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List extensive product information of Semiconductors, provided by Semiconductor manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hybrid Modules
1) Electrical isolation between chips and substrate, 2500V AC ; 2) International standard encapsulation ; 3) Full press-fit construction, superior temperature characteristics and power circulation capability ; 4) Air-cooling for all modules 400A below, both air-cooling and water-cooling for modules 500A above ; 5) Simple assemble, easy to use and maintain ; 6) Small size, light weight ; 7) For use on: a) DC power for instruments ; b) Industrial heating controlling ; c) Various rectifying ...

Audio Amplifier Transistors
The package contains the following types: Polarity: 1) PNP: 2SA1215, 2SA1216, 2SA1295, 2SA1494 ; 2) NPN: 2SC2921, 2SC2922, 2SC3264, 2SC3858.
Company: Zhejiang Sifang Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Acoustics Paired Transistor, Switch Transistor
We can supply acoustics paired transistors from china. Also supply 1300 Series Switch Transistor.
Company: Zhejiang Sifang Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Zener Diode BZM55C Series
Power: 0.5W ; Vz tolerance: +/- 5% ; Vz range from 2.0V to 75V ; High reliability ; Saving space ; Fits onto SOD 323/SOT 23 footprints
Company: Zhejiang Sifang Electron Co., Ltd.    China

High Voltage Television Transistors
The package contains the following types: 2SD1425, 2SD1426, 2SD1427, 2SD1428, 2SD1429, 2SD1430, 2SD1431, 2SD1432

Multi Crystals
Various specifications , for instance:100mm 200mm 150mm 125mm, Various kinds of thickness and various kinds of resistivity , can make according to customer's request.

Three Color LED Lamp
1) Chip material: AlGanP ON GaAs ; 2) Chip emission color: super red ; 3) Chip wave length: 640nm ; 4) Lens color: water clear ; 5) VF (V): Type 1.7, Max. 2 ; 6) IV (MCD): Min. 35, Type 45

Phase Control Thyristors / Rectifier
Center amplifying gate ; Compression bonded encapsulation for heavy dutyoperations such as severe thermal cycling ; High surge current capabilitytypical applications DC motor controls ; Controlled DC power supplies ; Synchronous motor excitation ; AC controllers.

Cr171 Semiconductor
Clock radio with LED display and night light. analogue tuning am/fm; wake up by radio/buzzer; single alarm; wire FM antenna; modern flat design; night light feature.

3mm or 5mm Led
1) Long life: 100,000hrs (10+ yrs) ; 2) Low consumption (power saving) ; 3) Compact size ; 4) Available colors: red, orange, with yellow, green, with blue, white ; 5) High brightness ; 6) Easy maintenance ; 7) Suitable for such use as a spot lamp, wall lamp, project lamp, ground corner lamp, underground lamp and crystal spot lamp ; 8) 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm, different color, different brightness from 200MCD to 20,000MCD with different view angle from 15 degree to 60 degree ; 9) Diffused or ...

Tes1--series includes mini type and multistage Units ; Package: Outer package: Corrugated export case ; Inter package: Hard foam case ; Quantity to each type) ; Outer size:52*29*33cm ; Mark: To C/mo.

5mm UV LED 370-410nm
4.5mW, super high bright, suitable for sterilizing bacteria, virus and money checking. 40-60mcd

3mm Round Type
1) Chip material: ALGalnP ; 2) Chip emission color: ultra bright red ; 3) Chip wave length: 643nm ; 4) Lens color: water clear ; 5) VF (V): Type 2, Max. 2.5 ; 6) IV (mcd): Min. 950, Type 1750

Infrared Emitting Diodes
1) Peak emission wavelength: about 940nm ; 2) Viewing angle: 15-30 degrees ; 3) 3mm round resin mold type ; 4) High reliability ; 5) Narrow irradiance pattern ; 6) Variety of power ranges ; 7) Small package size for space limited applications ; 8) Chip material: GaAIAs

Zener Diodes
Zener Diodes ( BZX55C Series ): 1) Power dissipation: 0.5w ; 2) Normal tolerance: ±5% ; 3) Package: DO-35 / MINI MELF

Module, Diode, Thyristor
We have exported SCR/DIODE modules to Korea and Japan since 1996 and have exported capacitors to Korea and Germany

Bi-Color LED Lamp
1) Chip material: GaP/Gap ; 2) Chip emission color: Yellow Green ; 3) Chip wave length: 572nm ; 4) Lens Color: White DIFF ; 5) VF (V): Type 2.1, Max. 2.5 ; 6) IV (MCD): Min. 15, Type 20

Silicon Carbide Rod
SCR series products are divided into eight types which include several thousand patterns: identical diameter rod, unequal diameter rod, gun type rod, three ends rod, U type rod, five sections rod, thread type rod, slot type rod etc.

Switch Transistors
Switch Transistors for Energy-Saving Lamp Ballasts. The package contains the following types: 13001T, 13002, 13003T, 13003.

Ir Ti St Vishay Ns Mic Fairchild Maxim On Astec Molex
Semiconductor: Adi agilent technologies altera AMD cypress. semiconductor fairchild semiconductor freescale semiconductor imagic technologies intel semiconductor international rectifier intersil issi linear technology lsi logic micrel microchip micron national semiconductor On semiconductor philips semiconductors rda microelectronics sharp solomon systech spansion. Stmicroelectronics texas instrument toshiba Vishay intertechnology. Passive/electro-mechanical. Astec power avx beckman(bi) ...

Sell STMicroelectronics components
Pphitop is on STMicroelectronics components in long term as well as in stock. Some of the detail ST parts as following for your reference: 1. STEVAL-ILH001V1 2. STEVAL-IPE002V1 3. STF715 4. STF817A 5. STM1815SWX7F 6. STM811MW16F 7. STP08C596B1 8. STP11NK50ZFP 9. STP12PF06 10. STP14NF10 11. STP30NF10 12. STP4N150 13. STP55NF06 14. STP5NK60ZFP 15. STP60NF06 16. STP6NK60ZFP 17. STP75NF75 18. STP7NK80Z 19. STP80NF10 20. STP80NF55-08 21. STPM01FTR 22. STPS140A 23. ...
Product Group: Semiconductor Components
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

National semiconductor component
Sell National semiconductor component, part number: LM3670MF-ADJTR, National Semiconductor LM4674SQ, National Semiconductor LMV358MX, National Semiconductor LMV934MTX in stock as well as with lead time.
Product Group: Semiconductor Components
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

Quartz Crystal Resonators 3225SMD ( SMD series)
Quartz Crystal Resonators 3225SMD ( SMD series) Item:SMD3225/ SMD4025/ SMD5032/ SMD6035/SMD7050 Features: Resistance welding;Low power;High stability;Wide frequency range General Specification: Nominal frequency 12.000~54.000MHz Frequency tolerance(at 25c) +/-10ppm,+/-20ppm,+/-30ppm, or specify Frequency stability +/-10ppm,+/-20ppm,+/-30ppm, or specify Load capacitance Series Series, 16pf, 20pf, 30pf, 32pf, or specify Drive level 10uW(100uW max) Operating Temperature ...
Product Group: Quartz Crystal Resonators 3225SMD ( SMD Series)
Company: Asia Pacific International Co., Limited    china

Antistatic suit
Antistatic Clothes 1.Made of 3% carbon fiber,97% polyester; 2.Conductive Interval: 5mm stripe or grid; 3.Used in clearnroom Antistatic Clothes Features: 1, made of 3% carbon fiber ,97% polyester; 2,conductive Interval: 5mm stripe or grid; 3,used in cleanroom; 4, dust-free, high filter efficiency, durable and washable; 5, Style: with hood and without boot; 6, Packing: 1set/bag,40sets/ctn. Application: Electronic, micro-electronics. LCD, semiconductor, ...
Company: Xiamen Kangbao Nonwoven Products CO., LTD    China

Semiconductor Graphite
Semiconductor Graphite Specification: Density(g/cm3): 1.77-1.85 ; Shore hardness( Shore-D): 55-90 ; Flexural strength (Mpa): 45-89 ; Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/℃: 2.9-4. ; Thermal conductivity: 90-100 ; Ash content PPM: 200 ; Electric Resistivity(μΩ m): 12-15 ; Average grain size: 15-3 ; Average Pore Size: 15-10 ; For Semiconductor Graphite A great many of ultra purity graphites and SiC coated high purity graphite susceptors are required during the late ...
Company: Shanghai Maxin Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

R-plane Sapphire Wafer
R-plane Sapphire Wafer Specification: Sapphire Wafer 2" R-plane Property Specification Surface Orientation R-plane(1-102) Diameter 50.8±0.1mm Thickness 0.43±0.025mm Bow ≤10um TTV ≤5um Roughness(Ra) ≤0.3um Orientation Flat 45i from C-axis Projection onto R-plane Flat Length 16.0±0.8mm Front Surface Finish Epi-ready Back Surface Finish As-lapped(SSP)or Epi-ready(DSP)
Company: Shanghai Panmeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Mobile Phone Ic Chip For
High quality mobile phone ic chip for 6610 shouyin Specification: Type: Drive IC ; Application: Mobile Phone ; Supply Voltage: Standard ; Dissipation Power: Standard ; Operation Temperature: Standard ; Type of the IC: Interal ; Category: IC ; Professional mobile phone ic chip for 6610 shouyin Mobile Phone IC chip we are a professional wholesaler deal with mobile phone flex cable .more new imformation about new products please visit our website. lens,battery,housing,lcd,flex cable,keypad ...
Company: Shenzhen Longsheng Communication Market Ed Communication Fittings Counter    China

IGBT Specification: COLOR: black ; IGBT Features High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6*ICnom Rugged with Ultrafast Performance Low trr and Irr Low inductance case Fast & soft reverse recovery anti-parallel FWD 10us short circuit capability Isolated copper baseplate using DCB Direct Copper Bonding technology Typical Applications Switching mode power supplies at fsw>20kHz Resonant inverters up to 100kHz Inductive heating UPS Electronic welders at fsw>20kHz ...
Company: Tianjin R-Switch Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Semiconductor Equipment _ <, Daekwang Semiconductor >,
semiconductor equipment _ &lt, Daekwang Semiconductor &gt, Specification: What is a back light unit (BLU)? LCD used in the mobile phones (motion picture enebled phones) and PDA consists of the LCD panel, motor and the back light (B/L) unit. Since the LCD panel itself does not emit light, it uses B/L at the back of panel as a light source. As such, the light source for the LCD, which emits light from the back of LCD panel, is called a back light unit(BLU). Motion Principle Liquid ...

Mosfet AOD442 Specification: Packaging: TO-252 ; Mosfet AOD442 Description: The AOD442/AOI442 used advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON) and low gate charge. Those devices are suitable for use as a load switch or in PWM applications. Features: VDS ID (at VGS=10V) 37A RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V) &lt; 20m&Omega; RDS(ON) (at VGS = 4.5V) &lt; 25m&Omega; 100% UIS Tested 100% Rg Tested
Company: Shenzhen Jumpta Technology Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Automotive 1-30mpa
High Quality Automotive 1-30MPa gas input panel Specification: Working pressure: 1-30MPa ; panel/gas panel/gas input panel Technical parameters for gas input panel Working Pressure: 1-30MPa Operating temperature: -40&deg;C~+85&deg;C Components and functions: 1.Charging valve: refuel the cylinders 2.Pressure gauge: indicate the level of pressure 3.Charge stop valve: cuts off safely after the refueling was completed. ...
Company: Jiaxing Lixun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Triac 600v 16a To-220ab - - Discrete Semiconductor Products
TRIAC 600V 16A TO-220AB - BTA16-600CWRG - Discrete Semiconductor Products Specification: STM IC: Triac 35mA ; BTA16-600CWRG Vendor :STMicroelectronics Category:Discrete Semiconductor Products Triac Type:Alternistor - Snubberless Configuration:Single Voltage :Off State 600V Current:On State (It (RMS)) (Max) 16A Voltage:Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max) 1.3V Current:Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max) 35mA Current:Hold (Ih) (Max) 35mA Current :Non Rep. Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 160A, 168A RoHS Status:RoHS ...

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