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List extensive product information of Uninterrupted Power Supply (include Online UPS), provided by Uninterrupted Power Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Online UPS
Spec: Power Frequency On-line UPS ; Capacity:8-60KVA ; Input:3P4W+G 380Vac25% 50Hz5% ; Output:1P2W+G 220Vac1% 50Hz0.3% ; Output waveform: Sine Wave ; Transfer time: Zero Transition ; Application domain: Work Station/Computer&Peripheral Equipment/Communication System/ Process Equipment/Fire Protection Lighting/Permanently electrified ; Industrial Application/Medical System ; Key word: Double Conversion/ IGBT/ SPWM Modulating/ CPU/ Remote Monitoring/ RS-232 Interface.
Product Group: On Line UPS
Company: Foshan Prostar Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Line Interactive UPS
1) Line interactive design ; 2) Double CPU control ; 3) Sine wave output with less than 3% THD ; 4) Automatically self-detection when startup ; 5) Output voltage ; 6) Automatic frequency sensing (50Hz/60Hz) ; 7) Two steps boost and one step buck AVR ; 8) Wide input voltage window ; 9) Advanced Battery Management ; 10) Manual silence/alarm transfer function ; 11) Smart RS232 communication port with monitoring software ; 12) Optional SNMP adapter
Company: Foshan Prostar Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

UPS With Digital LCD UPS-500D
Rated voltage: AC 220V ; Rated frequency: 50Hz/60HzAInput range: AC 165V~275V ; Output voltage: AC 220V~10% ; Transfer time: 4ms ; Battery type: 12V/7AH/1PC (500D) ; Back-up time: Over 15 minutes if use for one PC with a 17'monitor (500D); Charge time: =<8 hours ; Operating temperature: -5℃~40℃ ; Operating humidity: 10-90% RH, non condensing ; Audio noise: < 40dBA ; Lighting protection: IEEE~587A
Company: Foshan Prostar Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Rack A-Smart UPS
1) Controlled by twin microprocessor ; 2) Line-interactive design, pure sine wave output ; 3) AC startup with no battery, avoiding spike when connect batteries ; 4) Hot-swap batteries ; 5) DC-start mode (cold-start) ; 6) Voltage sensitivity adjust button ; 7) 3-stage AVR (auto voltage regulation), auto buck/boost mode ; 8) Speed controlled fan ; 9) High input voltage range (145V AC~290V AC) ; 10) High input frequency range (44-66Hz) ; 11) High voltage, overload, short circuit protection, ...

Online UPS
1) Input voltage: 160-276V AC ; 2) Input frequency: 46-55Hz (adjustable) output ; 3) Voltage: 220V±3% ; 4) Output frequency: synchronize with input (normal power supply mode) 50HZ±0.5% (battery power supply mode) ; 5) Output waveform: sine wave spare time (full-load/half-load): 7min/15min ; 6) Change time: zero break ; 7) Indicator: indicate for overload, battery power supply and UPS using situation ; 8) Alarm sound: alarm 1 time per 4 seconds for battery power supply and 1s when the ...
Product Group: On Line UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
1) Specially designed for personal computers, and integrate AC regulated high-speed reserve, power supply and wave absorption ; 2) They have the characteristics of compact size, full functions, high efficiency, top quality, easy operation ; 3) The advantage of self-protection provides uninterrupted power for PCs.

UPS System, 3-Phase UPS
We are suppliers of 3-Phase UPS, UPS systems from HK. Competative prices and good service. Also supply UPS & Computer Power supplies: UPS ( 500VA / 650VA / 1000 VA / 1200 VA & above. Computer Power Supplies available.

Computer Powersupplies
Applications: PCs, Workstations, Small Server, POS Systems, Critical Electronic Devices. Features: Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability ; Equipped with AVR to stabilize output voltage ; Wide input voltage range ; Generator Compatible ; Auto charging even though the UPS is off ; Auto restart while AC recovery ; On-battery power-on function without AC input ; RJ11 Modem/Phoneline surge protection ; Full protection against over-discharge, overcharge, overload ; USB communication ...

KT Series UPS (Long Backup Time)
1) AC input: 220V AC &lusmn;20%, 50Hz ±5% ; 2) UPS output: 220V AC 50Hz ; 3) Automatic voltage rectification ; 4) Multi-functional protection: short circuit, low battery protection, and warning ; 5) Long backup with nonstop power supply system ; 6) Built-in CPU & Software ; 7) Outage Switching Time: =<4ms (Synchronization with AC) ; 8) Alarm: Buzzer, LED

Fax UPS is an automatic power supply that provides hours of power to fax machines during power failures. On stand-by mode when fax machine is not in use (stand-by light flashes to indicate stand-by mode). Monitors the fax line constantly for activity. Immediately an incoming fax message is detected, it will automatically power up the fax machine. After the message has been received, it will power down the system and wait for the next incoming fax.

Offline UPS
1) Latest power components to ensure high stability ; 2) Wide input range: 160 - 280V ; 3) Full AVR ; 3) Double-sided PCB design ; 4) Compatible with various generator inputs ; 5) Restarts automatically after failure when main power recovers ; 6) Recharges battery automatically as soon as being connected to main power without starting UPS ; 7) Advanced float charging method prolongs user life of battery ; 8) Cold start available ; 9) Supports UPS start without battery ; 10) Multi-function ...

Back-Up UPS
This uninterruptible power system (UPS) is designed for microcomputers. Our UPS is reliable, uses advanced technology, and has a compact size. It supplies stable AC electric power when the external power supply is normal. It backs up a 220V high-speed electric power supply when external power fails or is abnormal. Our UPS also regularizes and purifies the supplied power when external interferences happen. As a result, it enables you to protect computer software and data.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
1) Model: PCN-V2000 ; 2) Input voltage: AC145-280V ; 3) Stable of input voltage: AC150-280V(AC160-270V) ; 4) Output voltage: AC220V ; 5) Output power: 2000VA/1200W ; 6) Power factor: 0.6 ; 7) Frequency: 50/60Hz ; 8) Battery: 12V/7Ah x 3 ; 9) Environment humidity: 10%-90% ; 10) Noise: ≤45dB ; 11) Interface: RS232, RJ11, software (optional) ; 12) Product dimension: 420 x 147 x 220mm

UPS V8 Series
1) Controlled by microprocessor and adopt figure direct driving technology to improve greatly the precision for the UPS self-test, detecting and action ; 2) Adopt the frequency conversion technology for the first time to ensure startup and conversion perfect safety every time ; 3) V8 series adopts the mode of intelligent charge and intelligent management for the battery that has been adopted universally by the on-line UPS with medium, big power so that it can avoid the battery floating ...

1) Online working mode ; 2) Intelligent RS232 communications function ; 3) High input power factor ; 4) Minimized size ; 5) High efficiency and low wear ; 6) Full-range of protective functions ; 7) Supports KELONG remote super-control apparatus and SNMP adapters

True Online High Performance UPS
1) Input PF corrected to >0.98 ; 2) Efficiency up to 92% ; 3) Static by-pass ; 4) LCD panel provides detailed information ; 5) 64 recorded event history ; 6) RS232 and dry contacts for communication and remote monitoring ; 7) Input / output customization is possible ; 8) Compatible with international standards ; 9) Remote monitoring function: equipped with an intelligent slot (SNMP slot) to allow communication among various operation systems ; 10) Alarm silencer eliminates the unnecessary ...

High Frequency UPS
1) Rated capacity: a) BH500: 500VA/300W ; b) BH1000: 1000VA/600W. 2) Input voltage: 165V-265VAC ; 3) Output voltage: 220VAC 10% (battery supply) ; 4) Output frequency: 50 0.5Hz (battery supply) ; 5) Output waveform: square wave ; 6) Battery backup time (half loaded): >=6 minutes ; 7) Battery charging time: =<10 hours ; 8) LED display: mains power supply, inverter, low battery ; 9) Output socket (national standard): a) BH500: 2 ; b) BH1000: 3. 10) Switching time: =<10ms. 11) Noise: ...

Rack Mount On-line UPS
Applications: Servers, data- centre, telecom, critical network devices, sensitive electrinic equipment. Features: true on-line double conversion technology with advanced micoprocessor control ; wide input voltage range ; zero transfer time ; protection against all types of power problems ; self test while start of the UPS ; site wiring fault warning ; on-battery power-on function ; smart rs-232 communication interface ; interigent slot available

Line Interactive UPS
1) Fully digitized microprocessor controlled ; 2) Wide input voltage and frequency window ; 3) Boost and buck AVR ; 4) Short circuit and overload protection ; Lightning and surge protection ; 5) Automatically charging in UPS off mode ; 6) Automatically self-detection when startup ; 7) Smart RS232 communication port with monitoring software ; 8) Cold start function ; 9) SMD technology ; 10) Optional extension battery pack ; 11) Intelligent battery management ; 12) Cutoff when no load ...

Apc Symmetra 16 Kva UPS - Sy16k Uninterruptible Power
This unit includes brand new batteries in modular sybatt housings, is fully load tested, and warranted for 90 days with optional extended warranties available up to 3 years. This version of apc UPS is a modular design which allows scalable growth in 4 kva increments up to 16 kva. Included are: 4) power modules (4 kva each) ; 1) memeory power module (mim) ; 1) redundant intelligent module (rim) ; 4) sybatt battery modules (brand new batteries) ; 1) cabinet expandable to 16 kva ; 1) snmp card

UPS Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: Short Circuit ; Weight: 6.3kgs ; Output Voltage: 220v ; Type: Standby ; Application: Computer ; UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply): This kind of interrupted power supply use the highest technique of power supply manufacture. It is special for the computer in the office. It has much advantage such as smartfull functionhigh efficiency and so on. Service Occasions Computers, test equipment, lighting systems, safety alarm systems, X-ray systems, ...
Company: Zhejiang Honle Electric Co., Ltd.    China

85w Solar Flood Light
85W Solar Flood Light Specification: Phase: Three Phase ; Protection: Lightning ; Type: Standby ; Application: Computer ; Energy: Saving ; After-sale Service: Good ; Environment: Friendly ; Color: as request ; IP: 67 ; Application: street road highway ; Certificate: CE ISO RoHS ; solar flood light Features: 1. Illumination time is dusk to dawn and is fully automated via a photocell (light sensor). 2. The innovative and latest technology is employed to ensure optimum reliability and ...
Company: Tianjin Chenhui Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Electrical Equipment Supply
electrical equipment supply Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: Short Circuit ; Weight: 120g ; Output Voltage: 5v~24V ; Type: Standby ; Application: Security / Monitoring / Alarm ; white: black ; Product Highlights 1. Light weight, Smart and use of convenience 2. high Reliability and stable of Adapter 3. Built-in OVP OCP and SCP 4. Universal input voltage aI/P100-240VAC50/60Hz 5. Environment operating temperature 0-40, 6.Operating relative Humidity :5%-90%RH 7. storage ...
Company: Shenzhen Mountpower Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Low Frequency
low frequency EI-28 transformer Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: Lightning ; Weight: 0.4Kg ; Output Voltage: 1-20V ; Type: Standby ; Application: Security / Monitoring / Alarm ; power: 0.4-50W ; certificated: CE FCC UL ; I/P voltage: 100-240V ; O/P voltage: 0.4-20V ; Transformer: I/P: 100-240VAC 60Hz O/P 1-18V Frequency: 47-63Hz Power: 0.4-50W Application : our transformer are use very versatile and generally are used for home appliance, such as TV,air-condition, ...
Company: Shenzhen Eternal Greater Electronics Company    China

20w Waterproof Power Supply For Led
20W waterproof Power supply for LED Specification: Output Voltage: 12V ; Output Power: 20Watts ; Input Voltage: AC 110-240V ; Output Frequency: 0 ; Output Current: 1.6 ; High reliability Universal AC input / full range Approvals: ETS/EMC/ CE 100% full load burn-in test Protections: overload/over voltage/short circuit 1 year warranty Dimension 147 x 27 x 24(mm) IP:67 AC input voltage range ................... 170~250VAC Input frequency .............................. 47~63Hz ...
Company: RightLEDs Co., Ltd.    China

Online Ups
Online UPS Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: Other ; Output Voltage: 220VAC ; Application: Other ; Certification: CE,ISO9001 ; UPS Power Uninterrupted Power Supply Phase:one phase&amp; three phases Power:1KVA/2KVA~~~300KVA etc Place of Origin: China Features: 1) Microprocessor control 2) Elegant LCD status display 3) Automatic voltage regulation 4) Emergency power backup protects valuable data and computer hardware 5) Short circuit and overload protection 6) Over charge ...
Company: Zhejiang PGEPS Power Science Technology Co., Ltd.    China

0 Inverter
CV10 Inverter Specification: Phase: Three Phase ; Protection: Overvoltage ; Weight: 1000kg ; Output Voltage: 0-10KV ; Type: On-line ; Application: Computer ; Control mode: Sensorless vector control, Vector control, V/F control . Start-up Torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz (SVC); 180% of rated torque at 0Hz(VC). Accuracy of torque control is up to &plusmn;5%. . Vector control combined torque control mode for tension control. . Control precision : &plusmn;0.1%(VC); Speed regulation ...
Company: Yueqing Winston Electric Co., Ltd.    China

12v Ac/dc Power Driver
12V AC/DC power driver Specification: Output Voltage: DC 12V ; Application: LED strip light and LED sign light ; Basic Parameters Size 250*60*43mm Internal Protection IP67 Working Temperature -30 to +50 degree Working Humidity 20-99% ralative humidity Packing Size 455*285*165mm Packing Quantity 15pcs Weight 1.23kg/pcs ...
Company: Shenzhen Xinhe Lighting Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.    China

Led Display Back-up Offline Ups 1500va
LED DISPLAY BACK-UP OFFLINE UPS 1500VA Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: Overcurrent ; Output Voltage: 100/110/120/200/220/230V ; Type: Line Interactive ; Application: Computer ; Volage Waveform: Step wave ; AT Series LED Display Back-up Offline UPS &clubs; Performance 1.Microprocessor based design with true Line-interactive structure 2.Smart battery management with intelligent double stages of charging control 3.Real time auto-detection for battery condition ...
Company: Yueqing Johsun Tec Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

6000 Mah Power Bank Battery For Ipad
6000 mAh Power Bank battery for iPad Specification: Weight: 390g ; Output Voltage: 5V ; Type: portable,emergency,travel ; color: black ; certificate: CE&amp;RoHS&amp;FCC ; Battery capacity: 6000mAh ; Dimension: 261*196*24.5mm ; 6000 mAh Power Bank battery for iPad Introductions: It combines 3 products in one.It will give your iPad up to an extra 500 standby hours using it's powerful 6000mah battery, also, it acts as a protective skin for your precious iPad with its soft rubber ...
Company: Shenzhen Safeever Co., Ltd.    China

Ups Ips Alimentacion Electrica
UPS IPS alimentacion electrica Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; UPS APS IPS/uninterruptible power supply alimentaci&oacute;n el&eacute;ctrica we have three types of UPS unites. three types are for different markets. We will offer you a good energy solution for your need. We are professional exporters of Power system. Please contact us
Company: Zhejiang Ruiher Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Direct Current Power Source
GDD-2 Direct Current Power Source Specification: Phase: Single Phase ; Protection: power source ; Output Voltage: 220V ; Type: Line Interactive ; Application: electric ; Function: : Direct Current Power Source ; GDD-2 Direct Current Power Source Purpose: It is specially designed and made for GDP-1 Inclinometer and GDX-3 Inclinometer. Its output voltage can be graded and adjusted, so it is convenient, reliable and widely applicable. Excepting these two kinds of instruments, it can also be ...
Company: Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

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