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List extensive product information of Inverter & Converter (include AC/DC Converter, Power Inverter, Power Converter, Voltage Converter), provided by Inverter & Converter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Inverter & Converter
* available in 100w, 150w, 300w, 500w, 600w, 700w 1000w, 1500w, 2000w 3000w ; * regulated output products sensitive equipment ; * silent operation ; * auto shutdown prevents total battery discharge ; * protection: Over temperature, overload, low/ overvoltage, shorcircuit, battery reverse polarity ; * compact size for convert use and storage
Company: Guangdong Kingwood Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

High Frequency DC to AC Power Inverters
With cooling fan, 2 AC outlet plugs, DC overload protection, SKI series high-frequency inverter is widely used on cars, vessels. Specifications: 1) Input voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC ; 2) Output voltage: 220V ; 3) Output waveform: modified sine wave ; 4) Low battery-voltage alarm: 10.5V+/-0.5V ; 5) Low battery-voltage shutdown: 10V+/-0.5V.
Company: Guangdong Kingwood Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Inverter DJN
1) Meets the post and telecommunication system standards ; 2) Uses high frequency SPWM technology ; 3) DC input: 48VDC, AC output: sine-wave 220vac ; 4) DC psophometric noise restraint ; 5) Low noise and small size

AC/DC Voltage Converters
Our AC/DC voltage converters convert AC 110/120V to AC 220/240V or vise-versa. Features: 1) Fuse protection ; 2) Power on/off switch ; 3) Max capacity: 500W
Company: Guangdong Kingwood Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Auto Power Inverter (DC-AC) 150W
1) Input voltage: DC 12V ± 10% ; 2) Output voltage: AC 220V ± 10% ; 3) Output frequency: 50HZ ; 4) Durative output power: 150W ; 5) Twinkling maximum power: 300W ; 6) Maximum working efficiency: 90% ; 7) Small in size ; 8) Can transform on-board DC 12V to AC 220V ; 9) No refitment to car ; 10) Applied to digital cameras, laptop computers, MP3 players, electronic shavers, cellphone chargers, etc. ; 11) Convenient to users especially in travels or working in cars

Digital XGA Converter
XGA resolution:800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, automatic format to 1280 x 1024,1600 x 1200 Compatible with all games and game onsoles: Perfectly show images and motion pictures from PSX/ PSX2/ X-Box/ NGC/ N64/ DC/ GBA. Full screen: Display full screen without any cut-off and drop-off Brighter image: Provides finer and brighter images and smoother motion pictures. True plug-and-play capability: No software needed, no adjustment needed for installation. Ease of use: Select computer or external ...

Sinewave Inverter
Adopting SPWM technology, this inverter offers superior quality pure sine wave output with the following advantages: 1) Good instantaneous response ; 2) Low wave form distortion ; 3) Stable output voltage ; 4) Super EMI parameter ; 5) Input and output are completely isolated ; 6) Priority for city power AC output ; 7) Full protections against: a) Over / low voltage for DC input ; b) Wrong electrode connection for DC input ; c) Over voltage for AC output ; d) Over rated power for AC output ; ...

Media Converter Rack (CVT-Rack)
1) Eight slots for netlink HTB / FEB / ETB series media converters ; 2) LED indication for primary and back up power supply ; 3) Internal back up switching power supply ; 4) Power supply load sharing ; 5) Plug and play operation ; 6) Metal case ; 7) 19" rack mount

Inverter with Charger
1) Efficient inverter ; 2) Low voltage protection ; 3) Over voltage protection ; 4) Short circuit protection ; 5) Overload protection ; 6) Mobile installation ; 7) Power: 700W ; 8) Mobile charger

DC/AC Inverter (PRA, PRB, PRC)
1) DC 12V inverter 220V, 50Hz output 100VA-500VA ; 2) Compact, environmentally friendly ; 3) No maintenance ; 4) Supply low voltage protection to storage cell 10.5V ; 5) Supply over-frequency, over-voltage or short circuit protection to appliances ; 6) The switching ratio is 90% with high instant trouble start power ; 7) Suitable for a variety of vehicles and equipment.

Power Inverter
1) Input voltage: 12V/24V ; 2) Rated output power: 60VA ; 3) Max surge output power: 100VA ; 4) Output: 230V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz ; 5) Output waveform: IVT-60A modified Sine wave; IVT-60B pure Sine wave ; 6) Efficiency: 90% min ; 7) Idle-status current: 140mA max ; 8) Protection modes: a) Polarity reversal protection ; b) Deficient voltage protection ; c) Overload protection ; d) Output short circuit protection ; 9) Product dimensions: 123 x 53 x 36mm ; 10) N.W.: 0.2kg

Dc-dc Converter
DC-DC Converter for all type of electric bicycle RMB24/unit ; DC-DC Converter for all type of electric motorcycle RMB26/unit ; DC-DC Converter for electric golf car, three-wheeled car, tourist car RMB200/unit Input DC 48V, Output DC12V,30A ; Products with Input DC Larger than 60V, or I Larger than 30A, or special requirement can be made according to requirement after discussion.

Power Converter
Power Converter PC-1: 5V-2.0A Converter/ Inverter Series: Input: Rating: 12VDC ; Range: 10.0~28.0V ; Output: Voltage:5V ; Current: 2.0A. Power Converter PC-2: AC230V transformer, modified, WEVA-filled, and output as 240VDC. Indoor use only.

Power Inverter and Converter
1) Standard input voltage: DC 12V / 24V ; 2) Output voltage: AC 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz ; 3) Rated power: 1,000W ; 4) Peak power: 1,500W ; 5) Output wave form: modified sine wave ; 6) Converting efficiency > 90% ; 7) Input low voltage alarm: 10.3V ; 8) Input high voltage alarm: 16V ; 9) Overload protection ; 10) Temperature protection: 80oC ; 11) Input and output short-circuit protection ; 12) Dimension: 300 x 181 x 71mm

Solar Inverter
1) Input voltage: 12V / 24V DC ; 2) Output voltage: 220V±10% ; 3) Power: 120 - 1,000VA ; 4) Frequency: 50Hz&plusnmn;2% ; 5) Protection function: overload, over-charge ; 6) OEM service: available

10/100M Simplex Optical Fiber Converter
1) Increases transmission rate and bandwidth ; 2) Adopts simplex optical fiber for transmission ; 3) Reduces network construction cost ; 4) Can achieve optoelectronic conversion from 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX ; 5) Enlarges network to 60KM ; 6) Switches automatically between full duplex and semi duplex ; 7) Excellent performance optical parts guarantee stability

Regulated DC/DC Car Converter with Switchable Voltage
Key Specifications/Special Features: 1)High quality 800mA regulated DC/DC converter ; 2)Input voltage: 12V ; 3)Output voltage: DC1.5/ 3.0/ 4.5/ 6.0/ 7.5/ 9.0/ 12, volts switchable. All voltages is regulated except for 12V ; 4)Input plug: cigarette socket ; 5)Output plug: 6 detachable plugs ; 6)Cord length: 1.8m ; 7)Fuse for protection (1A)

E1 / V.35 Interface Converter
Function: E1/V.35 converter can realize electrically conversion between G703 and V.35. It can Accomplish connection with the transmission equipments without G703 interface. 2. Parameters: Bit rate N*64Kbit/s(N=1 to 32) ; E1 interface impedance 75ohm unbalanced/120ohm balanced ; Clock select Three modes(INT EXT LINE) optional ; Dimension 21.5cm 15cm 4cm. 3. Operating conditions: Voltage 180V AC to 240V AC ; -48V DC ; +24V DC ; Power consumption <5W ; Operating temperature 0 degree to ...

Inverter ( HF/ LW, MSW / PSW)
1, High Frequency Inverter of pure sine wave: Continuous power 300VA-1.5KW ; Input voltage 12V \ 24VDC ; Output voltage 110v\230v ; Frequency 60hz\50hz ; Output waveform modified sine wave ; All kinds of protection functions ; Low voltage of Battery ; Low input voltage warning ; Overloading ; With cooling fan ; Over tempreture ; Short curcuit ; Reverse polarity protection. 2 . High Frequency Inverter (75W-1KW ): Continuous power 75W-1KW ; Surge capability 150W-2kw ; Input voltage 10-15VDC ; ...

Protocol Converter
1) 2U high rack with convertible standalone units accommodates up to 16 units ; 2) Rack with dual power modules designed for redundant application, cooling fans included ; 3) Power modules support: 110 - 240V AC, 24V DC, or 48V DC ; 4) SNMP Window based GUI management supported, can monitor working status of all modules ; 5) Complies with IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX and 100Base-TX standards ; 6) Utilizes WDM technology to provide TX and RX on a single fiber cable ; 7) Fiber connectivity up to ...

Voltage Converter
Introduction In order to facilitate oversea trip for the tourists, We have presented a high-power, super-mini,220-110V voltage converter. It has an obvious edge over other products of the same kind in terms of price and capability. Welcome to ask for information. Merits *High-power, the maximum output powe can reach 1600 W. *Super-mini size, can be put in the pocked, easy to cary around. *Refined exterior, people-friendly design. *High reliability,80% load, can last 60,000 hours. *Suitable ...

Fiber Media Converter / Ethernet Converter
As a professional manufactory, we supply the optical fiber media converter/ ethernet converter. unit or rack mount type ; single-mode or multi-mode ; 850,1310,1550nm wavelength ; distance: Up to 120km ; sc/fc/st connector ; 10m,100m and1000m available ; dual fibers and single fiber(bd) ; inside or outside power supply ; with management function or not

12V DC To 120V / 220V AC 60 Watts Power Inverter
This inverter plugs into your cigarette lighter to power cell phone chargers and other small electronic devices in your vehicle. 60 Watts continuous power ; Anodized aluminum case provides rability ; 120V/220V volt AC outlet ; Overload Indicator ; Cigarette lighter plug.

110v - 220v large power set up transformer
110V set-up transformer 110V large power set-up transformer 110v to 220v transformer. It is used to convert the voltage and solve the problem of nonmatched voltage. Applied to 220V electrical equipments go to 110V country or district, such as USA, Canada, Japan Taiwan and so on. Input:110V Output:220V Capacity:30W~300KVA
Product Group: Voltage Converter
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Full-auto inverted power source
ZWB full-auto inverted power source adopting pulse weidth modulation integrated circuit and imported big power pushing module, The incerted power source offer the featured of quick strain,anti-interference,anti-thunderstruck,steady output voltage frequency,good adaptability and practical,which can help you to get red of the trouble of the power failure. Application: It is suitable to provide electricity to domestic appliance,computer,store,wind/solar generator and these areas where ...
Company: Shanghai Wen Bo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Car Charger
Product name:5W DC/DC Converter Item:TPA-00503 Details: 5W DC/DC Converter,Auto Charger Input:11V-14V Auto Power Output:5V 0.5A/1A USB/MINI USB/All Sizes DC plug output are available Be suitable for Mobile Phone,MP3,MP4,Camera...charge! Protection : OCP OVP SCP OPP Packing:Polybag/Giftbox or others as request!
Company: Shenzhen Top Power Co.,Ltd.    China

380v, 400v, 415v closed loop vector control AC drives (frequency converters, VFDs)
380vac, 400vac, 415vac closed loop vector control AC drives (frequency changers, VFDs, variable speed drives) Application area Suitable for high-end application area with high precision, fast response, high torque, big inertia, potential load, etc. The following applications: Plastic & chemical fiber extrusion machinery, Metal processing machine, the main transmission equipment of building materials, such as cement and glass, Plastic machine, Wire & cable extrusion ...
Company: Shenzhen POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.    China

80w Power Inverter With 1 Usb
80W Power Inverter with 1 USB Specification: Output Power: 51 - 100W ; Output Type: Multiple ; Size: 142x68x44mm ; Input Voltage: DC 11-15V ; Output Voltage: 100~120V or 220~240V ; Type: DC/AC Inverters ; Output Frequency: 60 or 50 Hz ; Output Current: 80W continuous power ; Never be without power again with e-Benk portable inverter. Instantly convert your DC power source into an AC &amp; 1 USB port to charge and power your electronics in the car. Charge even those not so portable ...

Lift Drive
B900 lift drive Specification: Output Power: 2HP-1500HP ; Output Type: 3phase 0-415VAC ; Size: / ; Weight: / ; Input Voltage: 3-phase,380-415V,50/60Hz ; Output Voltage: 3phase 0-415VAC ; Type: AC-DC-AC inverter ; Output Frequency: 0-400HZ ; B900 series field oriented flux vector control frequency inverter/variable frequency drive/ac drives/variable speed drive/vsd/vfd/VVVF frequency inverter/elevator controller/lift controller/lift drive/elevator drive 32bits DSP Micro-processor Frame ...
Company: Bedford (Quanzhou) Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Multifunction Inverter Welder
Multifunction Inverter welder Specification: Reliable,portable ,light and high efficienct with IEC974 safety atandard . Stable and concentrative arc makes the best welding line and soldering quality.Very suitable for welding line with special requirements. Very convenient to operate by MMA welding,cutting,TIG welding.suitable for welding stainless steel,mild dteel,steel and steel alloy,ect. Adopting advanced IGBT inverter technology and non-crystal core and power units. with remote control.
Company: Jiangsu Huaxia Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd.    China

Frequency Inverter / Variable Speed Drive
Frequency Inverter / Variable Speed Drive Specification: Output Power: 0.4KW~400KW ; Output Type: 220V (single / three phases) ,400V. ; Size: 220V: 0.4KW~2.2KW . 400V: 0.75 KW~400 KW ; Weight: 1.5 KG~200 KG ; Input Voltage: 220V, 400V ; Output Voltage: 220V, 400 V ; Type: AC inverter ; Output Frequency: 0.0~3000 Hz ; Output Current: Rated output current(A) 2.5~730 ; Frequency Inverter / AC Motor Drive / Variable Speed Drive Product advantage: Startuptorque can achieve 180% torque ...
Company: Tecorp Electronics Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

inverter Specification: Output Power: &gt;500W ; Output Type: Single ; Input Voltage: 220V,380V ; Output Voltage: 380V ; Type: AC inverter ; Inverter: Main Features: (1) Adjustable V/F curve (2) Potentiometer on the keypad control (3) 16-bit microprocessor controlled PWM output (4) 8-step speed control &amp; jog running (5) Parameter lock function (6) 6 types analog input signal specification (7) Output frequency 0.1-500Hz (8) Carrier frequency up to 15kHz (9) Auto voltage ...
Company: Guangzhou Bedford Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

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