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List extensive product information of Waste Paper (include Paper Scrap, Waste Carton), provided by Waste Paper manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Waste Paper, Waste Carton
Waste Paper Occ#11: Very clean 2-4% white ; Available for immediate delivery. Also importing waste paper and paper products like occ11 into India.
Company: Zhengzhou Zhongyi Industrial-trade Co. Ltd.    China

Environmental Protection Pencil
We can manufacture environmental protection pencil with environmental protection packing, In addition, we can also supply you other enviromental protection products, such as binder clip, paper bags, paper cups.

Paper Scrap
We can supply in bulk b/w papers and scrap papers from magazines also computer paper in scrap in bulk from our associates in Bangkok
Company: Zhengzhou Zhongyi Industrial-trade Co. Ltd.    China

Waste Paper
High quality occ 11, Ds occ 12, Brown paper bag craft, Sop, Mixed paper, Book blend ( mix of printer waste and office, approximately 3/4 printer waste and 1/4 office waste ), Soft white csws - coated soft white shavings - trimmed and sheets not shredded, Pre-consumer white ledger, Un-used sorted white paper, Pre-consumer/unused white ledger rolls, Manifold white ledger.
Company: Zhengzhou Zhongyi Industrial-trade Co. Ltd.    China

Shredded Tissue Paper
We sell in the UK, and supply to other countries in the Europe, shredded tissue paper as well as tissue paper from stock. Goods are sold in bales, for commercial use.

Wall Paper Waste
Capable of supplying regularly; Wall paper waste ; over 100mt per month(4 X 25mt / 40ft.hc.) ; Color ; white and beige ; Quality ; 30% (capable of using & selling with rolled packing) +70% (scrap baled)

Waste Paper
We are direct warehouse owners and exporters of waste paper, we stock sell and export waste paper of all kinds like mixed office waste paper, corrugated boxes, cartoons, white paper and colour paper and have our own warehouse for waste paper. All our waste paper are clean and sorted by hand and are packed in bales form, free from mud and sticky articles before export

OCC 95 : 5 Cardboard, Art Paper, Recycle Paper
OCC 95 : 5 Cardboard: Ongoing tonnage ; Clean and dry material ; 20 M. T. Average weight per container. Recycle Paper White Tissue With Cores. Art paper - V Green Matt 80gsm - Prime reels - 22 tons.

Waste Paper
We can supply old corrugated cardboard in bealed condition. We are able to supply 500 MT of occ # 11(90:10), dsocc and dlkc. Its neat and clean, free from tar. Free from moisture content.

Many Types Of Wastes Paper
We have for sale in big qty waste of many kinds and grade: Waste paper lwc, sc, news packaging waste paper etc, etc...

Waste Paper
Available all kind of scrap and waste paper, white, mix, carton, press rolls, office a4, shredded etc. Tons 500 paper waste as cardboard, occ, newspaper in bales.

Waste Paper Cardboard, Occ Kraft
For sale Baled wastepaper, constant supply, strict grade compliance, large and small volumes available. Most us-ps grades from 1 through 40, From mixed, #6, #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #17, #37 #40, also large volumes of boxboard cuttings, kraft cuttings and rolls, fluff pulp and etc.

Old Corrugated Cartons
We would like to introduce ourselves as importers of Paper and Waste Paper Products including Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC 11,12)

Self Adhesive Trim
Self adhesive trim (paper/glue/release liner) baled - unlimited volume. If you can find a use for this we can supply you with a very large amount of self adhesive reels.

Kraft Bags, Waste Paper
500 MT Kraft Multi-wall Bags waste recycle paper available for immediate delivery. Also offer Ploycentered pink, blue and green card in reels.

Paper Scraps
Attached photo paper offer as belows: Material: PAPER SCRAP ; Available:5,000 mts per month ; Photo available.

We are ready to supply PAPER WASTE (PAPER SCRAP). We have OCC, OINP, Magazines, Newspapers, NDLK and others. We offer very good material for recycling. We can supply regular 600-800 MT every month / each grade. We have AQSIQ, can do CCIC and DHTC 14 days. We are stock owner and direct export (not agent).

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