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List extensive product information of Power Relay (include PC Board Relay, Thermal Relay, Time Relay, AC Voltage Relay), provided by Relay manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

JRS1-D Relay
1.Fundamental parameter of the main circuit: (a).Rated insulation voltage 660V. (b).Rated working current 25,36,93A seperately. (c).The regulatorseal of rated setting current and setting. (d).Current of the Thermal component(see list 1). 2.Auxiliary Circuit: (a).There are one pair of N/O and N/C contact with electric insulation ; (b).Rated insulation Voltage 500V ; (c).Ratd frequency 50-60Hz ; (d).Use group,rated working voltage,appoint thermal current and ratd current.
Company: Yueqing Qianji Relay Co., Ltd.    China

Thermal Relays
JRS1 series thermal relay is suitable for using in the circuits with rated voltage up to 660V, rated current of 80A (JR2893A), and rated frequency of AC 50 Hz or 60Hz for over-voltage protection of AC motor. The relay has the differential mechanism and temperature compensation and can plug in CJX2 (LC1-D) series AC contactors. This product is in accordance with the standard of GB14048.4.
Company: Yueqing Qianji Relay Co., Ltd.    China

PC Board Relay
Contact rating: 1) Contact form: 1A, 1C ; 2) Contact material: silver alloy ; 3) Max. operation current: 15A ; 4) Min. load: 10mA, DC 5V ; 5) Max. operation voltage: AC 250V / DC 30V ; 6) Max. operation power: 240VA / 240W ; 7) Rated load: a) 1A: 10A / AC 240V, 12A / AC 120V, 15A / DC 14V (TUV) ; b) 1C: 10A / AC 120V, 10A / DC 24V, 7A / AC 240V ; 8) Contact resistance: =<100mΩ. Coil rating: 1) Rated voltage: DC 3 - 48V ; 2) Nominal operation power: 0.36W / 0.45W / 0.8W ; 3) Insulation ...
Company: Yueqing Qianji Relay Co., Ltd.    China

Relay Socket, Time Relay
We can supply a wide range of Relay Socket, Time Relay from china. Time Relay: 1) Voltage: AC 24V-220V, 50Hz, DC 24V-100V ; 2) Contact: H3Y-2 ST6P-2, on-delay H3Y-4 ST6P-4 ; 3) Operation: H3Y-2 ST6P-2 time-limit operation/ self-resting.

Feeder Protection Relay
Current Protection Relay for feeder protection suitable for power utilities and industrial systems. The current protection relay (ipr-a) has been designed to measure the line and ground rms currents under normal conditions or under disturbances. The current signals are sensed throughout current transformers (ct) from each line. This information is internally processed by the microprocessor in order to take the current Protection actions defined under ANSI, iac or IEC standard. Applications: ...

Reed Relay
1) Type: Sip (SS) ; 2) Contact arrangements: 1A, 1B ; 3) Contact current: 1A ; 4) Coil voltage: 1A, 200V DC ; 5) Power consumption: 0.2 W ; 6) Life: a) Mechanical: 100,000,000 ; b) Electrical: 10,000,000

LRD Relay
1) Contact form: 1A, 1B, 1C ; 2) Rated load: a) 12A, 12V AC / 30V DC ; b) 7A, 250V AC / 30V DC ; 3) Contact resistance: = =10% ; 10) Ambient temperature: -25~+70oC ; 11) Coil and contacts: 1,500V AC/min ; 12) Contact and contacts: 1,000V AC/min ; 13) Insulation resistance: >=100MΩ ; 14) Mounting form: PCB ; 15) Weight: 10g ; 16) Outer dimensions: 18.9 x 15.5 x 15mm

Digital Time Relay
The relay adopts integrated circuit, LED digital display and digital key presetting. It features stable and reliable operation, high delay precision, wide range of time delay, low power consumption, artistic appearance, visual and simple delay adjustment, simple erection and is widely used in automatic control as delay element.

Solid State Relay
1) Small volume and dimensions ; 2) Universal fit ; 3) Safety EGIS cover ; 4) Zero current turn-off ; 5) Input loop and output loop light isolated ; 6) LED indicator (function and alarm) ; 7) Internal RC snubber

Magnetic Latching Relays
Jmx-94f: Outline: 38 x 17.2 x 30; contact form: 1a; contact load: 20a250vac/ 30a250vac/ 50a250v ; 70a250vac; dissipation: 1w; coil voltage: 5v/ 9v/ 12v/ 24v. Jmx-21f: 67x25x47, 1a, 80a220vac, dissipation: 1.6w, 3v/ 5v/ 6v/ 12v/ 24v. Jmw-1ma: 8.5x8.5x10,2c, 0.5a28vdc, dissipation: 0.3w, 3v/6v/12v/24v. Jmw-2m: 9.4x9.4x9.53,2c,1a28vdc, dissipation:0.3w, 3v/6v/12v/26.5v, gjb1042. Jmw-270m: D8.5*7.11,2c,1a28vdc, dissipation:0.3w, 6v/9v/12v/ 18v/ 27v, gjb1042.

JJR1-S Thermal Overload Relay
1) Power: three-phase 380V±15% 50Hz ; 2) Motor: three-phase AC asynchronous motor ; 3) Environmental temperature: -0 ~ 40°C ; 4) Relative humidity: max. 90% (20°C) ; 5) Start frequency: <15 times/hour

Thermal Overload Relay
This series of thermal relay can be used in the circuit of 50Hz or 60Hz, rated insulation voltage 660V, rated current 0.1-93A for protecting the phase break when the electric motor is overload. The relay has different mechanism and temperature compensation and can be plugged in LC1-D series AC contactor. At present, it is the most advanced thermal relay in the world. Features: 1) Fundamental parameter of the main circuit ; a) Rated insulation voltage 660V ; b) Rated working current 25, 36, ...

General Relays
1) Widely suitable for DC or AC circuit switching in various automation devices, process control and communication devices, process control and communication equipment. 2) Stable performance, high reliability, capable of making and breaking relatively large load currents, easy to maintain and inspect. 3) The plug-in base of the relay is suitable for using with standard 8 and 11 pins socket

Miniature General Purpose Relay
1) Life-span: more than 100 million operations ; 2) DC coils: 115V ; 3) Dry circuit contacts: 2 Amp, 3 Amp, 7.5Amp ; 4) Rugged construction for high reliability ; 5) Printed circuit or solder/plug-in terminals ; 6) Sealed type available (2/4 poles)

Signal Power and Automotive Relays
Features: 1) High switching power, low cost, high performance. 2) Single and double contact types offer switching capacity of 40A. 3) Automobile alarm/security system relays. Specifications: 1) Contact arrangement: 1A, 1C, 2A. 2) Contact material: silver alloy. 3) Contact resistance (6V 1A): 50mΩ (max.). 4) Nominal switching capacity: 20/30A 14VDC. 5) Max. switching current: 30A. 6) Max. switching voltage: 75VDC. 6) Max. switching power: 560W. 7) Expected life (min. ope) mechanical at ...

Auto Relay
BF-200201 Electromechanical Relays w/ Contact Load Capacity up to 80A. Contact Form:1C/1A ; Contact Material: AgSn02 ; Rated Switching Current:40A 14VDC(1A) ; 30A14VDC(1C) ; Max. Switching ; Voltage:75VDC ; Max switching current:40A ; Rated switching power:560W (1A) 420W(1C) ; Min. Switching Current & Voltage: Contact Resistance (Initial) M ohm at 6VDC 1A:50 ; Coil Voltage:6-24VDC ; Coil Power Consumption (mW):1.6W.

Counter Relay THJ-A
1) Outline dimension: 70 x 90 x 132mm ; 2) Counting range: 1-999999 ; 3) Counting mode: up/down count, random up/down count ; 4) Input signal: contact input or pulse voltage input ; 5) Counting velocity: low speed: 30cps, high speed: 2000cps ; 6) Contact: preset control contact: 1C, advancing amount of control contact: 1C ; 7) Contact capacity: AC2205V (Resistance) ; 8) Power cut maintained: 5 years ; 9) Operating: AC24V, 36V, 110V, 127V, 220V, 380V50HZ,DC24V ; 10) Fixing mode: flush mounting

Power Relay
1) Suitable for AC and DC circuit switching and process ; 2) Control of various automatic devices, communication equipment, etc.

Thermal Relay 3UA
1) Suitable for using in power system with AC 50Hz, rate operation voltage up to 660V and 1,000V, in main circuit, current from 0.1A to 630A. It is used to protect AC three-phase asynchronous motor against overload and open-phase. 2) The current setting value can be regulated and the setting current values of many thermal elements are intercrossing overlapping arrangement, for easy selecting by customers from -25°C to 55°C air temperature as the products have temperature compensating. 3) ...

SMB Automotive Relay
1) Contact form: 2a, 2b, 2c ; 2) Rated load: 5A - 250V AC / 28V DC ; 3) Contact resistance: ≤50m (Ohm) ; 4) Electrical life: 100,000hours ; 5) Mechanical life: 10,000,000hours ; 6) Coil rated voltage: 3 - 110V DC, 5 - 220V AC ; 7) Coil power: 0.9W, 1.2W, 1.2V AC ; 8) Coil pick-up voltage: ≤75%, ≤80% ; 9) Coil drop-out voltage: ≥15%, ≥30% ; 10) Ambient temperature: -25 - 70°C ; 11) Coil and contacts: 1,500V AC/min ; 12) Contact and contacts: 1,000V AC/min ; 13) Insulation ...

AC Voltage Relay
1) SVR power monitor is a new type high-tech patented product employing digital integrated circuit of large scale ; 2) It is mainly applied in the circuit with AC being 50/60Hz and rated voltage being below 250V, and is to provide relay protection for single-phase electromotor of over-high voltage and over-low voltage ; 3) It is surely a good partner with which electromotor can work in great safety

Three Phase Solid State Relay
The TAECL three phase solid state relay is the direct replacement of electromechnical contractors with all the advantages of electronic control. The new generation technology, FUSED COPPER PROCESS is adopted for better thermal performance translating into cooler running devices with the added life and reliability for internal components. All SSRs are equipped with 4 KV optocouplers. Triacs are used for 16 A, 25 A and 40 A with reverse blocking voltage 1000 V. While for higher current in the ...

Relay And Series Products
Our company mainly produces series products, such as, small type electromagnetic relay. Super time relay, water level control, wiring board, electric protector, carbon brush and button swish, etc.

Relays Specification: Theory: Voltage Relay ; Usage: Auto ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: Low Power ; Features: 1) Types: MY2, MY3, MY4 2) Contact capacity: 5A, 250V AC 3) Coil voltage: 6 - 220V DC, 6 - 380V AC 4) Coil power: a) DC: &le;0.9W b) AC: &le;1.2VA 5) Pick-up: a) DC: &le;75% b) AC: &le;80% 6) Drop-out: a) DC: &ge;10% b) AC: &ge;30% 7) Electrical life: 100,000 times 8) Mechanical life: 10,000,000 times 9) Operating ...
Company: Yueqingshi Switchtec Co., Ltd.    China

Korea Thermal Car Relay Protector
Korea Thermal car relay protector Specification: Theory: Thermal Relay ; Usage: General Purpose ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Epoxy ; Contact Load: Low Power ; COLOR: ALL ; - Thermal relay protector, sensor thermal protection, thermal overload protection, Korea Thermal car relay protector, bimetal thermal protector MAIN CHARACTERISTICS - 1. Small &amp; compact design 2. Normally closed contact 3. Quick response sensitivity on current &amp; temperature 4. Excellent ...
Company: ESTECH CO LTD    South Korea

Relay Socket
PF083A-E relay socket Specification: Theory: Electromagnetic Relay ; Usage: General Purpose ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: Low Power ; usaged: general purpose ; size: mini ; PF083A-E Relay Socket 1.sockets for MY/LY/MK series relay 2.factory supply, lowest price with good quality 3.CE
Company: Wenzhou Xinglin Electrical Fittings Factory    China

Shanghai Delixi Time Delay Relay
Shanghai DELIXI Time delay Relay Specification: Theory: Time Relay ; Usage: Protective ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: Low Power ; 1)JS7 series Time Relay 2)Type no.: JS7-1A/JST-2A/JS7-3A/JS7-4A/JS7-5A3)AC50HZ, 24/36/110/127/220/380V Application: 1, JS7 air time relay is mainly used for AC 50HZ, rated working voltage up to 380V circuit, typically used in automatic or semi-automatic control system, the scheduled time using the control element is the action; ...
Company: Shanghai Delixi Switchgear Co., Ltd.    China

Pcb Relay Socket Pt08
pcb Relay socket PT08 Specification: Theory: Voltage Relay ; Usage: General Purpose ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: Low Power ; rated voltage: 300VAC Rated current: 10A Insulation voltage:&gt;=3KV Socket material: flame retardance-PA66+GF(V1/V0) contacts spring material: QSn6.5 -0.1 hold down spring (on request):plastic module: No
Company: Yueqing Haboo Automation Co., Ltd.    China

SSR Specification: Theory: Solid State Relay ; Usage: Auto ; Size: 62.0LX45WX23.5Hmm ; Protect Feature: Epoxy ; Contact Load: Low Power ; Model:SSR40LA 1.Dimension:62.0LX45WX23.5Hmm 2.Load Voltage:90-480VAC 3.Load Current:10A,25A,40A,60A,75A,90A Specification: Load Voltage:90-480VAC Load Current:10A,25A,40A, 60A,75A,90A Control Voltage:90~250VAC Control Current:AC:12mA On Voltage:&le;1.5VAC Off Leakage Current&le;2mA On-off Time:&le;10mS ...
Company: Xiamen Teshow Co., Ltd.    China

Digital Display Time Relay -2z
Digital Display Time Relay DH48S-2Z Specification: Theory: Time Relay ; Usage: Auto ; Size: NORMAL ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: NORMAL ; Time Relay: DH48S ; Specification Item Digital display time relay Model DH48S-1Z/DH48S-2Z Operating power AC24v, 220V, 380V 50HZ,DC24V Pole size 45*45mm Contact capacity 5A AC220V (Resistance) Contact form JSS48A :DPDT with reset and pause function DH48S:SPDT with reset and pause function ...
Company: Zhejiang Ruiher Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

timer Specification: Theory: Other ; Usage: General Purpose ; Size: Subminiature ; Protect Feature: Sealed ; Contact Load: Low Power ; timer: HEIGHT ; TIMER RELAY (SUL181h) Extermal Dimension(mm):110*52.5*66.5 Votage:AC110V/DC230V Contact :16A 230VAC Operation:30ms/ time48times Timing Range: 24H
Company: Yueqing Height Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Relay Specification: Theory: Electromagnetic Relay ; Usage: Telecommunication ; Size: Miniature ; Protect Feature: Epoxy ; Contact Load: Low Power ; color: black ; Relay 1.Application MY,LY general relay is widely suitable for DC or AC circuit switching in various automation devices,process control and communication equipments etc. It has characteristic of stable performance,high reliability,capable of making and breaking relatively large load current,easy in maintenance and inspection as ...
Company: Wenzhou Fullwill Electric Co., Ltd.    China

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