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List extensive product information of Fruit & Vegetable Juice, provided by Fruit & Vegetable Juice manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Mandarin Orange Sac, Pomelo Sac
Features:1) Widely used for juice and soft drink2) Products include mandarin orange sac and pomelo sacs3) We can also supply canned fruits, such as orange and peachSpecifications (3,000g tin):1) N.W.: 3,000g2) Drain weight: 1,800-2,100g3) Brix degree: 9-114) PH value: 3.4~4.0Specifications (18,000g drums):1) N.W.: 18,000g2) Drain weight: 11,700-13,500g3) Brix degree: 9-114) PH value: 3.4~4.0Inner packing:3kg/tin, 18kg/drumOuter packing:6 tins/ctnConveyance:Qty/20' FCL: 1,000 cartons ...
Product Group: Mandarin Orange Sac
Company: Shandong Seamount Trade Co., Ltd.    China

100% Juice
We have 100% peach, orange, apple, grape, pear, carrot, tomato, apricot juice. 100% juice utilize raw materials orange growing countries throughout the world and apply the international advanced aseptic cold filling technology to preserve the color, taste and flavor of fruits to the maximum. We have PET pack with volume 2L for orange and peach flavors; 1.25L for orange, peach and apple flavors; 1L for carrot flavor. Combibloc pack with volume 1L for orange, apple, grape, peach, apricot, pear ...
Company: Beijing Huiyuan Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.    China

Juice Drink
Juice Drink contain 10% natural fruit juice with nice taste. We have orange and peach flavors. All the fruits are selected carefully from the best raw material bases. All the juice drinks are produced with the very advanced technology to preserve the color, taste and flavor of fruits to the maximum.
Company: Beijing Huiyuan Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.    China

Wolfberry Concentrate Juice
With fresh wolfberry as the raw material, fresh wolfberry juice is manufactured through pre-disinfections, enzyme treatment, juice extracting, color protection and disinfections. The problems to keep wolfberry juice fresh at ambient temperature have been solved. The product is in form of orange-yellow juice. The color of carotenoid, lutein and physalin in wolfberry is susceptible to change in the processing due to oxidation and high temperature. After the treatment with natural color ...
Company: Yantai Yiji Trade Co., Ltd.    China

B Natural - Vegetable Juice
The product is prepared from the Natural fresh vegetable extracts and added with some spices for taste and flavour. This product is entirely different from that of other juices and Is highly nutritive and good for health. Drink Consists of Energy, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Sodium, and Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin-A and salt. It Is rich in beta-carotene (Pro Vitamin A), which is good for the health of the eyes and lycopene, which has anti aging and anti cancer properties. It also has ...
Company: Huzhou Weiyuan Drink & Food Co., Ltd.    China

Orange Sac, Mango Clear Juice Concentrate
High quality orange sacs for making juice. Mango Clear juice concentrate 62-63° brix. Packing: in metal drum or carton lined with aseptic bag.
Company: Huzhou Weiyuan Drink & Food Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Juice Drink
1) Uses excellent fruit juice (Chinese tea) as raw material, and UHT technique is employed in the processing to keep the nutritional elements and natural flavor of the juice ; 2) Contains many natural elements like carotene β, VC and other minerals ; 3) Canned of pure juice (tea). 1pc for 24 bottles, 1 bottle for 10.4 FL oz (308ml) ; 4) Its shelf life is 12 months on normal temperature ; 5) Full of Vitamin C in it and beneficial to drinkers' health ; 6) Tastes better after cool storage
Company: Huzhou Weiyuan Drink & Food Co., Ltd.    China

Black Currant Concentrate Juice
1) Meets the standards of "Q/HLGZ017-2002" ; 2) Solvable matters over 65% ; 3) Enhancing appetite, erasing fatigue, refreshing energy, promoting burning fat, softening veins, lower blood pressure

Pineapple Juice
We are Vietnamese which can supply a 100% natural of some kind of juices such as Pineapple juice Guava puree mango puree banana puree etc.

Fruit & Vegetable Concentrate
Fruit and vegetable concentrate such as pineapple, passion fruit, strawberry, tomato, etc. Mainly supply lemon concentrate 60-65 brix tailormade for soft drink producers (acidified or deacidified).

Concentrated fruit juice in different kinds
It is our great pleasure to introduce our company as a leading supplier of different kind of fruit juice concentrate(Apple, Pomegranate, Sour cherry ,Strawberry, Red&White grape juice concentrate) and (Apple, Peach, Apricot puree) fruit juice (Orange, Apricot, Pear ,Peach ) all of them in the best quality.We can also modify it based on your dear request.
Company: Pashapour international company    Iran

Mineral water Borjomi
Mineral water Borjomi is bottled since 1890... The national park of Borjomi-Kharagauli, stretched for more than 700 square kilometers, is the largest in Europe. The park is situated on the altitude from 850 to 2500 meters above the sea level; its nature remains intact until today. company offers you, mineral water Borjomi and still spring water Borjomi Springs all bottled from the original springs from the Borjomi Valley, the most beautiful naturally protected ecologically clean area of ...
Product Group: Mineral Water
Company: BORJOMI Beverages    Georgia

Juice Powder for keeping health in balance
We are manufacturing new food supplement, Pro-Health, juice powder for balanced health. So we are looking for the new partners who interested in distributing, importing, and selling Pro-Health product. Pro-Health contains many natural components (Pineapple, Orange, Carrot, Lime etc.). This product used freezed-drying technology, no cholesterol, no additives but abundant with 100% natural nutrition.
Company: Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd    Thailand

Fruit Juices
Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 2009) We would like to offer: fruit juices. Choices: orange, guava, mango, lychee, apple, etc.. Nett. 1000ml or 250ml in tetra pack quality packaging. Six pack in carton box. Brand : Buavita®. Concentrate fruit juices in plastic jar also available. Certificate : Halal. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you.
Company: CV. Starindo Gemilang    Indonesia

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