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List extensive product information of Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies, provided by Wire, Cable, Cable Assembly manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Indoor Coupler and Splitter
1) Zinc alloy die casting shell with nickel plated surface treatment ; 2) Adopt complete tin sealed design, shield level: 5-1000MHz>=100dB ; 3) Small volume and lightweight ; 4) Micro circuit design, good performance and parameters ; 5) Easy installation, two side holes are used for fixing the main unit ; 6) Surface spray-paint treatment, anti-oxidation and no color fading.

Mini USB Adapter
1) MINI PIN adapted to USB male plug ; 2) Can be colored according to customers' requirements ; 3) Can be used for data transmission of various kinds of digital products ; 4) Suitable for master computers and various kinds of digital products ; 5) Convenient and flexible use

E2000 Fibre Optic Patch Cord
Features: 1) Available in pigtail, simplex and duplex ; 2) Also available in APC (APC 8 degree)version ; 3) According to EIA / TIA, IEC NTT and bell core GR 326-CORE compliant ; 4) Length in 1, 2, 3, 5 meters or any specified length. Related products: 1) Fiber optic connector ; 2) Adapter ; 3) Fiber optic accessories ; 4) Fiber management system ; 5) Fiber tools
Company: Dongguan Xinya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Cable Tester
Types: G246: Cable tester, fit for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 ; G245: Cable tester with BNC, fit for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 anf BNC ; G246: Cable tester with BNC, fit for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 anf BNC
Product Group: Cable Tester

Category 6/5e LAN Connector
These high performance Cat.6 LAN connectors with shields are easy to assemble and have high stability. Specifications: Electrical: 1) UL applications: 250V AC, 2A (max.) ; 2) Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500V AC ; 3) Insulation resistance: 35M Ohm (max.), after environmental testing Mechanical: 1) Cable-to-plug tensile strength: 20lbs (89N) (min.) ; 2) Durability: 750 matching cycles ; 3) Temperature range: -40 ~ 60oC Material and finish: 1) Housing: polycarbonate (PC) UL94-V-0 or ...

Speaker Cable
1) Product range: 10GA, 12GA, 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA and Ultra classic strands ; 2) Copper material is certified 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), also tin plated copper ; 3) PVC material is certified environmentally friendly
Company: Dongguan Xinya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Our factory was produce all kind of Audio & Video Cable, telephone cables, power Cable, connectors, car Cable, 12 feet indoor extension cord.

Optical Fibre Cable
These cables are divided into several types: overhead, pipeline, burial (under ground), underwater, power and flexible optical cable. ADSS optical cable can have 2 to 288 cores. Outer packing: wood and steel reel/wheel

Audio & Video Cable
1) SH2013: RCA plug to RCA plug Mono, shielded ; 2) SH 2014: RCA plug to RCA plug Mono, shielded, gold plated ; 3) SH 2240: RCA plug to 2 x RCA Jack Mono, shielded ; 4) SH 2241: 2 x RCA plug to RCA Jack Mono ; 5) SH 2016: RCA plug to 2 x RCA Jack Mono, shielded, gold plated
Company: Dongguan Xinya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Flexible Corrugated Hose
Features: 1) Electroplated hoses,colorful and beautiful ; 2) Excellent bend capability ; 3) Anti-aging, anti-moisture, anti-oil ; 4) I.D: 1/5", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 1", 1 1/4" ; 5) Materials: PE, PP, PA. Applications: 1) Wire-protection hoses ; 2) Wire-protection hoses for room decoration ; 3) Liquid, oil transmission ; 4) Wire-protection and oil hoses

Power Cables
We offer such wires and cables, automobile power wires, transparent power wires, and double-color loudspeaker wires from china.

Steel Draw
Electricians need this product to pass in conduit electrical pipe theelectrical cable in side the walls of houses, building, etc. Steel puller with long searching spring (or with eyes,ball): (W x T) 3.2 x 0.5mm, in lengths: 5, 10, 15, 20 25 and 30MTS or according to special requirement.

1) Structure: bare copper, PE insulation, aluminum foil, FR PVC/LSOH PVC jacket ; 2) Used in work-station option to the FD/IDF, security medium for transmission, horizontal cabling, supporting TP-PMD audio, integrated service, digital network (ISDN), ATM 155Mbps, 100Mbps TPDDI, and fast Ethernet ETC ; 3) Multi-color

Wiring Harness
1) Product: a) Wire harness of different transformers ; b) Connecting wire harness of various electric cabinets and system cables ; c) Electric wires that can be processed into wire harness range from AWG0 to AWG24 ; d) Connecting terminals and cold pressing terminals. 2) Equipment: compression joint equipment, molds and hand crimping tools imported from Japan. 3) Can be applied to different electric products and becomes important fittings to electric products. 4) Steady quality and timely ...

Extension Cord with Three Conductors
1) Cord: a) SJTW 16/3: Rated power: 13A 125V 1,625W ; b) SJTW 14/3, SJTW 12/3, STW 12/3: Rated power: 15A 125V 1,875W. 2) Different colors and lengths available

Heavy Type Rubber Soft Cable
1) General-purpose soft rubber cable is used for household electrical appliance, electrical tools and various mobile electrical equipment of AC rated voltage 450/750V or lower. 2) Rated voltage: 300/500V (YZ type), 450/750V (YC type). 3) The long term working temperature of conductor should be no higher than 65°C. 4) W type cables have bad weather proof character and certain grease-proof character and are suitable for outdoor usage and the occasion with greasy dirt. 5) The delivery length ...

Remote Control Wire
1) Used in meter of the car ; 2) Bare copper conductor ; 3) Tough, high-temperature PVC insulation ; 4) Abrasion and chemical resistant

Coaxial Cables
1) Spark Test: 4000VAC ; 2) Impedance: 75ohm ; 3) Capacitance: 54pm/m ; 4) Velocity of propagation: 82% ; 5) Return loss: >20db(5-3000MHz) ; 6) UL listed is available ; 7) UL CM/CL2/CATV rated
Product Group: Coaxial Cable

Telephone Cables
1) Types: SYT, SYS, TESS, TESA, TRR, TRHR, VVT, PTT, SVV ; 2) Specifications: 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.65mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm ; 3) Construction: a) Conductor: copper, tinned copper, steel clad copper ; b) Insulation: PE, PP, PVC ; c) Screening: aluminum foil, earth wire, no screening ; d) Jacket: LDPE, PVC, LOSH ; 4) Custom colors available upon request ; 5) Round and flat available ; 6) Custom specifications and lengths available upon request

Safety-Type Wire Joints
Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2, certificated agree, by UL. Usage: peel the coat of wire, then insert to tube, use pincers to fix them. Feature: Nylon shell, long copper tube, easy to conduct electricity and hold wire tightly

USB2.0 Mini USB Cable Assembly
1) Connectors: USB A male to USB mini B male ; 2) Supports USB2.0 high speed (480Mbps) ; 3) Compatible with PC and Mac compatible ; 4) 24k gold connectors provide maximum corrosion resistance for error-free data transfer ; 5) Ultra-flexible jacket makes installation easy ; 6) Heavy-duty molded strain relief provides increased flexibility and durability ; 7) Foil and braid shield reduces interference ; 8) Matched twisted-pair wires with electrical resistance minimize crosstalk a for ...

Electrical Wire
1) Section from 0.12mm to 120mm ; 2) Two or multi cores ; 3) Conductor: bare copper, twisted or solid ; 4) PVC insulation and jacket ; 5) Jacket fire retardant ; 6) Round and flat available

Radio Frequency Cable
1) Inner conductor: 13.1mm copper tube ; 2) Insulator 32.0 mm foamed polyethylene ; 3) Outer conductor 35.8mm annular corrugated copper tube ; 4) Sheath 40.0 mm polyethylene ; 5) Characteristic impedance: 50±1ohm ; 6) Velocity 88% nominal value ; 7) Minimum insulation resistance: 5000m ohm. km DC 500V/min ; 8) Capacitance 76pF/m nominal value ; 9) Dielectric strength: DC10,000V/min ; 10) Inner conductor DC resistance: 0.61ohm/km at 20°C ; 11) Outer conductor DC resistance: 0.45ohm/km at 20°C

CCA Wire, CCS Wire, Copper Clad Aluminum/Steel Wire
Copper Clad Aluminum/Steel Wires with 0.10 to 4.00mm Diameter, Suitable for Computer and Telephone Cable Special Features: 1 Divided into soft (A kind) and hard state (H kind) 2 Diameter: 0.10 to 4.0mm 3 Divided into 10 and 15% according to volumetric scale of copper layer 4 Nominal density is 3.32 to 3.63g/cm?, 37 to 40% of pure copper wire 5 Under same weight, length is 2.5 to 2.7 times that of pure copper wire 6 Bimetallic wire with copper cladding concentrically covering an ...
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

Copper Tube, Copper pipe
Copper Tube, Used in Air-conditioning, Plumbing and Many other Areas Key Specifications/Special Features: 1 Wide range of OD and thickness for copper pipes 2 Fluid transmission of cool and hot water, drinking water facilitates health, construction cooling and heating, and anti-dew and anti-freezing in the transmission process 3 Standards: ASTM, EN, GB and JIS
Product Group: Copper Tube
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

Enameled wire, copper wire, CCA wire, bare wire
We are a manufacture and exporter of enameled wire in China. We supply various of enameled wire including copper enameled wire, CCA enameled wire, aluminum enameled wire,for heat grade from 105℃ to 220℃. Our quality is on the top-level in China. Size:0.03mm ~4.50mm Type: 1. Solderable Polyurethane Enameled Wire, Class 130 (UEW/130) 2. Polyester Enameled Wire, Class 130 (PEW/130) 3. Modified Polyester Enameled Wire, Class 155 (MPEW/155) 4. Ployesterimide Enameled Wire, Class 180 ...
Company: GMC Industrial Co.,Limited    China

All Aluminum Alloy Conductor - AAAC
AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor) referred to have Higher strength but lower conductivity than pure Aluminum.Being lighter,alloy conductors can sometimes be used to advantage in place of the more conventional ACSR;Having lower breaking loads than the latter,their use becomes particularly favourable when ice and win loading are low. 1)All aluminum alloy stranded conductor cable are for power transmission and distribution. 2)Standard:GB1179,IEC61089,BS3242,DIN48201,ASTMB399 3)We accept ...
Company: Hangzhou feixiang electric wire industry co. ,ltd.    china

Supply BNC Cable
BNC Cable: 1; BNC monitor cable, Optional BNC/AV Port, PVC molding type, RoHS compliant. 2; Connector: BNC /BNC, nickel plated. 3; Cable: 28AWG tinned-copper coax conductor delivers quality video 4; Braid: tinned copper 5; Jacket: Black or on request 6; Length: 1.8m or on request 7; Compatibility: PC, LED Packing: Polybag or as your request. Shenzhen Winbo Digital Co., Ltd., Cable Branch focus on the production of HDMI Cable, Security system Cables, and Computer peripheral ...
Product Group: BNC Cable
Company: Shenzhen MayTime Co., Ltd    China

Copper clad steel wire
Copper Clad Steel , also known as copper covered steel ,or abbreviated as CCS wire, is a bimetallic wire,mainly used in the wire industry that combines the high mechanical resistance of steel with the conductivity and resistance to corrosion of copper .Its main purpose is to be used as a drop wire of telephone cables, and inner conductor of coaxial cables, network wires,CATV cable,power and traffic engineering wire and other electron field. The thicker of the copper on the steel layer is ...
Product Group: Copper Clad Steel Wire
Company: MOIHAN METAL Co.,Ltd    China

Aluminium alloy wire
Aluminium alloy wire usually used in coaxial cable.our factory can supply all spec of aluminium alloy wire.if you are interested in our product, pls let us know.
Product Group: Coaxial Cable
Company: Hangzhou feixiang electric wire industry co. ,ltd.    china

Fe-Cr-Al Resistance Wire
Fe-Cr-Al Resistance Wire This kind of alloy has a higher resistivity and application temperature .Its price is cheaper because of without Nickel.It belongs to Ferrite.
Company: Wisdom Import & Export (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd    China

Enameled Aluminum Wire, Enamelled Aluminum Wire
Enameled Aluminum Wire, Enamelled Aluminum Wire China Super Enameled Aluminum Wire: Diameter of Enameled Aluminum Wire: Round type 0.2mm-6.0mm Flat Type: a:1mm-10mm b: 3mm-35mm Temperature Class of Enameled Aluminum Wire: B130C, F155C, H180C, H+200C, C220, C+240 Delivery time of Enameled Aluminum Wire: 6-30 working days Standards of Enameled Aluminum Wire: IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB Package of Enameled Aluminum Wire: wooden and plastic spool, wooden and paper box,
Product Group: Enameled Aluminum Wire
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

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