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Detailed Parallel Control Panel Description:

1) Paralleling conditions: a) Generator sets should be equipped with electrical governor system ; b) Incoming genset phase sequence must be same as grids ; c) Voltage difference is in the limit between genset and grid ; d Frequency difference is in the limit between genset and grid. 2) Better reliability and continuity of electrical power: The paralleling of generator sets enhances system performance because they can bear much more load than one genset do. 3) Maintenance and service convenience: With generator sets operated in paralleling system, servicing generator sets will not interrupt emergency power to critical system. 4) More economic: Operator can manage the operating gensets according grid load. It eliminates the waste of fuel and lubrication oil while bigger power genset carry smaller load. 5) More flexibility for future expansion: Paralleling system offer economy of installing only as much power as you need, then adding generator set as building power expands

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