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List extensive product information of Resistors (include Fixed Resistor, Variable Resistor, Thermal Resistor), provided by Resistor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ntc Thermistors
Ntc Thermistors Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Other ; Package Type: Other ; Ntc Thermistors Specifications: 1.Radial leads resin coating type. 2.Small bulk,high power 3.Strong limiting of surge current,quick response 4.long life Application 1.Ntc Thermistors are used for limiting the surge current in the power supply ,ballast etc. 2.Ntc Thermistors for limiting inrush current in the heating loop of the CRT of the color TV/Monitor,heater,filament etc. Specifcation: ...
Company: Changzhou Anyway International Co., Ltd.    China

Power Resistor Unit
Power Resistor Unit Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Alloy ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 1 ohm ~ 1k ohm ; Resistance Tolerance: ±5% ; Rated Power: 20KW - 200KW ; Temperature Coefficient: -60℃ ~ +160℃ ; Operating Temperature: <80℃ ; PRU series is resistor cabinet that is made up of Wire Wound Resistors and can be applied to the power loss braking circuits for inverters of braking equipment, testing equipment,elevator and crane with ...
Company: Ningbo Pecaf Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Photoconductive Cds
Mini Photoconductive CDS GL7528 Specification: Type: Photoresistor ; Ambient Temperature Range: 30+70 ; CDS PHOTOCONDUCTIVE CELLS GL7528 Parameter: * Light Resistance at 10Lux (at 25): 1020KΩ * Gamma Value at 10-100Lux:- 0.75 * Dark Resistance at 0 Lux:-- 2.0MΩ(min) * Power Dissipation(at 25) 150mw * Max Voltage (at 25)-- 150V DC or AC * Spectral Response peak (at 25)-- 560nm * Ambient Temperature Range:-- 30+70 Instruction: * Light Resistance: Measured at 10 Lux ...
Company: Nanyang City Srate Optical Instrument Manufactory    China

Axial Gt Type Thermistor
Axial GT type Thermistor Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Ceramic Composition ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 1-500KΩ ; Resistance Tolerance: 3% ; Temperature Coefficient: from-2 to -6 ; Operating Temperature: from-60℃ to 300℃ ; NTC thermistor: NTC temperature thermistor ; Feature 1, Work temperature :-60oC—300oC, high temperature/humidity enviroment, high relaibility. 2, High sensitivity: in still air, the max T.C is 5 senconds. 3, ...
Company: Wuhan Huagong Xingaoli Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Dx Anticorrosive Thermal Resistance
DX anticorrosive thermal resistance Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Carbon Film ; Package Type: Other ; anticorrosive: carbon steel ; 1/ Application: Using new anti-corrosive materials,and covered PTFE F46,suitable for measure various kinds of anti-corrosive medium in oil industry,and it's the special meter for chlor-alkali industry. 2/ Technical parameter: Electrical exit:M20x1.5,NPTI1/2 Reacting time: <8s Anti-proof grade:IP65 Anti-explode ...
Company: Xian Ding Xing Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Power Resistors
Power Resistors Specification: Resistance tolerance: ±0.5 to 3% Bleeder design upon customer's request Different sizes are available Maximum voltage applied when the resistor is used in silicone oil or sealed with epoxy resin Resistance (R), voltage (E) and power (P) are determined by E Operating temperature: -50 to +125 degrees C Resistance range: 0.5 Ohms to 2K Ohms Power: 3 to 100W Structure and installation can be designed per customer's demand
Company: China National Electronics Imp. & Exp. Shaanxi Co., Ltd.    China

Carbon Film Resistors Of 1/16 To 3w And 0.1 To 10 Mohms Resistance Range
Carbon Film Resistors of 1/16 to 3W and 0.1 to 10 Mohms Resistance Range Specification: Type: Fuse Resistor ; Technology: Carbon Film ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 0.1-100m ; Resistance Tolerance: 1% ; Rated Power: 1/16 - 3W ; Temperature Coefficient: -35 -155 ; Operating Temperature: 25 ; Carbon film resistors-CR series: Exceptional long-term stability Exceeds carbon comp MIL-R-11 performance Standard tolerance: +/-1%, +/-5% Packing: bulk, strip pack, 26mm and 52mm tape and ...

RL2512FK-070R1L Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Thick Film ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 0.1ohm ; Resistance Tolerance: ± 1% ; Rated Power: 1W ; Temperature Coefficient: ± 600ppm/°C ; Description RESISTOR, 2512, 1%, 0R1 Resistance:0.1ohm Resistance Tolerance:± 1% Power Rating:1W Series:RL Temperature Coefficient:± 600ppm/°C Resistor Element Material:Thick Film Resistor Case Style:2512 ...

resistor Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; RYC cement fixed resistors were high powers, lower temperature coefficient, preventing humidity and oxidation They were provided with the characters of heat stabilization, high power, strong overloading and have been working for a long time They were adapt to the pulse circuitry of AC and DC
Company: Wuxi Everbright Co., Ltd.    China

Zinc Oxide Varistor
zinc oxide varistor Specification: Type: Varistor ; Package Type: Other ; Zinc oxide varister block electric performance Model No. specification Voltage at DC 1mA (KV) Lightning impulse residual voltage (Less than) 2mS rectangular impulse current capacity A U 5KA U 10KA High voltage D3 5.3 9.3 / 150 D4 5.1 8.8 / 200 4.1 7.1 / D5 5.0 8.4 8.9 400 4.8 7.9 8.5 4.2 6.9 7.5 D5.5 4.7 7.6 8.2 500 ...
Company: Zhejiang Leitai Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Thermoelectric Module
Thermoelectric Module Specification: Certification: ISO9001, RoHS ; Features: Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 6.8mm Small and lightweight Free choice of configuration Since there are no moving parts, there is no vibration or noisy With only a power cord, it is easy to handle border=0>
Company: Qinhuangdao Fulianjing Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

RXLG Resistor Specification: Rated Power Range: 60W~2000W Rated Voltage Range: 0.5KV-2KV Resistance Voltage: AC2.5KV-4KV/1min 50Hz optional IP class: IP33-IP544 Vibration: 1.5g Rated Temperature Rise: 375°C Temperature Drift: 40~400ppm Resistance optional Advantage: Ambient operating condition Packing: paper box packing Material: 0Cr25AL5/Ni80Cr20
Company: Shanghai Eagtop Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Heating Resistor/fan Blower Resistor
Heating resistor/fan blower resistor Specification: Type: Other ; Technology: Metal Alloy ; AUTO RESISTOR: FAN ; Blower resistor for Hyundai Aluminum parts to make the heat to the air inside of the plastic base that is Electronic components to control the fan blower speed
Company: Zhejiang Yili Automobile Air Condition Co., Ltd.    China

Ptc Thermistor
PTC thermistor Specification: Type: Photoresistor ; Package Type: Throught Hole ; Model No.: wy-hy009 ; 1. sinmple structure heater gives out constant-temperature heat and not need any additional temperature applications. 2. safety 3. give out heat continuously and keep stady power 4. be used in a large range of voltage This product usually be used for hair permanent clamp ,hair curler,face sauna,heat preservation plate,electric mosquito killer,physical therapy apparatus,hot melt glue gun
Company: Xiamen Weiyu Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Sanyu Bellows Power Fixed Resistor
Sanyu Bellows Power Fixed Resistor Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: bellows ; Package Type: carton box ; Resistance: 1ohms - 1000ohms ; Resistance Tolerance: ±5% - ±10% ; Rated Power: 60W - 2000W ; Temperature Coefficient: 375 ; voltage range: 0.5KV-10KV ; IP: 00 ; drift: 80-400ppm /degrees ; Fluid contained material: 0Cr25AL5/Ni80Cr20 opt. ;
Company: Shanghai Sanyu Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Home Cinema Led Video Projector
Home Cinema LED Video Projector HP-056VGA-LED Specification: Type: Other ; Home Cinema LED Video Projector HP-056VGA-LED Technical Specifications: •Resolution: native 640x480 VGA •Contrast: 500:1 •Projection System: 5"polysilicon TFT LCD •Compatibility: support 1080i/720P/576P/480P/576i/480i signals •Projection methods: Front/Rear/Ceiling/Rear Ceiling •Input: HDMI, YPrPb/YCbCr, AV, S-VIDEO, VGA •Ration: 4:3 ...

Current Sensing Resistor
CURRENT SENSING RESISTOR Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Film ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 2mohm-1ohm ; Resistance Tolerance: 1%, 2%, 5% ; Feature: Thin Film Process Resistance Values from 2mΩ to 1Ω Very Tight Tolerance from +/-1% to +/-5% Extremely Low TCR from +/-200 PPM/°C to ±50PPM/°C. High Purity Alumina Substrate for High Power Dissipation RoHs Requirements with Pb-free Terminations. Application: ...
Company: Shenzhen Harley Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Ntc/ Ptc
NTC/ PTC Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Ceramic Composition ; Package Type: Throught Hole ; Resistance: 60ohm ; Rated Power: 0.8A ; Temperature Coefficient: 11 degrees ; Operating Temperature: -55 ~ +200℃ ; Payment Methods 1: Western Union and Bank transfer only. If you have any questions regarding our payment terms please Fast shipping 1>.We will make the shipment within three days after received the payment. 2>.Normally, we advise to ship the goodfs ...

Phd High Power Wire-wound Resistors
PHD High Power Wire-wound Resistors Specification: Type: High Power Ceramic Resistors ; Technology: Ceramic Composition ; Package Type: Throught Hole ; Resistance: 5.1Ω-3.3KΩ ; Operating Temperature: -55℃-+155℃ ; Certificate: CE, RoHS, CCC, ISO9000 ; Features Standard resistance tolerance:±5%(J grade)±10%(K grade): We can according to needs to provide more precision products, for example:±1%(F grade)±2%(G grade) ...
Company: Kelma Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Multi-valued Resistors
ZX-21Multi-valued Resistors Specification: Type: Variable Resistor ; Technology: Metal Alloy ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: from 0.1 ohm to 100k ohm ; Resistance Tolerance: only 0.1% ; Operating Temperature: from 0 to 40C ; Multi-valued resistors for the DC Circuit specifically for precision adjustment resistors used, with low residual resistance, factories, schools and research units of the essential electrical laboratory equipment. Multi-value resistors can be used as ...
Company: Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Chip Resistor Of Axial, Radial And Network Types
Chip Resistor of Axial, Radial and Network Types Specification: Type: Axial, chip, radial and network Series: Carbon film, fusible, metal film, metal oxide, wire wound, wire wound cement, etc. Watt: 1/16W, 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W to 10W Size: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010, 2512, 4x2MM, 6x2MM, 9x3MM, etc. Resistance range: 1 ohm to 10M ohm Tolerance: +/-1% to +/-5% Brand: AVX-kyocera, CDT, ROHM, Samsung, TY-OHM, etc.

Mf72-15d-7 Thermal Resistor
MF72-15D-7 thermal resistor Specification: MF72-15D-7 thermal resistor Superb technology(HK)international Co.,Limted trading here, exporting Chip with good quality and low price in China. Remark:new&original, Payment Terms: T/T in advance / Western Union / Escrow/Paypal Shipment:DHL/ FedEx / UPS / EMS
Company: WINNER TECH DEV LTD    China

Cement Resistor-sqa
Cement Resistor-SQA Specification: Type: Variable Resistor ; Technology: Cermet ; Package Type: Bulk ; Resistance: 5W ; Resistance Tolerance: 5% ; 1. Stable long life. 2. Low inductance. 3. Can be produce according to customer's request. 4. Compact type with safety design of non-flammability and insulation. 5. Application for aroma diffuser heater. Characteristics: Characteristics: Item Spec Remarks Load life under high temperature ±5% Rated voltage at ...

Film Resistor
Film Resistor Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Oxide ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; We can supply: RJ SERIES METAL FILM RESISTOR,RY SERIES METAL OXIDE FILM RESISTOR,RT SERIES CARBON FILM RESISTOR. if any demands, pls send us your details.
Company: Shaoxing Zhongxin Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.    China

Film Wrapped Ntc Thermistor
Film wrapped NTC Thermistor Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Thin Film ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; INTRODUCTION: TJD seires are insulation film wrapped NTC Thermistor, developed with innovative technique, designed for the purpose of temperature detection, control and compensation of electirc and electronic products. PRODUCT SIZE (L.): 18mm; 25mm; 50mm; 75mm APPLICATION: Computer; Printer; Home Electric Applicance and so on. FEATURES: 1. Suitable for narrow space; ...
Company: Guangdong Tonze Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Metal Oxide Film Resistor
Metal Oxide Film Resistor Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Film ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance Tolerance: 5% ; Rated Power: 1/6W,1/4W,1/2W,1W,2W,3W ; Metal Oxide Flim Resistor : Small size & standard size Type: Axial lead type, L type, Taping type. Metal Oxide Film Resistor 1. Flameproof and insulating coating designed to assure safe suage. 2. Resistor elements have stable characteristics due to thermally and chemically stable materials used ...
Company: Yancheng Hyde Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

2010 Resistor For Renault 7701033535
2010 Resistor for Renault 7701033535 Specification: Item: Resistor 1. 25 years for manufacturing auto parts; 2. 20,000pcs/month; 3. ISO 9001. Car model OEM Renault 7701033535 Introduction: We're Wenzhou Hoya Imp.& Exp. Trading Co.,Ltd. Our products covermore than 15,000 categories and correspond to over 40,000 OEM numbers,which are classified into 9 major systems with more than 80 series. If you are interested in any of our articles,please let us know. ...
Company: Wenzhou Hoya Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Rohs,ceramic/cement Power Resistors
RoHS,Ceramic/Cement Power Resistors Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Wirewound ; Package Type: Throught Hole ; Resistance: 0.01ohm-100Kohm ; Resistance Tolerance: ±1%,±2%±5% ; Rated Power: 1W-40W ; Temperature Coefficient: ±350PPM/℃ ; Operating Temperature: -55℃-+275℃ ; Ceramic Encased Resistors 1.OEM 2.ISO9001:2008&RoHS 3.Suitable for printed circuit board 4.Completely insulated resistor
Company: Shenzhen KHX Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Zinc Oxide Varistor
Zinc Oxide varistor Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Alloy ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Zinc Oxide varistor: Zinc Oxide varistor ; Excellent non-linear characteristics Full face metalized electrodes Meets IEC and ANSI standards 100% production tested ISO 9001 certified factory Available in ratings (Ur) of 1kV,1.5kV,3 kV, 4.0 kV,4.5 All ratings available in 5 kA and 10 kA (IEC Class 1) disks Different design is available,we can producing MOV disks according to ...
Company: Yueqing Moller Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.    China

PTC Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Ceramic Composition ; Package Type: Other ; Resistance: customized ; Rated Power: customized ; Temperature Coefficient: PTC ; Operating Temperature: customized ; color: customized ; PTC heating element with Aluminum housing Spec 1. Automatic temperature control 2.HI-pot test 2500V/5mA/2s ,no brand and flash 3.220VAC is inputted between two wire for 45 seconds ,and there is no brand and flash 4.Wire tensile strength 2KG for 10 seconds ...
Company: Shenzhen Sharing Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Ptc Thermistors Used For Deguassing In Crt Of Color Tv/monitor
ptc thermistors used for deguassing in CRT of Color TV/Monitor Specification: Type: Thermal Resistor ; Technology: Ceramic Composition ; Package Type: Throught Hole ; Resistance Tolerance: M,V.X ; Temperature Coefficient: ptc ; Operating Temperature: 105 ; WMZ71/72/73 Series Degaussing PTC Thermistors are specially designed for applications in automatic degaussing circuits of color TV’s and Monitors etc. With the characteristics of low residual current and well reliability. The ...
Company: Shenzhen Weilin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Led Resistor,led Load Resistance
LED Resistor,led load resistance Specification: Type: Fixed Resistor ; Technology: Metal Alloy ; Package Type: Surface Mount ; Resistance: 1~1000 ; Resistance Tolerance: ≤±1 ; Rated Power: 1~50W ; LED Resistor,led load resistors,led load resistance LED Resistor,led load resistors,led load resistance for car,1~50w all can be made,china led resistor factory we can design any led resistors for customers. 1.Product Model:50W 6ΩJ LED Load Resistors,Technology:Metal ...
Company: Guangzhou An Xing Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.    China

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