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Detailed Pressure Controller Description:

Pressure Controller
Specification: Pressure Controller: Pressure Controller ;
High Efficiency for Liquid level controller,easy for installation.

Mainly used in building air conditioning system, controls the pressure difference between water supply and return water. can also be used for cold chain monitoring unit of the pressure protection control, to ensure the system has a constant pressure.
Compared with the traditional pressure controller, the controller is part of the pressure sensing and control part of the separation, improve the precision of pressure control, and increase the display,.users can very easily according to actual needs set target pressure value, the process under surveillance the value of such pressure. Pressure regulator also has a variety of ways for users to use and flexible, making the controller to adapt to many complex control situations.
The controller can be balanced with a variety of domestic and international electric control valve package. And easy installation, monitoring and control, good stability, is workable

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Company: Xian Ding Xing Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 5019, Area 1, Dongguang Building, No. 78 Southern Section of West Ring Road,Lianhu Dist.
Region: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Contact Person: Ms. Shirley Tan
Telephone: 86-029-88630938

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