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Detailed Food Waste Disposer Description:

There is no need to take out the remaining stuff because food waste may be put in several times a day, and is disposed, eradicated in 24 hours by the specifically developed disposing bacteria. strong fiber materials may cause delay. Revolutionary deodorizing effect. eradicates the source of foul odor by the bacteria. even the little remaining odor substances are dissolved in water and drained. the inconvenience of removing the water on food waste is unnecessary. unlike the previous machines, there is no need to put it based on specific time. just like putting it in to a trash can, put in food waste as many times as you wish and close the lid. energy cost: Compare to the previous machines, its use of energy is only one tenth of the others. bacteria supplement: The cost is low because large quantity of supply is unnecessary. a/S cost: The machine itself is not complicated and is built to be sturdy. It has little source of break down. Increase the efficiency of wastewater purification plant. some organic materials induced into action space are used by microorganisms for active nutrients in there, therefore purification efficiency can be increased.

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