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List extensive product information of Bread and Biscuit (include Cake, Chocolate Biscuit, Layered Biscuit, Wafer), provided by Bread & Biscuit manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Mini Ritz 28 Gr New Product
Ritz is delicious cheese cracker by kraft. For the mini ritz have 2 flavour: Original and cheese. Mini ritz is very delicious and bite size you must try it.

Hot Chilli Biscuits
1) 110 standard: 50g x 32 bags, biscuit. 2) Special ingredient: adding intumescing food sauce, strong-tasted. The ingredient contains milk power, sesame, Taro Curd, no essence. After baking, tasted specially.
Company: Guangzhou Lailihong Food Industry Company Limited    China

Chocolate Biscuit, Layered Biscuit
Offer Chocolate Biscuit and Layered Biscuit. A chocolate biscuits with vanilla cream packed in packet of 140 grm. Dual packaging, french and english. Layered Biscuits Specification: 20g x 600bags.
Company: Guangzhou Lailihong Food Industry Company Limited    China

Salted Cookies
Salted Traditional "Middle-Eastern" Cookies. Individually wrapped 400g/14 oz packages x 15 per carton. No Preservatives, No Sugar Added, No Colorings
Company: Guangzhou Lailihong Food Industry Company Limited    China

Steamed Bun, Steamed Bread, Biscuit
We can supply Steamed Bun from china. Ingredients: made with flour. Roast Steamed Bread: Flavors: Chocolate, steak, cream cheese. Biscuits: 1) High quality candies ; 2) Different kinds of biscuits

Butter Cookie, Shallot Roll, Cake
Shallot Roll: 1) 25g/pc ; 2) Quality: first class ; 3) Ingredients: flour, vegetables, oil, salt. Butter Cookies, Egg Rolls & Cashew Cakes: 1) High quality and good taste. 2) Made of high quality raw material.

Vanilla, cacao and hazelnuts cream filled wafers, plain and chocolate covered. Savored anytime, Naty wafers will seduce you with their irresistible taste.

Wheat Free Vegan Cookies
At Sun Flour, we are passionate about creating the best dense, soft, chewy vegan cookies and brownies in the world! Our wheat free/gluten free and sugar free cookies contain a blend of pinto bean and rice flours that create a treat that naturally contains fiber, calcium and complete protein. The online store offers on-going bulk discounts and seasonal sale items. Sun Flour is vegan owned and managed. Our bakery is dedicated vegan - zero animal products share equipment with our cookies. We ...

Delicious Biscuit, Assorted Cookies
Delicious Biscuit With Different Flavours: Petit Beurre, Petit Mange, Sugary ZABAN Biscuit (coconut Flavour), Sugary ZABAN Biscuit (Orange Flavour). Elegant Assorted Cookies: Carton Packing : 400g x 8 boxes. Packed in the plastic tray inside. Including Assorted Cookies.

Oreo Biscuit
Oreo biscuit is high quality biscuit chocolate sandwich with delicius special taste of the cream. Oreo is suitable for made in puding, ice cream and milkshake.

Cake Mix
Cake premix, using high quality premix flour. Instructions provided on boxes. Have fun doing cake at home with easy preparation, serve in 45 minutes. 750g X 12 Boxes(per carton)

Layer Biscuits
Biscuit Home provides different flavour of Layer Biscuits. We have tomato, coffee or grape layers with various sizes and packing. We also provide various kinds of oat & wheat crackers, digestive crackers, cookies, sandwiches and many kinds of products such as cakes, layers, pastry, soda, rusk, stick.

Natural Cocoa Cake
Moisture: 4.0% ; Fat Content: 10.0% - 12.0% ; PH (10% Solution): 5.20 - 5.60. Finess: Manufactured from liquor, which is 98.5% (min) fine through a 200 mesh sieve. Packaging: In 4-ply kraft paper bag with inner polyethylene liner

Ritz Cheese Cracker
Ritz cheese crackers is crunchy cracker and melt on the mouth made from kraft cheese, so delicous and crunchy make the situation enjoyable.

Biscuits And Snacks
We are offering more than 30 different top quality biscuits and snacks such as: Cream cracker ; Round sweet biscuit maria ; Round biscuit water and salt ; Round filled biscuit ( brown chocolate truffle) ; Round filled biscuit ( white chocolate truffle) ; Round filled biscuit ( brown chocolate) ; Round filled biscuit (black forest) ; Buttered biscuit ; Buttered biscuit milk and caramel ; Chocolate waffer ; Chocolate and hazelnut waffer ; Strawberry waffer ; Banana and caramel waffer ; ...

Biscuit, Cookie
With state-of-the-art factories, large production capacity, cost-effective process, and standardized quality, these products are already exported to countries worldwide.

Rice Cracker
Supplies rice crackers with corn soup flavour or chocolate flavour. We also provide assorted gift package (as you elegance, double fortunes - assorted candies or prosperous year - assorted candies). Products such as biscuits, cookies, oat & wheat crackers, digestive crackers, sandwiches, cakes, layers, pastry, soda, rusk and stick are also available in various sizes with attractive packings.

Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit, Wheat Cookies Biscuit
Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits: 1) Weight: 215g x 16 ; 2) Chocolate sandwich biscuits ; 3) Vanilla sandwich biscuits. Whole Wheat Cookies with Fiber and Chocolate Chips Different Formats Available. This product is rich in fiber.

Chicken Flavour Cracker & Chocolate Sandwich
Offer chicken flavour cracker & chocolate sandwich, strawberry sandwich & coconut cracker, orange sandwichs biscuits, chocolate sandwichs biscuits, peanut sandwich, coconut sandwichs biscuits.

biscuit tin box
biscuit tin box, biscuit box, biscuit packaging container 1. tin box size: as requested 2. printing: multiple colors can be printed as per customs artwork 3. embossing optional 4. good choice for cookies, egg rolls, biscuit, chocolate, mooncake, gift 5. OEM and customers' design are welcome 6. Logo available
Company: Guangzhou Henghua Tin Industry Co., Ltd    China

Calcium Propionate (Powder/Granular/Crystals/Bead type)
Calcium Propionate (Powder/Granular/Crystals/Bead type) Description Calcium Propionate (Powder/Granular/Crystals/Bead type) Wuhan dongxin mill are suppliers and distributors of Calcium Propionate (Powder/Granular/Crystals/bead type). We are a leading chemical distributor for the Industrial Chemicals industry in China, we have the capabilities to supply chemical products throughout the world. To make an enquiry about our Calcium Propionate (Powder/Granular/Crystals/Bead type)) product, ...
Company: wuhan dongxin mill import and export trade co.,ltd    china

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