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List extensive product information of Cable Accessories, Wiring Accessories, provided by Cable Accessory, Wiring Accessory manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cable Ties
1) Designed to make wire and cable installation quick, easy and well organized ; 2) A full range of miniature, intermediate, standard, heavy duty and extra ; heavy duty nylon cable ties available ; 3) Length: 60 - 1,050mm ; 4) For specific applications ; 5) Materials: a) Nylon 66 ; b) 94V-2 ; 6) Long lifespan ; 7) Heat resistant ; 8) Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85oC ; 9) Natural, UV black, and other colors available upon request
Company: Yueqing Dalier Electric Appliance Factory    China

Optical Fiber Connector, Optical Cable Closure Box
Products range: electricity wiring connection equipments, data transmission network products, communication terminal equipments and intelligent wiring products.
Company: Yueqing Dalier Electric Appliance Factory    China

Nail Clips
1) PE (white, gray), elasticity and shock resistant ; 2) Inserting type, nail attached in clips ; 3) Save time and cost ; 4) We can provide nail clips like circle nail clips, cocxial cable clips and flat nail clips with high quality

Cable Clamps, Cable Lugs
Cable Clamp: 1) A series of cable clamps in different styles available ; 2) Current: 50 - 400A ; 3) CE standard. Cable Lug: Suitable for the connection or copper conductors in power cable with electronic equipment.
Company: Yueqing Dalier Electric Appliance Factory    China

Optical Telecom Cable
These cables are divided into several types: overhead, pipeline, burial (under ground), underwater, power and flexible optical cable. ADSS optical cable can have 2 to 288 cores.

Fused Power Distribution Blocks
We can supply all kinds of installation accessories to car audio, For example fuse holders, fuses, distribution blocks, battery terminals, noise filters, and crossovers.

Rca Interconnector
VT series: 1) Aluminum foil covered twisted-pair configuration with terylene braiding ; 2) Ensures max noise rejection. VS series: 1) Twisted-pair configuration within aluminum foil and outer copper braided as triple shield ; 2) Terylene braided ; 3) Ground cable and trousers. VW series: 1) Directional twisted-pair ; 2) Aluminum foil and outer copper braiding as triple shield ; 3) Ground cable and trousers

Wrist Strap ( ESD Series )
Consists of wrist band, elastic wire and clamp. Discharge time is less than 0.1 second. Endurable over 30,000 application. Repeatedly cleanable. Comfortable skin feeling. Wire length upon customers requirement. Different styles can meet various requirement.

Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties
Material: Nylon 66,94V-2 certificate by UL. Heat-resisting, erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age. Operating temperature: -40C to 85C. Nylon cable ties are primiarily used to organize cables inside a computer as well as in the telecom and networking industries. They are also widely used in industries, as well as in various applications in and around the home.
Product Group: Cable Tie

Cable Accessories
We can supply all kinds of cable accessories, such as heat shrinkable bus-bar tubes, nylon cable ties, circle nail clips, flat nail clips, set pieces and terminal blocks.

Stainless Steel Lock Steel Ball Ties
1) Suitable for tying up cables in internal and external places such as in rooms, in the open and places of humidity and high temperature ; 2) Resists and rubs ; 3) Be anticorrosive ; 4) Resists and radiates ; 5) Has fire prevention performance

Wiring Accessories
Model: Wiring Ducts, Cable Ties, Cable Markers, Cable Glands. Products include: 1) Wiring ducts ; 2) Cable ties ; 3) Cable markers ; 4) Spiral wrapping bands ; 5) Self-adhesive tie mounts ; 6) Vinyl tubes ; 7) Nail cable clips ; 8) Cable glands

RF Coaxial Cable
1) Inner conductor: 13.1mm copper tube ; 2) Insulator 32.0 mm foamed polyethylene ; 3) Outer conductor 35.8mm annular corrugated copper tube ; 4) Sheath 40.0 mm polyethylene ; 5) Characteristic impedance: 50±1ohm ; 6) Velocity 88% nominal value ; 7) Minimum insulation resistance: 5,000m ohm. km DC 500V/min ; 8) Capacitance 76pF/m nominal value ; 9) Dielectric strength: DC10000V/min ; 10) Inner conductor DC resistance: 0.61ohm/km at 20°C ; 11) Outer conductor DC resistance: 0.45ohm/km at 20°C

Cable Reel
1) Popular in European market, all with CE certificate ; 2) With H05VV-F 3 x 1.5mm2 wire ; 3) With handle (also provide items without handle) ; 4) Other style reels for different markets optional

Power Cable Pillar - Junction Type
1) The power cable pillar - junction type is a common electric equipment that can be widely used in underground power cable distribution system ; 2) The aesthetic low profile design provides unobtrusive installations for sectionalizing, tapping or terminating underground cable ; 3) The top hinged diagonally cut removable cover and cabinet are designed for easy one man opening and improved access to interior terminations ; 4) A door stop prevents the door from accidentally closing ; 5) The ...

Armored Junction Boxes
1) Never rust, complete insulation, watertight, and dust proof, flame resistant and low temperature resistant properties ; 2) Easy installation, high safety.

Line Filters
1) An open-body anti-noise choke coil featuring a large inductance for a great noise control effect. 2) Good and stable performance with low price. 3) With a wide range of applications such as TVs, VCRs, PCs, Word Processors, ECRs, POS terminals, game machines, measuring, peripheral units, car

Nylon Cable Tie (2.5 x 100mm)
Supply Nylon Cable Tie from China. Features: 1) Material: nylon 66 UL approval ; 2) Dimensions: 2.5 x 100mm.

Radiate Cross Linked Heat Shrinkable Tube
1) Low temperature shrinkage 2) Strong softness 3) High resistance 4) Wide application 5) Excellent insulation 6) Seal protection

Cable Entry Systems
1) Includes rubber boot, clamp, and galvanized steel plate. Order from table ; 2) Used with feed-through plate with corresponding size entry hole ; 3) Plate with one or more 4" entry holes. Used with the corresponding size rubber cable boots ; 4) Suitable for 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8" cables, such as Andrew LDF4-50A, LDF5-50A, VXL6-50, LDF7-50A

Cable Ezee Wrap
1) Reliable, easy to use ; 2) Covers most wires in 3 easy steps ; 3) Patented product ; 4) Customized orders available.

Sockets, Extension Cables, Working Lamps, Cable Reels
1) 9415560 universal sockets, Italy type, H05vvf-3G1.0, 3G1.5 ; 2) 9405550 waterproof sockets, GS/CE ; 3) 9405270 garden socket, H05RN-F3G1.0, HO7RN-F3G1.5 ; 4) 7405820 cable reel, GS/CE, over-load protection, HO5VV-F3G1.5, 50m ; 5) 5475810 working lamp AC230V, 8W, GS/CE ; 6) 6445830 extension cable, H05VV-F3G1.5, H07RN-F3G1.5 ; 7) PVC connector ; 8) Insulation tape ; 9) Tie mount

Environment Friendly Flame Retardant Heat-Shrink Tube
1) Specially designed with formulation ensure the tubing to meet the standard of environment protection. 2) Free from environment harmful substance as PBB's, PBBO's and toxic heavy metal compounds in its components, make it meet the requirement of environment protection, in case of burning no Dioxin is produced. 3) The properties of low shrinking temperature, flexibility and superior mechanical strength make them widely used in the field of electronics, communication, automobile ...

Cat 6 Patch Cords
1) Special Enhance Connector: TWO Rows RJ45 8P8C Gold ; 2) Cable: CAT.6" 600MHZ, 4-Pair 27AWG, SSTP, DIN 44312-5 & EN 50288-4 ; 3) Packaging: Retail package for the length 3, 7, 15, 25, and 50ft ; 4) Colors: blue, black, green, grey, purple, pink,orange, red, white & yellow

Cold Shrink Termination & Joint for 8.7kV/15kV XLPE Cable
1) It does not require heating by flame or special tools. As long as we pull out the plastic string from silicone rubber tube, the silicone rubber will be tightly shrunk in the needed position. 2) Reliable insulation and high-recovery elasticity; we have adopted imported liquid-silicone rubber, such that the cable will keep its radial pressure permanently, making the contact surface closely jointed together, thus no flash-ores occur, nor strike as well. 3) Superior hermetic sealing: for ...

Alligator clips, Battery clips, Crocodile clip
Alligator clip crocodile clip Alligator clip with cable Test lead Color coded leads Battery clamp Battery Clip crocodile battery clips Battery clip with cable booster cable booster cable clip Terminal Clip wire terminal clips 1) 5A-800A 2) Brass clamps, plastic clamps for your choice 3) Various packing available, client's design is welcome Good quality of booster cables.
Company: Changzhou Fuchun electronic Co.,ltd    china

RF Coaxial 7/16 Straight Male clamp for 7/8 RF cable connectors
RF Coaxial 7/16 Straight Male clamp for 7/8" RF cable connectors P/N.:94-03-4M25-001 Impedance: 50 Ω Product Series: DIN/7/16 connectors Body Plating: Silver and albaloy Body Plating: Straight Connector Material: Brass Contact Plating: Gold Gender: Male RoHS Certificate: Yes Insulation Resistance: 5,000 MΩ minimum
Product Group: Coaxial Cable Clamp
Company: Cmpter Electronics    China

RF Coaxial 7/16 Straight Male clamp for Super Flexible RF cable connectors
cable clamp: RF Coaxial 7/16 Straight Male clamp for 1/2" Super Flexible RF cable connectors P/N.:94-03-4M26-003 Impedance: 50 Ω Product Series: DIN/7/16 connectors Body Plating: Silver and albaloy Body Plating: Straight Connector Material: Brass Contact Plating: Gold Gender: Male RoHS Certificate: Yes Insulation Resistance: 5,000 MΩ minimum
Product Group: Coaxial Cable Clamp
Company: Cmpter Electronics    China

PET tube
PET Tube: 1.Good scratchability,flexible and tear resistance . 2.Used in lead wire operation. PET tube is braided into tubes with high tensile environment-protected PET monofiament,it has excellence outstanding in endurance,aging and ultraviolet protecting,and high resistance to acidic and alkali and saline solutions.It has fresh colors and is in various styles.Our PET tube can be used as the computer power line,vedio line.cable,wire and so on so as to protect and ...
Company: Shenzhen Wahchangwei Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

Stainless Steel Buckles
stainless steel buckles Specification: Type: Self-Locking ; Material: Stainless Steel ; Material: Stainless Steel ; Stainless Steel Clip Mainly used in transportation, electricity, chemicals, pipelines, telecommunications and so on. Stainless Steel Cable tie Width: 12.7mm, 15.8mm, 19.0mm
Company: Pinghu Yongfeng Hardware Factory    China

Pvc Color Wire Duct Floor Slot
pvc color wire duct floor slot Specification: Type: Round ; color : : all colors ; size : : any size you want ; type : : round ; Products descripton : 1.Comply with CE,SGS 2.Made fof PVC,2500V insulation and heat-resistingup tp 85 degrees 3.All colors can be made 4.Any size you want 5.Round type wiring duct 6.Combustion proof and Durable 7.tape for permanent stick Cable Ducts : Material : PVC Instruction :made up of duct bottom and lid , with two out-holes designed at the ...
Company: Kezhen Plastic Produce Co., Ltd.    China

Nylon Cable Ties
Nylon Cable Ties Specification: Type: Self-Locking ; Material: Nylon ; color: nature,black,colorful ; Ningbo longguang plastic electric Co.,Ltd.specialized in Cable Ties,Cable Clips,Terminal Blocks and electronical accessories. We mainly manufacture cable ties with the most competitive price, best quality, satisfying services and easier cooperation. All these make us obtain more customers from worldwide. We sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed company. 1: All kinds of cable ...
Company: Ningbo Longguang Plastic Electric Co., Ltd.    China

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