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List extensive product information of Laser (include Laser Module), provided by Laser manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cobra Radar 360 Degree Laser
This ESD 9110 detects 4 laser signals: LTI 20-20 Laser, Ultra Lyte Laser, ProLaser, ProLaser III. The SmartMute Relative speed sensing auto mute system virtually eliminates false alerts. Features Product Description - Cobra ESD 9215 - radar/laser detector. Device Type - Radar/laser detector. Dimensions (WxDxH) - 3 in x 4.3 in x 1.3 in. Weight - 4.9 oz. Localization - English. Detected Bands - Laser, X, K, Ka - 10 band(s). Controls - Audio mute, highway/city modes, bright/dim/dark modes, ...
Company: Wuhan Chutian Laser Group Co., Ltd.    China

Laser Cutting Machine
1) Valid size: 1,500 x 1,000mm ; 2) Laser tube type: CO2 sealed glass ; 3) Laser power: 70W ; 4) Cutting speed: 50 - 8,000mm/min ; 5) Engraving speed: 50 - 60,000mm/min ; 6) Location precision: ≦±0.01mm ; 7) Image form: DST, PLT, BMP, DXF ; 8) Color separation: can use eight-type cutting parameters by color.
Product Group: Laser Cutting Machine
Company: Wuhan Chutian Laser Group Co., Ltd.    China

Laser Cosmetology Instruments
We have made extensive technology communication with the researching center about laser technology from Europe, America and Japan, and we have established the long-term cooperation relationship. Now our products have four series, the Laser Eye-brow Washer, the IPL Skin Soft Equipment, the Super Photon Speckle Taking Equipment, and the Microbeam Breast Enlarging System, etc. Our main products is as follows: (1) Photon Speckle Taking Queen GG ; (2) Photon New Spickle Taking King ; (3) The ...

Laser Paillette
Our company specialized in selling a series of auxiliary and material in sewing and embroidery process, including Sewing thread, metallic yarn, Non-woven Color Felt(Needle Punch), Bar Tape, Embroidery Bedge, Garment Interlining, Oil for Garment Making, Coat Hanger/Clothes Rack, lace, Detergent, PP Oil, Spray Guan, Lubricant For Thread and Yarn, Spray Adhesive, Rust Remover. We can also offer a series of spare parts in the sewing and embroidery process, including Needle, Rotary Hook, Cutting ...

Laser Engraver
1) The synchronization of anti-interaction design coming from software and hardware, adopting Pentium PC mainboard, large memory capacity-64M of laptop, more stronger resisting interaction, makes the system operate reliably. 2) Data receiving from USB and network, the program is offline wholly. 3) The advanced three-dimensional curves pre-calculation makes the dogleg tripping and guarantees the travel speed and precision of curves. 4) The simplified system parameter, makes the operation easy ...
Company: Wuhan Chutian Laser Group Co., Ltd.    China

Laser Edage
Get A perfect Job every time you ; Very easy to use ; Laser Guided Leveler. Features: install Shelves ; Hang pictures ; Decorate you home ; Work on Any face for straight line ; Save time ; Laser Wavelength 625~670NM

Multifunctional Amazing Laser Straightener
1) Incorporates a laser module which can project lines up to 20`(6m) long together with horizontal and vertical levels and an 8`(2.5m) retractable tape measure ; 2) Features a retractable suction cup for use on nonporous surfaces, such as glass and bathroom tiles ; 3) Has been designed to allow for minor adjustments in the laser and spirit level angles to ensure total accuracy

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
With the adoption of 32 digit DSP controll system and imported driving system, cooperated with our patent smart carver software, CMA series can be the best choice to many industries which are looking for a high quality machine in Competitive price,CMA machine have come up with the quality of imported develop country machine but its price is chinese price. The series machine are widely used in engraving/cutting of non-metal materials in many industries such as Garment, leatherware, gifts, ...

Laser Pointers
1) Smart Pointer L-106 functions: a) Pointer functions as a laser pointer and a PC ; b) Remote control ; c) Enables you to make presentations without any assistance ; d) Operates like a keyboard or a mouse, allowing you to "enter" or "point and click" ; e) Control multimedia programs such as Windows Media Player as well as MS PowerPoint. 2) Compositions of smart pointer L-106: a) Consists of a transmitter and a receiver ; b) Transmitter has 6 input buttons ; c) Switch and ...

CO2 Laser Therapy Apparatus
The jz-3, jz-3a CO2 laser therapy apparatuses are new types of the series bdj. With plastic faces and special outside appearance, the units become more beautiful and more secure. Adoption of advanced switch power reduces the weight of model jz-3. Controlled by microcomputer, model jz-3a has ten grades of pre-programmed power which makes the operation easier. The units are used extensively in dermatological, ent, gynecological, general in outpatient department. The process of operation is ...

Green Laser Module 532nm
We provides 532nm green diode laser module of miniature size. We are capable of designing TUV grade product to meet customers'quality and safety demand.
Product Group: Laser Module

Laser Level
1) Dimensions: 140 x 55 x 30mm ; 2) Laser Shape:point/line, horizontal, cross ; 3) Wavelength: 650±10nm ; 4) Accurary:±2mm/5m ; 5) Battery:Battery 3v (AAA 1.5 x 2) ; 6) Battery Lifespan:Can use 12 hours continuously ; 7) Power Output: <5mW(CLASS II) Or<1MW(CLASS III) ; 8) Weight(include batteries): 81g. Usable Area:home laser level, construction, home decoration, install light steel shift, wooden decoration, install pipe and wire project etc.

Laser Diode
LASER DIODE & PHOTO DIODE: 1.Short Wavelength Lasers: 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, Low & Medium Power (5mW - 90mW), H. 2. High Power Semiconductor Lasers: 635nm, 650nm, 809nm High Power (100mW - 2 W), High Quality Mode Collection, Low Electricity Consumption for Solid State Laser Excitation, Medical, Optical Measurement. 3. VCSEL(Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers): 660nm,850nm,1310nm Low Threshold& Operating Current, Circular Beam& No Correction for Astigmatism for Fiber Optic ...

Laser Modules
As a professional manufactory, we supply the laser modules for optical fiber communication with good quality and competitive price: VCSEL, FP, DFB laser, 650, 850, 1310, 1550nm wavelength, Coaxial Receptacle/pigtail, With 0/1/2 stages isolator, Signal rate up to 2.5Gbps, Excellent reliability.
Product Group: Laser Module

Power Modulated Line Laser Module
Available wavelength:635nm;650nm;670nm;808nm;850nm;980nm ; Output power:1-40mw ; Operating voltage: DC 5v ; Modulate frequency:0-1mhz ; Por: Ttl ; Line thickness: Less than or equal to 1mm ; Divergence: 0.1-1.5mrad ; Optics: Glass lens both sides ar coated ; Operating temperature: -10-+40 celsius degree ; Storage temperature: -40-+80 celsius degree ; Life time: More than 5000 hours ; Accessories choose and buy: Lps-1 power supply

Laser Marking Machine
YMM-50 laser marking machine is a solid laser with wavelength 1064nm, which belongs to infrared beam. The key components including scan head, YAG rod, ceramic cavity and Q switch, flux switch are all imported. It adopts krypton lamp as energy source and Nd3+:YAG as medium producing laser, the light with special wavelength from the source medium produces energy level transition, thus releasing laser. After energy amplification and focus, it can form laser beam to process all metals and some ...
Product Group: Laser Marking Machine

Seven Stars Laser Stage Lighting
We are later stage lighting exporter in china. Model no: K3000. Power:300mw. Color: Green. Cooling: Air cooled. Features: Dpss, with animations. Dimension:350mm x 360mm x 119mm. Weight:6.8kg

Laser Scribing Machine
This laser scribing machine is mainly exported to Italy, India, South Korea, Argentina, Cuba and UAE. Features: 1) A new generation product with all performance features having been completely improved. 2) High scribing speed, high accuracy, excellent stability, long service life and easy operation. 3) Can minimize the power consumption costs. 4) The CNC worktable can travel along a straight line, arc and circle. 5) Ideal for scribing or cutting solar cells, semiconductor silicon wafers and ...

Laser Pick Up
1, Various models available here. 2, China-made high quality. 3, Many original models, big stock, prompt delivery. 4, Quality guarantee.

Laser Label Cutting Machine
Specifications: 1) Cutting area: (900-1200) x 600mm ; 2) Laser power: 30-80W ; 3) Resolution ration: <0.025m ; 4) Resetting positioning accuracy: ± 0.01mm ; 5) Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz ; 6) Gross power: <1250W ; 7) Operating temperature: 0-45oC ; 8) Operating humidity: 5-95% ; 9) CCD resolution ratio: 3.2 million pixels ; 10) Cutting speed: 0-40000mm/min ; 11) Graphic format supported: BMP, GIF, HPGL, JPEG, PCS, TGA, TIFF, PLT, DST, DXP, DXF, DWG, CDR.

Laser Welding Machine
1) Concurrent input power control technique prolongs the lifetime of flash lights ; 2) Highly pure pottery chamber sustains long-term stable performance ; 3) Cooling circulation system can keep the purity of water in a long time ; 4) Advanced switch power technique makes the whole machine more compact ; 5) Quick change-light structure design makes adjustment unnecessary.

Laser engraving machine
Laser engraving machine Model JX-6040 Processing area 600X400mm Laser power 50W Cutting speed 1-10m/min Engraving speed 1-60m/min Cutting thickness 0-20mmPlexiglass (others determined by materials) Minimum shaping character letter 1x1mm Graphic format BMP PLT CDR DMG DXF Resolution ratio <0.01mm Power supply AC220V+10%/50Hz ...
Product Group: Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Engraver
Company: Jinan Maohong Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd    China

Laser module
Red DOT laser module: Model No.: 650D1-3, 650D3-3, 650D10-3 Wavelength: 650nm Laser class: IIIa, IIIb Operating Voltage: DC3V-5V Red Line Laser Module: Wavelength: 635nm, 650nm, 658nm Output Power: 1-100mW Laser class: II, IIIa, IIIb Line thickness: Less then 2mm at 5m Operating Voltage: DC3V-6V, AC/DC 8-24V Red line modulated laser module: Wavelength: 635nm, 650nm, 658nm Output Power: 1-100mW Laser class: II, IIIa, IIIb Line thickness: Less then 2mm at 5m Port: TTL ...
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Laser diode
We have many types of laser diode: 405nm laser diode, 635nm laser diode, 650nm laser diode, 660nm laser diode, 780nm laser diode, 808nm laser diode, 980nm laser diode and so on.
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Laser Tube (20-100W)
We can provide CO2 laser tube with the output from 20 Watt to 80Watt at competitive price and high quality. It is widely used for Industrial Cutting, Laser Engraving, Laser industrial processing, Quencher, Cutting & Engraving on Leather, Laser Medical Machine, Infrared detecting, etc.
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Laser Lens,Collimator Lens
We can provide various of laser lens, apply for laser level and kinds of the laser module, good collimation spot, good produce rate.
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Green Beam Multi Line Laser Level
Green beam multi line laser level Output Power: 140&deg; , Horizontal>100&deg; Function: 1 Horizontal Beam, 2 Vertical Beam, Up DOT and Down DOT
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Laser Stage Lighting
Laser stage lighting, stage laser light, laser show, laser lighting: Laser pattern: Red and green(over 10 different patterns, such as blooming flowers and fireworks, etc. ) Power of laser: <100mW(650nm), <50mW(532nm) LED color: Blue Power supply: Input 110-240V AC/50-60Hz, output DC 12V/1.5A Body color: Black & silver available Dimension: 155x144x82mm
Company: Tyson Technology Co., LTD    china

Cnc Laser Cutting Machine Tool-
CNC Laser Cutting Machine Tool-1225 Fixed Optic Dieboard Specification: Application: Laser Cutting ; Laser Type: CO2 ; Laser cutting is applied for different kinds of materials where complex contours demand precise, fast and force-free processing. Lasers create narrow kerfs and thus achieve high-precision cuts. This method does not show any distortion and in many cases post-processing is not necessary as the component is subject to only little heat input and can mostly be cut dross-free. ...
Company: Nanjing Eastern Laser Co., Ltd.    China

Great Year High Speed Laser Cutting Machine
Great Year High Speed Laser Cutting Machine Specification: Application: Laser Cutting ; Laser Type: CO2 ; Cutting speed: 32000mm/min ; Certification: CE,SGS ; Cutting thickness: 1-20mm ; GY-1610S PROMOTION. Great Year High speed laser cutting machine Description 1. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, economical practical professional design for various customers' demands. Service and support: 24hs phone support Fax service Internet remove assistance is available 24hs ...
Company: Guangzhou Great Year Laser Technology Co., Ltd.    China

532nm Green Laser Sight For Rifles/pistols
532nm Green Laser Sight for rifles/pistols Specification: Laser: Green ; Function: Accurate Aiming ; Laser sight: riflescope laser ; keyword4: tactical laser sight ; 532nm Green Laser Sight Specification:(1)Green Laser Sight(2)Wavelength: 532nm (3)Output Power: 5mW -30mw (4) Battery: CR123A Lithium Battery (5)MTTF: 5000 hours (6) Weight: 230g(7) Material: Aluminum(8)Tube Diameter: 0.98 Inches (24.8mm) (9) Working Temperature: 15 to 55 Degree (10) Pointing Accuracy: L5 mrad ...
Company: Bob Laser Co., Ltd.    China

Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment
Laser tattoo removal equipment L-17 Specification: Type: Laser ; Laser Type: Nd: Yag Laser ; Q-Switch: Yes ; Style: Portable ; Certification: CE ; Laser type: : Q-Modulation, YAG Solid Laser. ; Output wavelength of laser: : 1065nm/532nm (w/ 5. ; Max. energy density: : 15mJ//cm2 ; Width of Pulse: : 10ms ; Repeated frequency: : 1,2,3,4,5Hz. ; Cooling type: : Inner-cycle, water cooling. ; Laser tattoo revoal equipment (The trolley is not included original),laser machine,nd yag laser,laser ...
Company: Guangzhou Jimy Facial & Hair Beauty Products Co., Ltd.    China

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