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List extensive product information of Electric Insulation (include Insulated Wire, Insulated Cable), provided by Insulation manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Degaussing Coil
Features: 1) The external dimension of the magnetism coil and connector type can be customized ; 2) Can take shape according to customers' inquiries ; 3) Meets the UL, CQC and CSA standards. Precautions: 1) Parameters should be defined: size of the coil, type of the connector, direct current hindering ; 2) Should guarantee enough fitting circle ; 3) Avoid damaging the insulating barrier when in use

PVC Insulated Cable
1) Used in permanent power equipment and lighting installations. 2) AC circuit. 3) Rate voltage up to 450/750V. 4) Highest conductor temperature: 90oC. 5) Cable installation temperature: not lower than 0oC. 6) Permissible curved radius (cable outer diameter): smaller than 25mm, not less than 4D cables with outer diameter of 25mm or above (not less than 6D). 7) Models: a) 227IEC01 (BV): general single-core copper conductor PVC insulation rigid cable ; b) 227IEC02 (RV): general single-core ...
Company: Beijing New Friend Insulation Matreial Co., Ltd.    China

Flame Resistance Mica Cable Tape
Mica tape consists of the heat resistant phlogopite mica paper or synthetic mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin. For excellent flame resisting characteristics, it has been widely used for power and control cables and instrumentation and signaling cables. Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength, this tape can be easily applied with high speed standard ...
Company: Beijing New Friend Insulation Matreial Co., Ltd.    China

Bolt-connected Fuses - RT12
Used in a power distribution installation with rated voltage of AC 380V, rated current up to 100A for overload and short-circuit protection. When combined with a fuse type isolator, the fuse with an electric impinger can be used for phase-lack protection

Porcelain Insulators
Porcelain Insulator: 1) Line type porcelain insulator ; 2) Distribution type bushing ; 3) High voltage insulator
Company: Beijing New Friend Insulation Matreial Co., Ltd.    China

Insulator and Fittings
We can supply the following products for you as per IEC, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN, CAN: 1. Porcelain Insulator: 1.1 45KN-530KN (D.C.) Normal type and Anti-pollution type suspension porcelain insulator ; 1.2 6KV-36KV pin type porcelain insulator ; 1.3 Line& pin post porcelain insulator ; 1.4 Long-rod suspension porcelain insulator ; 1.5 Cross-arm insulator ; 1.6 Stay insulator 1.7 Shackle insulator ; 1.8 Spool insulator. 2. Glass Insulator: 70KN-300KN (D.C) Normal type & anti-pollution ...

Bus Bar Insulators
1) Mainly made of bulk molding compound, unsaturated polymer with fiber glass ; 2) Good electrical resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, low shrinkage and water resistance properties

Copper Clad Laminate
We supply all types of copper/AL clad laminates such as; xpc, fr-1, fr-2, fr-4, cem-1, cem-3, flexibles and insulating materials, from high quality Chinese manufacturers, with quite competitive prices.

PU Tubing
1) Overpressure resistant property: 16kg/cm2 ; 2) Max. working pressure: 24kg/cm2 ; 3) Stretch resistance: 400kg/cm2 ; 4) Tearing strength: 110kg/cm2 ; 5) Anti-abrasion: 35mg

PVC Insulation Tapes
1) Made from polyvinyl choride (PVC) as backing material ; 2) Coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive ; 3) Resistant to high voltage, fire and weather ; 4) Designed for connecting separated electrical wires for electrical insulating and protection purposes ; 5) Backing: PVC film ; 6) Thickness: 0.12 - 0.20mm ; 7) Tensile strength: >15N/cm ; 8) Extension rate at break: >200% ; 9) 180 peeling strength: <1.5 ; 10) Withstand voltage (5kV x 1min): now-breakdown ; 11) Persistent ...

MTriple Insulated Wire
1) Applications: CB-TIW Triple Insulated Wire is used in the winding of micro-transformers built into personal computers, cell phones, inverters, IT equipment and other similar devices. 2) Conductor: metal wire, tin plated metal wire, enameled metal wire. 3) Insulation layers: a) 2 layers of thermoplastic polyester elastomer ; b) Polyamide. 4) Rated Voltage: 1.41kV. 5) Rated Temperature: 130oC. 6) Benefits: a) Winding is made easy ; b) Save insulation tapes and barriers because of its high ...

Compound Insulators
1) Compound insulators have high electrical performance, and silicon rubber sleeves are the good hydrophone and have water floating capacity, heavy pollution resistance, can prevent flashover due pollution. It can work on the severely polluted sites without special clearing ; 2) High mechanical strength, the anti-bent and anti-pull capacity of the glass fiber rod is several or even ten times of the porcelain type. Also, the anti-impact and anti- shaking capacity is excellent. Compound-rod, ...

Enamel Insulation
Thin insulation in the form of enamel makes the electronic transformation possible with great efficiency through Copper & Aluminium conductors. We can offer Wire Enamels based on Modified Polyester, Polyurethane & Polyesterimide and i.e. from class B (130 degree) to class H (180 degree) and Polyamide imide ( Top Coat ) suitable for fine & thick wires, including strips.

Battery Insulation Sheet
1) Material: Toray, Dupont, ITWFormex, GE, NOMEX, Bergquist, etc. ; 2) Good insulation and flaming characteristics with SGS and UL inspection report ; 3) Can be used in batteries, power and all kinds of electron products

Electric Insulation Products
Electric insulation products: fiberglass sleeving, mica sheet and tape, insulation paper and board, phenolic cotton rod and laminate, PVC self-adhesive insulation tape, non-alkali fiberglass tape, non-alkali fiberglass cloth, polyester film and etc.

Heat-Shrinkable Tubes
Features of good insulation, flame-resistance and shock aging, the products are wide applied in the communication, electron, aviation, and war industry field.

Mica Abnormal Parts
Mica abnormal parts made of mica, through roll up, rushing, lathing, drilling, grinding, milling etc, and form up to angle shaped, "I"-shaped, and through shaped parts.

Anti-Track Tubing
Excellent performance of flame retardant, insulation, flexibility and low shrinkable temperature. Widely used in wire terminals insulation, bond of wire harness, mechanical protection, resistance and capacitor protection.

These series products for pre-mix gas burners have been used extensively in hot water boilers, ovens, condensing boilers, air heaters, drying machines, spray booths, process heaters, range cookers and steam boilers.

3 1/2 Digital Insulation Test Meter
1) Function: insulation test ; 2) Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD with a max. reading of 1999 ; 3) Test voltage 250V/500V/1000V ; 4) Back light ; 5) LED high voltage indication ; 6) Safety: according to EN61010-1 protection class II over voltage category (CAT III 600V) pollution degree 2 ; 7) Power supply: 9V zinc-carbon battery. ; 8) Size: 155(H) x 97(W) x 50(D)mm ; 9) Weight: approx. 320g (including battery)

Pole Type Insulator
Applying for insulating for high-voltage transmit electricity aerial cable and fixing up lead, string lines for different grades of voltage. We're a manufacturer and exporter in various kinds of insulators in china.

1kV Inter-Connection Covers, Heat Shrink Cable
1kV Inter-Connection Covers, Heat Shrink Cable: These covers are divided into 2-core, 3-core, 4-core and 5-core cross-sections to hold cable: 10 - 400mm2.

Magnesium Oxide, electrical grade
Destination: Tubular heating elements. Properties:Excellent electric insulation and heat transfer in working temperature. Work temperature: 1000 ; Ordinary state: Voltage resistance (V): > 2000 ; Thermal state: Surface load (w/cm?: 10 ; Thermal state: Insulation resistance (MΩ):>10 ; Thermal state: Voltage resistance (V): > 1500 ; Thermal state: Leak current (MA): > 0.3 ; Chemical composition: MgO: 96.5%min. ; SiO2:1.5%max. CaO:1.5%max. Al2O3:0.15%max. ; Fe2O3:0.3%max. ...

25k Composite Tension / Suspension Insulator
Features: 1) Manufactured by means of injection whole-molding technology ; 2) The juncture between end fitting and core is totally embedded in HTV silicone rubber, eliminating conventional and traditional seal defects. Materials: 1) Silicon Rubber for sheds/ housing ; 2) Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core ; 3) Hop dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings. Electromechanical specifications: 1) Rated voltage: 25kV ; 2) Specified mechanical load (tensile): ...

thermally conductive gap filler
Silicone Rubber Thermally Conductive Insulation Pad has an ideal filler blend that gives low-modulus characteristic that maintains optimal thermal performance yet still allows for easy handling. The natural tack on both sides of the material allows for good compliance to adjacent surfaces of components, minimizing interfacial resistance. Application: Computer and peripherals   •Telecommunications   •Power conversion   •RDRAMTM memory modules/chip scale packages ...
Company: Honeywon Silicone Products Co., Ltd    China

insulation adhesive tape, insulating adhesive plaster
Insulation adhesive tape, insulating adhesive plaster Properties: Use cotton cable as the basic materials, is outstanding in insulation and wrapping, cheap in price and aging resistance. Usage: Mainly for insulation protection of universal wire and cable, also for fixation and bandaging etc.
Product Group: Insulation Tape
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

PVC colored tape
PVC colored tape Properties: Use PVC film as the basic materials, is outstanding in high stickiness and insulatibity, soft, elastic and aging resistance. Usage: Suitable for insulation protection of the wire cable, and electrical equipment under 800V, also for binding or bandaging etc. during industrial manufacture
Product Group: PVC Tape, Insulation Tape
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

Methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride (MTHPA)
Methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride, MTHPA Uses:For epoxy curing agent, solvent-free paint, laminates, epoxy adhesives and so on. For epoxy curing agent, with such advantages as : a long-term storage at room temperature, freezing point is low, volatility is small, excellent performance and low toxicity. It is widely used in the impregnation, casting and winding of motors, dry-type transformers, high voltage switch, transformer, line output transformer, household appliances capacitors, ...
Company: Puyang Tiancheng Chem Co.,Ltd.    China

Silicone Rubber Glassfiber insulating Sleeving
Silicone Rubber Glassfiber insulating Sleeving] Fiberglass sleeving 1,UL recognition (E233803,E233804) 2,excellent dielectric 3,environmental protection 4,heat-resistant Silicone Rubber Glassfiber insulating Sleeving(inside fiber and outside rubber)is braided into tubes with non-alkali glassfiber,and then painted with silicone rubber through high temperature.It has better features than silicone glassfiber thbes in the aspect of electricity-avoidness,flame off-self and flexibility.It ...
Company: Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

Pure Silicone Rubber Flexible Tube PSR Series
Pure Silicone Rubber Flexible Tube PSR Series,PSR series mainly adopt raw materials from Japan,USA and Germany. Widely used in electical equipment,illumination,medical equipment etc. PSR series can provide various tubes according to customer's request such as highly-transparent,half-transparent,milky white or other colors,flame-resistance,big or small size of ID and thick or thin wall tubes of PSR series. This silicone tube can be used in the connection of electronic and medical ...
Company: Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

Acrylic Resin Glassfiber Sleeving
Acrylic Resin Glassfiber Sleeving is adopt excellent materials,it is braided into tubes with non-alkali glassfiber,and then painted with Acrylic Resin,it is widely used in insulating protection of F Grade electrical machinery,home appliance,electric & heat equipment,special lightware etc.
Company: Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

High Temperature-Resistance Special Glassfiber Sleeving(TGS-1W-600C):
High Temperature-Resistance Special Glassfiber Sleeving(TGS-1W-600C): TGS-1W-600C is a new kind of special high temperature-resistance glassfiber sleeving which is mainly used in automobile、shipbuilding、electrical equipment ,illumination,motor equipment etc.
Company: Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

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