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List extensive product information of Instrumentation Cable, provided by Instrumentation Cable manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Sync And Charge Cable
Compact and retractable, easy to organize. Sync and charge your O2 XDA, T-Mobile, iMate, Qtek 1010 Pocket PC Phone. Small size and light weight, easy to carry. Durable - capable of supporting the weight of a chair.

BUS Information Cable
1) Material: PVC, copper conductor ; 2) Conductor dimensions: 0.12 x 7m ; 3) Inside dimension: 1.3mm ; 4) Outside dimension: 3.0mm.

Teflon Wires
They are same with the inner fixed wires for home electric appliances, lighting equipment and mechanical electrical machines.
Company: Zhejiang Teflon Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.    China

PSP Game USB Cable, NDS Accessories
NEW Products PSP game USB cable. PSP disk case scph-70000 to 50000 Mutitap converter. Scph-70000 vertical stand. Scph-70000 adaptor. NDS super card. NDS screen film kit. NDS adaptor.
Company: Zhejiang Teflon Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Telephone Cord Winders
1) Phone cord winder, auto retractable, rectangle shape, 6p4c cord, 6' or 8' length ; 2) Stop button, body made of ABS, spray printed, with colorful edge ; 3) Size: 76 x 56 x 16mm ; 4) Tape width: 44 x 38 x 19cm
Company: Zhejiang Teflon Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Compensation Cable
1) Compensation wire and cable are used to exceed the cold ends of the thermocouples in the temp. testing system and low temp. acid, corrosion, aging as well as oil and water. 2) Working temp.: -40 to 250°C

Mouse Cable
Mouse Cable: 1) Material: PVC sleeve, copper conductor ; 2) Conductor dimensions: 0.12 x 7m ; 3) Outside dimension: 3.4mm

Color Cables
1) Clear golden and slivery speaker cables ; 2) Clear power cables ; 3) Clear speaker cables ; 4) Red / black speaker cable ; 5) Audio video cables

XLPE Insulated Control Cable
1) Rated voltage UO/U: 450/750 V. 2) The max long-term operating temperature of cable conductor: a) XLPE insulation: 90°C ; b) PVC insulation 70, 90°C ; c) PE insulation: 70°C. 3) Permitted bending radius: no less than 12 times of the overall diameter of the cable which has armor or copper tape wrapped shied. 4) Lower smoke & halogen -free flame -retardant cable could endure firing test in bundle as GB/T18380.3 and smoke density in firing complies with stimulation GB/T 17651.1

High Temperature Resisting Control Cable
It is used in AC rated voltage max.450/750v control, monitor and protection circuits in the businesses of power, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel and etc. Thanks to outstanding resistance to high temperature, low temperature, alkali and acid, corrosion, aging and flaming, it is especially used under the conditions of high temperature and low temperature or in harsh environment for connection of electrical appliances and meters or signal transmission of automatic control system.
Product Group: Control Cable

Civilian Industrial Cable
1) Used for headlamps, home appliances, mechanical and electrical machines ; 2) Bare copper conductor ; 3) Tough, high-temperature, non-transparent PVC insulation ; 4) Abrasion and chemical resistant

Amplifier Installation Wiring and Kits
1) 20FT 8GA power cable, red ; 2) 4FT 8GA ground cable, black ; 3) 16FT RCA cable ; 4) 20FT 18GA remote control wire ; 5) 20FT 12GA speaker cable ; 6) Accessories: a) Split loom tube ; b) 1pc AGU fuse holder, golden ; c) 1PC AGU fuse, 60A, golden ; d) 4pcs 12AWG quick disconnecters, golden ; e) 2pcs ring terminals, golden ; f) 2pcs spade terminals, golden ; g) 1pc butt terminal ; h) 10pcs wire ties, black ; i) 2pcs screws, black ; j) 1pc grommet ; 7) Can be made as per customers' requests

General-Purpose Soft Rubber Wire
The products are fixed to lay copper core or aluminium rubber insulated wires for electrical equipment and lighting devices with AC rated voltage 300/500V and below.

Instrument Cables, Guitar Cable, Alarm Cable
We produce and supply a long series of instrument cables, microphone cables. Also supply Alarm Cable: 2c,4c,6c,8c,10c ; Shielded alarm cable available.

PTFE (TEFLON) Wires, High Temp Cables
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and exporters of PTFE (Teflon) Insulated wires, cables, sleevings, Fiber Glass Insulated wires & Cables, RTD cables, Thermocouple compensating cables, Coaxial Cables, Under Floor Heating cables, Heating Cables, High Temperature cables, Carona Resistant cables etc.

Rubber Jacketed Flexible Mining Cable
1) Rubber jacketed flexible mining cable is made for the application in various movable electric appliances and excavators in mine. 2) It includes: a) Drill cable ; b) Movable rubber jacketed flexible mining cable ; c) Movable rubber jacketed metallized flexible mining cable ; d) Excavator rubber jacketed flexible cable

USB Extension Cables
1) USB extension cable, auto retractable, S-shaped ; 2) AF to AM, cabe length 6' ; 3) Made of ABS, diversified colors available ; 4) Can be imprinted or spray printed ; 5) For USB port connected, compatible with PCs, notebooks ; 6) Size: 79 x 51 x 20mm ; 7) Tape width: 46 x 27 x 29cm

LAN Cables
1) Meets the American UL standard ; 2) Transmission frequency: 350MHz ; 3) Copper wire specification: 24 / 23AWG ; 4) Customized orders welcome

Soft Cable for Motor Winding Connection
1) The max. temp. of conductor for continue working is 90°C ; 2) The bending radius allowance in laying should be no less than 6 times than that of cable outer diameter ; 3) The delivery length depends on agreement with length error no more than 1%

FEP / PFA Thermocouples Cable (Wire)
We are special producing Teflon (FEP/PFA) insulate thermocouples cable (wire). Compensation and extending cable(wrie) have following type. Type RC(cu vs cu-0.6ni) for type R ; Type SC(cu vs cu-0.6ni) for type S ; Type KC(cu vs cu-40ni) for type K

Computer Cable with Rated Voltage 300/500V
1) The max long-term operating temperature of cable conductor: a) XLPE insulation: 90°C ; b) PVC insulation 70°C ; c) PE insulation: 70°C. 2) The laying temp. of the cable should not be below 0°C. 3) Delivery length: a) Non-armored cable 10 pairs and below 1000m, more than 10 pairs 500m ; b) Armored cable 8 pairs and below 1000m, more than 8 pairs 500m ; c) Short length more than 50m may be delivered but not exceed 10% of the total length. 4) Delivered special requirements to be discussed

Telephone Cords
1) Phone cord winder, auto retractable, S-shaped, 6p4c cord, 6' or 8' length ; 2) Stop button, made of ABS, diversified colors, imprinted or spray printed ; 3) Size: 79 x 51 x 20mm ; 4) Tape width: 52 x 26 x 37cm

Intrinsically Safe Circuit Pairs Shield Control Cable
1) The cable of this kind is of low capacitance, low inductance, excellent shied and interference rejection ; 2) It is superior to be computer cable and control cable ; 3) Rated voltage is 300/500V ; 4) Max. operating temp. no more than 70°C ; 5) Min. ambient temp. is 0°C

Acsr Core Wire
acsr core wire Specification: Conductor Material: Aluminum ; Jacket: no ; Insulation Material: no ; Certification: CE, ISO9001, 14001 ; acsr core wiWire 1.ASTM B 232, ASTM B416-98, BS 215 part 2, AS 3607, DIN48204, IEC61089, GB/T1179-2008. 2.ISO9001, 14001 Certicatioin: CE, ISO 9001, 14001 ACSR has a simple structure, easy to set up and maintenance, low-cost lines, transmission capacity, but also conducive to cross-rivers and valleys, such as the laying of special geographical conditions, ...
Company: Xi'an Tianhe Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Guitar Cable
Guitar Cable Specification: Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: PVC ; Insulation Material: PVC ; Warranty period: 5 years ; Specification: O.D.6.5mm conductive PVC noiseless guitar lead and instrument cable lead with OFC conductor; PE conductor insulator Conductive PVC 2.9Φ; braided copper shield (99%); Connector: NP2X-B on each ends Model No and Length: NEU-G3 3FT(0.9M) NEU-G10 10FT(3.0M) NEU-G15 15FT(4.5M) NEU-G20 20FT(6.0M) NEU-G25 25FT(7.5M) NEU-G30 30FT(9.0M) ...
Company: Changzhou Linyin Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Teflon Wire UL20308 20369 Specification: Shielding: Braid ; Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: Teflon ; Insulation Material: Teflon ; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nominal Voltage:300V Temperature Range:-100°C~-150°C to+200°C Conductor:30 to 10AWG Nickel or Tinned Copper Insulation:ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE Structure:2~7 conductors UL1333 braided shield Jacket:FEP O.D.Allowance:±0.1mm Aviable:Black-Brown-Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue- ...
Company: Dongguan Nistar Transmitting Technology Co., Inc.    China

Retractable Cord
retractable cord Specification: Shielding: Combination ; Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: PVC ; Insulation Material: PVC ; approval: UL VDE PSE SAA ; retractable cord, power cable,power cord,spiral cable,spiral cord massretractable cord,spiral cable,spiral cord,power cable,power cordage chair wire,coil cord,spiral cable,coiled cable,spring Insulation Material:PU,PE,PVC core:available Standard: according to customers requirements -largely resistant to oil conditional on outer sheath ...
Company: Ningbo Biaoda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Fire Resistant Shipboad Cable
fire resistant shipboad cable Specification: Shielding: Braid ; Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: thermoplastic compound ; Insulation Material: XLPE ; operation tempetature: 90 ; rated voltage: 150/250V ; Color: Black ; fire resistant shipboard cable( 250V) rated voltage:150/250v operation temperature:90 standards applied IEC60092-376 IEC60228 IEC60092-351 IEC60092-359 IEC60092-350 IEC60332-3-22 IEC60331 cable structure 1-twisted pair tinned copper wire conductor,class 2 2-mica ...
Company: Ningbo Grand Ocean Int'l Co., Ltd.    China

Ft232 Usb Rs232 Virtual Com Port Converter Cable, Etc
FT232 USB RS232 Virtual com port converter cable, etc Specification: Shielding: Foil ; Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: PVC ; Insulation Material: PE ; Chip: FT232+ZT213 ; Baut rate: 9600 ~ 256000 ; Pinout: : TXD/RXD/CTS/RTS/DCD/RI/VCC/GND,etc ; FTDI FT232RL USB UART cable USB RS232 adapter cable FT232 USB Virtual com port converter cable PINOUT: GND/VCC(5V)/CTS/RTS/TXD/RXD/DCD/RI, etc VCC =5v@100mA from USB port directly Baut rate: 9600 ~ 3Gb RJ11/45/22/12/3.5MM AJ/USB ALL SERIAL ...
Company: Shenzhen Sinforcon Electronics Limited    China

Ul1107 Coaxial Cable
UL1107 Coaxial Cable Specification: Shielding: Braid ; Conductor Material: Copper ; Jacket: PVC ; Insulation Material: PE or FR-PE ; color: Can choose ; Tinned or bare ,stranded or solid copper conductor, 30-16AVG . PE or FR-PE insulated. Tinned or bare copper wire spiral shield. color-coded PVC jacket . Low losses and low propagation delays,cosstalk kept to minimum. Rated temperature: 60°C. Rated voltage: 300volts. Reference standards: UL758, UL1581.
Company: Herwell Electric Wire Co., Ltd.    China

VDE 1185 Specification: Shielding: Tinned copper ; Conductor Material: Tinned copper ; Jacket: Silicone ; Insulation Material: Silicone ; Colour: : Black,Brown,Red,Orange, Yellow,Green,B. ; )Application the same with the inner fixed wires for the household appliance ,the lighting ,the electronic equipment,the temperature sensor,the aircraft,the aviation ,the war industry product ,the metallurgy and chemical engineering.the automobil and ship,the electric instrumentation,the light ...
Company: Dongguan Quanwen Electrical Products Co., Ltd.    China

Solderless Breadboard And Jumper Wire
Solderless Breadboard and Jumper Wire Specification: Solderless Breadboard and Jumper Wire 1 Terminal Strip, Tie-point 630 2 Distribution strips, Tie-point 200Dimensions:165x56x8.5mmABS plastic material 65 pcs of 22 AWG jumper wires Line of different colors can be re-used Lengths and quantity: 100mm 45pcs 140mm 10pcs 180mm 5pcs 230mm 5pcs
Company: Cixi Wanjie Electronic Co., Ltd.    China

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