LINCOLN Single Phase DP TEFC Resilient Base Signature Series Motors

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Detailed LINCOLN Single Phase DP TEFC Resilient Base Signature Series Motors Description:

1/4HP 1750RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24457
1/3HP 3450RPM 48 DP 1PH LM24467
1/3HP 1750RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24570
1/3HP 1170RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24540
1/2HP 3450RPM 48 DP 1PH LM24465
1/2HP 1750RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24551
3/4HP 3450RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24674
3/4HP 1750RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24502
3/4HP 1140RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24543
1HP 3450RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24525
1HP 1750RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24580
1HP 1750RPM 143T DP 1PH LM24675
1.5HP 3450RPM 56 DP 1PH LM24524
1.5HP 3450RPM 143T DP 1PH LM24676
1.5HP 1725RPM 56H DP 1PH LM24583
1.5HP 1750RPM 145T DP 1PH LM24687
2HP 3450RPM 56H DP 1PH LM24624
2HP 3450RPM 145T DP 1PH LM24806
2HP 1750RPM 145T DP 1PH LM24677
3HP 1750RPM 184T DP 1PH LM24680
5HP 3450RPM 184T DP 1PH LM24681
5HP 1750RPM 184T DP 1PH LM24682
7.5HP 1750RPM 215T DP 1PH LM24683
10HP 1750RPM 215T DP 1PH LM24684
1/3HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24597
1/3HP 1170RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24546
1/2HP 3450RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24743
1/2HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24627
1/2HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24604
1/2HP 1170RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24496
3/4HP 3450RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24744
3/4HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24607
3/4HP 1170RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24497
1HP 3450RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24745
1HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC 1PH LM24610
1HP 1750RPM 143T TEFC 1PH LM24709
1.5HP 3450RPM 56H TEFC 1PH LM24532
1.5HP 3450RPM 143T TEFC 1PH LM24710
1.5HP 1750RPM 56H TEFC 1PH LM24513
1.5HP 1170RPM 145T TEFC 1PH LM24711
2HP 3450RPM 56H TEFC 1PH LM24534
2HP 3450RPM 145T TEFC 1PH LM24712
2HP 1750RPM 182T TEFC 1PH LM24713
3HP 3450RPM 145T TEFC 1PH LM24714
3HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC 1PH LM24716
5HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC 1PH LM24718
7.5HP 3450RPM 213T TEFC 1PH LM24719
10HP 3450RPM 215T TEFC 1PH LM24721
10HP 1750RPM 215T TEFC 1PH LM24722
1/3HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC HT 1PH LM24789
1/2HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC HT 1PH LM24790
3/4HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC HT 1PH LM24791
1HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC HT 1PH LM24792
1HP 1750RPM 56 TEFC HT 1PH LM24793
1.5HP 1750RPM 56H TEFC HT 1PH LM24794
1.5HP 1750RPM 145T TEFC HT 1PH LM24795
2HP 1750RPM 182T TEFC HT 1PH LM24796
2HP 1750RPM 182TZ TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24800
3HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC HT 1PH LM24797
3HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24801
5HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC HT 1PH LM24798
5HP 1750RPM 184T TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24802
5HP 1750RPM 213TZ TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24803
7.5HP 1750RPM 215TZ TEFC HT 1PH LM24799
7.5HP 1750RPM 215TZ TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24804
10HP 1750RPM 215T TEFC EXHT 1PH LM24805
1/3HP 1750RPM 48N TEFC 1PH LM24462
1/2HP 1750RPM 48NZ TEFC 1PH LM24463
3/4HP 1750RPM 56NZ TEFC 1PH LM24812
1HP 1750RPM 56NZ TEFC 1PH LM24813
1.5HP 1750RPM 56NZ TEFC 1PH LM24814
1/2HP 1750RPM 56Z TEAO 1PH LM24776
1HP 1750RPM 56Z TEAO 1PH LM24777
1/4HP 1625RPM 48Z TEAO 1PH LM24445
1/4HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24447
1/4HP 1075RPM 48Z TEAO 1PH LM24442
1/3HP 1750RPM 48 TENV 1PH LM24486
1/3HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24450
1/3HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24448
1/3HP 1075RPM 48Z TEAO 1PH LM24443
1/2HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24446
1/2HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24449
1/2HP 1075RPM 48Y TEAO 1PH LM24444
1/4HP 1725/1140RPM 48YZ TENV 1PH LM24492
1/3HP 1725/1140RPM 48YZ TENV 1PH LM24491
1HP 3450RPM 56Z TEAO 1PH LM24786
1.5HP 3450RPM 143TZ TEAO 1PH LM24787
3HP 3450RPM 143TZ TEAO 1PH LM24788
1/3HP 1725RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24152
1/2HP 1750RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24098
3/4HP 3450RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24870
3/4HP 1750RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24099
1HP 3450RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24155
1HP 1750RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24111
1HP 1750RPM 143T DP 3PH LM24871
1HP 1170RPM 56H DP 3PH LM24872
1HP 870RPM 182T DP 3PH LM33126
1.5HP 3450RPM 56 DP 3PH LM24874
1.5HP 3450RPM 143T DP 3PH LM32727
1.5HP 1750RPM 56H DP 3PH LM24117
1.5HP 1750RPM 145T DP 3PH LM24875
1.5HP 870RPM 184T DP 3PH LM32728
2HP 3450RPM 56H DP 3PH LM24877
2HP 3450RPM 145T DP 3PH LM33137
2HP 1750RPM 56H DP 3PH LM24106
3HP 1170RPM 213T DP 3PH LM32733
3HP 870RPM 215T DP 3PH LM32688

LINCOLN Single Phase DP TEFC Resilient Base Signature Series Motors
  • Model: LM24457 LM24467 LM24570 LM24540 LM24465 LM24551 LM24674 LM24502 LM24543 LM24525 LM24580 LM24675 LM24
  • Packing: Meeting your requirement
  • Terms of Payment: T/T, WU
  • Delivery Time: One week
  • Products ID: 134165
  • Product Category: Motors
  • Post date: Mar 28, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of LINCOLN Single Phase DP TEFC Resilient Base Signature Series Motors in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Address: No.469, Xinsheng Road
Region: Chengdu, China
Contact Person: Robin Hu
Telephone: +86-28-65856704

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