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Detailed Mabuchi Motors Description:

Mabuchi FA-130RA
Mabuchi FC-130RA/SA
Mabuchi FC-140RE/SE
Mabuchi FC-260SA
Mabuchi FC-280PC/SC
Mabuchi FC-280SA
Mabuchi FF-030SC
Mabuchi FF-050SB
Mabuchi FF-130RH/SH
Mabuchi FF-170PA
Mabuchi FF-180PH/SH
Mabuchi FF-260PA
Mabuchi FF-K10WA
Mabuchi FF-K20WD
Mabuchi FF-K30WD
Mabuchi FF-M10VA
Mabuchi FF-M20VA/VK
Mabuchi FF-N10WA
Mabuchi FF-N20PA
Mabuchi FF-N30VB
Mabuchi FK-050SH
Mabuchi FK-130RH/SH
Mabuchi FK-180SH
Mabuchi FK-260SA
Mabuchi FK-280PA/SA
Mabuchi GA-558RN/LN
Mabuchi JC/LC-578VA
Mabuchi RC-260RA
Mabuchi RC-280SA
Mabuchi RE-140RA
Mabuchi RE-260RA
Mabuchi RE-280RA/SA
Mabuchi RF-020TH
Mabuchi RF-130CH
Mabuchi RF-300EA
Mabuchi RF-300FA
Mabuchi RF-310TA
Mabuchi RF-330TK
Mabuchi RF-370CA
Mabuchi RF-370CB
Mabuchi RF-400CA
Mabuchi RF-500TB
Mabuchi RF-J20WA
Mabuchi RF-N60CA
Mabuchi RK-370CA
Mabuchi RK-370CC
Mabuchi RS-360SH
Mabuchi RS-365PD/SD
Mabuchi RS-365PH
Mabuchi RS-365SH
Mabuchi RS-380PH
Mabuchi RS-380SH
Mabuchi RS-385PH
Mabuchi RS-385SD
Mabuchi RS-385SH
Mabuchi RS-445PA/PD
Mabuchi RS-455PA
Mabuchi RS-4A5PA
Mabuchi RS-4B5PA
Mabuchi RS-540SH
Mabuchi RS-545PH
Mabuchi RS-545SH
Mabuchi RS-550PC/VC
Mabuchi RS-555PC/VC
Mabuchi RS-555PX/VX
Mabuchi RS-755VC/WC
Mabuchi RS-775VC/WC
Mabuchi RT-8B7WA
Mabuchi RZ-735VA
Mabuchi RZ-8BAWA
Mabuchi SF-136SA
Mabuchi SF-266SA
Mabuchi SF-266SH
Mabuchi SH-030SA
Mabuchi SZ-286WA
Mabuchi SZ-446WA
Mabuchi SZ-466WB

Mabuchi Motors
  • Model: FA-130RA FC-130RA/SA FC-140RE/SE FC-260SA FC-280PC/SC FC-280SA FF-030SC FF-050SB FF-130RH/SH FF-170P
  • Packing: Meeting your requirement
  • Terms of Payment: T/T, WU
  • Delivery Time: One week
  • Products ID: 134166
  • Product Category: Motors
  • Post date: Mar 28, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Mabuchi Motors in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Address: No.469, Xinsheng Road
Region: Chengdu, China
Contact Person: Robin Hu
Telephone: +86-28-65856704

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