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Detailed PE / PS Recycling Machine Description:

PS/PE foam recycling machine equipped with a single screw recycles polystyrene & polyethylene foam scraps into the 100% reusable, quality recycled resins almost identical to new ones for the same production. Model no. Js-ps & pe-r is featured its high capacity of up to 150kg/HR owing to its unique system. It has a crusher which is designed to crush PS foam waste. The crushed PS foam scrap will be automatically blowing into the machine via a cyclone. The machine has a main screw and side feeding screw as well. The side feeding screw is a major technology guaranteeing high capacity. High capacity (110 - 150kg/ hr) and low electricity cost. All impurity will be filtered by hydraulic-screen changer, keep pellets clean. Feeding speed is adjustable for difference of expanded ratio foam and maintains.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of PE / PS Recycling Machine in china.

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