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Detailed Lift Drive Description:

B900 lift drive
Specification: Output Power: 2HP-1500HP ; Output Type: 3phase 0-415VAC ; Size: / ; Weight: / ; Input Voltage: 3-phase,380-415V,50/60Hz ; Output Voltage: 3phase 0-415VAC ; Type: AC-DC-AC inverter ; Output Frequency: 0-400HZ ;
B900 series field oriented flux vector control frequency inverter/variable frequency drive/ac drives/variable speed drive/vsd/vfd/VVVF frequency inverter/elevator controller/lift controller/lift drive/elevator drive

32bits DSP Micro-processor Frame
Field Oriented flux vector control
Auto-tuning motor function
150% rated torque is available when low speed
Speed control range 1:1000 (close-loop control)
Speed control accuracy ±0.02% (PG control )
Frequency accuracy ±0.01%
Output frequency solution is 0.01HZ
Can be Used for speed servo controller including with PG
Fault auto-diagnosis and corrective actions
PID loop operation adjusts motor speed automatically to maintain a process variable value
Auto-tuning for sensorless vector control
Overload advance notice signal
Two-stage acceleration and deceleration
External signal for DC braking
Extraordinary low-speed performance and speed control accuracy
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) function
Memobus control with RS485 & RS232 communication
Torque and constant Volts/Hertz operation
PG-B2 interface card optional. which is exactly same as Yaskawa G5/VS616

Paper process, Rolling machine,lift equipment,scrolling euipment elevator,Crane and convey machine,metal machine tools,food process, big inertia loading mahine and other applications.It's available for all kinds of machines

  • Model: B900
  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 115002
  • Product Category: Inverter & Converter
  • Post date: Sep 4, 2011
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