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List extensive product information of Power Supplies, provided by Power Supplies manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Regulator, Inverter
1) There are multiple functions in P general inverters such as auto-cycle running, jog running, keyboard-terminal control, rheostat-adjusting, multiplicity speed control, and so on ; 2) By its keyboard, user can set torque-upgrading curve based on the real load, and, if you need, you can also call direct-current braking, maladjusted speed preventing ; 3) The set can carry out the protecting function of short-circuit, overload, over voltage, over heat and over current, and so on. Great-power ...
Company: Changzhou Chenglian Power Supply Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

NX8 Series modulus terminal box
Applicable to a single-phase 3-wire/3-phase 5-wire AC 50/60Hz terminal circuit with rated voltage 230/400V, load current not exceeding 100A. It is used to control equipment, distribute power and to protect the circuit against overload, short circuit and leakage.

Travel Adapters
Main details: 1) All-in-one adapter with surge protector and fuse ; 2) Compact, one piece unit with 4 international adapters ; 3) Easy to use all-in-one adapter fits electrical wall outlets in the most commonly traveled regions ; 4) Can be used in UK, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, Middle East , Parts of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, North/South America, Caribbean and Japan, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and China ; 5) Protects your computer and personal appliances ...

DC/AC Inverter
1) DC 12V inverter 220V, 50Hz output 100VA-500VA ; 2) Compact, environmentally friendly ; 3) No maintenance ; 4) Supply low voltage protection to storage cell 10.5V ; 5) Supply over-frequency, over-voltage or short circuit protection to appliances ; 6) The switching ratio is 90% with high instant trouble start power ; 7) Suitable for a variety of vehicles and equipment
Company: Changzhou Chenglian Power Supply Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

AC/DC Switch Adapter
1) input:100-240V,50/60Hz ; 2) output:5V,1.6A ; 3) Suitable for digital cameras, MP4 ; 4) U.S. and China plugs fixed on the main body with convertible country plugs of UK, EU and Australia type ; 5) Effective short circuit protection and automatic output recovery.
Company: Changzhou Chenglian Power Supply Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Switching Power Supply
1) Mainly applied to AC 50Hz / 60Hz circuit with rated voltage 690V or less and rated current 800A or less ; 2) Can automatically transfer between the daily power and reserve power ; 3) When the power is cut or in trouble, it can be used for auto transfer the power to avoid power supply fault and ensure reliability and safety ; 4) International standard: IEC 60947-6-1, GB/T14048.11-2002 ; 5) Can also be used for overload and short-circuit protections with high breaking capacity ; 6) Composed ...

AC Voltage Regulator / Stabilizer
1) Composed of a contact type self-coupling voltage regulator, automatic sampling control circuit and a servomotor. 2) With under and over voltage protection and delay function to ensure the perfect performance of appliances. 3) Input voltage: 150-250V. 4) Output voltage: 220+/-3%, 110+/-6%. 5) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz. 6) Delay output time: 3-7min/3-7sec

Universal Changeover Switches
Changeover switches. Attentive service. Stable and reliable performance. Product Features: Experienced Technical Staff ; International Approvals

MCB Type Fuse
1) Standard: IEC269, GBGB13539 ; 2) Rated current of fuse link: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63A ; 3) OEM service: available

Pure Sinewave Inverter, Inductance Winding
We can supply Pure Sinewave Inverters from china. Also supply Inductance Winding: Used in medical systems, automatization systems , transportation and communication.

Industrial Power Supply
AC/DC power supply (general purpose); a) Single output: i) 10W-SL ; ii) 10W-S ; iii) 20W-SL ; iv) 20W-S ; v) 30W-SF 35W-S 40W-SL 50W-SF ; vi) 55W-S ; vii) 60W-SL ; viii) 70W-SF. b) Dual output: 10W-DL, 10W-D, 20W-DL, 20W-D, 30W-DF, 35W-D, 40W-DL, 50W-DF, 55W-D, 60W-DL, 70W-DF, 100W-DF, 100W-D, 1000W-D. c) Triple Output: 10W-TL, 10W-T, 20W-TL, 20W-T, 30W-TF, 35W-T, 40W-TL, 50W-TF, 55W-T, 60W-TL, 70W-TF, 70W-T, 100W-TF ; d) Quad output: 35W-Q, 55W-Q ; e) DC/DC power supply: 10W series, 20W ...

AC Automatic Voltage Regulator
Specifications: 1) Latest multi-step automatic voltage regulator ; 2) Built-in surge, spike and lightning protection ; 3) Internet line and lightning (RJ 45) protection ; 4) EMI / RFI filter ; 5) Overload and overheat protection ; 6) Output meter and multi-LED indicator ; 7) Big capacity transformer 500VA ; 8) 4 / 5 output socket. Primary technical parameters: 1) Input voltage: AC 170 - 260V, 50 / 60Hz ; 2) Output voltage: AC 220V±5% ; 3) 50 / 60Hz (Sineware) ; 4) Power rating: 500VA ; 5) ...

Online UPS
Our online UPS employs the world's latest DSP control technology and is capable of converting high-frequency heavy-power energy. With environmentally friendly construction, complete online design, thoroughly purified sine-wave power output, and SNMP remote supervisory, this UPS is suitable for various precision instrument systems and large-scale computer network systems that cannot allow power failures. Applications: computers, test equipment, lighting systems, safety alarm systems, ...

Stabilizer Servo Motor
Our SVC (TND) series single-phase high accuracy fully automatic AC voltage stabilizers are composed of contact type self-coupling voltage regulators, servomotors, automatic control circuits, etc. When the voltage of the network is not steady or the load varies, the automatic sampling control circuit makes a signal to drive the servomotor to adjust the position of the carbon brush of the self-coupling voltage regulator. This allows the servomotor regulate the output voltage to the desired ...

JSZ Series Capacitor Ripple Current Tester
This series`s ripple frequency is 50Hz~100kHz (by order). DC bias disable function,Has protections, automatic discharge, multifunctional timer, easy front-panel, for capacitor factory and the consumer of capacitor. supplyed at a just price. Features: 1) DC bias disable function,voltage and current are constantly adjustable ; 2) Overload, short,over voltage protections ; 3) Automatic discharge ; 4) Multifunctional timer ; 5) Max. current: 50A ; 6) Frequency: 60Hz-100kHz(by order) ; 7)time can ...

Electrical Insulation Product For Transformer Industry
Leading transformer insulation house engaged in export, import and supplies of various electrical insulation products viz. Pre-compressed pressboards& its components (machined & moulded), corrugated pressboards, insulation paper (diamond dot epoxy, kraft, pressphan & crepe), bushings, rubberised cork sheets&its components, glass fibre composites, densified laminate wood and enamelled& paper covered copper winding wires&strips used in transformer&other electrical ...

Adjustable DC Power Supply
1) Backlight LCD digital panel meters voltage and current display ; 2) Constant voltage operation ; 3) Overload protection ; 4) One dependent adjustable output at 0 - 30V, 0 - 5A ; 5) Two- independent adjustable output 0 - 30V, 0 - 5A

Uninterruptable Power Supply
1) LED panel/true online intelligent UPS ; 2) External batteries, cater for different requirements on backup time ; 3) Power: 3,000VA ; 4) Audio noise: < 40dBA ; 5) Lighting protection: IEEE-587A ; 6) Transfer time: 4ms ; 7) Operating humidity: 10 - 90% RH, non-condensing ; 8) Operating temperature: -5 to 40 deg. C ; 9) Automatically detects frequency ; 10) Large loading capacity and compatibility ; 11) Intelligent UPS management software (RS-232 or USB) ; 12) Cold start function ; 13) ...

FS Type Medium Voltage Components
This product's bending strength is so high that ceramic cross-arm occurring from cascade break accident which is easy to happen can be prevented. It also has good anti-fouling performance and can not be replaced by ceramic cross-arm. It is especially applicable to filthy places, high mechanical tensile loads, big bridging coil and compact circuit. It features with light weight, compact structure, not easy to break, high resistance to bending and torsion and strong explosion-proof property.

Security Power Supply for Mobile Phone
Security +Power Supply for Mobile Phone Security + Power Supply Solution Secure, live product displays for Mobile Phone Power to Display Display live, powered mobile phone to enable customers to experience and interact with every function of the product. This system provide the correct power profile for mobile phone.
Company: Wonderful Business Company Limited    China

Cummins diesel generator 20kw to 2400kw
diesel generator specification: Diesel generator features: Rated power: 20kw to 2400kw Standard voltage: 400/230V (adjustable) Frequency: 50/60Hz Power factor: 0.8 (lagging) Connecting type: 3 phase 4 wires Insulation class: H/H Protection type: IP21-23
Product Group: Diesel Generator
Company: Dalian Puyang Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd.    China

Japan NIPPON SHARYO soundproof diesel generator set
DSDY CORPORATION supplies Japan NIPPON SHARYO soundproof diesel generator set .Output range:13KVA~800KVA .The diesel generator set model are NES13EK-3,NES13EI,NES25EAI,NES25EK-3,NES45AP,NES45EN2,NES60AP,NES60EH,NES100EI,NES125EH,NES150EH,NES220EM,NES300EH,NES400EM,NES500EM,NES610SM,NES800SM,NES35ST,NES45SH,NES60SH,NES75SH,NES90SH,NES125SK,NES150SH,NES220SH,NES260SH,NES300SM,NES350SM,NES500SM, NES610SM,NES800SM. The generator sets are all made in Japan. The soundproof design is appropriate ...
Company: DSDY CORPORATION    beijing

voltage regulator/stabilizer
Special features: Relay type automatic voltage regulator CRGO transformer and high-efficiency Zero-cross switching Full protection design Integrated delay function Primary specifications: Capacity: 500 to 5,000VA Display: dual-volt meters for input or output voltage Input voltage range: 100 to 280V AC Input frequency: 50/60Hz Output voltage: 220/230/240V AC Output accuracy: ± 8% Efficiency: 98% Protection: high-voltage, low voltage, high-temperature, and short-circuit ...
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

uninterruptible power supply
*Specifically designed for long term backup *Mains Frequency Line-interactive UPS/Inverter *Pure Sine Wave Output for all kinds of electric appliances *Replaceable mini CPU board *Individual AVR function *Individual Charger function *Adjustable recharging current *Battery reverse connection detection/cutoff (optional) *SMT technology
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

voltage regulator/stabilizer
*relay type AVR *dual meter displays for input/output voltage *3 LEDs for indication AVR status: normal/delaying/abnormal *input voltage range: 100V~280Vac *precision: ±8% *protection: high voltage, low voltage,high temperature,short circuit,overload *delay function *cross-zero technology
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

uninterruptible power supply
1.3 clors LED display 2.Large loading capacity and compatibility 3.Wide input voltage range with AVR function 4.Overload and output short circuit protection 5.Over charge&over discharge protection 6.Smart Audible alarms 7.Fax/modem/telephone protection port 8Built-in power purifying circuit minimizes distortion caused by lightning,pulse and miscellaneous wave. 9.Smart charger 10.Cold-start function Rated voltage:AC110/120/220/230/240V version optional Input range:AC145~275V ...
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

AC to AC converter
*Automatic Input Range Selection, manual selection is no need. *110V and 220V output at the same time. *C.R.G.O. transformer, less magnetic leakage, low noise and quiet operation *Shirt Circuit Protection *High Voltage/Low Voltage Protection *Over temperature Protection (opitonal) *Dual LED to indicate the status: working or fault.
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

car battery charger
*High frequency design, PWM technology, quiet operation *Universal voltage input design, compatible with 110V and 220V. *Reverse polarity protection * Battery detection function, no output if battery disconnected or battery is bad *Smart cooling fan, start up automatically after temperature over 60℃, suitable for long run *Output high voltage/low voltage/overcurrent protection
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

power inverter
*Modified sine wave output; *Input 12VDC or 24VDC *Heavy duty mount type design; *Built-in smart cooling fan; *Excellent aluminum heat sink for better performance and lifespan; *Full protection design; *Low idle current (less than one watt); *Quiet, high efficiency operation; *Charger function is integrated. (AMI-500C, AMI-1000C, AMI-1200C)
Company: Staba Electric CO.,LTD    China

Frequency Inverter For Motor Vfd Ac Drives
Frequency Inverter for motor VFD AC Drives Specification: Output Power: 5.5KW~22KW ; Input Voltage: 380V&plusmn;15%. ; Output Voltage: 0~rated input voltage ; Type: DC/AC Inverters ; Output Frequency: 0~600Hz. ; 1.Input&amp;output characteristcs: 1.1 Input voltage range:380V/220V&plusmn;15%. 1.2 Input frequency range:47~63Hz. 1.3 Output voltage range:0~rated input voltage. 1.4 Output freqency range:0~600Hz. 2.Characteristics of technical parameters: 2.1 Control ...
Company: Xianju Dingsheng New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Supply Original Laptop Adaptors 19v 3.95a For Toshiba 5.5*2.5mm
supply Original laptop adaptors 19v 3.95a for toshiba 5.5*2.5mm Specification: Output Type: AC ; Usage: Laptop ; Connection: Plug In ; color: black ; In stock: Yes ; warranty: one year ; power: 75W ; Product Specifications: Size: 5.5 x 2.5mm Condition: Brand New In Stock: Yes Full 12 months warranty! Models Number compatible with : PA3468U, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3432U, PA3432U-1ACA Compatible Notebook Models: 1.Satellite A A100-ST3211TD, A105-S101, A105-S101x, A105-S171, A105-S171x, ...
Company: Shenzhen Baoan Xinan Kingtimes Electric Factory    China

12v/29a Single Output Dc
12V/29A single output DC power supply Specification: Output Power: 24-350W ; Output Type: Single ; Input Voltage: 220V ; Output Voltage: 5V/12V/24V/48V ; Output Frequency: 47-63HZ ; Output Current: 6.5A ; S-350-12: 12V29A ; S-350-48: 48V7.2A ; S-350-24: 24V14.5 ; Output Type: Single ; Output Frequency: 47-63HZ ; Input Voltage: 220V ; Packaging Detail: Export Carton ; Delivery Detail: 5-7day ; Certificate: CE &amp; ROHS ; 1. Features High efficiency, high reliability AC input ...
Company: Shenzhen Leadfly Technology Co., Ltd.    China

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