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Water Pump Eltctric Switch
WATER PUMP ELTCTRIC SWITCH Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Max. Working Pressure: 10BAR ; WATER PUMP ELECTRIC SWITCH: PRESSURE SWITCH ; Features: 1) Rated voltage: 220V-240V, 110V-115V 2) Max. Current: 10A 3) Frequency: 50-60Hz 4) Max. Power: 1.1kW 5) Starting pressure setting: 1.5 bar 6) Max. Working pressure: 10 bar 7) Joint screw: 1" 8) Protection grade: IP65 9) Max. Operating temperature: 60 degree
Company: Zhejiang Kaislen Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Pump Pressure Controller
Pump Pressure Controller Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: AC230V ; Max. Working Pressure: 10bar ; Pump Pressure Controller Rated Voltage / Frequency: AC230V, 50HZ / AC110V, 60HZ Max Current: 10A Starting Pressure: 1.5bar, 2.2bar Max Working Pressure: 10bar Max Working Temperature: 60'C Protection Grade: IP65
Company: Hunan Leading Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Control
pressure control Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 230V ; Max. Working Pressure: 10BAR ; Color: Blue with yellow ; water pressure switch 1.Starting pressure setting:1.2bar.1.5bar.2.2bar 2.Max.working pressure:10bar 3.Connection thread:R1" 4.Max temperature:60Degree C Brief: PC-11:widely used for water pump, electronic pump and other water equipment. Start and stop the pump automatically;Protect the pump from damage caused by dry-running;Examine the ...
Company: Wenzhou Shitong Electric Co., Ltd.    China

3g Tablet Pc Wifi Bluetooth
3g tablet pc wifi bluetooth Specification: 3g tablet pc wifi bluetooth Technical specifications and features Size and weight 197X126X13.8MM Weight 300g LCD 7inch Touch Screen,Capacitive multitouch,Flat screen Resolution 800x480 System Processor 800M 1GHz I.MX51 DDR Memory 512MB Operating system Google Android 2.2 OS Nand Flash,2GB Sensor Gravity acceleration sensor Light sensor Input and output System Interface 30pin USB connection Audio Output Headphone jack 3.5 standard ...
Company: T-Plan Technology Co., Ltd.

Pressure Control
pressure control Specification: Max. Current: 20A ; Max. Voltage: 230V ; Max. Working Pressure: 100PSI ; Control: electrical ; colour: gray ; style: machine ; Rated current/power: 12A/2HP 20A/1.5HP ; Pressure range: 20-40PSI ; Pressure range2: 30-50PSI ; Pressure range3: 40-60PSI ; Inlet base: Plastic, metal ; Rated voltage/Frequency: 230V/50HZ 115V/60HZ ; Pressure control for water pump Rated voltage / frequency: 230V/50HZ 115V/60HZ Rated current / power: 12A/2HP 20A/1.5HP Product ...
Company: Xiamen Nepdon Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Control Part
pressure control part Specification: pressure control part Pressure Switch,Pressure Gauge, Pressure Tank,Hose Pipe 1. Five Way Connector 2. Three Way Connector 3. Four Way Connector 4. Check Valve 5. Foot Valve 6. Filter Valve 7. Hose Pipe 8. Pressure Gauge 9. Pressure Switch 10. Accessories for Deep Well Pump Our products are of good quality, reasonable price and excellent service. We can also manufacture according to your drawings or samples.
Company: Taizhou Dingsheng Brass Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Air Differential Switch
air differential switch Specification: Max. Current: 2A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Max. Working Pressure: 5Mpa ; air differential switch: air differential switc. ; AE-6021 series pressure controllers are used as a flow switch in ventilation ducts to control differential pressure and monitor filter condition, provide fan status, or to control air dampers. With the switch's individually calibrated knob, you can set the switching point without using a pressure gauge. The switch includes a ...
Company: Nanjing Acmelec Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Delixi Ygd Pressure Switch
DELIXI YGD pressure switch Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 380v ; DELIXI pressure switch: After the motor runs,the pressure is produced and directly gets into the switch ,under the action of sensing film,the thrust is developed,the pressure spring with it makes the driving plat move up to drive the spring board,and actuate the jumper spring to fast separate the moving contact from the fixed contact with the help of elastic force,so as to cut off the power, the motor will ...
Company: Shanghai Delixi Switchgear Co., Ltd.    China

Tactile Switch---
Tactile Switch---TS-1109 Specification: Max. Current: 0.5A ; Max. Voltage: 12V ; Max. Working Pressure: 100~350G ; Tactile SwitchTS-1109 Switches- Tact Switches Micro switches Uni-directional push-button switches Slide dnob switches Toggle /Toggle slide switches Code switches Button switches Rocker/CS type 21(42) sockets series 1.offer broad range phone jack, 2.high quality and competitive price, 3.the high technology 4.short delivery time Best Industry (HK) also have gain the agent ...
Company: Shenzhen Best Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Waterl Low Pressure Switch
waterl low pressure switch Specification: Max. Current: 5A ; Max. Voltage: AC220V ; Max. Working Pressure: over 20kg ; color: white ; 1.The new"Hushun brand" high and low water pressure switch is Guandong Hushun company independent research and manufacturing patent product,hushun company specializing in manufacturing household electric switches for more than 20 years old. 2.The special design micro switch and water pressure sensor parts scientific cooperation,switches ...
Company: Guangdong Hushun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Switch High Quality
Pressure Switch GT-A03 high quality Specification: Max. Current: 5/2mA ; Max. Voltage: 120/250V~ ; Max. Working Pressure: 1000mbar ; color: white and orange ; GT-A01 vacyym switch is applied to detecation of negative pressure.Such as the vacuum cleaner,packing etc.It provides solder pin connections and is especially designed for mounting "Printed Boards". Model GT-A01 Medium Non-hazardous gas only Electrical Function 1pole NO Switch Rating ...
Company: Yueqing Great Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Controller
Pressure Controller Specification: Feature 1.Pressure Controller (Pressure Switch,Switch) 2.Min.pressure(on):40PSI 3.Max.pressure(off):175PSI 4Female:1/4" 5.With one-way valve with four way valve 6.Coverage :USR.CNR--enclosed,double pole,single phase pressure operated switch to be used for the auto-control of water pump 7.Pressure settting:40-70PSI,50-80PSI,70-100PSI 80-115PSI,90-125PSI
Company: Yueqing Huantong Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Switch Differential Pressure Switch
Pressure Switch CWK-100T Differential Pressure Switch Specification: Max. Current: 15A ; Max. Voltage: 480VAC ; Max. Working Pressure: 2.5MPa ; Pressure Switch DESCRIPTION CWK-100T differential pressure switch incorporates bellow sensor. It can be used for controlling differential pressure of neutral gas and liquid. Adjustable differential pressure set point range is 0.02 - 1.6MPa,working pressure 0.05-2.5MPa. Features: Antivibration and Antishock, Good Reliability MAIN SPECIFICATION ...
Company: Shanghai Xinyuan Instrument Factory    China

Alarm Switch
3408607 alarm switch Specification: weight: 0.09KG ; we can supply cummins engine parts 3408607 with high quality. Cummins 3056344 hydraulic alarm switches are used for the following Cummins engines: KT38P780 Cummins Engine KTA38G2 Cummins Engine KTA19G3G4 Cummins Engine KTA19G Cummins Engine NTA855GM Cummins Engine NTA855G1G2 Cummins Engine NTA855G4 Cummins Engine KT (A) 38G (M) Cummins Engine KTA19G4 (M) Cummins Engine
Company: Dongguan Feirui Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Air Pressure Switch
air pressure switch Specification: Various auto air conditioner pressure switch(air compressor pressure switch,air pressure switch,pressure control switch,oil pressure switch,oil switch) with hign quality and low price. model number: intl-y009 Product name :Pressure Switch application: General motor 7/16-20 UNF Female ON:3.5kg/cm2 OFF:1.8kg/cm2 R-12
Company: International Auto Parts (Guangzhou) Ltd.    China

Pressure Switch
pressure switch Specification: Max. Current: 20A ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; Max. Working Pressure: 12.5bar ; KD-1,4 Set pressure (bar) Adjustable pressure (bar) 220V G,PT,NPT,RP D-1.0 5.0~8.0 5~10 16A 1/4, D-1.1 5.5~8.0 5~10 16A 1/4 D-1.2 6.0~8.0 5~10 16A 1/4 D-1.3 7.0~10.0 5~10 16A 1/4 D-1.4 9.0~12.5 7~12.5 16A 1/4
Company: Cixi City Fengxiang Electricity Appliance Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Pump Controller
Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Pump Controller Specification: Max. Current: 26.6A ; Max. Voltage: 7.5KW ; Pump Controller Main Features: 1,Automatic control of constant water pressure 2,Set the pressure directly in the operator. 3,Built-in pressure or flow sensors, water level switch signal interface. 4,P.I.D control unmanned automatic monitoring of water pumps stopped function (dormant). 5,No need to configure the PLC can realize automatic alternating pump function. 6,Power outages ...
Company: Guangzhou Bedford Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

2 Gang Touch Wall Switch
2 Gang touch wall switch Specification: Max. Current: 6A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Color: sliver,black,red or as clients' request ; Touch Wall Switch: Material: Crystal Glass Panel and ABS plastic. Available panel color: White/black or as clients' request. Dimension: 86*86*33mm Life Span: 100 000 times minimum * Adopted high quality super-white tempered glass panel, individual design,will never fade, your switch will always looks like new; at the same ...

Pump Pressure Control
Pump Pressure Control Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 230V ; Max. Working Pressure: 3.0 kgf/cm2 ; Color: gray ; Rated Voltage: 110V/230V ; Max Current: 12A/6A ; Pressure Range: 0.8~3.5bar ; Pump pressurel control Model: JSK-3A Technical parameters: 1. Rated voltage,frequency: 110V/250V AC , 50/60Hz 2. Rated current: 10A/5A 3. Pressure range: 1.0kgf/cm2-3.0kgf/cm2(0.8bar-3.5bar ) 4. Pressure setting:0.8-1.6bar , 1.0-1.7bar, 1.1-1.8bar, 1.5-2.2bar, can be set according to ...
Company: Wenling Muchuan Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Air Compressor Pressure Switch
air compressor pressure switch Specification: Max. Current: 20A ; Max. Voltage: 380V ; Max. Working Pressure: 175PSI ; The FB40 pressure switch is specifically designed to stand up to extended duty applications. This switch is factory set but capable of field adjustment. It features different diaphragms for compatibility with a wide variety of fluids, and various terminations including a Metri-Pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected. Among the outstanding design benefits are ...
Company: Yueqing Fubang Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Power Press-retaining Switch
BT-3 Power press-retaining switch Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 450V ; Protection degree: : IP65 ; Function Widely used in mechanical equipment. Operation environmental condition air temperature around -25°C~ +70°C height above sea level ≤ 2000m air comparative humidity ≤90% pollution degree 3 protection level IP65 Main technical parameters Rated: AC-15 36V/10A 110V/10A 220V/5A 380V/2.7A 660V/1.8A DC-13 24V/4A 48V/4A 110V/2A 220V/1A ...
Company: Tianjin Haige Electrical Co., Ltd. Yueqing Liushi Branch    China

Pressure Control
Pressure Control Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Max. Working Pressure: 10BAR ; Pressure Control The Electronic Controller orders the automatic start and stop of the water pump when opening or closing any tap or valve of the system. The controller can keep constant pressure and water flow in the system as long as any tap in the system is open during the pumps operation. Voltage: 220 - 240V / 50Hz Maximum Current: 10 Amp Restarting Pressure: ...
Company: Taizhou Guangxing Electronics Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Automatic Pump Control
automatic pump control Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Max. Working Pressure: 10bar ; color: black,blue,green ; Automatic pump control Technical data: Rated Voltage :100V-120V or 220V-240V Protection Degree:IP65 Descriptions Electric switch used in water systems It starts the electric pump automatically after a pressure decrease(taps opening)and stops it when the fluid flow interrupts at the maximum pressure level of the electric pump(taps closed) Joint ...
Company: Taizhou Shenneng Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Energy-saving Switch
Energy-saving switch Specification: Max. Current: 30A ; Max. Voltage: AC220V ; Max. Working Pressure: 6600W ; Material: fire-resistant PC ; ENERGY SAVING SWITCH: (PVC CARD / IC CARD / RF CARD) Usage : When entering the rooms, the guests have to insert the room card into the Energy Saving Switch to turn on the illumination system. While leaving the room, the guest draw the room card; then the power supply will be shut off by the Energy Saving Switch about 15 seconds later. The delay ...
Company: Jiangmen KEYU Intelligence Co., Ltd.    China

Micro Sensor Switch With Competitive
Micro Sensor Switch With Competitive Specification: Max. Current: 0.1A / 1A / 2A / 2.5A / 3A ; Max. Voltage: 16V DC / 24V DC / 30V DC / 125V A. ; Micro/miniature Switches Specification Rating 0.1A 30V DC / 1A 16V DC / 1A 125V AC / 2A 24V DC / 2.5A 16V DC / 3A 250V AC Contact resistance 50mΩ max Insulation resistance 100MΩ min Dielectric strength AC 500V for 1 min Lifespan 100,000 cycles min Practical ...
Company: Dongguan Kwanda Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Fs-20v Air Low Pressure Switch
FS-20V Air low pressure switch Specification: Max. Current: 2 ; Max. Voltage: 250V ; Max. Working Pressure: 3.0Mpa ; Operating Temperature: 0-60 ; Flow Rate: 20 ; Media Type: Air ,water ; Media Temperature: -10 C to 120 C ; Air low pressure switch Pressure control switch Flow switch Rated Voltage / Frequency 230v /50HZ 115v/60Hz Rated Current / Power 12A /2HP 20A/1.5HP Pressure Range Min. cut-in 20PSI, Max. cut-out 175PSI Media Refrigerant, Air, Water, Oil Media ...
Company: Ningbo Fescolo Hardware Factory    China

Pressure Switch For Water Pump
Pressure switch for water pump SKD-6 Specification: Max. Current: 60hz ; Max. Voltage: 400v ; Max. Working Pressure: 20bar ; this pressure switch Suitable for any pump advantage: 1.Automatic switch 2.Safe and practical 3.Convenient installation 4.Ascension pump life
Company: Yuhuan Xingfu Pump Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Switch,magnetic Switch
pressure switch,magnetic switch Specification: Certification: ISO 9001, ROHS ; pressure switch,magnetic switch PS Series(PS10-4H) Feature: It is not only applied to the refrigerant of hydrogen fluoride as medium, but alsoto air and liquid ( allowable liquid temperature:-10 to +120°C The novel micro switch structure will ensure reliable transform function The smart installation plate is applicable to different please
Company: China SNS Pneumatic Co., Ltd.    China

Waterproofing Membrane Switch
Waterproofing Membrane Switch Specification: Max. Current: 100 mA ; Max. Voltage: 35 V ; Max. Working Pressure: 500g ; switch: membrane switch ; Waterproofing membrane switch Features: Water, dust and gas-proof Thickness: above 0.7mm Pressing lifespan: more than 1,000,000 times Material: Matte PC (smooth), Gloss PC + matte oil, Gloss PC, PET(EBA/EBG), PVC Thickness: 0.051.0mm Embossed keys: No embossed keys and domes, domes without embossed keys, embossed keys without domes, embossed ...
Company: Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Electronic Pressure Controller
High quality electronic pressure controller Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 1.1KW, 1.5KW ; Max. Working Pressure: 10bar ; DSK-10 Electronic pressure controller Rated voltage: 220V - 240V, 110V - 120V Frequency: 50/60Hz Max. current: 10A Max. power: 1.1kw Adjustable starting pressure: 1bar - 3.5bar Max. working pressure: 10bar Connection thread: G1'' Protection rating: IP54 Max. working temperature: 55°C Wiring ...
Company: Suzhou Wei Rui Gu De Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Pressure Control For Water Pumps
PRESSURE CONTROL FOR WATER PUMPS Specification: Max. Current: 10A ; Max. Voltage: 240V ; Max. Working Pressure: 1.5bar or 2.2bar ; WATER PUMP: PRESSURE CONTROL ; pressure control for water pumps Applications Device for automatic control of electric pumps serving waterworks. Features The water pump automatic controller is whole electric and inteligenitzed. It can recognized the data which is checked from water source pipe's quantum and variety pressure, and stops the pump. Descriptions ...
Company: Wenling Sanxing Machinery Factory    China

Pressure Switch
pressure switch Specification: Max. Working Pressure: 80kg/cm2 ; Pressure switch Model Rated(kg/cm2) Max pressure(kg/cm) Weight(kg) 02k 0.3~2 80 0.2 08k 0.6~8 80 0.2 20k 1.5~20 80 0.2 We provide good performance and services. We are factory, our price is competitive.Welcome your enquire and trial order.
Company: Dongguan Jufeng Hydraulic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

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