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This product is applicable to the distribution of control circuit with rated frequency of AC50 or 60Hz and rated voltage of 400V or less. It is mainly used as the main switch in terminal combined electric appliances, or to control various kinds of motors, low power electric apparatus and lighting devices. It is mainly applied in industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, and commercial districts of dwelling houses with higher thermal dynamic stability.
Company: Yangzhou Baojielong Magnet Wires Factory    China

VC 3
Specifications (VC 3): 1) Single lead wire. 2) Former: B-aluminum. 3) Wire: 1-EISVW. 4) Former support: nomex. Series specifications: 1) Former materials available: kapton, aluminum, B-aluminum, tillo, B-kapton ; 2) Copper wire materials: CCAW, flat copper ; 3) Diameters: from 25.9mm to 140mm ; 4) Former support materials available: nomex, senka, kraft, spunlace and asbestine. We can make voice coils according to your specifications.
Company: Yangzhou Baojielong Magnet Wires Factory    China

RT16 Series Knife Contactor Fuse
It is applicable in industrial electrical distributing installation of AC 50Hz (or 60Hz) with rated voltage 500/690V and 400V, rated current 1,250A and below. It is used to protect against overload or short circuit. Main technical parameters: 1) Rated voltage: 500V, 690V and 400V ; 2) Different rated currents to meet different demands

Our company is a specialist in producingauto telephone exchange, system of satellite receiving and radio telephone. Because of these production want greate deal of communication relay to fit it .Company specialty produce currency,small and miniature type of control relay.

Enameled Copper wire
1) Enameled Copper Wires Types: UEW (Polyurethane enameled copper wire): Class 130, Class 155, Class 180 ; Executive standard: IEC60317, JIS 3202-C, NEMA-MW, DIN ;Size: diameter 0.05-3.20mm. 2)PEW (Polyester enameled copper wire): Class 130, Class 155 ; Executive standard: IEC60317, JIS 3202-C, NEMA-MW, DIN ; Size: diameter 0.05-3.20mm. 3) EIW (Polyesterimide enameled copper wire): Class 180. Executive standard: IEC60317, JIS 3202-C, NEMA-MW, DIN ; Size: diameter 0.05-3.20mm.
Company: Yangzhou Baojielong Magnet Wires Factory    China

Switched Socket
1) T331FB: 45A switch+neon+13A switched socket+neon ; 2) T332FB: 45A switch+13A switched socket ; 3) 'FB' indicates 'black insert', 'FE' indicates 'white insert'

Distribution Box
Suitable for indoor use, these distribution boxes have a maximum rated current of 100A / 630A. With the shell of the branch box made of galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy and glass reinforced plastic, the plastic-sprayed surface has a stylish appearance.
Product Group: Distribution Box

S R433.92 Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators
1) One-port SAW resonator ; 2) Frequency range: 245 - 433.920MHz ; 3) Nominal insertion phase shift of 180 degrees at resonance ; 4) Quartz stability ; 5) Rugged, hermetic, low-profile TO-39 case ; 6) F-11 case also available ; 7) Min. 1M Ohm DC insulation resistance between any two pins ; 8) 3 pins: input, output, ground

Control Buttons with Enclosed Metal Case
This series button is used to switch on/off an individual motor in a AC or DC power system. Rated insulation voltage: 660V. Adopting enclosed metal case. The static contact seat is made of alloy with low contact resistance and high strength. Adopting pressure plate type wiring screw.

Polypropylene Capacitors
It is of good electrical characteristics such as self-concrescence and less spoilage. It is applied to the AC/DC and pulsate circuit of electromotor, water pump, air compressor, air-condition, etc.

Terminal Connector / Terminal Block
1) Material: PE ; 2) Elastic and shock-resisting ; 3) Inserting type, nail ; attached ; 4) Size: 4 - 40mm ; 5) Shape: round, flat, coaxial ; 6) Rate: 3A - 150A
Product Group: Terminal Block

AV Series
1) Withstand voltage: AC 500V (50Hz) ; 2) Rated load: DC 50V 0.2A ; 3) Contact resistance: = =100MΩ(DC 500V) ; 5) Life: up to 10000 times

Electronic Ballast
1) T5HE: 14W x 2, 21W x 2, 28W x 2, 35W x 2 ; 2) T5HO: 24W x 2,39W x 2 ; 3) T8: 18W x 2, 30W x 2, 36W x 2 ; 4) COSΦ >= 0.97~0.99 ; 5) THD =< 25~10% ; 6) EN60928, 60929, 55015, 61547, 61000-3-2 compliant

Heat Exchanger Tubes
Specifications: 1) Standards: ASTM A179, ASTM A199, ASTM A213 ; 2) O.D.: 15.88 - 101.6mm ; 3) Wall: 1.2 - 6.5mm. Inner packing: 1) Unprotected ; 2) Internal and external oiled ; 3) External varnished with black lacquer ; 4) If required, tubes can be delivered with plastic plugs or protectors. Outer packing: 1) In hexagonal bundles wrapped with strong steel trip ; 2) Bundles up to: 4000kg (8800lbs) ; 3) Tubes under O.D. 60.3mm have technical details marked on tags tied to both sides

Subwoofer Y12
1) Size(inch): 12" ; 2) Frame: aluminum ; 3) Cone: yellow woven cone ; 4) Impedance: 4/8 ohm ; 5) Spl: 89 db ; 6) RMS: 400W ; 7) 8inch, 10 inch and 15 inch available

1) 10A 250V ~ 50Hz / TUV ; 2) 12A 125V ~ 60Hz / UL ; 3) Control temperature range: 60~250°C ; 4) Control temperature precision: =< ± 10°C

DVB-S Tuner
1) RF input range: 950MHz-2150MHz ; 2) Input dynamic range: -65dBm to -25dBm ; 3) Input connector: F-female ; 4) Input impedance: 75Ω ; 5) Channel selection: built in PLL ; 6) System symbol rate: channel bit rate up to 90Mbps and symbol frequency rate from 1Mbps-45Mbps ; 7) Transport stream output: parallel and serial data output ; 8) QPSK IC: STV0299 ; 9) FEC: Inner decoder ; 10) Used for set-top-box, DVD-R, DVB-S receiver ; 11) Weight: 55g

1Watt White LED
1) Specifications: water clear ; 2) Available colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white ; 3) Performance: large viewpoint, uniform lighting, high illumination, huge current used (350mA), 25-38lumen, 1W high power ; 4) Long lifespan, low maintenance cost ; 5) Application: flashlights, instruments, and more ; 6)Packing: Carton

DVD Decoder Board
1) Dolby digital 2.1-channel output ; 2) DTS digital output (optional) ; 3) Digital optical and coaxial output ; 4) YPrPb, S-video and video output ; 5) VGA and Scart output available, parental lock, zoom 2x/4x/8x, NTSC/PAL system ; 6) Karaoke function, P-San ; 7) Eight language soundtracks ; 8) 32 language subtitles selection ; 9) Compatible with DVD/ VCD/ CD/ MP3/ CD-G/ CD-R/ CD-RW/ JPEG ; 10) Power requirements: 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz ; 11) Power consumption: 25W ; 12) Horizontal ...

Surface Mount Cat5e Box with Jacks
1) Easy to use 110 type terminations ; 2) Mounting screws and adhesive-backed tape included ; 3) Available in 1 and 2 port versions

Low-Voltage Distribution Cabinet
Features: 1) The fiberglass-reinforced polyester low-voltage cabinet is made of updated composite material and manufacturing technics. 2) Through the optimizing combination and design, the wholly die-casting fiberglass-reinforced polyester panel can be mounted in indoor and outdoor low-voltage distribution cabinets flexibly. 3) It has characteristics such as environmental protection, energy saving, safety, insulation, anti-aging, fire -retardance, anti-corrosion, good-looking appearance and ...

Electrical Parts
1) Designed to meet and fit a variety of original equipment ; 2) Distributed in the engines and electrical systems of vehicles ; 3) High performance to keep vehicles running normally ; 4) Every part is strictly pre-tested and inspected

Audio Magnetic Head DMS15R/P
Typical applications: 1) Cassette decks ; 2) Radio cassettes ; 3) Headphone stereos ; 4) Car stereos. Specifications: 1) Impedance: 850 25% ; 2) PB sensitivity: -77dBV 2dB ; 3) PB frequency response: 12dBV 3dB ; 4) Channel separation: 35dB Min ; 5) Track crosstalk: 50dB Min ; 6) Hum noise: -70dBV Max ; 7) Distortion: 2.5% Max

Metal Ceramic Heater
1) Temperature rises quickly, surface temperature remains even ; 2) Max. insulation voltage: 3,750V/1s ; 3) Applications: steam combs, vacuum flasks/dishes, hair curlers, coffeemakers, electro-thermal floor boards, barbecue grills ; 4) Long operating life ; 5) Dimensions: a) 70 x 10 x 1.1mm ; b) 70 x 15 x 1.1mm ; c) 70 x 20 x 1.1.mm ; 6) Customized orders as per client's specifications available

Spark Electrode
These series products for pre-mix gas burners have been used extensively in hot water boilers, ovens, condensing boilers, air heaters, drying machines, spray booths, process heaters, range cookers and steam boilers.

Contactless IC card, RFID, Mifare PVC card, Plastic card,1k,4k,NXP
Contactless card is also called RF(radio-wave frequency) card. Our contactless card has adopted the most advanced American AIT process. The core of AIT technology is inlay embedding and module welding. The inlay is embedded into the PVC sheet accurately by ultrasonic measurement and then the module and the inlay are welded within nitrogen gas surrounding. We have rich experience with following contactless cards: Philips Mifare Classic 1k: EEPROM 1K bytes, 13.56MHz, ISO 14443A Philips ...
Company: Shenzhen Kaisere Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Quartz Crystal Resonators SMD 3225
Quartz Crystal Resonators SMD3225 ( SMD series) Item:SMD3225/ SMD4025/ SMD5032/ SMD6035/SMD7050 Features: Resistance welding;Low power;High stability;Wide frequency range General Specification: Nominal frequency 12.000~54.000MHz Frequency tolerance(at 25oC) ±10ppm,±20ppm,±30ppm, or specify Frequency stability ±10ppm,±20ppm,±30ppm, or specify Load capacitance Series Series, 16pf, 20pf, 30pf, 32pf, or specify Drive level 10uW(100uW max) Operating Temperature Range ...
Product Group: Crystal Resonator
Company: Asia Pacific International Group    china

Eas Mini Square label, security tag
Product No.:HR01A Frequency:8.2MHz Dimension:46mm*42mm Color:Black/Gray/White or Customize Lock:Three balls clutch, Standard/Super Packing detail:1,000pcs/carton
Product Group: Eas Label
Company: Readyke Technology Limited    China

ATM Cleaning Card
The cleaning card is a kind of consumable material card designed for the preventative maintenance of the magnetic card heads and IC card reader heads, which are key components inautomatic data collection devices, such as ATMs, POS equipment, hotel door locks, gas station equipment, automatic ticket vending machines, check valuators, pay phones, etc. Using the cleaning card on a regular schedule will: -Clean the magnetic strip card reader head and IC card reader head without the need for ...
Product Group: Cleaning Card
Company: Transmo technology (HK) Co., Limited    China

Lemo connector
Metal electrical connector, with nicety in appearance, can be used for some industrial fields, such as communication, electronics and medical equipments and it is specially suited for electrical connectors in some instruments and equipments which should be screened and be connected and separated frequently. The metal electronic connector-are designed for the connection between sensors and electronic instruments or equipments. The connector is compact and its push-pull elf-laching ...
Company: Shenzhen Huiertai Electronic Tech Co., Ltd    China

Sell Atmel IC, Catalyst IC
Pphitop is on ATMEL IC, Catalyst IC in long term as well as in stock. Many thanks for having a chance quote you if any inquiries. Some of the detail ATMEL parts as following for your reference: 1. ATmega168-20 MU 2. AT91SAM7SE256-AU 3. AT24C08AN-10SU-1.8 4. T7024 5. ATMEGA165-16AU 6. AT89S8253-24PU 7. AT45DB041D-SU 8. AT45DB081DSU 9. Atmega8-16PU 10. Atmega16-16PU 11. Attiny2313-20PU 12. AT86RF211SAHWR 13. AT80251G2D-SLSUL 14. AT80251G2D-SLSUM 15. Atmega8L-8AU ...
Product Group: Catalyst IC
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

Sell Fairchild Component
Pphitop is on Fairchild components in long term as well as in stock. Many thanks for having a chance quote you if any inquiries. Some of the detail Fairchild parts as following for your reference: 1. FMG2G300US60E 2. FDH047AN08A0 3. FQA28N50 4. FSCQ0765RTYDTU 5. FMG2G150US60E 6. FDP047AN08A0 7. ML4821CP 8. FSHDMI04MTDX 9. FSAM50SM60A 10. FDP047AN08A0 11. RHRG75120 12. FDP79N15 13. FMG2G100US60 14. HGTG5N120BND 15. FQA140N10 16. KA5Q0765RTYDTU 17. FMG2G75US60 18. ...
Product Group: Fairchild Component
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

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