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List extensive product information of Power Accessories (include Power Connector, Terminal Block, Power Filter) , provided by Power Accessory manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

CJX2 Series AC Contactor
NC1 series AC contactor is mainly used in a circuit of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 660V and rated working current up to 95A. It is used to remotely close or/and to switch off the circuit. Connected with a thermal relay, it can form an electromagnet starter to protect a circuit in which overload running may occur. If assembled with building block type auxiliary contact set, air time-delay element or mechanic interlock, it can form time delay contact, reversible contactor and ...
Company: Wuxi Mingtong Power Accessories Plant    China

Electric Cable Tangency
1) Material: PP, steel nail ; 2) Usage: put the cable under the clip and hammer the nail into the wall to secure the cable ; 3) Application: securing of cables for general indoor wiring.
Company: Wuxi Mingtong Power Accessories Plant    China

Distribution Box
Suitable for indoor use, these distribution boxes have a maximum rated current of 63A. With the shell of the branch box made of glass reinforced plastic, the plastic-sprayed surface has a stylish appearance. The module meets the IEC 60439 standard, and adds clamping time to ensure reliable contact.
Product Group: Distribution Box
Company: Wuxi Mingtong Power Accessories Plant    China

High Voltage Line Surge Arrester
Metal oxide arrester without gaps is used to protect the insulator chains on transmitting line from lightning stroke caused by lightning over-voltage, reduce tripping rate, improve the lightning resistance level of line, so as to strengthen the power supply reliability,100kv,200kv metal oxide arrester with series gaps and 100kv,200kv insulator chains are experimented on about lightning volt-second features.

Multi-Functional Socket
1) Shining beige plate ; 2) 1 gang 1 way switch + 3 pin round socket + 2 pin multi-function socket. Made from china.

Metal Enclosure Distribution Boards Series
These distribution boards are a type of service facility for mounting indoors and outdoors, used in distribution decoration projects and so on. Features: 1) Maximum capacity: 63A 2) Disposed arc-gate: lucent and opaque 3) Simplex line opening upwards at 90o angle 4) Two and three rows of door: open to left and right at 180o angle 5) Rated current of distribution box: 4 phase 50A, 36 phase 50A 6) Material: insulation and self-extinguishing refractory 7) Color: white RAL9003 8) Standard: ...

Power Tools and Cable Cutter
We can supply hand crimping tools,copper tube terminal crimping tool, hydraulic tools, tool kit, IDC crimping fixture and attachment and cable cutter and stripper, cutting and trimming tool, automatic wire strippers with ten specification available, cable tie fasten tool, modular crimps strips and cuts tool, coaxial cable stripper, strippers and telectommunication tool series and so on tools items.

Terminal Blocks
1) Features: a) Voltage: up to 660V in circuits of AC 50Hz or 60Hz ; b) DC voltage: up to 440V ; c) Current: 3A-80A. 2) Specifications: 3A, 6A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 150A. 3) Materials: PE, PA, PP
Product Group: Terminal Block

Power Filters
UF serial (9.8 10.5 16): ET20 to ET28 (laying type/stand type). Toroidal serial: The size of the figure and lead pin can be made according to customers requirements.

Power Accessories
Code: E01: 1)Title: Insulation covering ; 2)Material: ADC12(Japan) ; 3)Size: 180 mm (Excircle) * 50 mm (Rounding-off method) ; 4)Weight: 383.8 g ; 5)Working process: Die casting --> Metalworking --> Baking finish. Code: E02: 1)Title: Insulation covering ; 2)Material: ADC12(Japan) ; 3)Size: 181 mm (Excircle) * 25 mm (Rounding-off method) ; 4)Weight: 178 g ; 5)Working process: Die casting --> Metalworking --> Baking finish.

1) Main line: insulated Cu or Al ; 2) Tap line: insulated Cu or Al ; 3) Watertight connector: can withstand 6kV flashover in water ; 4) Insulated body is climatic and mechanically resistant ; 5) One or two watertight tapping modules insulation piercing type ; 6) Branch can be on the left or right ; 7) Easy to install and safe to use; no loose parts, screws corrosion proof ; 8) Independent tightening on main, controlled by shear head.

Metal Film Resistors
Metal Film Resistors: 1) Outside color: silver grey ; 2) Marking method: color wreath ; 3) Resistivity scope (Ω) J (5% of ±): 1, 100Ks of.

1) 32 range ; 2) Auto power off ; 3) Display: 30 x 60mm LCD ; 4) DC voltage: 200m/ 2/ 20/ 200V±0.5%, 1,000V±0.8% ; 5) AC voltage: 2/ 20/ 200V±0.8%, 700V±1.2% ; 6) DC current: 2mA/20mA±0.8%, 200mA±1.5%,10A±2% ; 7) AC current: 2mA/20mA±1.0%, 200mA±1.8%, 10A±3% ; 8) Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2MΩ ±0.8%, 20MΩ ±1.0%, 200MΩ ±5.0% ; 9) Temperature: -20~1,000°C ; 10) Frequency: 20kHz±1.5% ; 11) Capacitance: 2n/20n/200n/2μ/20μF±4.0% ; 12) Continuity checking with buzzer ; 13) ...

Termination Box
Light weight but high intensity, novel,artistic ,good dimension stability, corrosion resistance , impact resistance,aging resistance,and good flexibility.

Scart Series-CS-201PB
1) Withstand voltage: DC 50V (50Hz) ; 2) Rated load: DC 50V 0.2A ; 3) Contact resistance: = =500MΩ ; 5) Working temperature: -20 ~ 70oC ; 6) Life: up to 10000 times

Power Supply of Amplifier Crust
1) Field oriented shell, good waterproof ; 2) Long time stable working under full load, great power performance ; 3) Anti-thunder, anti short circuit, anto recovery function ; 4) Circuit transformer without indication ; 5) Max current: 8A

Explosion-Proof Control Box
1) Some enclosures are combined into one unit ; 2) Built-in components are mounted on the mounting rails ; 3) All the metal parts are anti-corrosive

DIN Rail, Electrical Line Cover
DIN Rail: 1) Width: 35mm ; 2) Matches with all kinds of DIN controllers and standard components ; 3) Made in Europe, America, Japan and China. Electrical Line Cover: 1) Material: silica gel ; 2) Packed in materials that will not damage or contaminate the rubber

Power Connector
1) Environmental temperature: -55 to 60oC ; 2) Relative humidity: 98% (40oC) ; 3) Rated current: 20# 5A, 12# 35A, 8# 75A ; 4) Contact resistance: 20# 5mΩ, 12# 1mΩ, 8# 0.75 mΩ ; 5) Insulation resistance: >= 1000mΩ ; 6) Withstand voltage ; 7) 20#: 1,000V(AC50Hz) ; 8) 12#, 8#: 1500V (AC50Hz) ; 9) Vibration 10 to 2,000Hz (14.7g) ; 10) Shock acceleration 98g ; 11) Mechanical life 1,000 times ; 12) Materials: a) Housing: PET T102 G30 UL94V-0 ; b) Contacts: H62Y ; c) Pressing: H62Y ; d) ...

Profile (SDK)
1) Length customized as per clients' requirements ; 2) Performance: High strength, withstands high pressure, good corrosion Resistance ; 3) Material: Cold- or hot-rolled steel and custom ; 4) SDK is mainly used as the frame of SDK switch cabinet.

1) Max line pull 8000 lbs (3620 kgs) ; 2) Rated line pull 8000 lbs (3620 kgs) ; 3) Motor: permanent magnet 1.6kW/2.2hp(12V); 1.8kW/2.4hp(24V) ; 4) Gear reduction ratio 210:1(12V); 210:1(24v) ; 5) Cable(Dia X L) 5/16" x 95'(8mm x 29m) ; 6) Drum size 2.48" x 9"(63mm x 228mm) ; 7) Overall dimensions 20.9 x 7.1 x 6.8" (530 x 180 x 173mm) ; 8) Overall dimensions in dim shows up-setting styles ; 9) Mounting bolt pattern 10" x 4.5"(254 x 114.3mm) ; 10) Weight: ...

MMDS Power Supply
1) Input voltage: 230V±10% or 115V±10% ; 2) Input frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz ; 3) Output voltage: 18V ; 4) Output current: 0.2A ; 5) Operating temperature: -10 ~ +55oC ; 6) Input connection: European style, US style or as per customers' requests ; 7) Output connection: 75, F female ; 8) Dimensions: 75 x 55 x 42mm ; 9) Weight: 230g. The power supply can be designed with stabilized voltage output.

Junction Box
1) Marine watertight junction box, JIS standard ; 2) Material: synthestic resin ; 3) Code: 794833 ; 4) Protection class: IP56 ; 5) Voltage/current: 250V/20A

Computers, Audio-Video, TV, Telephones Cable
1) TV9607 TV cable reel ; 2) TV9603 TV connector cable ; 3) CA05 printer cable 25M/36F ; 4) UC12 USB cable AM/AF ; 5) PK08 patch cable mold type ; 6) TFF6 TAE F plug TAE F jack ; 7) TF64 telephone cable 6P4C-6P4C ; 8) TF62 telephone adapter 2 X 6P2C ; 9) SC360 scart plug to 6RCA plug ; 10) 2 x audio out, 2 x audio in ; 11) 1 x video in, 1 x video out ; 12) SC2225 scart adapter 21pin plug to 3RCA jack+min4pin jack ; 13) YS167 audio connect cable 2RCA plug to 2RCA plug 90 ; 14) YS138 audio ...

AC Solenoids
1) 14 models available ; 2) Rated stroke: 10-40mm ; 3) Rated pull: 0.5-10kg ; 4) Rated voltage: AC 110V, 220V, 50/60Hz.

Silicon adhesive thermal conductive insulator from Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD
Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD manufactures thermal conductive & insulation materials for several years, with the strength of High thermal conductivity pads, Silicon pads, natural/ manmade Graphite Sheets, Adhesive Thermal sheets,etc. Specialized and eco-friendly products can help you solve the thermal conductive/heat transfer/ components cooling problems! Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation! Vae ...

Edgewise Coil Circle
Edgewise Coil Circle Specification: Flatwire: Square ; Edgewise: Polygon ; Rectangler: Motor ; 01-002 01-003 Capu0026 Capu0029 Can modeling of the coil? The rectangular wire winding distribution. Some of this landmark structure UVW distributed winding Inbidansu the other phases. Use the space factor-Ultra flat wire taper wire Tadashi Sumi tapered line = wire cross section is the same Change the width and thickness of copper wire.

Cold Shrink Tube
cold shrink tube Specification: liquid silicone rubber: cold shrink ; We can make all kinds of LSR cold shrink tubes with deffirent diameter according to customer's request. Original diameter (mm) Diameter after dilating (mm) Length (mm) 14 35 100-800 17 43 100-800 22 52 100-800 26 57 100-800 30 62 100-800 34 71 100-800
Company: Linan Xineng New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Aa Battery Holder
AA Battery holder Specification: color: black ; AA Battery holder Model No.:BB4AA Description:4 cells AA d battery holder with cover , 6" 26AWG Wire Leads ( Red = Positive, Black = Negative) prewire leads, with on/off switch Holder Material:High Impact ABS Plastic Contact Material:Springs are nickel plated overall Color:Black Dimension:2.67"x 2.52"x 0.70" Comments:Good for making 4.8V rechargeable battery pack from NiMH / NiCd cells or 6V battery pack from ...
Company: Shenzhen Wisdom Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Gm Enclosed Cast Resin Busway
GM Enclosed Cast Resin Busway Specification: l Rated current: 250A~5000A l Of environmental protection, flame resistance, effective prevention of fire spreading, no poisoned air splitting out l Anti-UV, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-fungal corrosion, anti-animal gnawing l Waterproof, dust and explosion protected l Of good mechanical strength and excellent impact resistance l IP ratings up to IP68 l Long working time and free of maintenance
Company: Jiangsu Wetown Busway Co., Ltd.    China

20-36v 30w Constant Current Adpater
20-36V 30W Constant Current Adpater Specification: Output Power: 30W: Output Type: Constant Curren. ; Output Voltage: 20-36V: Input Voltage: 90VAC-26. ; Output Current: 900mA: Color: Grey ; Material: Aluminium: Application: Outdoor Light. ; Cooling: by natural air flow: Warrenty: 12month. ; Location: Zhongshan City: Efficiency: >85% ; Price: Direct Factory Price: Led Power: Led Driver: Waterproof Grade: IP67 ; 100% full load burn-in test: suitable for LED l. ; 20-36V 30W ...
Company: Zhongshan Ever-Link Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

For Nintendo Wii Console Motion Plus For Wii Electronics
for nintendo wii console motion plus for wii electronics Specification: color: pink ; N.W.: o.1kg ; MOQ: 100 ; size: 9.8*14.5*3.7cm ; materia: blister ; function: motion plus ; FOB price: $12.69 ; for nintendo wii console motion plus for wii electronics OUR FAITH: CUSTOMER IS NO.1! 1.Product Information QTY 80PCS/CTN N.W. 0.1KG/PCS Color Pink MOQ 100 Packing Box Material Blister Function Motion Plus MEANS 41.5*41.5*27cm FOB Price $12.69 Payment ...
Company: ZT-China Electronic    China

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