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List extensive product information of Specialty Cable Assemblies, provided by Specialty Cable Assembly manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cable End Cap
Sealing of power cable terminals and non-gas sealing of communication cable terminals; Sealing of telecommunication cable terminal/industrial pipe sealing;Heat melt adhesive liner can be used on valves; Ideal for lead cables or polyethylene cables.
Company: Shanghai Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Motorbike Safely Cable
1) Material: PVC sleeve, copper conductor ; 2) Conductor dimensions: 0.16 x 10m ; 3) Inside dimension: 1.3mm ; 4) Outside dimension: 3.0mm.

RF Connector And Cable Assemblies
We supply RF Coaxial cable assemblies (RG-series, HDF-series, HIROSE, I-PEX etc. ) and RF connectors ( such as MMCX, MCX, SMA, SMB, MC-CARD, N-TYPE, BNC, TNC, FME, R/P series,1.0/2.3,1.6/5.6,7/16, Adapters, etc. ).
Company: Shanghai Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.    China

ATA Power Cable
1) Material: PVC sleeve, copper conductor ; 2) Inside dimensions: 0.16 x 41m ; 3) Outerside dimension: 2.1mm
Company: Shanghai Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.    China

CuNi 44, CuNi10, CuNi 23 Series Resistance Wire
Copper-nickel base low resistance alloys are widely used in low-voltage circuit breaker, thermal over-load relay, etc low-voltage electrical appliances. Our company products have good properties both in compatibility and stability. We can offer CuNi44, CuNi30, CuNi23 CuNi19, CuNi14, CuNi10, CuNi8, CuNi6, CuNi2, CuNi1 serial products

SMB-SMA Cable, Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly: 1) SATA cable ; 2) Length: 1m ; 3) Red assembly. SMB-SMA Cable: RF connector, used for the various types of electronics device.

10KV or 35KV Aerial Insulated Cable
1) The max. long-term operating temperature of cable conductor: a) XLPE insulation :90°C ; b) HDPE insulated 150°C ; 2) Cable installed in air, ambient temp. is 40°C ; 3) Intensity of solar radiation is 1,000W/mm

Automobile & Motorcycle Wiring Harness
1) Automobile wire set assembly ; 2) Automobile chassis wiring harness ; 3) Automobile meter wiring harness ; 4) Automobile storage battery wiring harness ; 5) Motorcycle wire set assembly ; 6) Air-condition wiring harness ; 7) Wiring harness of left front door ; 8) Wiring harness of right front door ; 9) Wiring harness of back car door ; 10) Wiring harness of back door ; 11) Dynamoelectric antenna ; 12) Main wiring harness ; 13) Wiring harness of transmission ; 14) Wiring harness of starter

Wire Netting
1) Including hex wire netting, square wire mesh, welded wire mesh and expanded steel or aluminum sheet ; 2) All sizes and meshes available ; 3) Finishes or assorted color per requirement ; 4) Iron, aluminum and plastic available too.

High Temperature Cables & Wire
We specialized in the production of heat resistant silicone rubber cables, mos of them have passed the qualification of USA UL, Germany VDE, China CCC, and Japan F-mark.

Mobile Charge Cable
Process Mobile charge Cable + Connector. You could choose various Connectors for your mobile phone.

Pe Insulation Wire, Pe Coated Wire
Our company has all kinds of products in more than one hundred varieties available for the customers, which are used in pump. The wire is made in copper (purity>99.9%),and the insulation wire can bear more than 3000V , it is also waterproof. We can also produce the wire in according to customers` requirement.

Water Retardant Coaxial Cable
1) Conductor: tinned or bare, stranded or solid copper or copper clad steel conductor ; 2) Insulation: solid PE, foamed PE insulation ; 3) Double PVC jacket ; 4) Aluminum foil shield and aluminum mylar longitudinal shield available ; 5) Braid: bare copper / Sn-plated braid shield ; 6) Suitable for radio communication, TV, broadcasting and transmission signal of radio frequency of relevant electronic equipment

Automotive Wire for Transducer
1) Very flexible and has good screen peculiarity ; 2) The working temperature can reach 150 degree ; 3) This manufacture has already used in some type of cars. For example, Santana, Jetta, Chery

Cable Breakout Boots
Water proof, double stress control, shield & insulate, light in weight, long term running, aging life 20 years. Can be used as long term protection at very low temperature of deg.-50-deg.105 . Shrink rate: radial shrinkage over 50%, longitudinal shrinkage under 5%.Shrink temperature: deg.120-deg.140.

Electronics Cables
1) Power cables: a) Extreme temperature range: (-40 ~ 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments ; b) Environmentally friendly, quality, glossy PVC material ; c) Standards: ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA/ELA-568A. 2) Speaker cables: a) Conductors: OFC copper with tin plating ; b) Wire: high quality PVC plastic ; c) Color and dimensions as per clients' specifications. 3) Microphone cables: a) Shielded or unshielded ; b) Jacket is available in a wide range of transparent or ...

1/2 Jumper Cable
1) According to the IEC 169-4,16 specifications ; 2) Connection dimensions: M29 x 1.5 and 5/8-24UNEF ; 3) Cable: 1/2" cable, such as Andrew LDF4-50A ; 4) Connector: DIN male (female) or N male (female) ; 5) Length: 1, 2 or 3m ; 6) Characteristic impedance: 50Ω ; 7) Withstanding voltage: AC 2500V, 1min ; 8) VSWR (0~2.5GHz): ≤1.10 ; 9) Intermodulation (IM3): ≤-160 dBc

Detective Wire for Video Piping
1) Suitable for maintaining the limited piping under water ; 2) It can follow with the piping ; 3) Characteristic: resistant pull, resistant pressure, resistant water, good rigidity ; 4) Working temperature: -40 - -120 degree

Car Testting Tools Date Cable
VAG-COM is the first aftermarket VAG-Tool. It has a database of more than 7500 fault-codes and measuring-block texts. It can use the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models. It allows you to view, log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once It can access all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the new KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules). Length: 3m. Interface: 16pin for ...

Irradiated Polyethylene (PE) Insulated Wire
1) Temperature rating: +125°C ; 2) Voltage rating: 600V ; 3) AWG: 26~9. For use as motor leads or internal appliance wiring. Tags may indicate the following: 2,500V peak - for electronic use only.

Bus Voice Cable
1) Material: PVC, copper conductor ; 2) Conductor dimensions: 0.1 x 490m, 0.254 x 126mm ; 3) Outside dimension: 6.0mm, 2.0mm

High Temperature Cables
Silicone rubber wire, PTFE, PFE insulated wire, high temperature wire, special wire, Good quality and prompt delivery.

Electrical resistance wire
Electrical resistance wire Our heating /resistance wires are of high quality with following features: 1. A quite reasonable price 2. Stable performance: high working temperature(The highest temperature can be 1400), high strength under temperature, corrosion resistance, long life-span, allowable high surface load, small specific gravity, good formability and weldability. We can also supply other products by processing on your order: coil wire, wave-shaped wires and different kinds of ...
Product Group: Resistance Wire
Company: Wisdom Import & Export (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd    China

Aluminum Wire
China Super Aluminum Wire, Include Round Aluminum Wire, Flat Aluminum Wire, bare aluminum wire, aluminum magnet wire. Diameter of Aluminum Wire: Round type 0.2mm-6.0mm Flat Type: a:1mm-10mm b: 3mm-35mm Delivery time of Aluminum Wire: 6-30 working days Standards of Aluminum Wire: IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB Package of Aluminum Wire: wooden or plastic spool and wooden box
Product Group: Aluminum Wire
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

Paper Covered Wire
Paper Covered Wire, paper wrapped wire, paper magnet wire: Paper Covered Wire also call Craft Paper Covered Wire and the telephone or cable Paper Covered Wire Diameter: Paper Covered Round Aluminum Wire: 1.5mm-5mm Paper Covered Rectangular Aluminum Wire: a: 1mm-5.6mm b: 2mm-16mm Temperatures Class of Paper Covered Wire: Non-impregnated: Y (90C) impregnated: A (105C) Standard of Paper Covered Wire: GB/IEC Delivery time of Paper Covered Wire: 6-30 days
Product Group: Paper Covered Wire
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

Fiber Glass Covered Wire
Fiber Glass Covered Wire, fiber glass wrapped wire Diameter of Fiber Glass Covered Wire: Aluminum Wire a:1mm-10mm b: 3mm-35mm Copper Wire: a: 1mm-10mm b: 3mm-35mm Temperatures Class of Fiber Glass Covered Wire: B130C, F155C, H180C Package of Fiber Glass Covered Wire: Wooden Box Delivery Time of Fiber Glass Covered Wire: 6-30 days Standard of Fiber Glass Covered Wire: IEC/GB
Product Group: Fiber Glass Covered Wire
Company: Lp Industry (Zhengzhou) Co.,Ltd.    China

Professional Cable Tacker
Professional Cable Tacker Specification: Conductor Material: Other ; Insulation Material: Other ; Professional Cable Tacker DESCRIPTION Suitable for low voltage cables (maximum 50V) up to 4.5mm or 6mm diameter. Two size cable staples 10-14mm available. Ideal for telephone, TV, alarm, loudspeaker, security and computer network cables ................................................................................................................. FEATURE l For cable staples 10-14mm (Both ...
Company: Vemax Corporation    Taiwan

Double-insulated Vde Teflon Cable
Double-insulated VDE Teflon Cable Specification: Conductor Material: Copper ; Insulation Material: Teflon ; VDE Certificate No.:40028000 VDE Reg.-Nr. 8302 Conductor: bare, tin or silver plated copper Insulation: PFA Teflon Nominal: 300/300V Colors: white, blue, red, black, brown, yellow, green and transparent Guide to use: for wiring of lamps and appliances Conductor temperature: 130oC with bare copper conductor 180oC with tinned copper conductor 200oC with silver plated copper conductor ...
Company: Jiangyin Haocheng Electrical Appliance Wire And Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Cable Assembly,sma Female Bulkhead To Ipex For 1.13 Cable
Cable Assembly,SMA Female Bulkhead To IPEX For 1.13 Cable Specification: Conductor Material: BRASS ; Insulation Material: PTFE ; Cable Color: Black ; The pigtail SMA-C-KY1.0(1.13 Cable)IPEX our company pruducted is for the cable of line conection for the GSM,PCN and every communication system between the cabinet of machine and the cabinet of machine, between the antenna and the trunk cable, between the truck cable and the cabinet of machine.User may be according to the need to customize the ...
Company: Yangzhou Jingcheng Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Hdmi Cable,support 3d
High Quality HDMI Cable,support 3D Specification: Conductor Material: Copper ; Insulation Material: PVC ; Jacket: PVC ; HDMI A to D type cable Introduction Product Name: HDMI A male to HDMI D type Male Cable with Gold-Plated Model Number: HDMI Place of Origin: China Version 1.4 new function 1) HDMI Ethernet Channel 2) Audio Return Channel 3) Support 3D quality as same as monster cable 4) 4K Support • 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high • 4096 ...
Company: Shenzhen Heng Xin Qiang Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Alminium Alloy Conductors,aaac German Sizes Din 48 201
Alminium Alloy Conductors,AAAC German Sizes DIN 48 201 Specification: Conductor Material: Aluminum ; Insulation Material: bare ; Jacket: bare ; Application: power transmission ; All Alminium Alloy Conductors,AAAC German Sizes DIN 48 201 Detailed Product Description AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor) referred to have higher strength but lower conductivity than pure aluminum.being lighter, alloy conductors can sometimes be used to advantage in place of the more conventional ACSR;having lower ...
Company: Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd.    China

Enamelled Copper Wire
Enamelled copper wire Specification: 60317 -13 HO class 220: ( + ) amidimide Theic ; 60317-8 H class 180: polyesterimide ; 60317-20 F class 155: polyuretahne ; 60317-51 H class PU 180 : (Solderable) polyuret. ; We are Emtel Group manufacturing enamelled copper wires since 1973. At present our capacity is 350 tones arround per each month. We have good quality and 30 offical dealer at 30 countries so you may check our prices and quality. Our production range is 0.04 up to 5.00 mm with ...

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