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List extensive product information of Textile Waste (include Cotton Waste, Fiber Waste, Yarn Waste, Cloth Waste), provided by Textile Waste manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

@ Cashmere Cloth Waste
100% cashmere cloth waste. Color:black or mixed with other color. Packaging: bundled with sack and waterproof paper

Garment Waste
We Are Looking For Buyers For Garments Waste. We Can Supply Garments Waste In Bulk Quantity In Different Sizes/Color. It Would Be Mainly 100% Cotton/Rib/Polo/Lycra Etc.
Company: Tianjin Glory Tang Co. , Ltd.    China

Polyester Rock And Yarn Waste
Polyester yarn waste, pet lumps and fish net of nylon avalible for export. We also have polyester fabric cutting in white colour 40 tons avalible

Carpet Grade Wool, Wool Waste
My company as a manufacturer and exporter of washed sheep wool, sheep wool waste, lambs wool waste, goat wool waste, etc.
Company: Tianjin Glory Tang Co. , Ltd.    China

Towel Waste
We sell all type of towel stock lots and towel waste, cuttings and 'b' grade towels in different sizes, packed in polybags and cartons.

Raw Cotton, Cotton Waste, Linters
Raw cotton of current crop all qualities availabe as prompt shipment. Best quality cotton combers, cotton yarn waste, linters and other cotton waste qualities are available.
Company: Tianjin Glory Tang Co. , Ltd.    China

Rags & Wipers
We are pleased to offer different types of WIPERS& RAGS used for various cleaning purposes. These RAGS are available from the cheap multilated colored to rags to High Quality White Wipers.

Mixed Acrylic PP Fiber Waste
We have regulary monthly of mixed acrylic polypropylene fiber waste. It's as crushed or small size particle about 1mm length.

Cashmere Yarn Waste And Card Waste
Our main items are as follows in china: Fibre and tops: 1. Chinese dehaired cashmere ; 2. Dehaired cashmere tops ; 3. Hybrid cashmere tops ; 4 Mohair tops ; 5. Camelhair tops ; 6. Yakwool tops ; 7. Tussah silk tops ; 8. Mulberry silk topsA1. Wool: 1. Cashmere fabric cutting waste ; 2. Cashmere yarn waste ; 3. Cashmere card waste ; 4. Wool card waste

Wiping Rag, Cotton And P/C Yarn Waste
60*60 Wiping Rags are cut from % 100 Cotton Lightweight fabrics (Jersey, Interlock, Rib). We also export of cotton and p/c yarn waste (hardwaste) from china.

Cotton Waste
We are one of the leading supplier and exporter of cotton waste from Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of cotton waste Like: Combed, towel waste, hosiery clips, carded fly, musrhroom etc.

EVA Shoes Waste
We have a EVA shoes waste in handosme quantity and we like to sell it. Please contect us witout any hesitation for buying we have waste in many colours as black, brown, blue, skyblue

Textile Waste, Cotton Hosiey Waste, Cotton Waste
We are primarily supplying the followings: 1) cotton hosiery waste: 100% cotton white hosiery clips ; 100% cotton unbleached hosiery clips ; 100% cotton black hosiery clips ; 100% cotton mix colour hosiery yarn waste ; Cotton white hosiery wiping rags ; Cotton unbleached hosiery wiping rags. 2) 100% cotton waste: Comber noil ; Yarn waste ; Blow room droppings - willowed & unwillowed ; Carding waste - flat strips, lickrene fly, cylinder fly, fan waste -Willowed & unwillowed ; Sweeping ...

Cotton Linter
We are suppliers of cotton linter (first cut, second cut & third cut). We are currently supplying pakistani, CIS and African cotton linters.

Textile Wastes
We are pleased to offer different textile wastes like: 1.100% cotton knit/hosiery clips ; 2. P/c knit/hosiery clips ; 3. Cotton yarn. Clips are available in different color like bleached/white, black, yellow, orange etc...

Sheep Nappa Garment Leather Scraps
Sheep nappa garment leather scraps ; Size 1 Palm up ; Thickness 0.6-0.8 mm ; Packed in 30 Kg transparent ; Polybags 1x 20 FCL 8.000 KGS,1x40 ; Packed separately ; Black ; Grey ; Brown ; Multi ; Beige/ White.

Shirt Cutting Waste
We are a Italian company specialize in selling Italian Knitted Fabric Waste Selected and unselected textile scraps. 100% cotton Knitted Fabric Waste ; Cotton with lycra Knitted Fabric Waste ; Cotton with wool Knitted Fabric Waste ; Conto with polyester Knitted Fabric Waste.

Blue Denim Waste
Cotton mill scrap cotton baled: 200 containers of cotton based on 37,500# per container. This scrap cotton from the thread mills and yarn mills, etc. Scrapped out cotton. That is composed of mainly five different types of cotton and the bales can be a mix of all different kinds or solid bales of any type. Composed of thread waste, roving waste, card waste, sweep waste, pepper trash, comberknoil a total mix or mix of any two or mix of all.

Scrap Textile And Fabric Waste
We currently have the following textile and fabric waste available: Terrycloth Towels ; Terrycloth wash cloths ; Cotton/Poly Aprons ; Mixed Fabric Scraps ; Hospital gowns ; Cotton/Poly Table Linens

Hosiery Cutting / Clips
Can supply white (b/l), greige (unbl), off white and colored hosiery cutting/ clips in cotton as well as poly/ cotton from china.

Yarn Waste
We are general merchandiser and exporter of all kinds of textile yarn waste items. A.100% cotton yarn waste. B. P/c yarn waste. C.100 % polyester yarn waste. D. Loom yarn waste. E. Sizing yarn waste. F. Cotton(bleached)yarn waste. Specification: 1. Softness. 2. Fluffy. 3. Free of contamination. 4. Attractive appearance. 5. Entirely sorted and specified.

PA, PE Knit Cuts
We can supply large quantities of PA and PE knit cuts left after new clothes sewing. All material is baled in 300Kg bales.

Glass Fiber End Findings And Fabric Trim Waste
By-product from manufcturing process. Resin compatible, silane enhanced with excellent and integrity and suprerior tensile strength. Twist free flat yarns of fiber range of diameter of 5 to 13 microns; stronger glass yarn, thinner profile, full resin impregnation-epoxy compatible-less resin. We have end findings, thin tube, start up waste, beam waste, fabric trim waste, salvage and scrap forming packages are available.

Low Melt Tow And Scrap
We are supplying virgin grade low melt tow and scrap as below. Tow:100% crimped, drawn ; Scrap: Straight, undrawn ; color: White ; grade: Virgin.

White Shoddy
White shoddy, colour shoddy, ecru shoddy, denim shoddy, synthetic shoddy, black shoddy, navy shoddy and more.

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