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List extensive product information of Transformer (include Power Transformer, Control Transformer, Frequency Transformers, Voltage Transformer), provided by Transformer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Model TC step-up & down transformers are a specialty AC voltage transformer device. Suits a variety of electric devices using different power networks and voltage in different countries and regions.
Company: Lightion Electronic Factory    China

Control Transformer
1) BK and BKC series control transformers are used for controlling power supply, local lighting and power supply indication ; 2) Suitable for machine tools and mechanical equipment (AC50 - 60Hz) ; 3) Ideal varying-voltage power supply ; 4) High performance, reliable.

Frequency Transformers
HB Series frequency transformers are widely used to control the speed-regulation of the AC asynchronous machine in lines of steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, extracting oil, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, textile and cigarette industry, medicine, paper-making industry, building materials industry, drink and so on.

Dry-Type Transformer
1) No partial discharge, cracks or reduced insulation level on SG(B) 10 series transformers under operation in whole effective life due to the structures of the windings improved design and vacuum pressure impregnating technology. 2) Continuous disk type structure is applied to high voltage windings, and foil structure is applied to low voltage windings. 3) Overall vacuum impregnating and solidifying process will treat windings. 4) Insulation spacers, made from high-strength laminated ...

Pin Type Power Transformers
1) Input voltage: 110V - 240V ; 2) Output voltage: AC 1.5V - 127V ; 3) Power range: 0.5W - 200W ; 4) Size range: specification EI-35 to EI-96 ; 5) OEM designs available
Company: Lightion Electronic Factory    China

LMK-0.66 Current Transformers
1) Primary current: 5 - 150A ; 2) Secondary current: 5A, 1A ; 3) Standard approval: VDE0414, BS7626, IEC185 ; 4) Maximum voltage: 0.66kV ; 5) Frequency: 50 - 60Hz ; 6) Rated load voltage: 10V ; 7) Class: 0.5, 1.0 ; 8) Short-time thermal current: 1th=60ih ; 9) Rated security coefficient: FS5 ; 10) Mounting methods: by once-lead or by copper bar
Company: Lightion Electronic Factory    China

Portable Spot Welding Transformer
Our transformer coil utilizes vacuum casting technology, in order to offer a compact, lightweight and durable product. It is also produced with a double gas circuit system, separated gas pressure, pneumatic spare parts and a low noise construction.

Precision (Mini) Current Transformers
1) Four models available in CT01 series, CT01A, CT01B, CT01C and CT01D. 2) Different in dimensions, accuracy class and ratings. 3) Accuracy class: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0

Transformer VDSL Line
1) Designed for VDSL Line interface. 2) Supports speeds up to 25.92Mbps. 3) Isolation voltage: 1,500Vrms line to line. 4) SMT and DIP package. 5) With standard and extended temperature range models. 6) Matched to leading transceiver ICS.

Low-Voltage Withdrawable Power Regulating Assembly
Applicable to a power system of AC 50 - 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 660V. Used to control the equipment of power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and power consumption. Can also be used in nuclear power stations and on marine petroleum drilling platforms after it undergoes special treatment.

SMD Power Supply Transformer
Particularly suitable for Power Transformers and Filters at low frequencies. A wide range of shapes and dimensions to meet with a variety range of output power requirements.

Low Frequency Transformer
1) Low power loss ; 2) Low temperature rise ; 3) Big output power ; 4) High efficiency ; 5) High dependability. Transformer / Inverter: 1) Input: 220 - 240V AC ; 2) Output: 12V DC.

Multifunction Secondary Voltage Transformer
1) Primary voltage: 200-300 V. 2) Transformer to have low flux--low distortion design. 3) Number of secondary windings=number of meters to be tested + Wh standard + spares as required. 4) Secondary voltage: 200-300 V. 5) Secondary VA rating: 15 VA per winding. 6) Insulation secondary to secondary: 500V, 50Hz, 60seconds. 7) Primary to secondary ratio accuracy: +/-0.25%(typicl). 8) Secondary to secondary ratio accuracy-less than +/-0.02%. 9) Secondary to secondary phase angle accuracy - less ...

Three Phases Power Supply Transformer
1) Power: 100VA - 50KVA ; 2) Used in all kinds of equipments which need three phases electronics, such as textile instrument, machine tool, etc.

Power Transformer
Supply Power Transformer from china. Applications: computer, monitor, TV, UPS, washing machine, refrigerator, lighting oscillation transformer, etc.

Plastic Cover Transformer
1) Short-circuit and overload protection with automatic restart ; 2) Thermal cut-out with automatic reset ; 3) Soft start ; 4) Dimmable with trans-dimmer ; 5) Self equivalent transformer, from 20W / 250W. Specifications: 220V - 12V, 50 - 250W ; Colors: white, black, green, blue ; Material: PBT, PC

Current Transformers For Earth Leakage
Toroidal Transformers for Earth Leakage Relay use are an accessory of main importance to detect current leakages due to loss of ground insulation. They are available both with open/close frame, without test winding-in, in the following diameters: Close model: TARD35-CS 35mm ; TARD60-CS 60mm ; TARD80-CS 80mm ; TARD110-CS 110mm. Open model: TARD60-AS 60 mm ; TARD110-AS 110 mm ; TARD160-AS 160 mm.

Fixed Inductors
1) Low cost inductor. 2) Used in many high frequency applications. 3) Applications: a) Satellite communication systems ; b) Microwave equipment ; c) Television circuits ; d) AM/FM radio receivers ; e) Test equipment

Low-voltage Power Transformers
Our transformers all meet world standards and gain CCEE, CE, ul etc approvals. The transformers are widely used in the ranges of electric family and office facilities such as air conditioner, tvset, acoustics amplifier, DVD, VCD, energy-saving lamp, fax machine etc. And the ranges of internet work communication equipments such as PC, server, router, hub, modem, isdn, adsl etc. These can be specially designed to meet the customer's requirements, the are suitable for use in the voltage ...

High-Precision Current Sensing Transformers
1) High-precision current transformers ; 2) High-permeability permalloy current transformers ; 3) Distance mounting current transformers ; 4) Low-profile current transformers ; 5) PCB solid current transformers ; 6) PBT burn-resistance current transformers ; 7) Reliable linear performance transformers ; 8) Strong anti-magnetic disturbance epoxy current transformers

Neon Transformer, Digital Light Control, Water Proof Timer
1) Neon lighting controllers, computerized digital light-controllers, water proof timers and transformers ; 2) Water proof ; 3) Easy to install ; 4) Applies to light scanning control of the large scale neon lights and colored light posters ; 5) The micro-computer timer was designed through the latest chip timing module ; 6) With extra interference resistance capability and steady functions ; 7) In the rainy days, the water-proof timer can switch off the power supply automatically according ...

Telecom Transoformer, Network Transoformer
PPHITOP is on Telecom Transoformer, Network Transoformer and inductors for Television, Monitor, A/V product, DVD player, digital product, power equipment, and Telecom and Network products etc. Below part of the details are for your reference. Please contact us for more info if require: 1. Network & Telecom Transformers a) EP7 transformer b) EP10 transformer c) EP13 transformer d) EP17 transformer e) EP20 transformer f) VDSL Data Transformer g) VDSL band transformer h) ENTHNET ...
Product Group: Telecom Transoformer, Network Transoformer
Company: Pphitop Technology HK Co., Ltd    China

BK control transformer
BK series machine tool control transformer, power transformer applied to the circuit of 50-60HZ and 500V, generally used as the power for machine tool, signal light, lighting and indicator light.
Product Group: Control Transformer
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Power transformer EI tranformer
Power transformer is a small single phase transformer which provides the power to small rectifier load and applies in the machinery products and electrical equipment to control the circuit.
Product Group: Power Transformer
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Three- phase isolating transformer
Three- phase isolating transformer, autotransformer (WYSG series) A transformer inserted in a system to separate one section of the system from undesired influences of other sections. Safe isolating transformer is a kind of transformer with wholly separated input voltage and output voltage. Its rated voltage don’t excess AC 1000V and the rated output voltage and no-load output voltage don’t exceed 1000V.
Product Group: Isolating Transformer
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Electronic transformer, led transformer, led driver
Electronic transformer, led transformer, led driver Features: 1.Over load, over current ,long time short circuit protection. 2.PC cover, accord with CE standard. 3.High power factor and brightness, high stability, dimmabled in primary. 4.Waterproof transformer 5.Excellence consistence, high stability and reliability, two years quality guarantees.
Product Group: Electronic Transformer
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Toroidal core
Core type: Toroidal core A Toroidal Core (A series) Description: A round core wound by automatic machines with one continuous tape fo CRGO silicon steel and annealed in a tunnel furnace under the protection of inert gases.The core is small in size ,light in weight,low iron loss,low noise ,high efficiency, nice symmetry amd better stability. Toroidal Core Materals: 23ZH90, 27ZH100. 30ZH105, 35Z155 ,M3,M4,M5 ,M6 Toroidal Core Feature: 1.small in size 2light in weight 3.ow ...
Product Group: Iron Core
Company: Foshan Youyuan Transformer Core Co.Ltd    China

Special Core
Core type: Special Core Special CoreDescription: A core of any special shape, tape-wound by high magnetic flow CRGO silicon steel strip, and annealed in vacuum furnace or tunnel furnace under protection of inert gases, low-stress and high-viscosity epoxy resin is used in the vacuum impregnation process. All types of the wound special core can be manufactured to users' designs. Special Core Material: 23ZH90, 27ZH100, 30ZH105,35Z155.M3,M4,M5,M6 Special Core Features : 1.High ...
Product Group: Iron Core
Company: Foshan Youyuan Transformer Core Co.Ltd    China

C-Core, CD-Core
Iron core type: c-core, CD-core C-Core Description: Tape-wound by high magnetic flow CRGO silicon steel strip, and annealed in vacuum furnace or tunnel furnace under protection of inert gases, low-stress and high-viscosity epoxy resin is used in the vacuum impregnation process. The cutting surface receives precise polishing to guarantee its performance. Core material grade: 1.23ZH90 2.27ZH100 3.30ZH105 4.35Z155 5.M3 6.M4 7.M5 8.M6 C-Core Features: 1.Low iron loss 2.High ...
Product Group: Iron Core
Company: Foshan Youyuan Transformer Core Co.Ltd    China

Single-three phase low-voltage dry transformer
Our company uses high-quality materials and advanced technologies, producing SG series of single & three-phases dry transformer between 0.5KVA∽800KVA. We have developed new transformers for import equipments according to the same kind cf products of SIMENS company, our products are fit for VDE0550,IEC439,JB5555,GB5226 national and international standazitation. SG series cf three-phase dry transformer are widely used in the situation of 50\60Hz, the input and output voltage within ...
Company: Shanghai Wen Bo Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Stainless Steel Tube
Stainless steel tube Specification: Usage: Electronic ; Phase: Three ; Coil Structure: Toroidal ; Coil Number: Autotransformer ; material: stainless steel ; Product name Stainless steel tube Usage Housing for temperature sensor Process StampingReformingCleaningPolishingQuality control Packing Material Stainless steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Equipments automatic punching machines, numerical control machines molds making molds by ourselves Surface finish ...
Company: Cangzhou Xindeli Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Three Phase Resin Insulation Dry Type Power Transformer
Three Phase Resin Insulation Dry Type Power Transformer Specification: Usage: Power ; Phase: Three ; Coil Structure: Toroidal ; Coil Number: Autotransformer ; SC(B)9, SC(B)10 three phase resin insulation dry type power transformer is a new dry type transformer of low power loss and low noise, in the base of advanced manufacturing equipment and technology imported from Germany. It imports advanced manufacturing equipment and technology again from Europe. So it owns the advantages of low power ...
Company: Ningbo Tianan (Group) Co., Ltd.    China

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