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List extensive product information of Micro Switches, provided by Micro Switch manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Dip Micro Switch
dip micro switch DS-01-C Specification: Max. Current: 0.1A ; Max. Voltage: DC30V ; main material: plastics and metal ; Terminal material: silver plated barss ; board color: black ; contacts materials: silver plated copper ; dip micro switch DS-01-C We can supply all kinds of mirco switches with high quality and competive price for you. If you want to know more information ,please send the model number to my email. I will reply ASA Attention: customization available 1 Rating: DC30V.0.1A 2 ...
Company: Shenzhen Xingfeng Precision Parts Co., Ltd.    China

Tactile Switch Used In Electronics Product
tactile switch used in electronics product Specification: Max. Current: 0.1A ; Max. Voltage: DC 12V ; Operating Temperature: -25-+85 ; Color: black ; temperature: -25-+85 ; Dimension: 6*6 ; Height: 4.3,5,6,7,7.5,9. ; tactile switch Button switch professional manufacturer since 1990.quality obtain ROHS standard.have passed IS09001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, All raw material have SGS report. welcome to . 1- Temperature: -25~+85°C 2- Rated Load: DC 12V 0.1A ...
Company: Dongguan Weijia Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switches
Micro Switches Specification: SPECIFICATION: AC Rating: 0.1A ~20A 125V/250A SIZE: per request Operating Force: per request PIN Pitch : per request Lever: per request Terminal: PCB Type / Solder Type Withatand Voltage: AC 500 V 1 Minute Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ Mim. 500V DC Contact Resistance: 50MΩ Operating Temperature: -25oC ~ +85oC Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 Cycles Electrical Life: 5,000 Cycles ~10,000 Cycles Waterpoof available, per request ...
Company: E-Yung Enterprise Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

Elevator Micro Switch,lift Parts
Elevator micro switch,lift parts Specification: Elevator micro switch,lift parts type:C547062 1.change over contact:1on 1off 2.rated voltage:DC80V-40V/AC380V 3.rated current:0.5A-1A/1A 4.force: ≤4N 5.advance stroke:0.7-0.9mm We have been supplying various specifications of elevator parts as per customers requirements. OEM are also welcome. Welcome to visit our website.
Company: Suzhou Orbeli Mechanical & Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Limit Switch
limit switch Specification: Max. Current: 15a ; Max. Voltage: 220v ; Operating Temperature: 80 ; Protection Level: IP68 ; color: white ; limit switch/pedal switch/micro switch Rated voltage250V(380V) Rated current15A(3A) Working temperature-25-+50 Mechanical endurance≥100,000times Electrical endurance≥500,000times
Company: Wenzhou Shitong Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Illuminated Push Button With Microswitch
Illuminated push button VLT-BK-E-CR with microswitch Specification: TYPR: game machine button/ slot button ; COLOR: R Y G B W ; SIZE: 32mm ; LIGHT: common bulb/ LED ; OTHER: with microswitch ; Illuminated push button VLT-BK-E-CR with microswitch,push button switch,push button,game machine keyboard Feature: 1.Mached to suit most machine design requirement. 2.Made with higest quality UL approved materials. 3.High reliability and long time, tested for 10 million+ cycles. 4.color lens caps ...
Company: Guangzhou Panyu Shatou Shigu Electronic Factory    China

Micro Safety On-off Dumping Tip Over Switch
micro safety on-off dumping tip over switch Specification: Max. Current: 15A ; Max. Voltage: 250v ; Operating Temperature: normal ; molde: 208-1 ; structure: safety ; Micro Safety Tilt dump Switch 1.MAX current: 15A 2.Voltage:220V -250V 3.on-off sensitive degree:20-45degree 4.self-restoring degree:10degree Modle CK208-1 Resistance across termirial ≤7mΩ Application used in liquefier and home electric appliance (Gas heater/patio heater) Current 15A ...
Company: Ningbo Yinzhou Chenkai Electrical Appliance Factory    China

Cnc Switches / Switches Supplier
CNC Switches / Switches Supplier Specification: AZ Series Electrical Micro Switch: 1.Model:Z-15,LXW,AZ,D4MC series 2.Standard: IEC/EN 60947-5-1 3.Frequency:50/60Hz 4.Use condition:380VAC/100VA or 220VDC/10W 5.Certoficate:ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:1996,CE General purpose micro switches may be used in AC control circuit of 50/60Hz, with a voltage upt to 380V and a rated control capacity of 100VA in DC control circuits with a voltage up to 220V and rated control capacity of 100W.
Company: Changcheng Electrical Equipment Group Zhejiang Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Limit Switch
Limit switchTZ-8107 Specification: Protection Level: IP65 ; Limit switch(limit switch & micro switch,limited switch)TZ-8107 Characteristics:double way switchstrong structure,made of Zinc metal alloy and plasticssmall size,water and oil resistantdouble spring inner switch,longer machine lifebigger OT actioneasy to contact linemany kinds of leading-to-move machine,easily use
Company: Wenzhou GAD Technological Electricity Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switches
micro switches Specification: Max. Current: 15 ; Max. Voltage: 250 ; color: black ; main materials: plastics metal brass ; Rated Current; 10A ~120V.AC. 5A~250V.AC.Electrical life: 10,000 Times - 100,000 CycleTemperature: 105~ 125Rotating torque: 650gf +/- 100gf.Functional circuit: ON, OFF, ON, / ON, OFF, / OFF, ON. Major uses: Electric Heater, blower, humidifier, massage equipment, juicer, electric ovens, electric ovens, heaters and other appliances
Company: Towei Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Miniature Micro Switch
miniature Micro Switch Specification: Certification: SGS, ISO9001 ; miniature Micro Switch,We supply all kinds of switches, including toggle switches, push button switches, rocker switches, rotary band switches, slide switches, tact switches, and flip switches.
Company: Shenzhen Yazhoulong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Thermo Protector
thermo protector Specification: Max. Current: 22A(DC) ; Max. Voltage: 250V(DC) ; Open temp range: : 45--130℃ ; Circuit resistance: : ≤50MΩ ; Insulation resistance: : ≥100MΩ ; temperature tolerance: : ±5℃, ; Elec feature: : 250V/5A ; life cycle: : ≥10000 ; Product description TH-AID universal and enhanced serial thermal protectors are widely used in industry, electrical household appliance and electric equipment to avoid abnormal ...
Company: Dongguan Kain Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Combined Micro Switch 25*15.8mm Size Switch
Combined micro switch 25*15.8mm size switch Specification: Max. Current: 16A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; Operating Temperature: -55°C+120°C ; Protection Level: IP40 ; Machanical life: 1000000cycles ; Operating speed: 0.1mm~1m/S ; Small size micro switch(mini switch) 1:Operating speed: 0.1mm~1m/S 2:Operating Frequency: Mechanical 60cycles/min; 3:Operating Frequency: Electrical 25cycles/min 4:Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ(DC500V) 5:Contact resistance: ...
Company: KLS Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

C14 Magnetic Travel Switch
C14 magnetic travel switch Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 220V ; Operating Temperature: -40---80 ; Protection Level: 1 ; NO+NC: NO+NC ; C14 solenoid Switch / Magnetic Blow out Switch/ Micro Switch Contacts: 2NO+ 2NC Operating tension:AC 380V DC 220V Breaking capacity:AC 380V 8A DC 220V 2A
Company: Yuyao Hengtong Electric Appliance Factory    China

Smt Micro Tact Switch Size 5.2*5.2mm
smt micro tact switch size 5.2*5.2mm Specification: Max. Current: 50mA ; Max. Voltage: DC12V ; Operating Temperature: 25 degrees ; tact switch size 5.2*5.2mm miniature or micro design smt type tact switch PA66 nylon case and cover bronze contact ensure long operation life diffferent size can be customized according to client's requirements. Drawing:
Company: Tone Parts Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

2 Gang Push Button Micro Switch
2 gang push button micro switch Specification: Max. Current: 16A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; Color: white ; Mechanical Life: 12years ; Size: 86*86mm ; Nature series 1.sliver contact,PC, and rigid copper used 2.PC cover 3.PC base 4.reasonable price & good quality 5.model design,good finish, high quality 6.easy installation and safe operation 7.Lifetime: 12 years/100,000 times switch on/off
Company: Foshan Manbang Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Fall-protective Micro Switch
Fall-protective micro switch Specification: Max. Current: 16(4)A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; switch(Fall-protective micro switch, micro switch,electronical switch ) Product Working principle: As the main body is standing, Fall-protective switche's sphere with its gravity is on the lever of switch so that micro switch can work with load; When the main body is inclining, Fall-protective switch's sphere with its gravity will off the lever of switch can micro switch can't work ...
Company: Xiamen Golden-Switch Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switch
Micro Switch MX-1201 Specification: FOB: Get Latest PRICE ; Max. Voltage: : 30V DC ; Max. Current: : 0.1A ; External Siz Temperature: -25°C to 70°C Contact Resistance: Ω Insulation Resistance: MΩ Travel: Remarks: a) In house tooling b) Modify to customer requirements
Company: Dongguan Kody Electronic Component Limited    China

Push Button Micro Switch
push button micro switch Specification: Certification: CE, CCC, ROHS compliant ; Zhejiang Hongbo Pushbutton Manufacture Co., Ltd. is currently one of leading, fast developing producer of push button switch and indicator manufacture in CHINA mainland. Having 20years history in developing push button switch and indicator. Product Description: 25mm diameter Rated: 5A/250VAC Switch unit: 1NO1NC / 2NO2NC Operation type: Momentary / Latching The crust material: Stainless steel Button: ...
Company: Zhejiang Hongbo Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Telephone Hook Switch
Telephone hook switch Specification: Max. Current: 0.2A ; Max. Voltage: 60V DC ; Operating Temperature: -25~85' ; Max. Current: 0.2A ; Max. Voltage: 60V ; SPECIFICATION of this hook switch : Rated current and voltage:0.1A 125V~DC11V Contact resistance:≤0.05Ω Withstand voltage:500VAC Operating force:0.2~0.55N Mechanical life:500,000 cycles Electrical life:200,000 cycles
Company: Yueqing Chuangzhan Electronic Element Factory    China

Elevator Closed Micro Switch,lift Parts
Elevator closed micro switch,lift parts Specification: Elevator bracket switch,lift parts type:337101 1.change over contact:1on 1off 2.rated voltage:DC80V-DC40V/AC380V 3.rated current:2A-4A/15A 4.force: ≤4N 5.advance stroke:1.9mm 6.reverse stroke:2.3mm 7.reset condition:Auto-reset We have been supplying various specifications of elevator parts as per customers requirements. OEM are also welcome. Welcome to visit our website.
Company: Suzhou Orbeli Mechanical & Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Touch Micro Switch
Touch Micro switch Specification: We are manufacturer of electrical switch gear products. We have various types of electrical micro control switches in wide range such as crane type micro switch, touch micro switch, inching micro switch, travel head micro switch door micro switch, elevator control switches etc…simple designee, easy installation and long life working without noise. Our micro switches and all switchgear products are highly demanded in market.
Company: IMPEX TRADING CO.    India

Combined Microswitch
Combined Microswitch Specification: Max. Current: 16A ; Max. Voltage: 250VAC ; Operating Temperature: T120 ; Protection Level: Class 0 ; Brand: : Donghai ; Application : : Used for Household application ; Type: Combined ; Color: Green ; Approved ,Mechanical>=: 2000000cycles ; combined microswitch (D113033L21)switch,micro switch Rating :16A 250VAC VDE CE Approved ,Mechanical>=2000000cycles Electrical life:50000cycles degree of protection against electric shock :Class 1 PTI ...
Company: Ningbo Jialin Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Explosion Proof Limit Switch &, Micro Switch
Explosion Proof limit switch &amp, micro switch LL10Z Specification: Max. Current: 5A ; Max. Voltage: 380V ; Protection Level: IP66 ; color: black ; OEM: provide ; Explosion Proof limit switch & micro switch LL10Z Application 1.Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places. 2.Can bu used in IIA,IIB,IIC,groups explosive atmosphere. Main technical Parameters Type Rated Voltage Rated Current Ex-mark Contactor Quantity Inlet's Thread(G") ...
Company: Yueqing Botaike Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switch
micro switch Specification: Protection Level: GOOD ; MATERIAL: PLASTIC ; Widely used in electronic equipment, instrumentation, mining, power system, household appliances, electrical equipment etc rated voltage AC500V 1min.(V) rated current DC30V AC125(A) Contact resistanc 500mΩ Max Soldering temperature 245±5°C Insulation >50MΩ DC500V Ambient Humidity Used <85% RH Withstand Voltage AC500V 1min Actuating ...
Company: Genphoal Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Touch Micro Switch
touch Micro switch KW8-OZ-B Specification: Max. Current: 20A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; Material: PBT,PC ; Contact: Sliver ; Color: Black,Green ; Micro switch: Micro switch ; Contract type: SPDT ; Operating Temperature: -25-80℃ ; Protection Level: IP40 ; Keyword:Micro switch Micro switch KW8-OZ-B Description: 1.Rated current: 3A-6A 125VDC 6A-20A 250VAC 2.Contact resistance:≤30mΩ 3.Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ 4.Operation life:150,000 times 5.Operation ...
Company: Yueqing Sanxiong Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switch
Micro switch Specification: We produce the high quality products accroding to the overseas and domestic certificates (cUL,TUV,eK) and the Certificate with ISO 9001. Auto inspection machine for switch's operating force and contact, terminal auto assembler, automatic contact cocking machine make a better quality and procutivity.
Company: SEOUL BUSINESS AGENCY    South Korea

Mez,wlnj,3se3,lxk3 Microswitch
MEZ,WLNJ,3SE3,LXK3 microswitch Specification: Max. Current: 4A ; Max. Voltage: 500V AC ; Protection Level: IP65 ; switch: limit switch ; Rated for IP 65 Rated for use at 230VAC-4A; 400VAC-2.5A; 500VAC- 1A; Action <15N; Movement >6.5mm; Electric clearance >6.0mm; torque<0.15N
Company: Feiyue United Technology Group Co., Ltd.    China

Waterproof Micro Switch
waterproof micro switch Specification: Max. Current: ≤100mA ; Max. Voltage: ≤50VDC ; Certification: ISO9001 ; Contact Resistance: 0.5-10Ω ; Circuit Resistance: 50Ω ; Switch power: 0.25-500mW ; lifecycle: 1mil. ; Technical Index Working Voltage:≤50VDC Working Current:≤100mA Contact Resistance:0.5-10Ω Circuit Resistance:50Ω Switch power:0.25-500mW Insulation Resistance:≥30MΩ lifecycle:1mil. Tail ...
Company: Shenzhen Taida Membrane Switch Co., Limited    China

Rotary Switch
Rotary switch YH-A01 Specification: Our advantage 1.All kinds of products are ROHS,REACH,CE 2.We are glad to make samples according to your drawings and specifications. 3.Used in the most of home appliances,computer,PCB,LCD,TV 4.Inspections:100% tested before delivery 5.Available for ODM/OEM order 6.Please
Company: Yueqing Hegxing Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Switch
MICRO SWITCH VM3-01K Specification: Max. Current: 3A 5A ; Max. Voltage: 125V/250 AC ; MICRO SWITCH: VM3-01K ; MICRO SWITCH/LIMIT SWITCH & MICRO SWITCH/ PUSH BUTTON SWITCH/TOUCH SWITCH Rating: 3A 5A 125/ 250 V AC Operating Force: 60, 80, 110, 160, 250 gf Withstand Voltage: AC 1000 V 1 Minute Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ DC 500 V Contact Resistance: <100 MΩ Min Mechanical life: 5,000,000 Cycles Electrical Life (UL) : 10,000 Cycles Ambient Temperature Used: ...

Limit Switch
limit Switch C27 Specification: Max. Current: 250V ; Max. Voltage: 10A ; Operating Temperature: -40---80 ; Protection Level: IP ; NO+NC: NO+NC ; limit switch/Micro Switch C27 Product Overview Temperature:-10 oC+60oC Withstand voltage: 1,000V AC Actuating force:0.5N-1.0N Contact resistance: 30mΩ (max. and initial) Operating life: 100,000 times Insulation resistance: 100mΩ Customization is available. Please don't hesitate to
Company: Zhejiang Xianghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

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