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List extensive product information of Petroleum, provided by Petroleum & Product manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Industrial White Oil
1) Applicable for bundling, smoothly and finely spinning, and deforming processes of chemical fibre and synthetic fibre for textile, and for lubrication of various machinery. 2) Can also be used as a material for cosmetics and white grease. 3) Please visit our website or contact us directly for details of specifications, package, usage, etc. 4) Delivery time: within 1 month after receiving and confirming L/C in advance
Company: Guangdong Maoming Huayue Group Co., Ltd.    China

Carbon Black
Our company manufactures the black carbon series of superior-wear resistance (N200), high-wear resistance (N300), quick-press (N500), common (N600), and (N700) of dry process and wet process, mainly applied to various rubber products such as tires, rubber overshoes, cable, seal ring, tape and so on.

Crude Oil And Gas Oil
We are traiding limited companywith offices in Tehran, Tabriz & Rasht wich are all in Iran. Our registration number is 17749. We have the capacity to supply you crude oil, gasoil, white oil.
Company: Guangdong Maoming Huayue Group Co., Ltd.    China

We at Gordon Trading Co are offering Bitumen directly from the end supplier. Specs: 85/100,60/70 ; Packing - New Steel Drums/PP bags ; Qty offering - 10000MT and above

High Intensity Graphite Gaskets
Used in the petroleum chemical industry. Suitable for temperatures ranging from -20oC to 800oC degree. Pressure strength is 20Mpa. It has a high degree of acid and alkali endurance, slat endurance, oil endurance. The size is from dia.20mm to 2,000mm.

Foundry Coke
We can supply different types of coke, such as foundry coke, gas coke, metallurgical coke and petrol coke. Specifications of Foundry Coke: 1) Fixed carbon: 88% min. 2) Ash: 10% max. 3) V.M: 1.5% max. 4) S: 0.6% max. 5) P: 0.03% max. 6) Moisture: 5% max. 7) Size: 80 - 300mm or as per buyer's requirements

Superfine Pitch
Supply Superfine Pitch from china. Features: 1) SP: 80 - 8oC ; 2) CV: ≥54% ; 3) Ash: ≤0.2% ; 4) TI: 28 - 34% ; 5) QI: ≤1% ; 6) β-RC: ≥18%

Petroleum Product (Gasoline)
A) Gasoline all grades ; B) Diesel Oil D2 "% sulphur & En590 ; C) Aviation Jet Fuel ; D)Crude Oil. Aramco & Kuwait $2/150 ; F) BLCO

Automatic Gasoline Nozzles
For heavy duty, speed truck, bus and fleer service. If you operate a full service petrol station, refuel your own fleet, or manage a card-lock refueling location, the low cost, long life and durability of the AIER-120L high flow nozzle can help increase your productivity, sales and profits. Even, smooth, spray pattern - minimizes diesel foaming and false shutoffs. Three-position hold-open device with one finger control allows for easy flow rate setting. Easily replaceable spout with simple ...

Chafing Fuel
With a burning time of 3 hours per can of 200 gms gel fuel, our gel fuel has a very high heat output and a longer burning time which ensures you get your moneys worth in performance and value. This makes our gel fuel the popular choice for hotels, restaurants, caterers and clubs for food warming purposes. Our gel fuel also delivers heat consistency throughout the burning duration and will not leave your cooked food cold. Customers will enjoy hot food throughout the function. It burns without ...

Crude Oil
We can provide you with the following at competitive discounts: REBCO ; Blco ; Slco ; Jp54 jet fuel ; Jet a1 jet fuel ; D2 ; Mazut m-100

Grease Lubricant
1) Professional and high quality grease for axle, bicycle gear, wheel bearing, screw, hinge, and small parts of washing machine, fax machine, typewriter, camera, digital camera, video camera or other home appliances ; 2) The best temperature is between -60 to +130oC ; 3) Can decrease the noise ; 4) We can offer 1.5ml, 3ml to 400ml for your reference ; 5) Can also print 4 colors on the tube

Fueling Nozzle
XIDE-80 specifications: 1) Outer diameter: 13/16", 15/16" ; 2) Thread: BSPT3/4", NPT3/4". XIDE-120 specifications: 1) Outer diameter: 1 3/16", 15/16" ; 2) Thread: BSPT1", NPT1". XIDE-200 specifications: 1) Outer diameter: 1 1/2", 1 1/4" ; 2) Thread: BSPT1 1/2", NPT 1 1/2". Outer packing: 10pcs/carton ; Carton dimensions: 44 x 40 x 34cm ; N.W.: 12kg ; G.W.: 13kg

Anode Butts
We can produce anode butts insteading of foundry coke for found refinery. This product own high carbon content, low ash, low sulphur and better. C: 98.5%MIN ; S: 0.6%MAX OR 1.5%MAX ; ASH: 1.0%MAX

Cosmetic White Oil
Having anti-oxidation, cooling, lubricating and cleaning properties, this white oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry. It can applied as the basis of emulsion, hair oil, lipstick, face oil, lotion, baby lotion, and vanishing cream ointment. It is also used in pharmaceuticals, for treatment of light diarrhea and for the production of penicillin.

Polyester Polyol
POLYLITE MX-8651-50 & MX-8651-60 are aliphatic polyester polyols for flexible slabstock polyurethane foam. POLYLITE MX-8651-50 polyols less crosslinked so they are good for textile flame lamination foams and diaper foams that need superior elongation and a soft feel. POLYLITE MX-8651-60 polyols are better suited for packaging and filter foams because the foams are firmer and more clickable. POLYLITE polyester polyols are used to make flexible polyurethane foams with excellent strength, ...

Bee Wax Refined
1) Our unique refining technique yields completely deodorized and refined products ; 2) Excellent compatibility with almost all natural waxes, natural fat and oil, such as plant wax, animal wax, animal fat, aliphatic acid glyceride, hydrocarbon and aliphatic alcohol ; 3) Purified natural white and yellow beeswax is treated in good conditions of melting, shaping and packing. The Oriental series of low acid have stronger stickiness, which are the superior materials for making cosmetics such as ...

Antifreezing Fluid
1) Antifreezing fluid (SH0521-1999) shows an excellent performance of anti freezing to protect automobiles from cooling agent freezing and cracking of engines, engines' body and radiators with auto parked in cold weather, which also shows characteristics of relatively high boiling point (up to min. 106oC) to effectively avoid boiling of engines ; 2) In addition, it works well against corrosion and oxidation of engines' cooling system with an excellent performance of protecting the ...

Deep Color Petroleum Resin
1) Brown brittle thermoplastic solid ; 2) Better transparency, gloss, solubility, waterproofing, insulation, chemical stability and adhesion ; 3) Easily dissolves in esters and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents ; 4) Partly or completely dissolves in ketone and fatty hydrocarbons. Used in the paint, oil paint, and rubber industries; mainly as a paint membrane material, oil paint connecting agent, strong agent for rubber and additive resin for adhesives.

Semi and Fully Refined Paraffin Wax
1) Low oil content ; 2) Suitable melting point ; 3) Moderate tensile strength ; 4) Highly chemical stable ; 5) Suitable crystal structure and hardness, not easy to deform ; 6) Odorless ; 7) Uses: high frequency porcelain, carbon paper, stencil paper, precision casting, art wax, cold cream, candles.
Company: Guangdong Maoming Huayue Group Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Tower Packing
1) Excellent acid and heat resistance, except of corrosion of hydrofluoric acid ; 2) Due to its superior chemical and physical specialities, ceramic packing is widely used for drying columns, adsorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry.

Hydrocarbon Resin C5 Petroleum Resin for Hot Melt Adhesive
Hydrocarbon Resin C5 Petroleum Resin are refined for Hot Melt Adhesives,including quick packaging adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, wood adhesive,adhesive tape and glue sticks.They also can be used singly as tackifier resin in Hot Melt Adhesive and can also be used in blends with different resins to improve adhesive performance.They have excellent compatibility with EVA, APAO, styrene block polymers (such as SIS、SBS、SEBS),natural rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubber,as well as ...
Product Group: Petroleum Resin
Company: Thankyou Chem (Henan) Co.,Ltd.    China

Deep color Hydrocarbon Resin C9 Petroleum Resin in flake
(A)Paints mainly use Deep color C9 Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin in flake with high softening points,C9 Hydrocarbon Resin added to paints can increase the final finishes of paints,the adhesiveness of paint films and the hardness.Resistance to acid and alkaline. (B)Hydrocarbon Resin C9 Petroleum Resin in flake with low softening points,the resin has very good mutual solubilities with natural rubber particles,No affect to the sulphurization of rubber.
Company: Thankyou Chem (Henan) Co.,Ltd.    China

Supply C9 Light Color Petroleum Resin
Professionally supplier and manufacturer of premium quality C9 light color Hydrocarbon Resins, color gardner 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, softening point from 100 deg C to 140 deg C, used in Rubber Synthetic, tire, Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesives, Printing ink, Paints, printing ink, plastic industry etc.
Product Group: Petroleum Resin
Company: Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

ACE Trading Group Ltd offer fuel and petroleum products as Fuel-JP54 jet fuel, D2 diesel, Mazut, Crude Oil, Oil Sludge.
Product Group: Petroleum
Company: ACE Trading Group Ltd    USA

Carbon dioxide gas cylinder
We are hydrogengasvessel dot com, bharattanks dot net are manufacturer of carbon dioxide gas cylinder carbon dioxide plant, carbon dioxide gas vessels, carbon dioxide transport tanker, carbon dioxide cylinder, carbon dioxide pressure vessel, carbon dioxide plant, carbon dioxide gas plant, carbon dioxide sphere and LPG gas cylinder, propane gas cylinder, hydrogen gas cylinder, nitrogen gas cylinder, ammonia gas cylinder, propylene gas cylinder, ethylene gas cylinder, ethanol gas ...
Company: Hydrogen Gas Vessel    India

Ethanol gas mounded vessel
We are hydrogengasvessel dot com, bharattanks dot net are manufacturer of Ethanol gas mounded vessel ethanol tank, ethanol gas vessels, ethanol transport tanker, ethanol cylinder, ethanol mounded vessel, ethanol plant, ethanol gas mounded vessel, ethanol sphere and Hydrogen gas mounded vessel, propane gas mounded vessel, carbon dioxide gas mounded vessel, nitrogen gas mounded vessel, ammonia gas mounded vessel, LPG gas mounded vessel, Ethanol gas mounded vessel, ethanol gas mounded vessel, ...
Company: Hydrogen Gas Vessel    India

Various octane booster technologies
ZX CHEMTECH fuel and refinery specialty additives are designed for use in automotive, industrial fuel and refinery applications to help you take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. They are including: * Various octane booster technologies: Reduce knocking and improve drivability by increasing the RON of gasoline. * Stabilizers / Demulsifiers / Dispersants: Prolong life of fuel and prevent water contamination. * Combustion catalysts: Prolong engine life and increase ...

kaydeezee Energy &minerlas Consulting int We are Ship Brokers and Agents& repsentatives ,supplier, for Chartering, Sales and Purchase of vessels,bunker fuel,d2,mazut,bolco,j54,bitumen,oliveoil,cement,gold ,MFO 180/380 Cst at,ship,dust,worldwide. contact person: mr keni oyeyinka. kaydeezee Energy &minerlas Consulting int 15 temitope street,ikotun,lagos nigeria tel:0092347051087195
Company: kecioilz intl    nigeria

Specifications: Solid content: 89%min Dissolving time: less than 90 minutes 0.1% viscosity: 70 (cps) min Hydrolyzing Degree:15-35 % Water- insoluble(m/m): 0.5 % Acrylamide Monomer(dry basis):0.1 % max Residue on Sieve (1.0 mm): 10 % max Residue on Sieve (180um): 80 % min Bulk Density: 0.70 (gms/cm3) Applications: 1. Textile, carpet industry 2. Oil field exploration and development 3. Sugar syrup for the industry to clarify the agent 4. Oil field ...
Company: Shandong Tongli Chemical Co., Ltd    China

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