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Make Up Mirror
1) Magnfying with 15w buld inside. 2) Magnification: 2x, 3x and 5x. 3) Material: steel, brass, glass. 4) Finished: nickel, gold, chrome, silver. 5) Voltage: 220V / 50 Hz or 110V / 60Hz. 6) Plug: according to the clients' requirement. 7) Wire: according to the clients' requirement. 8) Mirror size: 220mm in diameter. 9) It turns and revolves 360 degrees allowing a detailed and superior view from any angle

Infrared Lens
Specifications: 1) EFL(MM): 50mm. 2) F/#(F): 0.7. 3) Range of the aperture: fixed. 4) Circular FOV : 22.6. 5) Backward distance (mm): 20mm. 6)Interface mount: M45X1. 7)Total length of the lens (mm): 74mmX74mm.
Company: Changzhou Jinli Optical Instrument    China

Tripod Screen
1) Housing in black RAL 9005. 2) Scratch and shock resistant paint. 3) Octagonal-profile sheet metal housing cross section 55mm. 4) Circular tube tripod stand. 5) Tension button device for a flat screen. 6) Tripod, handle, tension button, hook and end caps in black available
Company: Changzhou Jinli Optical Instrument    China

1) Flat, light and powerful magnifier to enhance the enjoyment of reading. 2) The magnifier of bookmark with an attractive design on the top area. 3) Small size and easy for carrying. 4) Cheap and handy for premium or little gift. 5) Customer's designs and logos are welcomed
Company: Changzhou Jinli Optical Instrument    China

Vari-Focal Lenses
Specifications: 1) Sensor: 1/3" or 1/4" 2) Focal length: 6.0~15 mm. 3) Aperture: F1.4. 4) Mount: CS. 5) 1/3" diagonal field of view: 54.2~23 Deg. 6) Minimum object distance: 0.1m. 7) Dimensions: Dia 33 x 60.1mm. 8) Weight: 110g

PC Lens
1. High quality silk-screen printing Acrylic/PC lens. 2. Available in various sizes and colors. 3. Customized designs welcome. 4. 3D graphics available. 5. Available in complex and metallic colors. 6. Hard coating for scratch-free. 7. Flame-retardant material: PC, PMMA, PVC.

LED Magnifier with Light
1) Batteries included. 2) Logo printing available, ideal for promotion. 3) Can be used with or without the LED light. 4) Simply push and hold the white button located in the lower right corner inward, the LED light will shine. 4) Note: batteries that power the LED light are non-replaceable. 5) PVC material. 6) Size: 5.5 (L) x 8.5 (W)cm. 7) Multiple: 3x

Point Open Red Dot Sight
Features: 1) Magnification: 1x. 2) Objective diameter: 22 x 33mm. 3) Exit pupil: 22-33mm. 4) Length: 82mm. 5) Eye relief: free. 6) Field of view: 51.84' at 100yds. 7) Shock resistant to 2000g. 8) Parallax ≤4'. Water-resistant / fog-proof. Shock-resistant. Tubeless design. Ultra-light weight-less than 180g. Unlimited eye relief. 3 MOA ,5 MOA,8 MOA,10 MOA dot for target acquisition. 7 position rheostat for brightness control. Low power consumption for long battery life. Battery can ...

Optical Lenses
Dia. 3mm - 200mm; R 3mm - 1,500mm. Various precision spherical optical lense is a precision optical component for camera, video camera, telescope, film projector, duplicator, microscope and other observation instruments.

Magnifying Glasses
1) Magnifying glasses with big and small lenses. 2) Optical clarity and comfort for easy reading of fine print. 3) Practical for every-day use. 4) Ideal for map reading, stamp and coin collecting or as a professional aid to scientists and hobbyists

LED Optical Lens, LED Optics
All kinds of optical lens for power LED: 1. Narrow angle, medium angle, wide angle. 2. Diffused or clear. 3. Imported acrylic material. 4. Best light maintenance rate. 5. Different diameters available. 6. Oval light pattern is available too. Applications: Power led secondary optics

Eyewear Retainers
The purpose of a lanyard is to hold an id card as well as other small objects around ones neck thus leaving the hands free.To attach a pair of glassed, make your life easier. Individual Packing(OPP bag or Blister) or Bulk Packing

Optical Benche
Optical benches is one multifunctional optics instrument, it's bearing all kinds of optics component in the optics, investigate lens imaging rule, focus, it can be to experiment with microscope, telescope and so on by students, if add others necessery parts, the opticsf also can to be the intervene, diffract, polarization, and another some projection demonstrate.

Filter Adapter Ring
Features: 1) Used to match with cameras. 2) Beautiful design and refined work. 3) Material: aluminum alloy. 4) Specification: from 25mm to 86mm and from 86mm to 25mm

Laser Range Finder
A manufacturer of various optical products, such as laser range finders, binoculars, rifle scopes, night vision devices, golf scopes, medical optical instruments, microscopes, digital binocular-cameras, telescopes, etc.

Optical Crystal Wafers
We can provide different kinds of such products as OLPF base blanks, wave blanks, deviation oscillate base blanks and optical tubes from china.

1) All kinds of model: Magnifier with plastic handle. Folding magnifier. Head magnifier. Double light magnifier. Illuminated magnifier. Jewels loupe. Others: for special use, old people and the disabled. 2) Magnification available: 10X, 20X, 30X. Dual magnification 10X & 20X
Product Group: Magnifier

Big Lens For Night Surveillance
Surveillance / Night vision lens: 1. These lens will take you very bright image, because them all own prodigious optics aperture. 2. Them not only have big aperture, them also own goodish resolving power at frequency and space in CCD. 3. At first in manufacture, we use advanced gloomy light surroundings design, user will easy take very bright image. Don't worry light attenuation when through the lens. In the world, no one factory can produce so many variety lens for surveillance field ...

Camera Screen Protector
Easy to attach Amazing Crystal Clear Screen Protector. Ultra clear quality PET material Made in Japan. Ultra-high Transparency Produces Vibrant Colors. Bubble-free Application. Protects Sensitive Screen Against Scratches. Reduces UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting Your Eyes. Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed. Anti-Dust. Washable and Reusable

Rod Lens
Our factory produces rod lens for more than three years with complete specifications and stable quality. They are mainly applied in lasers of line power and widely used in laser levels and laser measurers.

Reading Magnifier
A4 size hand free news paper reading maagnifier with 4 white high bright LED in frame of magnifier for light projecter in the dark, it is weigh light for traveling convenience, could be help read map on the car in dark place, the stand of magnifier easy to pick up in they position. Aaa batteries provided long period using, the battery easy to replace when battery was running out. We have another pocket size magnifier with white LED light also, It is thin and carry easy for traveling. It is ...

Ball Lenses
Ball lenses are used for various tasks such as improving the coupling between optical fibers and the emitters or detectors they interface with. Standard size lenses range from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. Custom made sizes or special materials are also available. All ball lenses can be ordered with full-surface anti-reflection (AR) coating. We specialize in production of medium to large-size series of custom lenses with exacting tolerances, high-grade surface finish and difficult coatings. Please send us ...

Collimating Lens For Laser Diode
Hap Optics manufactures high quality glass lens and rod lens which could be used in laser. We have single glass lens, doublet glass lens and lens assembly which has three glass lenses and a barrel with screw thread. These lenses could be used as a collimating lens for red laser diode (635nm, 650nm, 670nm wavelength etc) . Hap Optics produces lens for green laser (l532nm wavelength) too. It is composed of 2 single glass lenses. Many Kinds of lenses could be selected by you, and could design ...

Lens Clip Cap
1. Very convenient to cover and remove. 2. Strong lens cap can protect your lens from sprinkle, dust and scratch. 3. 7 size clips (52mm~77mm) fit most camera lens diameter. 4. Anti-missing cord against lose. 5. Special design of clip make it suit for filter as well. 6. 100% Original manufactory package

Eyeglasses Parts
Material: BETA Titanium. We can supply various eyeglasses parts: Titanium temple or nose wire, Memory temple, Cupronickel temple, Aluminum Alloy temple or frame, Silica leg tip or nose pad, Memory plastic temple, tip

Auto Lensmeter
1) Dimensions: a) Length: 660mm ; b) Width: 620mm ; c) Height: 430mm (visor closed), 520mm (visor open). 2) Weight: 78kg. 3) Power supply: 220V/50Hz, 110/60Hz. 4) Power consumption: 1,000W. 5) Max. water pressure: 7 bars. 6) Max. pump pressure: 7 bars. 7) Pump section outlet: a) Supply voltage: 110V/220V ; b) Power available: 350W. 8) Function parameters: a) Min. grinding diameter: 20mm ; b) Max. grinding diameter: 80mm ; c) Min. grinding height for inclined plane: 19.5mm ; d) Min. polishing ...

Borosilicate Glass
1. Material: borosilicate glass, pyrex, borofloat 3. 3. 2. Durable to high temperature and pressure; resistance to high temperature shock. 3. Clear glass and fine surface quality; no dirts and bubbles inside. 4. Processing techniques: cutting, polishing. 5. Application: lighting system, electronics, electrical apparatus, industries, construction

Digital Camera Lens
1) The profile lens before mobile telephone LCD, MP3/4, digital camera 2) Materials: PMMA, PC 3) Coating film test: under the normal temperature and the speed of 0.5mm/second, the 8mm length of the nick, 1kg power, the products have no the phenomena of baring the underside and shedding 4) Pressure test: in normal temperature condition. Put on static film of lens with standard block 500g, 350g, 200g, let it last 68 hours, no mucus on the static film 5) Hermetization test: under normal ...

LCD Protective Film and Filter
1) 0.125mm thick silicon base material protective film. 2) All weather condition proved. 3) Good water-proof and chemical resistance performance. 4) Excellent stiffness, up to 3H. 5) Good anti-static electricity. 6) Mild silicon base adhesion, bubble-free, non-streaking, non-corrosive. 7) Good re-peel performance, no residue left. 8) Reusable, tackiness can be restored by washing with water. 9) Dust and stain proved, no more dust stick on the monitor by statid. 10) Good Scratch resistance. ...

1.56 Middle Index Single Vision Optical Lenses
1) Refractive index: 1.56 2) Abbe value: 38 3) Specific gravity: 1.28 4) 35% thinner than CR-39 lenses slim and thin, UV 380nm cut off 5) Diameter: 55mm, 60mm, 65mm for plus and 70mm for minus 6) Power range: a) For Minus power: S: PLano ~ -10.00 S: PLano ~ -8.00 / C: -0.25 ~ -2.00 b) For Plus Power S: +0.25 ~ +6.00 / C: -0.25 ~ -2.00 c) RX power: S: -8.25 ~ -24.00 / C: -2.25 ~ -6.00 S: +6.25 ~ +16.00 / C: -2.25 ~ -6.00 7) Available for hard-coating, hard coating tintable ...
Product Group: Spherical Lens
Company: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd.    China

1.56 Middle Index HMC EMI Aspheric Lenses
1) Refractive index: 1.56 2) Abbe value: 38 3) Specific gravity:1.28 4) 35% thinner than CR-39 lens slim and thin, UV 380nm cut off 5) Power range: Diameter: 70mm SPH: 0.00~-10.00 SPH: 0.00~-8.00 / CYL: -0.25~-2.00 RX Power Range: CYL: -2.25~-4.00 6) Available for hard-coating, hard coating tin table (HCT) and hard-multi coating (HMC)(AR-coating), EMI UV400, etc. 7) Finishing and semi-finishing are available Skype: clearoptical
Product Group: Aspherical Lens
Company: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd.    China

1.61 High Index HMC EMI Optical Lenses
1) Reflective index: 1.61 2) Abbe value: 34 3) Specific gravity: 1.27 4) Transmission: 98~99%, Abrasion resistance: 6~8H 5) Design: Spherical and Aspherical 6) Finished Lenses: Power Range: Diameter: 70mm/75mm Sph: 0.00 ~ -12.00 Sph: 0.00 ~ -10.00 / Cyl: 0.00 ~ -2.00 Sph: 0.00 ~ +6.00 / Cyl: 0.00 ~ -2.00 Rx Power Range: Sph: 0.00 ~ -6.00 / Cyl: -2.25 ~ -4.00 Sph: 0.00 ~ +4.00 / Cyl: -2.25 ~ -4.00 7) Coating: HMC(AR coating) EMI UV400 coating, double hard(scratch resistant) ...
Product Group: Optical Lens
Company: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd.    China

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