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List extensive product information of Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials (include Fuse Link, Fuse Base, Silver Contacts, Soldering Tin Wire), provided by Electrical Contact Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Basic spec code: 22mm ; 2) Protection grade: IP65, IP67 ; 3) Meets international IEC947 standards ; 4) Meets European EN60947 standards ; 5) Color: R, G, Y, W, PG, PW, PB
Company: Huapu Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Fuse Link and Fuse Base
1) Light weight, small size, low power, loss and high breaking capacity ; 2) Widely used in overload and short circuit protection of electric installations ; 3) This product conforms to IEC269 and VDE0636 standards of the rating at the world advanced level.

Cable Gland
We can produce and export plastic and wiring accessories for cable management, cable ties, cable clips, PG / Metric cable glands, NPT and metal cable glands, wire connectors, cable clamps, expand nails, wire joints, insulated terminals, connectors and disconnectors, cable markers, heat shrinkable tubing, self-adhesive tie mounts, vinyl wire end caps and spiral wrapping bands, corrugated conduits, rigid conduits and fittings, wiring ducts, insulation tape, wire accessories and tools and cable ...
Company: Shanghai Leipold Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Plug, Adapter
1) Either with or without light ; 2) Brass pins and accessories ; 3) MSE7196(L) 13A ; 4) MSE7296(L) 5A ; 5) MSE7396(L) 15A ; 6) With approvals ; 7) OEMs are welcome

Carbon Electrodes
Static performance: Electrical Resistance: 27Mpa ; Bulk Density: >1.55g/cm2 -1.59g/cm2 ; Ash: <0.6% ; Water: <0.2%

Copper Clad Laminates
FR-6: 1) Three types in quality: A1, A2 and A3 ; 2) There are FR-4 and G10 clad boards ; 3) The quality including: thickness, blackness, solution and so on meet the requirements of clock. And also, A1 has already reached the topside of the world, widely used in advanced quartz clocks ; 4) A3 is used in popular clock, which has advance in price. CEM-1: 1) Colors: white, black, raw-color ; 2) They are widely used in computer, LED, clock, household appliance and consuming electronics (such as: ...

Silver Contacts
We can provide Ag, Ag/Cu, AgNi10/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgSnO2/Cr, AgCr/Cu pure, compound, three complex rivets and various kinds of silver wire and complex sheet. Such advanced equipment as three complex rivet drivers introduced from Germany Doduco Company can produce various kinds of integral, dual complex, three complex rivets, empty body rivets and special rivets with pin diameter ranging from 0.6mm to 5.0mm, head width from 0.8mm to 10.0mm, which are widely applied to all kinds of AC relay, ...

Air Delay Timer
1) LA2-D making time-delay ; 2) LA3-D breaking time-delay ; 3) No. of contact: NO+NC ; 4) Time delay range: 0.1-3s, 0.1-30s, 10-180s ; 5) OEM service: available

Distribution Box
1) Suitable for indoor use ; 2) Shell: galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, glass reinforced plastic ; 3) The plastic-sprayed surface has a stylish appearance ; 4) The module meets the IEC 60439 standard, and adds clamping time to ensure reliable contact.

Wiring Duct
1) Wiring ducts ; 2) Cable ties ; 3) Cable markers ; 4) Spiral wrapping bands ; 5) Self-adhesive tie mounts ; 6) Vinyl tubes ; 7) Nail cable clips ; 8) Cable glands

Multilayer Chip Beads
Typical Electrical Characteristics Curve ; High Current Standard Type ; High Current Standard Type ; Typical Electrical Characteristics Curve. FBM-15-type, Typical Electrical Characteristics Curve CurveFBM-10-3216 type.

Various materials and specifications available: 1) Pure silver contact (Ag) ; 2) Ag/Cu bimetal rivet ; 3) Fk Ag contact rivet ; 4) AgNi/Cu (Silver - nickel - copper composite contact) ; 5) AgCdO/Cu bimetal rivet ; 6) Solid AgZnO contact rivet and AgZnO/Cu bimetal rivet ; 7) AgSnO2 and AgSnO2 In2O3. Features: 1) Bimetal rivets are the electric contacting devices that mechanically switch and contact the electric circuits ; 2) The contacts are being used for electric, electronic and ...

Bi-metal Rivet
Pure silver has extreme high property of heat and electricity conductibility and very low contact resistance, but well plasticity and anti-erosion of arc. It is easy to be processed and be welded. So it is the ideal contact materials for manu-facturing the continuous-closed type connectors. It is now one of the commonest-used materials in the small capacity low-voltage electrics, such as self-control switches, thermostats, roasters, grills, timers, thermal relays and computers etc. Type of ...

Soldering Tin Wire
Our Active Soldering Tin Wire enjoys such features as excellent welding sueability, bright welding spot, reliable joint, and low corrosivity. Antioxidation type and general Soldering Tin bars of our company are made of high-quality pure metal with advanced smelting workmanship and through strict quality control, minimizing harmful impurity elements including copper, calcium, sulfur, zinc, aluminum, and iron, etc. While welding in order to ensure the excellent and reliable welding spot. ...

AC Contactor
The product is applicable for the circuits of rated voltage up to 660V, AC50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 630A. Combined with the mechanical interlock device, it becomes convertible contactor for controlling, starting, breaking and reversing of the motor.
Company: Juche Group Co., Ltd.    China

XBOX360 BenQ DVD driver
DVD driver of video game , Wii DVD driver. XBOX360 samsung ,Hitachi-LG,BenQ We are leading manufacturer for all video game repair parts PS laser lens: KSM-440AEM,KSM-440ADM, KSM-440BAM, PS2 laser lens:KHS-400A, KHS-400B,KHS-400C,(Brand new original)KHS-400R,KHS-400Q, HD7. PVR-802W, TDP-082W, TDP-182W ,SPU-3170. PS3 laser lens: KES-400A, KEM-400AAA, KEM-410ACA,KES-410A Wii laser lens: Wii DVD driver,Wii RAF-3350Laser. xBox laser lens: TOP-60, SPU-3141, SOH-D12, SOH-D16 , ...
Product Group: Wii DVD Driver
Company: Top Sheung Electronic Co.,LTD    China

35kv Heat Shrink Cable Terminal
35kv Heat Shrink cross-linking Cable outdoor,indoor Terminal Yonggu shrink middle voltage products is suitable for the end dealing of the 35KV cross-linking cable. Product Specification:
Company: Shanghai Yonggu Electric Material Co., Ltd (Shanghai)    China

diesel engine valve 145701 cummins diesel parts valve for genset
Chongqing Kang Famous Commerce Co., Ltd.,Our factory directly sales the Chongqing Cummins Engine Parts. diesel engine valve 145701 The following equipment will use the diesel engine valve 145701 ladder excavator rotary excavator trench excavator tracked excavator walking excavator cableway excavator Crawler excavators dragline excavator Excavator on board clamshell excavator Hydraulic Excavator pneumatic excavator mechanical excavator crawler-mounted excavator dry earth ...
Company: 重庆康名士商贸有限公司    China

Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink
aluminum extrusion heatsink Specification: color: black ; Aluminum heat sink and radiators 1.Aluminum Heat sink 2.With high performance but low price 3.Different surface treatment 4.ISO9001,ISO14000 certification. Aluminum heat sink use way:heat dissipation. 1.Material:Al6061,Al6063 ect ( or according to your request) 2.Heat treatment:T5,T6 etc. 3.Processing:Extrution,cutting,CNC(Milling),Anodizing. 4.Surface treatment: including cutting, milling, turning, drilling, tapping, ...
Company: Dongguan Aoda Aluminum Co., Ltd.    China

Connector Pin
connector pin Specification: Type: Electrical Plug ; Grounding: Non-Grounding ; Application: Residential / General-Purpose ; Rated Voltage: 220V ; connector pin ,copper pin 1,The product conforms to the ISO standard. Some SGS report.3, We may provide, different specification and other metal product processing!4,Main processing craft: Turning, cutting. 5,Processes the lathe: Automatic lathe, numerical control lathe, milling machine, ramming 6,Products apply to: electrical and electronic ...
Company: Haiyan Gold Fountain Pen Factory    China

High Quality Trimetal Rivet Contact
High quality Trimetal Rivet Contact Specification: silver material: AgNi/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu, AnSnO2In2O. ; We specialize in producing silver contact such as Trimetal Rivet Contact and Bimetal Rivet Contact. Please Main application: They are used in the contactors, relays, temperature controllers, micro switches, pushbuttons, and so on. Main materials: AgNi/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu, AnSnO2In2O3/Cu, Ag/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgZnO/Cu, AgCuO/Cu, and so on.
Company: Wenzhou Xiyin Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd.    China

Ethernet Device
Ethernet Device Specification: EtherIO-V DIN32 Model EtherIO-V DIN32 Model Description Industrial Digital Input - Ethernet Gateway CPU 32Bit ARM based RISC Processor Memory 512Kbyte FLASH Memory 96Kbyte SRAM Firmware TFTP Firmware Upgrade Supports LAN 10/100 Base-TX Full Duplex Supports Protocol TCP/IP Computer Access Method TCP Socket, Telnet Supports I/O Functions Digital Input : 32CH Opto-Isolated Dry-Contact Inputs External Terminal Board Power ...
Company: QUADBITSYSTEM CO LTD    South Korea

Thick Film Resistive, Conductive And Coating Paste
Thick Film Resistive, Conductive and Coating paste Specification: Key specifications/special features: R-2200 series resistance pastes for chip resistors Resistivity: 0.2 to 10M Ohms Tolerance: 15% TCR: &amp;#177;100ppm/degrees Viscosity: 100 to 200Kcps R-4800 series high voltage resistor pastes Resistivity: 1 to 1G Ohms Tolerance: 15% TCR: &amp;#177;150ppm/degrees Viscosity: 120 to 210Kcps R-5000 series lead-free resistance pastes Resistivity: 1 to 1K Ohms Tolerance: 15% ...
Company: CLEC Group    China

Pet Film For Capacitor
PET film for capacitor Specification: Technology Advanced,Constant development for Application of BOPET,Continuing improvement of Quality;Supplying of Leading high Quality Products and Service for Customers. We can produce according to customer's requirements,trial order with small quantity is acceptable. please feel free to send me email for detailed quotation.
Company: Sunyang International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Usb 3.0 A Type Plug Connector 10pin
Micro USB 3.0 A Type Plug connector 10PIN Specification: Micro USB 3.0 A Type Plug connector 10PIN SOLDER MATERIALS Contact: Brass/Phosphor Bronze Housing: High Temperature thermoplastics, Insulator: PBT, UL 94V-0 Rated, Black/White/Nature/Blue (customer definition) Shell: Brass/Phosphor Bronze PLATING Contact: gold plated contact area, tin plated solder area (gold flash: FU&quot;/3U&quot;/6U''/15U''/30U'') Shell: Gold/Nickel/Tin Materials ...
Company: Zhengde Connector (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.    China

Vcb Vacuum Circuit Breaker Contact Arm
VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker Contact Arm Specification: Material: Red copper T2 ; Colour: Silver ; Rated Current: 1250A ; VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker Isolating Contact Arm We can supply completed fittings for High voltage &amp; Medium voltqage Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Switchgear and load switch etc. Include: 1. Fixed contact (copper pipe connector) and Movable contact 2. Insolating contacts (Set of six tulip contacts) 3. Insolating contact arm 4. Epoxy Resin Cast Components 5. Epoxy ...
Company: Yongjia FYK ELE. Appliances Co., Ltd.    China

Metal Parts
metal parts Specification: We supply metal parts machining.Brass, copper,iron and stainless steel. both the quality and price are fully reliable.Solid rivets, Bimetal rivets,Ttrimetal rivets and special type contact rivets and contact buttons are also available.
Company: Wenzhou Googol Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Sg-qtt02 Contact Bridge
SG-QTT02 contact bridge Specification: We can develop and manufacture contact component according to customers specific requirements, especially the copper part. With our company several years experience in this field, also having advanced apparatus, such as welding stamping machine, riveting machine, welding automation, hi-speed stamper, stamper, etc. That's the guarantee of our products. 1 Item: Copper contact, contact bridge, contact component, contact fitting, ...
Company: Jiangxi Sunhong Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Contact Points
Contact Points Specification: We make silver contact.customer should provide product drawing or sample. The contact material: Ag, FAg, AgNi, AgZnO, AgCuO, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgC, AgW, AgWC, Ag/Cu, FAg/Cu, AgNi/Cu, AgZnO/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu,etc. The base material: Red Copper,Brass, phosphorous bronze,etc. The useful: Widely used in electrical systems,like the relay,circuit breaker,starter,temperature controller,and switch series,etc. Advantage:About the welding silver contact,our ...
Company: Yueqing Ankai Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Pvc Electrical Tapes
PVC Electrical Tapes Specification: PVC Electrical TapesCertification: UL, EN60454, ISO9001Take PVC film as its backing material, electrical tape has wonderful features, such as insulation, flame retardancy, cold resistance, voltage resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and solventresistance.Electrical tape is widely used in automobile harness, wrapping of wires, insulation protection. It is the main insulating material of automobile, household electrical equipments, refrigerator, and ...
Company: Xiamen Jinfuguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.    China

Thermostat Bimetal Strip
Thermostat Bimetal strip Specification: Thermostat Bimetal strip / KANTHAL 155 STRIP Thin thermostatic bimetals or trimetals in shape of discs with a spherical cup or specially shaped blades which give a snap action, are ofter used in thermostats and protectors. We produce smiliar TB1577 ( Kanthal 155 ) properties bimetal strip with the best price and good quality, as per DIN1715 . ...
Company: Shanghai Anhing Alloy Material Co., Ltd.    China

Squeeze Box For Flush Toys
squeeze box for flush toys Specification: Recordable box/easy button/message box/sound box 1. Recordable Squeeze box (1). Functions: small buttom beside the box for recording message and push the big buttom for playing the message. (2). The sound message can be repeatable recorded. (3). High quality sound effect. 2. Pre-recorded Squeeze box (1). Functions: You can send us a piece of melody/music or a sound message, then we can make it just according to your demands. (2). Push the buttom ...
Company: Shenzhen YDL Electronics Factory    China

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