Car Pulg-in Ionizer & Charcoal Deodorizer

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Detailed Car Pulg-in Ionizer & Charcoal Deodorizer Description:

The air inside a closed car is loaded with kinds of pollutants, such as pollen, smog, exhust, dust, bacteria and other contaminant. Now use this Car Pulg-In Ionizer & Charcoal Deodorizer to clean and freshen the air thoroughly: 1) Charcoal Filter: Absorbs smokes, harmful gases and other offensive odors. 2) Carbon Fiber Ionizer: Generates trillions of negative ions to revitalize the air by precipitating airborne, particles and substantially reducing bacteria in the air. 4) High-performance Fan: Immediately purifies the air in silent. 5) LED power-indicated light:Can be aslo used as a decorated lamp. 6) Articulated plug-in design: Suitable for alomost all dashboard configurations.

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