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List extensive product information of Alternative Energy Generator (include Wind Power Generator, Solar Generator), provided by Alternative Energy Generator manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Jsa 50hz Three-phase Brushless Synchronous Alternator
JSA 50HZ Three-Phase Brushless Synchronous Alternator Specification: Type: Other ; 1. The standard protection for JSA series generator is IP23 2. Windings are insulated to class H 3. Full-damping whole salient construction guarantees generator to be operated stably in any conditions, and enable it to run under 150% rated speed (2250r/min.) for 2min, 4. JSA generators are provided with a 2/3 winding pitch as standard, can effectively eliminate the third harmonic(3rd, 9th, 15th, etc.) and are ...
Company: Holly Enterprise Elec-Mech Equip. (Beijing) Co., Ltd.    China

Deutz 135kva Canopied Diesel Generator
Deutz 135kva Canopied diesel generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; Products Range: generator set ; Deutz 135kva Canopied Diesel Generator: Model:HPD-108 Rated power:135kva Engine: Model:TD226B-6 Ratedoutput:120kw Governing method:Mechanical Intaking method:Turbocharged Grease-box Volume:13L Cylinder numbers:6 Oil-box Volume:64 Fuel Consumption:216g/kw.h Cooling Starting Method:Closed water cooled/electric starting Alternator: Model:HP-108 Rated output:135kva Rated ...
Company: Fuzhou Hopow Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

CY2000W wind power generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; Rated wind speed: 8m/s ; Max power: 3000w ; Power 2000W Blades diameter 4.0 m Rated Rotated speed 300 Rated wind speed 8m/s Rated power 2000W Max power 3000w Output voltage 96v/108v Start up wind speed 3(m/s) Working wind speed 3-30(m/s) survival wind speed 50(m/s) Height of tower 6m Weight of top section 100kg Output control system charger and inverter Tower ...
Company: Qingdao Chuangying Machine Development Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; wind turbine: New Wind Turbine ; The Revolution 360™ is a 360 kW up-wind, horizontal-axis wind turbine with three rotor blades. The rotor diameter is either 36 or 38 meters depending on the site’s IEC wind class. The machine head, including the gearbox and generator, is installed on a tubular steel tower with a hub height of 41 or 55 meters. The Revolution 360™ is a full-span, variable-pitch turbine that ...
Company: E & M EQUIPMENT LLC    United States

Tfw Synchronous Brushless Alternator
TFW Synchronous Brushless Alternator Specification: Type: electrical alternator ; wire: copper wires ; certificate: CE/ISO/CCC ; excitation: Compound excitation ; voltage: 230/380/400 ; frequency: 50/60HZ ; TFW Synchronous Brushless Alternator(2kw-400kw) Below data for reference
Company: Fuan Golden Horse Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; type: vertical ; Detailed Product Description Vertical Axis Wind TurbineV.A.W.T system is an advanced Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System ( Patent No.200420081310 ) of efficient and nice-looking. The set-up power is from 200W to 100KW. The vane is made on the principle of the wing of the aircraft while the structure is made on the principle of vertical wirlwind which is of the advantage of no influence caused by the ...
Company: Huzhou DP Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Kaplan Water Turbine
Kaplan water turbine Specification: Type: hydraulic ; color: green ; Kaplan water turbine Water Head: 3-65MM Runner Diameter: 1-7M Capacity: 2000-50000KW Two type:1) Axial-flow turbine with fixed blade propeller 2) Axial-flow turbine with adjustable blade propeller Our kaplan water turbine is suitable for exploring hydraulic power with medium and low-sized head. kaplan water turbine with fixed blade propeller usually is fit for those power station with medium and small ...
Company: Hunan Lingling Hengyuan Generating Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Horizontal Axis Wind Generator
Horizontal axis wind generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; color: white ; Horizontal axis wind generator We can offer the whole set of wind generator system and also blades and generator separately. The range now is mainly small power from 100w to 5kw, generally used for home or small factories. While we can make according to customers' special requirement. A special and unique one is we can supply luminated blades in set or separately. We will design unique program for ...
Company: Tianjin Century Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

The Instruction Of Coreless Disc Wind Generator
The instruction of SYG-378 coreless disc wind generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; SYG-378Technical Parameter Type Rated power(W) Rated voltage(DCV) Rated current(DCA) Rated speed(r/min) Max speed(r/min) Max output power(W) Start-up reversing torsion(N.m) Weight(kg) SYG-378 3000 115 26.1 300 400 3200 1.7 56 SYG-378Basic data Type SYG-378 Shape size Φ378×74 Speed(r/min) 200 250 ...
Company: Zhejiang Shuangmin Technology Co., Ltd.    China

100kw Wind Generators
100KW Wind generators Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; Certification: CE ; 100KW Wind generators Wind Turbine Generator Low start-up wind speed Easy to install & operate No maintenance required CE certification Power 100KW Blade Diameter(m) 21 Rated Rotated speed(r/m) 75 Rated Wind Speed(m/s) 13 Rated Power(w) 100000 Max Power(w) 105000 Output Voltage(v) 380 Start Up Wind Speed(m/s) 3.5 Operating Wind Speed(m/s) ...
Company: Huabin General Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Industrial/ Commercial Air Water Generator
Industrial/ Commercial Air water generator Specification: Type: AIR WATER GENERATOR ; Air water generator The Air Water Generator is a humidity and temperature driven machine. This means the machine totally depends on the level of humidity in the air and the temperature to produce water. Ideally, the humidity level should be at least 55% or above to achieve the machine's optimum performance. In places with lower humidity level, the machine will still produce water but not as ...
Company: Fujian Yuxin Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Volvo Soundproof Type Diesel-powered Generator
Volvo soundproof type diesel-powered generator Specification: Type: Diesel generator ; Output Type: AC 3 Phase ; Volvo soundproof type diesel-powered generator Features: 1.Emergency low oil shutdown system is equipped for CX type.It will stop the engine immediately if the lube oil drops below a safe level,protecting your machine. 2.No fuse circuit breakers for overload protection and convenience. 3.Large silent muffler and high efficient air cleaner reduce the exhaust and intake noise. ...
Company: Jilin Lyvoo Power Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Three Phase Ac Synchronous Generator
Three Phase AC Synchronous Generator Specification: Type: AC Synchronous Generator ; Phase: Three Phase ; Type: Synchronous Generator ; STC Series Three Phase A.C. Synchronous Generator The generators are to be used in town, the countryside, work sites, Mountain and pasture lands as a electric power source for lighting purpose, It can also be used as a reserved power source for emergent case. The generators are of drip-proof with rotary field type and with the adoption of harmonic ...
Company: Fujian Willda Machinery Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Turbine Generator
HY--2000W Wind Turbine Generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; 2000W: Wind Turbine Generator ; HY--2000W Technical Parameter Rated power(W) 2000 Material of the blades Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics Rated wind speed(m/s) 9 Speed regulation method Adjustable-Pitch of blades Startup wind speed(m/s) 2.5 Generator style 3-phase AC PM Working wind speed(m/s) 3~25 Tower height (m) 6 Rated rotate speed (r/min) 360 Main machine 130 weight (kg) ...
Company: Tongxiang Huawei International New Energy Market Management Co., Ltd. (INEM)    China

2kw Wind Turbine
2KW Wind Turbine Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; 2KW Wind Turbine Technical parameter Model FD4-2/10 Generator Rated power (W) 2000 Rotor diameter (m) 4 Generator Rated voltage (V) DC 56 Working wind speed (m/s) 3~25 Start-up wind speed (m/s) 2.5 Rated RPM (r/m) 450 Environment temperature from -25to +45 Shell material alloy Blade material fiber glass Blade quantity(pcs) 3 Generator style 3-phase AC PMG Matched ...
Company: Shenzhen Effsun Wind Power Co., Ltd.    China

European Standard Bs Approval Power Cable
European standard BS approval power cable Y006-A Specification: Color: white; black or as per your request ; Rating: 3/5/13A 250V ; Conductor material: Copper ; 1)BS standard power cable 2)Rating:250V/5A;5A;13A 3)Wiring: H03VV-F3G0.5/0.75; H03VV-F2*0.5/0.75; H05VV-F3G0.75/1.5; H05VV-F2*0.75/1.5; H03RT-H3G0.75. 4)approval:BS; VDE; 5)Material: ROHS and PAHS.
Company: Ningbo Xuanshi Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Generator
Wind generator Specification: Model: SR-A2000 Wind wheel diameter: 2.7 m Blade Material: aircraft-grade aluminum hardware Number of blades: 5 Startup wind speed: 0.2 m / s to 0.4 m / s Rated wind speed: 6 m / s Security wind speed: 35 m / s Rated Power: 2KW Maximum power: 3KW Rated voltage: 48V-120V
Company: Anhui Shunran New Energy Co., Ltd.    China

Product And Good Machine Of Enejean Brand Washing Machine
product and good machine of Enejean brand washing machine Specification: Type: Electrical ; structure: double-deck ; color: dark-green ; function: washing and extractor ; quality: high quality ; operation: automatic and easy ; voltage: 220V/50-60hz ; power: 1.5kw ; how to work: electrical ; life: 8-10years ; Hot sell: everywhere ; XTH-15S WASHING MACHINE <1>This machine is a multiple function washing,spinning,drying unit.Double decks designed has the advantages of saving ...
Company: Guangzhou Enejean Wash Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Portable Natural Gas Generators
Portable Natural Gas Generators Specification: Type: Natural Gas ; Color: Yellow , red , black ; Certificate: CE , ISO ; Specifications of Natural Gas Generator Generator Type Brushless,self-exciting,2-poles,3 phase AC Frequency 50/60 HZ AC Output 115/230,220,230,240 Cont.AC Output 5000 Max.AC Output 6000 DC output (V/A) 12V-8.3A(100W) Insulation F Power factor 0.8 Engine Mode AG420 Type Air-cooled,4-stroke,OHV gasoline engine,single-cylinder ...
Company: Fujian Amico Power Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Wind Generator Vawt 30kw Off Grid And On Grid
Wind Generator VAWT 30kw Off Grid and On Grid Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; CE: Certificate ; 30kw off grid vertical axias wind generator We manufature and supply 200w-50kw Vertical Axis wind generators. The 30kw Vertical Axis wind generator data is the following: Power 30KW Blade Material :304# stainless steel Rated wind speed 12(m/s) Rated power 30KW Start up wind speed 2(m/s) Operating wind speed 3.5-20(m/s) Free stand tower ...
Company: Xiamen Seashine Forest Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Energy System
Solar Energy System Specification: Type: Solar Generator ; Color: blue ; PV Panel: 110W ; Inventer: 500W ; Battery: Capacity:100AH Inverter:500W Standard load:24 inches liqiud crystal TV(45W)+satellite receiver(25W),ligting (40W),electrical fan (50W)(or laptops) Maximum resistive load (400W) for 1.6 hours Maximum inductive load(e.g. electric motor)(130W) for 5 hours(it still supports resistive load with 170W when inductive load works) Size of PV case:450*250*550mm Size of solar ...
Company: Henan Machinery & Electric Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Durable Land Use Diesel Generator Set
Durable land use diesel generator set Specification: Type: diesel ; Alternator: Stanford /Marathon/Chinese brand ; Engine: Cummins/Lovol/perkins/Yu cai/Wei cai,at. ; Output type: AC three phase ; Rated output: 20kw-1500kw ; Rated voltage: 380v/400v ; Fuel tank: At least 8h running ; Frequency: 50hz/60hz ; Usage: Water ; Cylinder: Single-cylinder or Multi-cylinder ; Durable land use diesel generator set(Commins series) 1.Genset continous output: 20kw-150kw rated voltage:110v-480v ...
Company: Fujian Mindu Motor Co., Ltd.    China

Tubular Water Turbine
Tubular water turbine Specification: Type: hydrogenerator, water turbine ; Renewable Energy: Envionment Friendly, Lower In. ; Characteristics of Tubular type unit: It has a good flow properties with compact structure, easy the installation and maintenance; it is suitable for low head and large discharge hydraulic performance, water head ranging from 3.5-20 meters. The Tubular turbine requires less space than other turbines. The Tubular turbine requires less space than other turbines. Civil ...
Company: Shaoyang Hengyuan Zijiang Hydroelectric Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Gasoline Est Generator
188FGasoline est generator Specification: Type: Gasoline Engine ; Usage: Serve as lighting ; Starting system: Recoil/Electric start ; Cylinder: Single Cylinder ; Fuel: Gasoline ; Bore*Stroke(mm): 88*64 ; Cold Style: Air-cooled ; Certificate: CE,ISO9001,SONCAP,CCC ; Stroke: 4 Stroke ; Power-Take-Off: Crankshaft ; 1.Item name: Newest generator 2.starting system: Recoil/Electric start 3.Cold Style Air-cooled 4.Single cylinder,4-stroke,Air-cooled,Gasoline engine 5.Certificate ...
Company: Mindong Baiyun Electrical Machine Co., Ltd.    China

Single Phase Generator
ST SINGLE PHASE GENERATOR Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; ST SERIES SINGLE PHASE GENERATOR mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacitor,which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships,for household electric devices used in towns or villages. The construction of the generators is of drip-proof,salient pole rotating field self exciation and constant voltage type.The alternator interior is used with high quality electric magnetic and electrical ...
Company: Fuan Yongheng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

The Popuar Sun Flowers Windmills Toy
The popuar sun Flowers windmills toy Specification: Type: windmills toy ; yellow blue green purple pink and so on: color ; windmill Product direct manufacturers packing: 1 piece per opp bag Toy windmill About the product 1.material:Pp/nylon 2.diameter:38cm 3.shape:customized ,design service available 4.colorful: yellow blue green purple pink and so on 5.sample leadtime:5days delivery,competitive price 7.function:entertainment,gift ...
Company: Zhang Qiaoling (Individual Businesses)    China

Gas Engine Generator With Ce And Iso
Gas engine generator with CE and ISO Specification: Type: Other ; Color: red,white,green or your requirement ; Engine: Cummins ,Perkins ,Deutz .Yanmar and man. ; Alternator: Leroy-somer ,Stamford ,Marathon and. ; Certificate: CE &ISO 8528.3046.5514.2820.3 ; Protection & Insulation: IP23&H ; Gas engine generator product specification: 1.Engine:Cummins,Yanmar,Volvo,Perkins 2.Alternator: Leroy somer, Starford,Marathon 3.Longer life: Natural gas engine has a life of over ...
Company: Xiamen GTL Power System Co., Ltd.    China

Soncap Ce Approved Solar Garden Light
SONCAP CE approved solar garden light Specification: Type: Solar Generator ; light pole: hot-galvanized & sprayed powder ; pv module: bracket angle adjustable ; controller: IP68 ; junction box: IP65 ; pole's color: RAL k5 classic optional ; SONCAP CE approved solar garden light Solar charge controller /regulater A microprocessor automates the functions of the system automatically activates form sunset to sunrise; Has both time-control and optical-control; Also regulates the ...
Company: Qingdao Jiaoyang Lamping Co., Ltd.    China

Solar Generator System
solar generator system Specification: Type: Solar Generator ; Material: Monocrystalline Silicon ; Size: 520*832*30 ; Number of cells: 36 ; Max. Power: 100W ; Delivery Detail: 20 Day ; 1.Our Unalterable Faith High qulity Excellence service Competitive price 2. Main Products 1) Solar energy generating system 2) Solar PV module 3) Mono-crystalline solar panel 4) Multi-crystalline solar pane 5) Solar street lights 6) Solar garden lights 7) Solar Led lights 8) Solar flash lights 3. 100wp off-grid ...
Company: Nanjing Tongxuan Trading Co., Ltd.    China

20wp House Solar Power Generation System
20Wp house solar power generation system Specification: Type: Solar Generator ; China Bestshine International Corporation Tel: 0086-25-52308196 Fax: 0086-25-52308926 Add: 14F, 50th Zhonghua Road, Nanjing, China210001 Solar Home System 20W 20W CSBC-SHS20 Item No: CSBC-SHS20 20Wp Solar Panel: 20Wp 12V26Ah Battery: 12V26Ah 15A/12V Controller: 15A/12V 100W/12V Inverter: 100W/12V mm230*200*300 ...
Company: Nanjing China Bestshine International Corporation    China

Wind Turbine
wind turbine Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; power effcient: little noise ; Vertical wind power generator . 1.Certificate:ISO9001:2000 2.Rated power(W):10Kw 3.Rated voltage (V):240V 4.Rotor diameter(M):6.4 5.Start-up wind speed(m/s):2 6.Rated wind speed(m/s):10 7.Security wind speed(m/s):45 8.Yaw mode:electric 9.Rated rotating rate(r/m):200 10.Shell material:steel 11.Blade material:fiber glass 12.Suggested battery capacity:12V300AH20PCS 13.Wind power generator matched inverter ...
Company: Qingdao LNG International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

3000w Coreless Generator
3000W Coreless generator Specification: Type: Wind Power Generator ; The generator achieves noise-free rotation, togather with extreme smoothness. Since the generator is free of electrically contacted components, there is no cause of cogging or core damage. In addition, the multimode design can generatoe high voltage even at minimum rotating speeds and realize high-power output and improved efficiency in thr range from low to high wind velocities. Model: EA133DM3-3000 Power (W): 3000 ...
Company: Shanghai SIIC E&A International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

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