainless steel hood. The second advantage is that you can better see the work of breathers, and the third has the advantage of silicone is environmentally friendly, looks solid.
Company: Hejian Yachen Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Sic/si3n4 Thermocouple Protection Tube
SiC/Si3N4 thermocouple protection tube Specification: Type: Electrothermal Ceramics ; Material: Silicon Carbide ; Application: Thermocouple protection tube ; SiC/Si3N4 thermocouple protection tube Sic thermocouple protection tube Bending resistance in high temperature,thermal shock resistance and high thermal conductivity. Common size for SiC & Si3N4 protection tubes Outer diameter Inner diameter Length 13 10 500-1000 16 8-10 300-1000 20 12 300-1200 25 ...
Company: Shanghai Bochuan Silicon Carbon Rod Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

10nf250a Ceramic Insulator
10NF250A ceramic insulator Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; color: brown,grey.etc. ; shapes: pin,disc.stay.etc. ; Model 10NF250 Creepage distance 300mm Voltage 30kv Net weight 3.25kg We are China professional manufacture and export. Our transformer bushing is high quality and the color of the glaze is homogeneous. Of course twe have passed the ISO9001 quanlity certification. We promise to supply high quality products with competitive price. The same ...
Company: Hunan Liling Wan Tong Electrical Ceramics Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Night Light Wall Plug-in Aroma Lamp
Night Light Wall Plug-in Aroma Lamp MS-NL015 Specification: Type: Electrothermal Ceramics ; Material: Glass Ceramic ; color: white ; Night Light Wall Plug-in Aroma Lamp MS-NL015; These high quality night lights are perfect for your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or wherever you'd like! The essential oil is resolved by the heating of the light and it sends fragrant aroma to fresh air, eliminates peculiar smell and creates a good condition in the room Tender and soft light is comfortable and ...
Company: Guangzhou True Scent Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

/momn Processing
Metallized ceramic tube/MoMn Processing Specification: Type: High Frequency Ceramics ; Material: Alumina-Zirconia ; Metallized ceramic tube HITECEAR supplies custom Metallized ceramic in aluminum oxide ceramicsprototype to high volume production capacity Applications: Feed-through insulators ,Headers , High-power receptacles ,Insulating discs ,Insulator rings and cylinders, Precipitator products , Power switches ,Traveling wave tubes ,Vacuum interrupters ,Windows ,Power grid tubes ,X-ray ...
Company: Potent Mechanical & Industrial (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.    China

Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer
ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer Specification: Type: Piezoelectric Ceramics ; Material: Alumina-Zirconia ; color: silver ; material: alumina&zirconia ; Our company is a professional manufacturer to produce piezoelectric ceramic components and devices.Piezoelectric ceramic can realize mechanical energy and eletrical energy interconversion. The high power ultrasonic transducer component is mainly used in ultrasonic welding machine/washing machine/carving drilling ...
Company: Jingdezhen Tonphin Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Phenolic Cotton Rod
phenolic cotton rod Specification: 3721 length:1000mm-1100mm Nominal diameter: 6mm-200mm remarks: customer's special requirements on specifications could be negotiated by buyer and seller case by case. Characteristics & applications: general mechanical and electrical applications.
Company: Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co., Ltd.    China

Ptc Ceramic Heater
ptc ceramic heater Specification: Type: Electrothermal Ceramics ; Material: barium carbonate ; item: PTC heater (PTC heating unit) ; PTC heater (PTC heating unit) Dimension Schedule Remarks: 1.According to per customers’ requirements can produce diffrent size and thickness 2.Tc50-Tc290 degree Celsius 3.Working voltage:6V-380V Advantages: Automatic temperature control Safe and secure Rated voltage: 12 to 240V Surface temperature: from 70 to 280 degree ...
Company: Haining Yongli Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd.    China

Multilayer Chip Antenna For 2.4ghz Wireless Communication
Multilayer Chip Antenna for 2.4GHz Wireless Communication Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: Lead (Pb) ; Center Frequency 2.45 GHz: Peak Gain 0.5 dBi ; VSWR 2.0 (Max): Input Impedance 50 Ohm ; Power Handling 2W (Max): Bandwidth 110 MHz ; Multilayer Chip Antenna for 2.4GHz Wireless Communication Features Light weight and low profile Omni-directional in azimuth Lead (Pb) Free Applications 2.4 GHz wireless communications Bluetooth Systems 802.11b,802.11b/g ...
Company: Shenzhen Shanhai Technology Ltd.    China

75%~99.8% Alumina Ceramics
75%~99.8% Alumina Ceramics Specification: Type: Insulating Ceramics ; Material: Alumina ; 75%~99.8% Alumina Ceramics 1.Design and Shape as customer' drawing 2.Support mould production and laser cutting (Substrate) 3.Good thermal stability, performance 4.Smoothness surface and High mechanical strength Al2O3 is a major engineering material. It offers a combination of good mechanical properties and electrical properties leading to a wide range of applications. Typical Alumina ...
Company: Chengdu Jiabang Ceramics Co., Ltd.    China

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Specification: Description: 1) 3/2 often closing solenoid valve pivot head 2) mainly used in pneumatic electromagnetic valve 3) working voltage is AC/DC Advantage: 1) the core is made of rustproof and corrosion-resistant material with high magnetoconductivity and low remanence,and it is also durable and quick. 2) plunger tube is made of H62 copper pipe or SS304 pipe and thickness selecting area is from 0.25-2.5. 3) the base of plunger tube is made of H59 copper ...
Company: Fenghua Anlite Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

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