5kw Inverter

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Detailed 5kw Inverter Description:

5kw Inverter
Specification: Output Power: 1 - 200KW ; Type: DC/AC Inverters ; yellow: single ;
Nominal DC voltage 400 VDC
Maximum PV open voltage 500V
MPPT voltage rang (Vdc) 110~480
MPPT efficiency at output > 10% > 99%
System start-up voltage 120VDC
Working voltage range(Vdc) 100 ~ 500
Full rating range (VDC) 250~500
Max. Input current (ADC) 8.9
Shutdown voltage 70 VDC typical
DC voltage ripple < 5%
DC insulation resistance > 1M&Omega;
Nominal output power 4000W
Maximum output power 4000W
Grid voltage range Single phase,
Nominal output current(AAC, RMS) 6.5
Maximum output current (AAC, RMS) 7.2
O/P current distortion at full rating <3%
Power Factor at full rating >0.99
Islanding protection AFI
Internal power consumption ~7W
Night power consumption ~0W
Maximum conversion efficiency (DC/AC) 95.5%
European Efficiency 94.5%
GFCI Threshold See ground fault current detection
Current Range 0~500mA
Frequency range 0~700Hz
Protection degree IP 65
Operation temperature -20 to 55
Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Heat Dissipation Convection
Acoustic noise level <35dBA
Altitude Up to 2000m without power derating
Dimension (mm) 415&times; 376&times; 125
Weight (Kg) 24

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