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List extensive product information of PCB & PCBA (include PCB Board, PCB Connector, Control Board, Circuity Board), provided by PCB & PCBA manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Refrigerator Controller
1) LCX-180 blood storage refrigerator ; 2) Digital display ; 3) Temperature alarmed ; 4) Compressor on/off control ; 5)Time recording and automatic printing.

TV PCB Board
1) Intelligent digital bus coiling control system ; 2) Operating manual OSD in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi ; 3) Multi-system international circuit: PAL B/G, SECAM D/K, NTSC4.43/3.58 playback (optional) ; 4) AVL control, stereo and sound disposal ; 5) Multi-language telext (10 pages) ; 6) Calendar, program exchange, clock and temperature checking ; 7) Blue screen display for no signal ; 8) Two AV in, one AV out ; 9) Black level stretching function
Company: Chintech Electronics Limited    Hong Kong

Frequency Convertor Controller
1) LED display ; 2) Varied protections ; 3) Timely inquiry function ; 4) Fault detection function ; 5) Intelligent IPM frequency module ; 6) Low noise

We offer full EMS from circuit and firmware designed to testing and manufacturing PCB / SMT / final assembly with OEM / ODM contract service.
Company: Chintech Electronics Limited    Hong Kong

PCB Board
1) Over charge protection: 8.32±0.05V ; 2) Over discharge protection: 4.62±0.05V ; 3) Over current protection: ≥3A ; 4) Static current: ≤6.5uA
Company: Chintech Electronics Limited    Hong Kong

Female PCB Connector
1) Current rating: 1A ; 2) Insulation resistance: 5,000MΩ ; 3) Contact resistance: 200mΩ Max. ; 4) Dielectric withstanding: 500V AC for 1 minute ; 5) Operation temperature: -40oC ~ +105oC ; 6) Max processing temp: 230oC for 30 ~ 60 seconds(260o for 10 seconds) ' 7) Material: a) Insulation: polyester, UL 94V-0, standard: Nylon-6T ; b) Contact: phosphor bronze ; c) Contact plating: tin plated, gold plated ; 8) Flash: 10 U", 30 U" ; 9) Optional plating on request, advise ...

8-Layer Board
1) 8-layer PCB, FR4, 1.6mm 0.5 OZ for all layers ; 2) Line space width: 0.15mm ; 3) Finish: HAL ; 4) Profile: routing outline ; 5) Buried holes

PCB (2 - 40 Layers)
1) Layers: 2 - 40 ; 2) Surface finish: HAL, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin OSP ; 3) Materials: heavy copper ; 4) Impedance control ; 5) Applications: auto and telecom industries

Control Board
Control Board: 1) Can be designed according to clients' requirements ; 2) SMT processing orders are also welcome for completion

1) OEM services available ; 2) Exported to Europe and Japan ; 3) Small batches and different management ways available.

B/W Board Camera
1) 1/3" LG B/W CCD ; 2) 420TVL ; 3) 0.2lux ; 4) Dimensions: 38 x 38mm, 32 x 32mm ; 5) Single-layer board ; 6) Board lens or CS mount lens optional

Print Circuit Board
PCB specifications: 1) The materials of copperplate: FR4 CEM-3 94V-0 GE IML. 2) Max. spelling board size: 457 x 762mm, large board size possible upon requests. 3) Layers single double 4-16 layers. 4) Board thickness: 0.2-2.5mm. 5) The smallest aperture: 0.2mm. 6) The smallest width of line: 0.10mm. 7) The smallest distance of line: 0.10mm. 8) The smallest SMT jointing plate: 0.3mm. 9) Warp permitting value of board surface: +-0.7%. 10) The smallest bridge of hinder jointing: 0.10mm. 11) ...

Electronical Circuity Board-PCB
We specialize in manufacturing, developing, and processing all kinds of electronical products. Our main product is PCB, we can design as per your special purpose.

Control Boards
Control Boards: 1) Kitchen exhaust fans ; 2) Electric jar pots ; 3) Drinking water units ; 4) Household appliances

Printed Circuit Board
1.) Layers:1-6 ; 2.) Min Drilling Size:0.20mm ; 3.) Conductor Width & Space (Min) Double-sided & Multilayer board: 4mil/ 4mil (0.106mm/ 0.106mm) Single-sided FPC: 3mil/ 3mil (0.076mm/ 0.076mm) ; 4.) Electronic Plating Au Thickness: 0.3um(MAX) ; 5.) Chemical Immersion Au Thickness: 0.1um(MAX) ; 6.) Electronic plating Sn/Pb Thickness: 1um-20um ; 7.Size Precision of Machining:Normal Size:0.10mm, Special Size:0.05mm

PCB Assembly & Function Test
For those who are still in the stage of evaluation, small amount of PCB assembly and function test can reduce the risk of huge development fee. We provides not only the PCB board manufacturing, but also help with the package assembly and final function test.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner Controller
1) VFD display ; 2) Power off memory ; 3) Temperature display ; 4) Working order direction ; 5) Ultrasonic mute when starting up ; 6) Intelligent defrosting

Washing Machine Controller
1) Digital DC inverter technology ; 2) 8 water levels ; 3) Intelligent washing programming ; 4) Super quietness and energy saving ; 5) Scheduled washing

Instant Water Heater Controller
1) VFD ; 2) Automatic temperature regulation ; 3) Electric leakage protection ; 4) Water leakage protection ; 5) Heat instantly

Computer Control PCB
Professional service in coordinated process of designing, production, service for manufacturers. Temperature regulable, timer-setting. Safety protection

Flex Circuit Board
Circuit sizes: Single sided up to 22" x 28" - (558.8mm x 711.2mm) ; Double sided up to 16" x 22" - (406.4mm x 588.8mm) ; Maxi-flex up to 10" x 16 feet - (254mm x 4877.0mm). Hole size: Non-plated thru holes.010" (.25mm) min. Drilled hole size. Tolerance +/-.0015" (.038mm) ; Plated thru holes.010" (.25mm) min. Drilled hole size. Tolerance +/-.003" (.076mm). Line width and spacing: 005" (.12mm) minimum line 005" (.12mm) minimum spacing ...

Keyboard PCB, Double Sided PCB
We supply a variety of keyboard PCB, Double Sided PCB from china. Double Sided PCB: 1) FR4, 1.6mm, 1/1OZ ; 2) Double-sided 1 x 4, solder mask, silk screen ; 3) HASL, routing, E-test

Color Board Camera
1) 1/4" Sharp color CCD ; 2) 420TVL ; 3) Dimensions: 38 x 38mm, 32 x 32mm ; 4) Double-layer board or single-layer board optional ; 5) Board lens or CS mount lens optional

PCB, Electronic Copyboard
PCB: 1) With superior facilities and skilled staff, we could completely satisfy all of your requirements. 2) While providing with PCB assembly and total assembly services, we can also provide you with the designing of SMPS according to your demands. 3) Applications: monitors, chargers, power supply and others. Electronic copy board: 1) "Fine Art" brand electronic copyboard is a new type of office and teaching equipment researched and produced with the international advanced optical ...

PCB Of Garage Door Control
Garage door (section door) opener control system (Not include door board) Photoelectric sensor can be added Hand and remote control Enhanced Aluminium slot. CPU control and digital display position. Can add backup battery Low noise running Can enable alarm function Anti-adjust PLL lock frequency Superheterodyne receiver circuit.433.92Mhz frequency, other frequency can be ordered. Built in MCU decoder and motor control circuit Remoter can be learn up to 31 pcs.24V direct current motor Double ...

Sell Fast PCB
Pphitop is on fast PCB and small lot PCB. The benefits as following: 1. No MOV/MOQ setting, absolutely as customer required quantity. 2. Can delivery in 48 hours or as customer required lead time 3. Low cost with fast delivery
Product Group: Fast Pcb
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Flex-rigid PC
PPHITOP is on PCB in various types. The detail as following: Per Type: 1. Rigid PCB 2. Flex PCB 3. Flex-rigid PCB Per Material: 1. FR-1 2. CEM-1 3. CEM-3 4. FR-4 5. PI ( Polyimide ) 6. PET ( Polyester ) Per Layers: 1. Single Side 2. Double Side 3. Multilayer: include HDI Multilayer Per Surface Treatment: 1. OSP 2. HASL 3. Flash Gold 4. Lead Free HASL 5. Chemical Gold 6. Chemical Silver 7. Chemical Tin 8. Hard Gold
Product Group: Flex PCB
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

Sell printing circuit board
Our PCB factory is owning advanced equipment for printing circuit board . ISO9002 and UL certificated. Products are SGS certificated. We specialize in single-side PCB, double-side PCB, 4 layers PCB to 8 layers PCB. if you need PCB, please send us "gerber" file. Elecsound also strong supply potentiometer,capacitor,led,resistor,varistor,switch and semiconductor.
Company: elecsound PCB CO.,LTD    china

Multilayer PCB manufacturer from China PCB supplier hitechpcb
Technical description: Material: FR-4 Layer: 6 Thickness of board: 1.0MM Surface finish: Immersion gold + OSP Min. hole size: 0.1mm(4mil) Min.line width: 0.075mm3mil) Min.line space: 0.1mm(4mil) Special technique: Blind & buried Vias+Impedance control lamination:1-2,3-4, 5-6 Use:Mobile phone Skype: hitechpcb Mail: sales(at)hitechpcb.com www.hitechpcb.com Hitech Circuits is a PCB manufacturer from China and we focus on multilayer printed circuit board; High density PCB ...
Company: Hitech Circuits Co., Limited    China

Bergquist Aluminium based board, Metal core board, MPCB
Bergquist Aluminum base board (Aluminum PCB) Detailed Product Description Material: Bergquist aluminum base board Board Thickness:1.5mm Copper thickness:1OZ Soler Mask:White Finish:Immersion Gold/HAL Lead Free Profile: Punching E-test: 100% Fixture Description and Application Bergquist Aluminum base copper-clad laminate have excellent flame retardant, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability etc. Especially it has very good heat sink, electromagnetic shielding and ...
Product Group: Bergquist Aluminum Based Board
Company: Hitech Circuits Co., Limited    China

Heavy copper high power circuits , Heavy copper board, (From Hitech Circuits Co., Limited)
Technical description, Layer: 6 Material: FR-4+Copper Base Board thickness: 3.0mm Surface finish: HAL Lead Free Min through hole: 0.3mm for commiunication Hitechpcb Contact way: Mail: sales(at)hitechpcb.com www.hitechpcb.com Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited is a printed circuit board manufacturer/ PCB manufacturer in China, producing high quality, low cost barebones quick turn prototypes and medium production volumes printed circuit board, we specializing in PCB prototype, ...
Company: Hitech Circuits Co., Limited    China

Electricity-Power-Charger-Module Assembly
Features: PCB design &manufacture 1) Fabrication data inputs: Gerber data RS-274-X or RS-274-D with aperture list and drill files; Design file with Protel, PAD2000, POWERPCB, ORCAD 2) Material: FR-4, High Tg Fr4, high frequency board (Teflon, Rogers, Arlon), Halogen free, rigid-flexible board 3) Board thickness: 0.21-6.0mm 4) Layer counts: 2-16 layers 5) Surface finishes: HASL, lead-free HASL, immersion gold, gold finger, gold Plating, OSP 6) Min. Line width/spacing: ...
Company: Leadsintec Co .,Ltd    China

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