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List extensive product information of Financial Field (include Banknote Binder, Banknote Counting, Coin Counter, Money Detector, Bundling Machine), provided by Financial Field manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Auto Coin Sorter
1) CE approved ; 2) Quick and easy to use ; 3) Novel and compact design ; 4) Freely preset batch (0 - 999pcs) and memory function ; 5) Displays value and coin quantity ; 6) Automatic packet ; 7) Hopper capacity of 400 - 500 coins ; 8) Dimensions: 345 x 306 x 258mm ; 9) Net weight: 3.9kg ; 10) Power: AC 220V / 50Hz; AC 110V / 60Hz ; 11) Power consumption: 45W

Banknote Binder
1) Designed for heavy usage, efficient and reliable ; 2) Fully automatic, micro-computer controlled and easy to operate ; 3) Suitable for the strapping and packing of cartons, calcium plastic cases, books, soft and hard packages as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylindrical or circular shapes ; 4) Widely used in light industry, foodstuffs, foreign trade printing, medicine, post and telecommunication, etc ; 5) Product dimension: 420 x 305 x 150mm ; 6) Weight: 22kg ; 7) Parameters: ...

Coin Counter
1) Perfect design, accurate counting, low noise and long life span ; 2) High counting speed, more than 1,000 notes per minute ; 3) Fully automatic start and clearing, with half and chain detecting function ; 4) Automatic counting, batch presetting, adding, multi-counting mode and memory ; 5) Detects the banknote's magnetic ink (or safe line) accurately, UV reaction, paper transparency and other features ; 6) Detects the different banknotes' widths which are 3mm more than the ...

Euro Counter
Three kinds of working mode:Adding,Counting,Batching. Half,double and chained notes detected automatically. Width(DD) and Length(3D) difference detection for option. UV CF and MG CF(one or two magnetic sensor) for option. Ext display,standard interface RS-232,dust cover for option. Dimensions 280x250x195mm ; Weight 5.5kg ; Power Supply 110V/60HZ,220V/50HZ ; Power Counsumption 40W ; Counting Speed 500/1000/1500 pcs/min.

Bill Counter
Features and functions: 1) Counting and detecting mode ; 2) Adding, batching mode ; 3) Auto/manual start function ; 4) Automatic cleaning sensor ; 5) A dual means of detection: a) UV-ultraviolet ; b) MG-magnetic (optional) ; 6) Durable chassis with retractable carrying handle ; 7) Suitable for multi-currency: US$, Can$, Euro$, Russian Ruble, HK$, Sterling, South Korean won ; 8) Precaution leakage of pieces ; 9) Two sheets, half note and notes stuck together detection ; 10) Quick and easy to ...

Automatic Euro Detector
1) AC220V 50Hz or AC110V 60Hz; DC: 12V ; 2) Accurate detection, easy inserting operation ; 3) MG, UV, infrared detection ; 4) Power consumption: <12W ; 5) Counterfeit voice alert or silent flash ; 6) Portable operation

Banknote Bundling Machine
Features: 1) Bundles automatically by using microcomputer control and photo electricity technology ; 2) Bundling tape is adjustable from 30 or 40mm ; 3) Tightness of bundling, sealing temperature and the length of bundling tape are adjustable to meet the needs of bundling all kinds of banknotes, checks, and bills ; 4) Unique cross bundling prevents the bundling from loosening ; 5) No preheating necessary, begins to bundle as soon as machine is turned on ; 6) Not only bundling 100pcs of ...

Money Detectors
We are manufacturer of financial field products, such as Banknote Binder, Coin Sorters, Banknote Counting, Coin Counter, Money Detectors and so on from china. Money Detector Specifications: 4W, 6V. Packing: 120pcs/carton. Carton dimensions: 45 x 37 x 28.

Banknote Counting Machine
Available in three models: 1) LIC-0361: standard ; 2) LIC-0362: auto shutter ; 3) LIC-0363: auto shutter, UV detection. Specifications: 1) Feed system: vacuum ; 2) Counting speed: 100 notes/4.5secs ; 3) Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 96cm ; 4) Weight: 46kg.

Multi-Function Currency Counter
1) LED display with five statuses: intelligent, preset, low, divided plate, accumulated ; 2) Accurate counting, low noise, convenient operation and long life ; 3) Fault self-diagnosis function with simple and clear sound warning ; 4) Preset and classification functions ; 5) Prompts fake currency type with code ; 6) Display currency type and its denomination ; 7) Identify broken currency and its width ; 8) Adopts magnetic, fluorescent and paper analysis technology to identify fake currency ...

Counterfeit Banknote Counting Machine
1) Smart functions: a) Automatic stop ; b) Automatic zero clearing. 2) Identification: a) UV ; b) Numeric ; c) Magnetic ; d) Infrared ; 3) Display: a) Alarm display ; b) Three position present display ; c) Three position last display ; d) Three position external display ; e) Current status display: compatible, numeric, low money, and preset ; 4) Preset: 1,2,3...100 notes ; 5) Accumulation: 0 - 999 notes ; 6) Environmental safety: built-in double cleaner

Fully-Automatic Money Binder
1) Fully-automatic high-speed money binder ; 2) Micro-computer control, easy to operate ; 3) Thermal-pressure binding results in beautiful appearance and tight effect ; 4) Adjustable binding position for paper bands

Metal Detector
Operate Frequency 22KHz ; Operate Current < 50mA ; Operate Voltage 7V-9V ; Indicator Visual: Red/Green LED Sound: Speaker or Earphone; (Earphone not included) ; Control On/Off Switch; Low sensitivity Switch Sensitivity Adjuster ; High Sensitivity 15mm at Pin; 45mm at USD 25 Cent ; Low Sensitivity Detector only respond to bigger metal
Product Group: Metal Detector

Banknote Checker
Power consumption 4w ; Voltage 220v ; Function UV&water mark ; Net weight 0.50kg ; Gross weight 0.65kg ; Packing quantity 24pcs ; Dimension 46x39x40cm

Note Bundle Counting Machines
Note bundle counting machines. Desk top & floor models. Counting speed:100 notes/4 sec. Holder capacity:200 notes. Feed system: Vaccum. Display: Dual. Functions: Free mode, check, batch, add, stamp & dignostcis mode. Auto/manualstart. Power:220 volts AC,50 hz. Power consumption:420 va. Dimensions:330x410x220 mm

Money Detector Pen
Fast: Detect as open, no need pre-warm up. Accurate: High quality magnetic sensor for band counter use only, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, accurate detection. Sensitive: Unique design to catch weak signal, high sensitivity for verification. Potable: Mini design, easy to carry. Less battery: Only 100mw, 3AG3 battery can use for one month. Long life: Its longevity is 10 times then a traditional one. Main function: Magnetic safety line and magnetic ink verify bank note.

Banknote Binder
1) Designed for heavy usage, efficient and reliable ; 2) Fully automatic, micro-computer controlled and easy to operate ; 3) Suitable for the strapping and packing of cartons, calcium plastic cases, books, soft and hard packages as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylindrical or circular shapes ; 4) Widely used in light industry, foodstuffs, foreign trade printing, medicine, post and telecommunication, etc ; 5) Product dimension: 420 x 305 x 150mm ; 6) Weight: 22kg ; 7) Parameters: ...

Automizer Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Board
One extra row for date and time with built-in real time clock. Two columns for each rate(buying rate and selling rate). Non-volatile memory to keep the latest exchange rates. Built-in RS232 computer interface. The time& exchange rates can be updated through the computer. Optional infra red remote controller. Optional moving message. Durable and elegant aluminum frame.

Coin Selector
Able to distinguish between high precision EUR 50c and other coins such as EUR 1,20c,10c,5c,2c and 1c. Primary Competitive Advantages: Excellent and High Quality Control. Customer's Designs and Logos are Welcome. We also have other types to meet your needs.

Vacuum Spindle Banknote Counter
Checking, counting banknotes; Presetted count operation supported; Accumulated mode supported; Speedy counting:100 Pages per 4 seconds; Available for bundled and scattered banknotes; Friendly readability with LED screen; Unique and ideal body design.

Multipro Cash Drawer
New type of rugged drawer with multipurpose drawers. Easy drop-in paper loading. Lockable upper drawer for bills and coins. Lockable lower drawer for various receipt magegement need. 3 position lock. Unitized steel reinforce one-piece body. T-106 money tray (4 bill and coin). Dimension. 350 (W) x 350 (L) x 70(H) mm. 350 (W) x 350 (L) x 36(H) mm. Weight:6.75kgs

Banknote Counter, Detector, Coin Counter / Sorter
Banknote Counters, Detectors, Coin Counters and Sorters, Coin Acceptors, Binding Machines, Electronic Check Writers, Cash Registers, ATM, Punch Machines. We are a manufacturer specialized in developing, producing and marketing financial handling equipment, such as Banknote Counters, Detectors, Coin Counters and Sorters, Coin Acceptors, Binding Machines, Electronic Check Writers, Cash Registers, ATM, Punch. Machines: 1. Banknote Counters:600pcs/min. ; 1,000pcs/min. ; 1,200pcs/min. ; ...

Dual Panel Pos System
Dual Panel POS System Specification: Colour: Black/Orange ; Material: Metal ; Touchscreen: 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen ; Dual Panel: 15&quot;lcd monitor+12&quot;lcd monitor ; Package: Standard Export package ; ETouch- 615A-12+ 15&quot; Dual panel Touch POS system Specification MODEL ETouch- 615A-12+ Motherboard Main board Intel CPU Type ATOM 1.6G Memory DDR2 667 1G LCD Monitor LCD Size 15&quot; TFT Brightness 320cd/m2 ...
Company: Shenzhen E-Jeton Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Waiter Call System
Waiter call system Specification: frequency: 433.5MHZ ; waiter call system: Bistro Pager ; restaurant waiter call: waiter caller ; waiter Waiter Call system used in restaurant, hotel, Cafe etc. This waiter call system have now been widely used in many restaurants, coffee bars, tea house etc for waiter caling. This waiter call system host is the most economic one for the small cafa, restaurant, bar, tea house etc to adopt. Waiter call system work: when press the call button, the number ...
Company: Shenzhen Constant Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Just Pin Pad For Pos
JUST PIN Pad for POS Specification: MIS-POS and pin entry device with card readers of different modes. Can be connected with POS, ECR, PDA CRT cash register, or telephone POS terminal to enhance transaction security. Features Ergonomic design with large screen and keys Integrated PIN pad, magstripe card and IC card reader Works with PC, ECR, PDA or POS Handheld or desktop usage A single unit to complete the whole transaction process Approval PCI 3.0 Pin Input Device Security ...
Company: Shenzhen Justtide Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Portable Thermal Pos Printer
Portable Thermal POS Printer Specification: Color: Black, White ; Name: Thermal Bill Printer It can be used for all type of commercial retail POS systems, Restaurant systems, and Industrial control systems. Lightweight and Ease to Portable Beautiful Shape Low cost and High-quality thermal printing Low-noise and high-speed thermal printing Support Cash draw red drive Easy paper-roll installation, Easy maintenance and rational structure Small-power waste and Low-run cost (No ribbons, ink ...
Company: Starry Stone Technology Ltd.    China

Bill Counting Machine Uv&,mg
Bill Counting Machine UV&amp,MG XD-816 Specification: Color: Red/ Blue/ White ; Functions: Intelligent counting and detection ; Counting speed: &gt;1000sheets/min ; Hopper capacity: 15mm ; Stacker capacity: 30mm ; Bill Counting Machine UV&amp;MG XD-816 Features: 1) Auto start and stop, automatic clear-up and add-up 2) Variably preset for batch counting 3) Ultraviolet(UV) detection, there is 1-8 different sensitivity can be effective to detect counterfeit money 4) Automatic ...
Company: Zhejiang Xinda Machine and Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Handheld Pos Terminal With Print &,gprs-factory Since 1992 Accept Paypal
Handheld Pos terminal with Print &amp,GPRS-factory since 1992 accept PAYPAL Specification: Product name: Handheld Pos terminal ; Screen: Touch screen ; Operate system: Wince or Jave ; Wireless: GPRS/WIFI ; Function: GPS ; Character: Terminal printer ; Handheld pos terminal *GPRS Handheld Pos terminal *With Terminal Printer *Handheld Pos terminal with NFC reader *Free SDK Specification MPU:MTK 6225(ARM7 Core,104MHz) Memory: RAM 64Mb,nor Flash 128Mb,Nand Flash 128MB( Flash disc ...
Company: Shandong Mingwah Aohan Smart Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Item Money Binding Machine
item Money binding machine LRB-128 Specification: banding machine: automatic banding ; preheat: no need to preheat ; color: white or grey ; Money binding machine: 1. light-weight 2.5kg/pc which is half weight than the old item LRB-126 2.No need to pre-heat it can bind as soon as starting up. 3.Small volume,portable ,elegant 4.The position of banding paper tape is adjustable. 5.Degree of tightness and tempeture are adjustable.
Company: Shanghai Longrun M&E Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Cash Register
ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTER Specification: SOFTLAND INDIA LIMITED PROUDLY ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF THE NEW WORLDS SMALL AND LOW COST CONSCIOUS FEATURE RICH BILLING MACHINE PALMTEC C3R FOR THE WORLD MARKET. HARDWARE FEATURES v 32 Bit ARM Based Micro Controller. v Flash Memory. v 18 Enhanced Legend able Keypad v USB Interface. v 32 Characters LCD with Backlight. v 2 Inch Thermal Printer. v Transparent Paper Roll Holder. v Li-Ion Re-Chargeable Battery. v Optional PS2 Interface for ...
Company: SOFTLAND INDIA LTD    India

kiosk Specification: Color: Red and White ; Size: 418(D)x530(W)x1613(H) ; I will show you our best products to you. a.Main board: GA-G 31M -ES 2C b.CPU: INTEL Celeron 3.06G c.HD: 160G , 320G for option d.Power: 250W e.RAM: 512M , 1G , 2 G for option 2.Display screen: 15 , 17 , 19 for option 3.Touch screen: 15 , 17 , 19 for option 4.Metal Keypad: encrypt or not (16 ,15 or more count of the keyboard) 5.Receipt Printer: thermal printer ,needle printer for option ( 80mm , 60mm M-T532 ...
Company: HT Kiosk    China

Capacitive Fingerprint Pos Terminal
BP370 Capacitive Fingerprint POS terminal Specification: High performance mobile POS terminal, with ARM9 CPU, 32M SDRAM/ FLASH memory, LINUX OS, and perfect SDK platform. GPRS/CDMA/Wireless LAN supportable, built-in high-speed thermal printer. 1000MAh/7.2V lion battery, dactylogram recognition module, laser scanner, unique calling function and black-casket. Specifications Item Specification CPU S3C241032 ARM9 CPU Memory 32M BYTE FLASH, 32M BYTE SDRAM. Or enlarged to ...
Company: Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd.    China

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