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Detailed Incinerator Description:

SOT Incinerator is Fully Automatic in operation backed by SOT Burners, Covers less space & complete Incineration Process is smokeless due to MULTI CHAMBER Design. The Incineration is completed in Primary Chamber, & gases thus generated are passed through Secondary chamber with a retention time of 2 Seconds. Dilution chamber for diluting the Hot Gases is added for Quenching the air to be let out to atmosphere through chimney. Fuel Oil is fired through a SOT Burner in Primary chamber With the help of Automatic Ignition & Burner management system & after reaching operating temperature in Primary chamber, the waste, which are packed in plastic or paper bags is charged manually through charging door. Under controlled conditions of combustion, incineration process is completed and gases thus generated are passed through secondary chamber, wherein high temperatures are maintained by secondary SOT Burner. This ensures the complete combustion & oxidizes the smoke & odorous.

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