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List extensive product information of Chemical Waste (include Plastic Waste, Pet Flake, Rubber Waste, LDPE Scrap), provided by Chemical Waste manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Polyamide 6 Granulated Pellets
Offer to sell light stabilised polyamide-6 granules as well as regrind pebbles. Both granules and regrind material may be supplied in natural, white and coloured types suitable for injection moulding, and compounding industries.

HIPS / PVC Pipe Waste
We can supply you the HIPS regrind, PVC Pipe regrind as follows: 1. HIPS regrind ; Mix color. Contamination: Max 5%. Packing: 50Kg PP Woven bag. 2. PVC Pipe regrind. Packing: 30/50KG PP Woven Bag. Quantity:300MT/month.
Company: Hangzhou Fuxing Group Co., Ltd.    China

Unwashed Green Pet Flake
Apex plastic recycling limited is capable of supplying large quantity of unwashed white and green pet flake on a monthly basis.

PET Flakes Washing Line
We are the end user of PET washed flakes,also we would like to supply our PET flakes washing line to those have developing potential in PET recycling business.
Company: Hangzhou Fuxing Group Co., Ltd.    China

LDPE Film Scrap
We have LDPE bags used for transporting lettuces (fruit). 70% grey - no print. 20% grey - with print. 10% natural, blue, yellow. The bales will have smell of lettuces (fruit ) which is used to carry the above fruits.
Company: Hangzhou Fuxing Group Co., Ltd.    China

Copper Oxide, Copper Power With Cu 70%
We are supplying Copper Oxide Powder with Cu 70%: Copper Powder with 70% Cu content good for Copper oxide, Copper Carbonate, Copper Sulphate production use, welcome to contact with us for this low cost material but amazing materials.

Chemical Waste, Fish Net Scrap
Fish net scrap mixed PP rope (about 60%) + PA (about 40%) without guaranty. Mixed color, removed air cell and lead sinker.

Plastic Waste, PE/LDPE Waste
All types of recoverd plastic (HDPE, LDPE, PCV, PP and films) including agri films. Regular supply. Plastic regrind/mix/from caps and labels after washing pet bottles. This material is free of impurities.

Nylon Mail Bags As Scrap, LDPE Film Bale
Nylon mail bags, brown color, with water resist silicon coating inside and metal rings for fastening. Also have large quantities of LDPE film bales. LDPE film: Its clean and clear.

Plastic PET, Waste Plastic
We are supplier of plastic pet flakes of mineral water glass/bottle and pet bottles bales. Other materials: pet bottle bales ; PP glass ; bottle cap ; pet bottle reject ; alumunium can ; frozen pet ; PP reject ; PE film super.

Recycled Granulated Plastic
We are producing every day +/- 25 tons of recycled plastic granulates. Recycled reproduced plastic granulates: hdpe black granulates (injection grade) ; Available quantity: +/- 50 MT/month. pp black granulates top quality, high grade. hdpe black granulates (blow grade) for the production of plastic bags and garbage bags: Top quality gray color. hips black granulates:800 us$/MT and hips white granulates.

Rubber Waste
Rubber waste: mix (eg. Epdm 30%, sbr 50%, natural rubber ; 10%, nbr 10%) ; quantity:100 tonne

PP Woven Filter Cloth
We use the Donier weaving machine to produce the high strength PP woven filter fabrics 5744. The specification is: Warp/weft/10cm:1130/440 ; Weight:295g/sq. M

Chemical Waste
We have available the most recycled plastic present on the world market, we can supply until 300 metric tonn of each type montly.

TPU Elastic Tape In Roll Form
1. Substance: Made from 100% tpu(thermoplastic polyurethane) imported from german, without any additional material during the whole production process. 2. Can be packed in bag form or in roll form, in roll form, the tpu elastic tape will be very straight and don't wrinkle and stick to each other. Which boost effeciency and convenience for users.

Crumb Rubber Granulated And Fine Powder
All sizes of crumb rubber no.1 granulated and fine powder. Tire granule ( minus 60 to 20 mesh) shall consist of granulated tire crumb, black only granulated metal and fluff free.

PET flakes
Pet flakes available for sell - super clean. Impurities: Less than 0.2%. Very low PVC content: Less than 500 ppm

Nylon, PP, Polyester, HDPE, LDPE Scrap
We have currently avilable PP yarn off-grade colour on cones, nylon 6&66 tyrecord fabric wastes, polyester soft waste etc.

Scrap Tire
We have important quantity of nonconforming tires (scrap). Those are pierced to avoid their usage. For racetrack, dock protection, recycling.

PET Flakes / Poy And Polyester Rocks
We are the exporter of all type of plastic waste such as PET, POY and POLYESTER ROCKS (LUMPS).

Glass Cullets
We can supply plain sheet glass cullets, clear bottle glass cullets and amber bottle glass cullets.

Used Tire And Tire Scrap
We can offer you used automobile tires in bulk quantities. 12' to 16' with 30-50% thread life. 1200 pcs in a 40' container and $6.50 a tire FOB USA. Also we can offer tire scrap(for road construction use or generating fuel by burning).

PET Bottle Flakes
We can supply pet bottle flakes(washed and dried without caps) with following spec: Color: Natural(clear) ; I. V.:0.67-0.76 dl/gr ; Mfi:28 gr/10(+/-5%) ; Melting temp:254 deg c(+/-5%) ; Impurity: < 0.4% ; Testing standard: ASTM 1238d

Fluoroplastic scrap materials
Scrap of paste grade PTFE tubing - unsintered / sintered natural & colored materials from prime high MFI grades only ; FEP & PFA tubing scrap made from prime high MFI materials only.

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