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List extensive product information of Alcohol (include Dry Wine, Whisky, Champagne, Red Wine, Beer, Vodka, Brandy), provided by Alcohol manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Grove Plantation Rum
Powerful perfumes of sugar cane and brown sugar raised by fresh and floral notes This rum represent the real Traditional rum of Mauritius. The mouth is in the same spirit: bold, powerful and aromatic. A rum with character, faithful from its origin, with a rich history behind it. To consume pure or on the rocks, very good with a fruit juice and also cocktails.
Product Group: Plantation Rum
Company: GRAYS INC LTD    Mauritius

San Miguel Beer
We export san miguel beer (pale pilsen). A pale golden lager with pleasant, clean, hoppy finish. A well-balanced medium body, lively and snappy with a distinct bitter hop character that slides smoothly on the palate.
Product Group: Beer
Company: Qingdao Douglas Wines Co., Ltd.    China

Mulberry Red Wine 12% (V/V)
We supply mulberry Red Wine 12% from china. Features: 1) Volume: 750ml ; 2) Total sugar: =<4.0g/L ; 3) Total acid: =<0.5-0.7%.
Product Group: Red Wine
Company: Qingdao Douglas Wines Co., Ltd.    China

Sarkana Original Red Vodka
SARKANA original Red, alcoholic beverage, alc.vol. 21% is manufactured from the highest quality pure spirit of agricultural origin ethanol of class LUX distilled from specially selected qualitative grain. A water used for manufacturing of Sarkana is cristal and serene , having the supreme quality. The water is prepared to retain all specific qualities, taste , colour and flavour of the drink. The alcoholic beverages unique colour and taste of natural berries is obtained by adding there ...
Product Group: Red Vodka
Company: Qingdao Douglas Wines Co., Ltd.    China

Shequasar Liquor 500ml
Produced on the base of white liquor, adding Okinawan citrus lemon called Shequasar. White liquor is pure alcohol beverage distilled several times with the gredients of syrup and corn. Shequasar is now in much demand for so many additives to juice, seasoning, flavor, cakes, vinegar and more. It's been made up so soft as you can enjoy it straight or on the rocks, well-harmonized between fragrance and sourness.

Whisky, Gin And Vodka Stocklots
For wholesale and export different stock lots of alcohol, whisky, dry 2ine, champagne, red wine, gin, vodka etc more than 150.000 bottles, location Belgium.

Chardonnay And Sauvignon
Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Aligote, Muscat, Cabernet and the Cahors vine. Dry, semi dry, semi sweet, sweet -- white, red and rose vines. Vines from Moldowa/Europe, a country with more than 5000 years wine making tradition. Specifications: Wine ( red, white, rose ) "PRIETEN BUN", created in the best traditions of winemaking, will become for long years your reliable friend. Cabernet, Merlot, Muscat, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Aligote available.

Categories: 1) Panax distycus wine ; 2) Greengage wine ; 3) Rice wine. Benefits: 1) Good for blood circulation ; 2) Kidney protection ; 3) Makes you energetic

Champagne Lanson, Laurent Perrier
Main brands of Champagne directly from France at best wholesale price. Lanson, Laurent Perrier, Canard Duchene, Bollinger, Pol Roger, etc...
Product Group: Champagne

1) Color: light yellow ; 2) Lucidity: clarified and transparency ; 3) Alcohol percentage (20oC, CV%): 13±0.5 ; 4) Total acidity (g/100ml): 0.65±0.05 ; 5) Volatile acid (g/100ml): <0.12

Malt Beverage
Maltstar is produced from natural raw materials: It contains no essences, no food colouring and no preservatives. The combination of ingredients: Malt, hops, sugar, and natural carbonization: Makes up a refreshing. Energizing and youthful thirst-quenching drink. The beverage is produced through the brewing process, exactly like regular beers. To its basic ingredients, malt and hops, are added naturally coloured malt (through the malting process) and caramel sugar, which give the beverage its ...

French Cognacs Martell
Cognac martell vs *** 40d 70 cl ; Cognac martell vsop 40d 70 cl ; Cognac martell xo 40d 70 cl.

Dry Wine / Wine
1) Black currant wine ; 2) There are LeBinna produced in England and black currant dry wine produced in Canada on 45° north latitude ; 3) Color in shining red gem, clear and fluency with pure flavor and harmony ; 4) Possessed of efficacy to enhancing appetite and anti-diseases ; 5) Healthy and natural potable
Product Group: Dry Wine

The exotic cocktail that conquers more people everyday all around the world: The exotic flavour of the tropical caipirinha made with the best cachaca of Brazil. Product: Caipirinha Samba Brasil ; Net volume:700 ml/970 ml ; Alcoholic percentage:15.0 % ; Bottle: Cylindrical/720 ml/1000 ml ; Lid: PVC with dripping device.

Grain Whisky In Bulk
We are manufacturers/exporters of 3 years old matured grain whisky in bulk which complies with the European legislation ( rto no. Eec- 1576/89). The quality of our grain whisky is on par with the best in the world. Packing in bulk will be in 25,000/- lts ISO food grade tank containers or 240 liters hdp plastic drums.80 drums in one 20 ft. Container. I. E.19,200 Liters.
Product Group: Whisky

Beer, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Gin, Brandy & Rum
We are direct exporters of beer, sparkling drinks, gin and rum from the Philippines' largest producer of alcoholic and non-alocholic beverage drinks. Products available are as follows: San Miguel Pale Pilsen ; San Mig Light Beer ; San Miguel Super Dry ; San Mig Strong Ice ; San Migule Dark Beer ; Gold Eagle Beer ; Cerveza Negra ; Blue Ice Beer

Carpathian Brandy Special 40%
Karpatske brandy special made from eau-de-vie of the best wines in region. It matures for 5 years in small (300 l) oak barrels. Then the aged eaux-de-vie are blended. After blending the second maturing follows. The aged brandy has at least 8 years spent in oak wood. Karpatske brandy x. O. An exclusive blend of the best eaux-de-vie made from local wines. It is aged for at least 10 years. It has delicate smell with a whiff of vanilla and dried fruit
Product Group: Brandy

Soju Khan Distilled From 100% Rice
Premium soju distilled from 100% rice with excellent and mild taste without hang over. No additive. No chemical. No artificial flavor. Soju Khan:375ml 21% alcohol ; Ingredient:100% premium quality rice

Non Alcohoolic Beer, Aged Alcohol
We introduce a Brand - New Novelty in Non-Alchoolic Drinks. An 0.0% non Non alcohoolic Beer. We also sell aged alcohol in bulk, brandy, rum, gin, and other spirits.

Caipirinha Cocktail
Ready to drink, new launched caipirinha is made from carefully prepared cahcaca (the national drink of Brazil and base of the coktail), which enhances the combination of flavour of the lime and sugar cane. Alcohol content by volume:19,2% vol. Bottles available:70cl and 750ml. Case with 6 bottles. Ingredients: Cachaca, lime juice, sugar and water. In a cointeiner of 20' ft can be loaded 1400 boxes or 8.400 bottles of 750ml
Product Group: Cocktail

Gold Beer Pilsner Packed In 330 Ml,500 Ml Cans
Gold Beer Premium is a pilsner style beer with a smooth, rich-full bodied taste wrapped in a thick creamy head and a refreshing hop finish with no aftertaste. GOLD BEER quenches the beer lover's thirst for a clean, crisp, refreshing beer taste. Product Characteristics. Pilsner Style-Brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516. Features Forest Spring Water, Two-Row Malted Summer Barley And All. No Chemicals, Additives or Preservatives. All natural Ingredients. Alcohol content:4.7% vol. ...

Blue Ice Beer
Blue Ice Beer: 6.4% alcohol by volume. Packaging:24 x 330ml can in wraparound. (Can and carton with warning against underage drinking written in Thai characters). Loading:2,140 cartons per 20' container.

International Trader and Exporter of Tequila, Mezcal, Spirits and Wine from Mexico to the world. All kind of Tequilas and Mezcals for all kind of markets. With your private label or our label. Bulk Tequilas, Flavored Tequilas. Coffee Tequilas, etc. There is always a solution out there.
Company: Monter Internacional de Mexico    Mexico

Falanghina DOC-Italian Wine of Campania
Vitigno:100 % Falanghina-Wine og region Campania Production area: Guardia di Sanframondi - Sannio Production technique: hand-picked grapes, gentle pressing with cold controlled temperature working for optimum extraction of perfumes. Alcohol: 12 % Vol Breeding: Raggiera, Guyot e Cortina Centrale. Yield per hectare: 80 to 100 quintals per hectare Altitude: 300 to 500 meters above sea level; South, South-west and South-east exhibition. Organoleptic characteristics: Pale yellow color. ...
Company: RAIANO winemaker    ITALY

Enzyme-Medium temperature a-Amylase
Wuxi GreenYear Union Works Co.,Ltd offer kinds of enzyme preparations including Glucoamylase, Medium temperature a-Amylase, Thermostable a-amylase, and Acid protease, etc. And we are devoted to provide high-quality enzymes with favourable prices, and now we are looking for an agent in your country. Sincerely hope to receive your inquiry and establish a long-term cooperation with you. E-m:greenyear2_163_com General Description of Medium temperature α-Amylase: Function and ...
Product Group: Enzyme,A-Amylase,Beverage,Alcohol
Company: Wuxi Greenyear Union Works Co. LTD    China

Blue Sparkling Wine
Blanc de Bleu 2008 World’s first blue sparkling wine 100% Chardonnay – Californian Wine Mendocino grapes, grapes picked at lower sugar levels, low alcohol content 11% Charmat method with a hint of blueberries effervescence Blueberries give color, flavor and aroma, crisp and fresh wide range of food pairing
Company: SKJ Company    Hong Kong

Blue Sparkling Wine
Blanc de Bleu 2008 World’s first blue sparkling wine 100% Chardonnay – Californian Wine Mendocino grapes, grapes picked at lower sugar levels, low alcohol content 11% Charmat method with a hint of blueberries effervescence Blueberries give color, flavor and aroma, crisp and fresh wide range of food pairing
Company: SKJ Company    Hong Kong

wines, mulled wine, Grzaniec Galicyjski
100% natural product made of red wine, sugar and herbs' extract on the base of traditional recipe of PWI Vinfort. It is the best selling wine in its category on the Polish market in the networks like Tesco, METRO, Sellgros, Carrefour, Alti, Kaufland, Ahold. Recommended at the wintertime as a mulled wine after warming up to the 60-70C and in the summer as an aperitif with tonic, lemon and ice. It has the inhalation properties and helps with curing the colds. Rewarded by the customers ...
Company: Piwnice Win Importowanych VINFORT sp. z o.o.    Poland

Liqueur Cherries in Alkohol
Excellent Liqueur made on the base of the red grape dessert wine with addition of cherries. The best seeling products in its category in Poland.
Company: Piwnice Win Importowanych VINFORT sp. z o.o.    Poland

Creme Lucretto
Legendary creamy liqueur made from the highest quality natural ingredients with various taste (coffee, cherry, chocolate etc). Lucretto Cream is the elegant dessert, can be drunk by itself or as an addition to coffee and ice cream.
Company: Piwnice Win Importowanych VINFORT sp. z o.o.    Poland

frozen peper strip
Supply all kind of Chinese frozen peper strips / slices / cubes / dices with good quality and pretty competitive price 1. Color: green/ yellow/ red/ mixed 2. size: width 5-7mm, 6-8, 8-10mm, natural length or as per clients's requirement. 3. Packing: 1x10kg/ctn or as per clients' requirement. 4. MOQ: 24 MT. &nbsp;
Product Group: Frozen Peper Strip,Frozen Peper Cube,Frozen Peper Slice,Froz

Fungal alpha-amylase
We Supply Enzyme like: 1.Glucoamylase(high activity) 2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase(2000-3000u/ml) 3.Thermostable alpha-amylase(80000u/ml,120000u/g) 4. Specialty complex enzymes for animals 5. Fungal alpha-amylase 6. Acid Protease 7.Neutral Protease 8.Alkaline Protease Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research & development, producing and trading. We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and we ...
Company: Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co., Ltd

Total 34 products in Alcohol category.