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Surge Protector
1) Surge, spike and lightning protection ; 2) 4 extention USB outlets ; 3) USB chargers ; 4) Circuit breaker ; 5) EMI / RFI noise filter ; 6) Fax, modem, telephone protection port
Product Group: Surge Protector
Company: Qingdao Ainuo Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Mosquito Repeller
1) Imitate dragonfly, male mosquito or bat of sound and repellent mosquito ; 2) Suitable for field, river of much mosquito ; 3) Repellent mosquito, convenience portability ; 4) Enclose function: using in lighting in night ; 5) Keep on working about 72hrs continually.

Lightning Arrester
Lightning Arrester: 1) Guaranteed to be highly effective ; 2) Products catalogues are available upon request

Frequency Converters
NIO frequency converters use advance overseas technology. 2-layer and 2-side lined with SMT in surface workmanship. Wireless construction, (low capacity models) with Mini Skip IGBT. Operating modes: keyboard, 5 digit display, external terminals, multi-function terminals, others. Operational procedures: curve acceleration and deceleration revolving speed tracing, torque increase, multi-speed stage, step run, and run with wobble frequency, others. Analog signal groups input: suitable for ...
Company: Qingdao Ainuo Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Auto Electric Blanket
1) Size: 150 x 110cm ; 2) Material: polar fleece ; 3) Voltage: DC12V or 24V ; 4) ON/OFF switch ; 5) Cigarette plug with LED ON indicator and fuse

Material Testing Machine
We can supply various kinds of metal and non-metal testing machines: 1) Universal testing machines (electronic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electrohydraulic servo type). 2) Compression testing machine. 3) Tensile testing machine (vertical type and horizontal type). 4) Torsion testing machine. 5) Pendulum impact testing machine. 6) Linear material twist testing machine. 7) Tensile stress slack tester. 8) Hydrostatic pressure tester for various pipes. 9) Fatigue testing machine. 10) High ...

Door Chime
1) Transmission range: ≤100m (open area) ; 2) Acquiescence music: double clink sounds, Alice and Westminster ; 3) Approval: CE, R&TTE

Heat Sinks
1) Aluminum heat sinks for electric, and electronic industry ; 2) Material: 6063-T5, T6 ; 3) Surface treatment: a) Mill finished ; b) Anodized silver (matte)

Nutritional Scale
1) High precision strain technology used ; 2) Used to measure nutrition rate of cal, salt, protein, fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol, fiber for 800 food ; 3) Low battery indicator ; 4) Selectable units: kg, lb, oz, g ; 5) Auto-off function ; 6) Capacity: 3kg ; 7) Graduation: 1g.

Glass Sprinklers
1) Airproof test pressure: 3Mpa ; 2) Rated working pressure: 1.2Mpa ; 3) Thread: R1/2 ; 4) Coefficient: 80 ; 5) Flow calculation: Q=K√10P (P=working pressure) ; 6) Large coverage glass bulb sprinkler. 20mm diameter model: 1) ZSTX20 (pendent): installed downward; protected area: 4.9 x 4.9m2 ; 2) ZSTB20 (sidewall): installed sideward; protected area: 4.9 x 6.7m2

2000W Power Inverter
1) Portable power for AC products rated up to 2000W ; 2) 2 AC receptacles for connecting multiple loads ; 3) High surge capacity for products that require more power to start ; 4) Easy to read digital display indicates DC battery voltage ; 5) LED bar graph displays output power ; 6) High efficiency - converts virtually all batteries' available power to AC ; 7) Mounting brackets for convenient installation ; 8) Heavy-duty stud connector

High Power Turbo Fan
Get cool fast with the 023-550 Tracker Hi-Power Turbo Fan. The turbo is Tracker's most powerful fan. With features like high power, variable speed control, multi pivot points, mounting options and an seemingly unlimited amount of functioning adjustments, it is sure to be one of Tracker's most popular fans. The Turbo fan would be a great idea in your car, truck, RV or boat. Features: 1) Variable speed control ; 2) Heavy duty mounting clamp for mobile use and mounting hardware for ...

Cross Binding Machine
1. Tape Supply: Automatic ; 2. Width of Tape:20mm ; 3. Thickness of Tape:75~80g/m2 ; 4. Length of Tape: Any Length, Adjused Freely ; 5. Preheating Time:less than 35 Seconds ; 6. Speed of Binding:1.8 Seconds/bunch ; 7. Binding Method: Themal Pressure Adhesion ; 8. Power Supply: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz ; 9.Weigth:7kg.

USB Mini Fan
We can supply USB mini fan, plug and play,with a switch controled; No battery needed;strong wind; Connecting wire length 1.8M; Printing your own logo on its surface are acceptable. Color box packed.

Insulated Staple
There are two parts of the staple, the staple body and the insulation part. They are used to fix the wires or cables. There is the insulated material as the spacer, so it not only has the good insulation faction, but also it can protcet the wires and cables perfectly.

Electrical Heater
1) Power: 400-800-1200W ; 2) Halogen tube heater ; 3) Over-heat protection ; 4) Tip-over protection ; 5) Oscillation 70 degree ; 6) NSB-120A1 R/C function
Product Group: Electrical Heater

Electronic Polyester Tapes
) High adhesive strength ; 2) Not liable to age ; 3) Colors: yellow or transparent ; 4) Used to splice and seal electrolyte capacitors

Parallel Control Panel
1) Paralleling conditions: a) Generator sets should be equipped with electrical governor system ; b) Incoming genset phase sequence must be same as grids ; c) Voltage difference is in the limit between genset and grid ; d Frequency difference is in the limit between genset and grid. 2) Better reliability and continuity of electrical power: The paralleling of generator sets enhances system performance because they can bear much more load than one genset do. 3) Maintenance and service ...

Magnetic Starter
This magnetic starter is used in a circuit with voltage up to 660V, AC 50/60Hz to start, stop and convert motors, and to protect motors from overload and phase failure.

1) Material: alloy-aluminum, stainless steel ; 2) Protection tube entry: per request ; 3) Extension wire entry: per request ; 4) Optional with terminal block

Car Pulg-in Ionizer & Charcoal Deodorizer
The air inside a closed car is loaded with kinds of pollutants, such as pollen, smog, exhust, dust, bacteria and other contaminant. Now use this Car Pulg-In Ionizer & Charcoal Deodorizer to clean and freshen the air thoroughly: 1) Charcoal Filter: Absorbs smokes, harmful gases and other offensive odors. 2) Carbon Fiber Ionizer: Generates trillions of negative ions to revitalize the air by precipitating airborne, particles and substantially reducing bacteria in the air. 4) ...

ReaderGuard Cleaning Card CR80
50 Cleaning Cards Per Box 54 X 85 X 0.711 mm Part Number : CRCC-CR80 Card Readers require preventative maintenance for keeping the Magnetic Heads clean and debris free from contamination build up. Pre-saturated Cleaning cards are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increase the service life of the magnetic heads
Product Group: Cleaning Card
Company: Transmo technology (HK) Co., Limited    China

Sell Brand Electronic Parts
Pphitop is on below brand parts in long term . Can service in stock as well as with lead time: 1. ATMEL 2. MICROCHIP 3. NSC 4. ISSI 5. CATALYST 6. XILINX 7. INFINEON 8. MAXIM 9. ALTERA 10. LINEAR 11. Texas instruments 12. STMicroelectronics 13. NXP 14. ONSEMI 15. LITTELFUSE 16. CITIZEN 17. AVX Tan capacitor 18. KEMET Tan capacitor 19. EPCOS 20. MOLEX 21. ASTEC power supplies 22. ARTESYN power supplies 23. POWER ONE power supplies Wish can quote you soon. ...
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

Ceramic Bolus tag
SMC-CBT1342165 R/O livestock ceramic bolus and SMC-CBT1322165 R/W livestock ceramic bolus are all make of Non-Lead and Non-Toxic materials. The whole production process confirms to ROHS standard .The encoding format of this production completely meet the standard of ISO11784/ISO11785. The unchangeable UID would be encoded in the production before it exwork. Especially use for cattle, sheep and deer, Inject ceramic bolus to animal's stomach, named cattle bolus. The difference is ...
Product Group: Animal Tag
Company: Shenzhen Smartchip Co. Ltd.,    China

LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 LQ106K1LA01C LQ106K1LA01D
LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 LQ106K1LA01C LQ106K1LA01D,If you are not sure this kind of lcd panel is that you looking for, or if you can use, please contact us. We will give you more information. Reply by karen.peng@samfong.net or MSN: judyp@live.cn. Model: LQ106K1LA01B Inter face: 14 stitches inter face position: right Resolution: WXGA (1280 * 768 (5) wide) New original LCD LCD mirror (light) Fujitsu P7010 screen SONY T17C T25C T26C T27C TR2C LCD Generic type: LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 ...

LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 LQ106K1LA01C LQ106K1LA01D
LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 LQ106K1LA01C LQ106K1LA01D,If you are not sure this kind of lcd panel is that you looking for, or if you can use, please contact us. We will give you more information. Reply by karen.peng@samfong.net or MSN: judyp@live.cn. Model: LQ106K1LA01B Inter face: 14 stitches inter face position: right Resolution: WXGA (1280 * 768 (5) wide) New original LCD LCD mirror (light) Fujitsu P7010 screen SONY T17C T25C T26C T27C TR2C LCD Generic type: LQ106K1LA01B LQ106K1LA01 ...
Product Group: LQ106K1LA01B

Part Number:SH-PL300*300-M/W-2A-B Length(mm): 300 Wideth(mm): 300 LED type&Qty:SMD 3528 210PCS Power Installation:Internal IP:IP40 Power(w):16 Input Voltage(v):90-264 Output Voltage(v):48 Output Current(mA):260 Power factor: 0.5 Frequency(Hz):50/60 Emitting Color:Cool White/Warm White Color Temp:5500-6000K/2800-3300K Color Index:60-80 Luminouq Flux(lm)970/805 Beam Angle120
Company: Sunhope Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd    China

T510 cell phone
Chinasprint is a cheap electronics wholesale & dropship supplier. The on sale cheapest electronics are authentic, original and brand new. The distributor has developed a mature retail, wholesale & dropshipping system to offer 100% original brand electronics for sale at discounted clearance price to thousands of our customers from worldwide. Our main order processing and logistics operation is located in China & Hong Kong. We also have many staff working in a virtual team in a ...
Company: Chinasprint Cheap Electronics Wholesale Ltd    China

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Be The Controller, New RC Helicopter With 3.5CH
HK(ASIA) supply the most popular i-helicopter, please contact service@hk-cn.com. Iphone/iPod touch/iPad control i-helicopter includes 3.5-Channel Gyroscopes System. I-helicopter functions include: up, down, forward, backward, turn left/right, with control light. I-helicopter means that helicopter can use the IPhone/iPod touch /iPad as the controller. I -helicopter is cool and latest remote control toy. The i-helicopter is with high compatibility, support legacy IR system. The ...

ptc heater for air conditioner
PTC heaters for floor standing and central air conditioner are constituted by PTC components, which are connected with heat sink strips by insulation layer, which is replaced by Aluminum tube in JX series. Parallel rows are added to increase windward surface so as to increase power with size unchanged. Thermostat and fuse are fixed to PTC heater.All products has outstanding performance in electrical strength, heating up and safety.Besides, we also design and produce customized products. ...
Company: Shanghai xinye Electronic co.,Ltd    China

Electronic Pocket Scale
Our factory produce various handy electronic pocket scale. The scale capacity range from 50g x 0.01, 120g x 0.1, 200g x 0.1, 300g x 0.1 & 500 x 0.1. Automatic turn off function to help batteries energy saving. Elegant with strain gauge precision technology design. Good for traveling trader for light weight items scaling. Except the pocket scale, our factory do produce body scales, kitchen scales, platform scales, hanging scales & industrial scales too. Details please visit our URL or ...
Company: Cheery Hint    Hong Kong

super dry cabinet
1. Cost lowering through nitrogen(N2)gas replacement and combination N2 with other substance 2. Clearndicated ,Convenient display Temperture(left/green)Humidity(right/red) 3. Door frame covered with magnet rubber keeps reliable air-tightness. 4. Tempered glass window.lock-key handle 5. Humidity controller maintains atable constant humidity 6. Power disribution lamp and in operation lamp 7. Sturdy and durable shelf ...
Company: Changshu Tongrun Electronic Co,.;LTD    China

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