800w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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Detailed 800w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Description:

800w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
Specification: Output Power: 1 - 200KW ; Output Type: Single ; Input Voltage: 12V ; Output Voltage: 220V,110V ; Type: DC/AC Inverters ; Output Frequency: 50/60HZ ;
Pure sine wave power inverter, Car power inverter, DC to AC power inverter
Test conditions:
1) Operating temperature: 23°C±2°C
2) Operating relative humidity: 40-90% RH
3) Input: DC 12.8V
Specifications (based on test conditions above):
1) Max. continuous output power: 1,000W
2) Surge capability peak output power: 2,000W
3) DC input static current (no load): ≤1AMP
4) DC input over load current: ≤100-120AMP
5) AC output wave form: pure sine wave
6) Normal input voltage range: 11-15V
7) High voltage cut off level: >15V
8) Low voltage alarm: 10.5V±0.5V
9) Low voltage cut off level: 10.0V±0.5V
10) Output AC voltage (at DC 11-15V input): AC 115V±10% RMS
11) Output frequency level: 60±3Hz
12) Overload power range: 1,000W, 5-30%
13) Hi-pot test: PRI/sec, 1,500V/AC 5MA/3s
14) Temperature protection: <65°C
15) Max.output efficiency:90%
16) AC output short circuit protection: system shut down (no damage)
17) Fan run: inner temperature rising up is ≥45°C
18) Fault warning: alarm beep
19) LED indicator:
a) Normal: green
b) Fault: red green
20) Fuse (spade type): 25A x 5pcs
21) Dimensions (L x W x H): 295 x 210 x 90mm
22) Environmental condition:
a) Operating temperature: 0-40°C
b) Operating relative humidity: 10-90% RH
c) Storage temperature: -10-50°C
d) Storage relative humidity: 10-95% RH

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