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List extensive product information of Solar and Recycling Energy, provided by Solar and Recycling Energy manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Solar Charge Controller
1) Working voltage: 12V, 24V ; 2) Rated current: 8A, 16A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A ; 3) Acts as a solar charger when connect with a solar panel ; 4) According to the voltage of battery, controller will adjust the charging current and decide if to supply power to the loads ; 5) Generally keeps battery on full voltage ; 6) Prevents battery from over-charging ; 7) Prevents battery from over-discharging ; 8) Prevents battery from supplying power to solar panels during darkness
Product Group: Solar Collector
Company: Reynier Funke Consulting    Germany

Solar Street Lamps & Lighting
We are able to supply different kinds of solar street lighting & lamps from china. 1) Free maintenance ; 2) Acid-lead battery ; 3) Special controller for solar lamp ; 4) 40 hours' working with full battery ; 5) Zinc-plated and plastic-coated steel frame with whole knit stainless steel fasteners.

Solar Collector
1) Materials: a) Manifold casing material: SUS304 grade stainless steel ; b) Frame material: SUS304 grade stainless steel ; c) Header pipe material: C12200 copper ; d) Insulation: polyurethane foam. 2) Optimal installation angle: a) Vertical: 30 - 70° ; b) Horizontal: 0° ; 3) Maximum operating pressure: 0.6 - 0.8MPa. 4) Optimal flow rate: 0.1L/min/tube - 0.026GL/ min/tube. 5) Reliable, efficient, evacuated tubes. 6) Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer. 7) Easy plug-in installation. ...
Product Group: Solar Collector
Company: Reynier Funke Consulting    Germany

Solar Electric Automobile
1) Seats: 11 ; 2) Peak power supplied by photocell: 600wp ; 3) Dimension: 4,800 x 1,510 x 1,160mm ; 4) Speed: 40km/h max ; 5) Slope angle(max): 20%

Solar Marker
Application: For general road on center divider, center line or warning for foggy area etc. Features: 1. High-Tensile strength aluminum alloy Die- casings are resistant to impact and high pressure. 2. Protective coverings of the solar panels are made of impact resistant, transparent PC material. 3. Reflective plates are made of impact resistant PC material. 4. Four, 8mm diameter, wide angle, LEDs are used. 5. Automatically turns on at night and off during the daytime. 6. Even when the solar ...
Company: Reynier Funke Consulting    Germany

Solar Power Components
We can offer solar power components such as Solar Panel (Solar Cell), Controller, Inverter, 6V/12V bulbs at competitive rates.

Solar Heater
1) For 5-7 persons ; 2) Heating elements: dia. 58 x 1800mm vacuum heat-collecting tubes ; 3) Pressure: 0.6Mpa ; 4) Temperature adjustment: 30-75oC ; 5) Solar-energy water heater ; 6) Size: 1.5m x 16 ; 1.5m x 18 ; 1.5m x 20 ; 1.5m x 22 ; 1.5m x 25 ; 7) Collector tubes available
Product Group: Solar Heater

Solar Recycle House Heating System
Usable range for solar energy thermos: General family, school dormitory, restaurant, army, hospital, farms, industrial pre-heating instruments, warm pools, massage, air-condition instrument and etc. Features: 1. Security ; 2. Roof heat insulation ; 3. Auto operation ; 4. Save energy and expenses ; 5. Government encourage use ; 6. Need a appropriate place to fit

Solar Wafers
The main products of the company include150x150,125x125 and 103x103 wafers, which are used for solar cells. The company can also produce wafers of various sizes, as well as provide wafering services according to customer needs. In the future, the company will expand its business scope into the production of solar cells, modules and pv systems.

All-glass, Heat-tubes Evacuated Solar Collector Tube
1, All-glass evacuated solar collector tubes high heat-efficiency, good weather-resistance, long service life 2, Three target vacuum pipe New intervene film technology, high heat efficiency, anti aging and attenuation, excellent heat preservation feature. 3, heat-tube evacuated solar collector tubes 4, super heat pipe high heat conduction coefficient, high quantity of heat conduction, low temperature difference

Solar Road Stud
1) Lamp: LEDX3 ; 2) Led color: white, red, yellow ; 3) Stays on more than 10 hours at night and 7 raining days ; 4) Solar cell: Mono crystalline silicon solar cell, 300mW, 3.5V, 85mA ; 5) Use NI-MH rechargeable battery ; 6) Material: Aluminum and PC ; 7) Dimensions: 106 x 103 x 51mm ; 8) Weight: 700g ; 9) Working temperature: -40 - 70oC

Solar Cells and Modules
1) Solar Cells for terrestrial PV modules ; 2) Various small PV modules for powers and operating voltages: portable solar electric sources, chargers and garden lights ; 3) Various solar lights ; 4) Solar billboard ; 5) PV power system for navigation aids ; 6) PV power system for water pumps.

Wind Generators
We can supply Wind Generators from 200W to 20KW. Wind power generator series product features: Generator adopted the strong magnetism material, the overload capacity can reach 2 times than before; Start-up breeze, generating electricity at force 2 wind, safe operating at force 10 wind; Rotor blades passed the wind tunnel testing and manufactured according to the structure and technology of aircraft propeller, with high efficiency, sturdy and durable, operating life 10-15 years; Adopted ...

Transition Heat-Pipe Tube
This tube is between metal vacuum tube and all-glass vacuum tube. It can be used in cold area and its price is much low than the metal vacuum tube.

Solar Charger Kit
1) 4.4W (2 x 2.2W) multi-crystalline silicon solar panel ; 2) 10pcs 1.2V/1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries ; 3) Output: DC 12V ; 4) 8-10 hours under sunlight for fully charging the built-in batteries ; 5) Temperature range: -40oF to 176oF/-40oC to 80oC

Solar Killing Mosquito Lamp
1, Solar powered&packed with rechargeable batteries. 2, Ultra-right LED: White and purple. 3, After turn on the lamp, the iron net around the bulb has certain voltage to kill mosquitoes. 4, Available powered by charger for indoor use. 5, Bringtness working time not less than 8hrs when fully charged. 6, It is a wonderful lighting tool for indoor, garden, yard, camping. etc. Lighten and Prevent mosquito.

Stainless Steel Solar Heater
1) Made from food grade stainless steel, using heat-pipe vacuum tubing ; 2) Heating equipment: Φ47 x 1500mm, Φ58 x 1800mm ; 3) Outer tank: imported color-coated steel plate ; 4) Inner tank: imported 304 food grade stainless steel ; 5) Insulation: polyurethane foaming of 50mm or 60mm thickness ; 6) Echo tilt: 38o, 45o, 50o ; 7) System pressurized: runs without pressure ; 8) Different types are available to suit the environment in which they are fitted
Product Group: Solar Heater

Solar, Wind, Hydro Electricity Devices
Our company offer solar and wind electricity devices and water heaters which can be used in any rural or industrial areas. 1. Solar Panels ; 2. Solar Water Pumps ; 3. Solar Lighting ; 4. Water heaters devices are for 150 litters.

Solar Lighthouse
Solar lighthouse made of transparent polyresin, using super quality solar panel and excellent rechargeable battery, widely used in garden, park, etc.

Solar Panel 45W
1) Isc: greater than2.95 ; 2) Voc: 21.00 ; 3) Vm: 17.5 ; 4) Im: greater than2.57 ; 5) kg: 6 ; 6) Dimensions (mm): 800 x 541 x 35 ; 7) Rated working temp (°C): 43 +/- 2 ; 8) Surface maximum load capacity: 2,400Pa, 130km/h ; 9) Insulation strength: DC 3,500V 1min ; 10) Residual operating current: less than 50uA ; 11) Impact Strength: steel ball 1m free-fall, no damage

Solar Flashlight, Solar Electric Torch
LED-01: 1) Net weight: 330g ; 2) The newly researched high quality aluminum alloy solar energy torch ; 3) Solar board: monocrystalline ; 4) Accumulator: nickel-chrome battery ; 5) Bulb: super-bright led bulb ; 6) Cylinder: aluminum alloy ; 7) Plating: anodizing ; 8) Battery cover board of solar energy: PC ; 9) Diameter: 5.75cm ; 10) Length: 24cm ; 11) Lighting duration: 8 hours ; 12) Brightness: 17 lumen ; 13) Visibility: 2km ; 14) Effective lighting distance: 50 meters ; 15) 6 white ...

Solar Power System
1) Solar panel: 17V, 10W multi-crystalline silicon (tempered class encapsulated). 2) Solar controller box: a) Min. power consumption function, short circuit protection ; b) Over charging protection: 14.8V ; c) Over discharging protection: 10.5V. 3) Output: a) DC 12V outlet: 1pc (for 12V light or 12V electrical appliances) ; b) DC 6V outlet: 1pc (for 6V light or 6V electrical appliances). 4) Input: a) One charging outlet for sunlight ; b) One charging outlet for 110V / 220V AC. 5) Attached ...

Solar Module
1) High efficiency crystalline silicon cell technology; enhanced by TOPS and new silicon nitride anti-reflection coatings ; 2) One of the industry's leading energy yields in a wide variety of climates ; 3) Products rated on fully stabilized initial power ; 4) Industrial max. power current ; 5) Proved reliability ; 6) Module design has been proved for over 25 years of field operations with field failure rate less than 0.1% ; 7) Extended limited power warranties backed by a company you ...
Product Group: Solar Module

12v Solar Panel Charge Controller
Input voltage:12v ; Load amp:5a ; Continue power:60w ; Over charge shut down:16.5v ; Load voltage shut down:10.5v ; Working temperature: -15c to 55c
Product Group: Solar Collector

Solar Lighting Systems And Solar Water Heater
We are interested in selling domestic solar, solar water heaters, solar garden lights, and all solar products from china.

High temperature vacuum tube collector
High temperature vacuum tube collector (Direct Current Heat Pip tube) The tube has 1, vacuum and direct current, 2,selective coating 3,heat pipe in it, the tube working temperature 200-550C It just work for solar thermal power plants, Parabolic trough system, solar air-condition. The dia. Has 100mm,120mm,inner dia 70-100mm, and the length has 1500mm,1800mm,2000mm,4000mm
Company: Huayuan new energy project Co.,Ltd    China

The solar energy boiler (sun power boiler)
Solar Boiler- The Green Way Of The Indeustry Thermal Use" 1、What is solar energy boiler Solar energy boiler improvement is a solar energy system made up of division systems such as solar energy collector, pipeline, water tank, electric controllability appliance and so on, it can produce massive hot water and steam, this system is also named as “solar energy boiler”. Along with the unceasing matureness of solar low temperature hot water system technology, the solar mid-high ...
Company: Huayuan new energy project Co.,Ltd    China

Solar Air Conditioning
The solar mid-high utilization temperature system is developed by Huayuan new energy project company who are direct by the institute of electrical engineering Chinese Academy of sciences and Tsinghua University. The equipment has simple structure, installs conveniently, and the whole service life is about 20 years. The company uses this technology to produce the solar hot water heater which is suitable for most area of china and may produce 100 ℃ hot water throughout a year. (if we use ...
Company: Huayuan new energy project Co.,Ltd    China

Solar cell, solar charger, solar panel
Provides you with a comprehensive solution of solar power with sound quality, competitive price and best service: * Indoor solar cell * Outdoor solar cell * Amorphous silicon solar panel * solar panel module * Amorphous solar system * Solar Application Product(solar charger,solar flashlight,solar lamp,etc). We are always assuring our client with guaranteed delivery, approved quality, and after-sale service, and looking forward to building a long-term good cooperation relationship ...
Company: Shenzhen Gold Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd    CHINA

Plasma Metallizer for amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells
Plasma Metallizer for amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells: Sputtering coating line for amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells is mainly applicable for the production of large-sized photovoltaic sheet glass. Taking common sheet glass as substrate goes through CVD or PVD coating process to make transparent conductive film coating, through PECVD to realize various amorphous silicon films, by sputtering coating to achieve aluminum film or AZO electrode. By laser technology to engrave ...
Product Group: Solar Panel Coater
Company: China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.    China

Amorphous solar panels, Solar car charger, 5W solar cell
Our factory professional manufacture all kinds of solar product. We will provide competitive price and good service. Our product including: * Amorphous solar panel * Amorphous solar cell (indoor) * Amorphous solar cell (outdoor) * Amorphous silicon solar panel * solar charger * Solar Application Product(solar charger,solar flashlight,solar lamp,etc). Indoor Solar Cell Application:indoor sensor,radio, flashlight,cell phone charger,car battery ...
Company: Shenzhen Gold Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd    CHINA

Amorphous solar cell,Amorphous solar panel
Our factory professional manufacture all kinds of solar product. We will provide competitive price and good service. Our product including: solar panel, solar cell. Application:indoor sensor,radio, flashlight,cell phone charger,car battery charger,charger,calculator,lamp,toy,electric thermometer,etc. If you are interested to our product, please contact me. I am very happy to give your best price and detailed data of product.
Company: Shenzhen Gold Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd    CHINA

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