Toroidiron Transformer Core

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Detailed Toroidiron Transformer Core Description:

toroidiron transformer core
Specification: Shape: toroidal ;
toroidal transformer core
A Series toroidal cores
Cores can be manufactured in material thickness 0.35mm, 0.30mm, 0.27mm, 0.23mm, 0.10mm, 0.08mm and 0.05mm.
Bare cores(not varnished), impregnated cores, epoxy coated cores produced according to customers specifications.

SB Series toroidal cores
SB series toroidal cores are developed to satisfy the customers who are eager to minimize their cost, which are wound by a continous silicon steels strip, occasioinally with joints.
The appearance of the SB cores are very similar to traditional toroidal cores. Material thickness 0.20mm, 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm and 0.35mm are available.
The stacking factor is ranging from 0.94 to 0.96. The magnetic properties of SB series cores are very close to that of A series cores, the Bm values are relatively lower because it is recycle material.

NB Series toroidal cores
NB series toroidal cores are developed by ZCET to satisfy the customers who are eager to reduce their costs. The cores are wound of short silicon steel strips in 1 to 3 meters long. It is the particular feature of NB series cores to have joints in the flux path.
Cores can be manufactured in material thickness 0.30mm, 0.27mm, 0.23m in following grades

  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 115163
  • Product Category: Transformer & Inductor
  • Post date: Sep 4, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Toroidiron Transformer Core in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Ningbo Zhongce E.T Electric Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1, Shanshan Road, Wangchun Industrial Park
Region: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Contact Person: Ms. Elaine Xia
Telephone: 86-574-88156727

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