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List extensive product information of Dairy (include Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Cheese, Yogurt, Cream), provided by Dairy Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Milk Powder
Skimmed milk powder (2nd grade): Chemical specifications ; Butterfat 1.50 % max. ; Moisture 5 % max. ; Protein 34 % approx. ; Lactose 50 % approx. ; Minerals 8 % approx. ; Titratable acidity 0.17 % max ; Solubility index 1.25 ml max. ; Sediment-test c max ; Bacteriological specifications ; Total plate count 200 000 approx. ; Coliform absent in 0.1 g. ; Salmonella absent in 25 g. ; Physical specifications ; Colour white to creamy white
Product Group: Milk Powder
Company: United Dairy Ltd.    China

Condensed Milk
1) Milk solids: NLT 22% ; 2) Fat: NLT 8% ; 3) Protein: NLT 3.5% ; 4) Sucrose: NMT 49% ; 5) Water: NMT 29%.
Company: United Dairy Ltd.    China

We are producers exporters of skimmed milk powder with 1.5 fat and full cream milk powder with 26% fat in 25 KG craft paper bags.

Skimmed Milk Powder
Skimmed milk powder: Basic ingredients: Lactose, milk proteins, milk fat, mineral substances. Chemical analysis: max 5% of milk fat in dry substance ; max 6% of water ; acidity of reconstituted powder milk not highr than 8.5 ; index of milk powder solubility can be 1 ml max. ; fostfatase test negative. Bacteriological analysis: In 0,1 of coagulasis, milk powder must not contain positive estafilococus, proteus types and escherichia coli, also sulphate-reducing clostridies in 0,01 g. Number of ...
Company: United Dairy Ltd.    China

Ice Cream Sticks and Spoons
1) Main dimensions: 114 x 10 x 2mm, 93 x 10 x 2mm. 2) Other wooden products in special shapes can be produced according to per customers' requirements

Yogurt - Plain Or Fruit Flavoured
Obtained from the fermentation of goat milk with lactobacillus bulgaricus and lactic streptococci. Well-known and appreciated for the revitalizing action of its live milk flora. Compact and creamy, white colour, slightly sour, pleasant taste. Goat milk yogurt available either plain or wild berry-flavoured. Sheep milk yogurt available plain and in the following fruit flavours: Banana, strawberry, apricot. Goat milk: Packaging:2 tubs x 125 g, in 12-unit cartons(24tubs); shelf life:45 days at 4 ...
Product Group: Yogurt

Cheese, White Feta Cheese, Mozzarella
Diary products: Cheese, white cheese, olives, butter, milk & yogurt Supplier. Our supplier is manufacturing dairy products with high technology, selling and having some joint-ventures in Europe. Product range: cheese, white cheese, white feta cheese, mozzarella, diet cheese, butter, olives, pastorized milk, yogurt, yogurt drink.
Product Group: Cheese

Dairy Products
Sweetened condensed milk: 24 x 395gr tins ; Evaporated milk: 96 x 170gr tins ; Evaporated milk: 48 x 410gr tins ; Full cream milk powder: 24 x 400gr tins ; Full cream milk powder: 12 x 1 KG tins.

Pure Cow Ghee
We are Manufacturing 100% Cow Ghee, Cooking Butter, Panner and other dairy by products apart from Liquid milk and our monthly production capacity is as follows, Ghee - 100,000 kgs, Paneer - 150,000 kgs, Cooking Butter - 100,000 kgs

Edible Casein
It is an additive which has high protein and nutrition, used as a material in making sodium(Calcium) caseinate, and also it is used in kinds health food,, juice, marine lives feeds, etc. Index: Protein >92 % ; Fat <1.5% ; Acidity <45 ; Ash <1.5% ; Moisture <12.0% ; Pathogenic bacteria No ; Heavy metal <20mg/KG ; Plate coun <10 000/g ; Lead 2mg/KG ; Arsenic <2mg/KG ; E. Colii Negative. Colour and ouster: Lvory-white or cream ; Shape: Solid granular ; Function: It can ...

Milk Pulver Calcium, Butter Oil With Fat
Sell milk first quality with calcium baby: Or milk naturel ; Packaging 800gr. We also arrange to sent to you our best offer for butter Oil Fat 99.6%, for regular basis and quantity.

Organic High-calcium Skimmed Milk Powder
With a strong team of R&D professionals that consist of pharmacists, chemists, nutritionist, herbalists, doctors and a dedicated research staff, orient biotech has been able to consistently produce new health products.

Whey Powder
Whey powder: Physico-chemical and bacteriological characteristics. Moisture:4% max. Fat content:1,5% approx. Proteins: > 11%. Lactose: > 65%. Ph: >6,0. Ash:8,5% approx. Bacterial estimate:50 000/g max. Coli: Negative in 0,1 g Staph. Aureus: Negative in 0,1 g. Salmonella: Negative in 25 g. Colour: Cream, clear yellow. Taste and odour: Typical for the product

New Dairy Products
A wide range of dairy milk ingredients, including - dairy powders with 36 % fat; milk powder fat-filled 26% and 50% vegetable fats. Substantial savings on skimmed milk powders, whole milk powders. Our products allow you to replace partially or totally either full cream milk powder or skimmed milk powder plus fat. Advantages: Economical compared to skimmed milk powder or whole milk powder ; Very high quality emulsion ; Very smooth mouth feeling ; High and constant quality ; Excellent ...

1) Big Old Rommy Cheese ( Hard Cheese ) 11 Kg. Small Old Rommy Cheese (Hard Cheese) 1.25 Kg and 1.25 Kg. 2) Vacuumed Rommy Slides 200 gm 40 x 200 gm. 3) Domyaty Old White Cheese 2 Kg 4 x 2 Kg. 4) White Soft Cheese (Low Salt ) 14 Kg 1 x 14 Kg. 5) White Soft Cheese (Low Salt ) 7 Kg or 1 x 7 kg. 6) White Soft Cheese (Low Salt ) 250 gm or 24 x 250 gm. 7) Double Cream Cheese / Istanbuly 12 Kg 1 x 12 kg. 8) Double Cream Cheese / Istanbuly 2 kg 4 x 2 kg. 9) Double Cream Cheese 450 ...
Product Group: Cheese

Milk Powder
1) Fat: min. 26% ; 2) Protein: min. 34% ; 3) Moisture: max. 3.5% ; 4) Reconstituted milk acidity: max. 0.15% T ; 5) Insolubility index: max. h 1.0ml ; 6) Impuity index: max. 6mg/kg ; 7) Color: creamy white
Product Group: Milk Powder

Powdered Milk Products
We have Skimmed Milk Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Spray Dried Full Cream Milk Powder, Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder, Fat Filled Buttermilk Powder, etc.

Argentine Sardo Cheese
Argentine sardo cheese, italian style hard grating cheese, in loaves of about 3 kilos each, cryovac wrapped and packed 4 loaves per export carton case.

Long Life Milk, Cheese
We offer long life milk in full cream, 2% and skim milk in 1 lt tetra packs. Also offer Gouda Cheese from china.

Instant Coconut Milk Powder
Quality Instant coconut milk powder. Hygenic, convenient and easy to use. Just mix with water and you'll have coconut milk instantly. For use in making curry, bakery, confectionery, ice cream, drinks and many more.

Milk Protein Concentrate & Whey Protein Concentrate
We can supply milk protein concentrate ( MPC ) adn whey protein concentrate.

B Natural - Spicy Buttermilk
The Product: Buttermilk is a fermented milk product obtained by inoculation and incubation of pasteurized whole milk with Lactobacillus Bacteria. Buttermilk is made with beaten curd in which salt and different spices and herbs are added. This makes it a refreshing and thirst quenching drink. It is a low fat ethnic drink. It Is rich in Potassium, Sodium, calcium, protein, vitamins and calcium. All this makes Spicy Buttermilk an excellent drink for everybody, from growing children, to older ...

Dairy Products - Milk Powders, Cheese, Cream
Pasteurizes & Sterilized products in different kinds and packages: Whole& Skimmed milk powders ; UHT Milk ; Cheese ; Yoghurt ; Cream ; Ice Cream ; Butter, etc...

Skimmed milk powder
COMMODITY SKIMMED MILK POWDER Origin: UKRAINE Grade Standard/ Extra Specification: Parameters Extra Moisture, %, max. 4.0 Fat, %, max. 1.25 Acidity, ml 0.1n NaOH/gr.,max. 0.15 Sediment/Disk, in 25 gr.,max. B Protein, %, min. 34 Solubility, cm3/gr.,max. 0.1 Total amount of bacteria ...
Product Group: Milk Powder
Company: RTS TRADE S.A.    Ukraine

Full cream milk powder
COMMODITY FULL CREAM MILK POWDER Origin: UKRAINE Grade Extra Specification: Parameters Extra Moisture, %, max. 4.0 Fat, %, min. 26 Acidity, ml 0.1n NaOH/gr.,max. 0.15 Sediment/Disk, in 25 gr.,max. B Protein, %, min. 26.0 Solubility, cm3/gr.,max. 0.1 Total amount of bacteria /1gr.max. 50000 ...
Product Group: Milk Powder
Company: RTS TRADE S.A.    Ukraine

Surgar - ICUMSA-45 Origin : Brazil REFINED SUGAR ICUMSA-45 POLARIZATION: 99.80 Degrees min. ASH CONTENT: 0.04 Max. ICUMSA: 45 RBU SOLUBILITY: 100% Dry and Free Flowing COLOR: Sparkling White. Maximum 45 Icumsa attenuation index units RADIATION: Within internationally accepted limits. GRANULATION: Fine to Medium MOISTURE: 0.4% Max. MAGNETIC PARTICLES: 4Mp/k SO2: 70 Mg/k ASH BY ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: 0.04% Max. [on dry weight basis] SULPHUR DIOXIDE: 20 mg/kg Min. SEDIMENTS: ...
Company: SKJ Company    Hong Kong

SOFT CORPORATE OFFER Product: Thai long grain Parboiled Rice 100% sortexed Product: Thai long grain Parboiled Rice 5% Broken,Sortexed Product: Thai long grain White Rice 100% Product: Thai long grain White Rice 5% Broken Product: Thai long grain White Rice 25% broken Packing: 50 kg (ordinary laminated color printing) Brand: Customer Brand Quantity: 12,500 MT -Payment term: 100% L/C at sight Irrevocable Transferable against the shipping documents from Prime ban Price ...
Company: SKJ Company    Hong Kong

Sunflower Oil
Sunflower Oil - Origin Argentia Detailed Product Description Free fatty acids: 1.75 % Max ( Moisture and Impurities): 0.02 % Saponification value: 186 Iodine value: 120 Titre C (melting point): 13.75" C Specific Gravity @ 25'C : 0.915 Density (kg/m3) - 920 Flashpoint by P.-M. (Degree C) - 220 Calorific Value (kj/kg) - 36, 000 Kinematic Viscosity (40 *****) (mm2/s) Carbon Residue (mass-%) - 0.4 Iodine Number (g/100g) - 110) Sulphur Content (mg/kg) - 18 Variable ...
Company: SKJ Company    Hong Kong

Fruit pudding jelly in bag
CHC Gourmet Sdn Bhd, all natural fruit extract pudding jelly manufacturer in Malaysia. No preservative & artificial sweetener. Halal certified & FDA registered. 18 months shelf life. DELWIN is our brand but buyer label is welcome.
Company: CHC Gourmet Sdn Bhd    Malaysia

Fat filled milk powder/milk powder replacer/milk powder blends
SKYPE:tracyregan Fat filed milk powders (FFMP) are produced by blending palm or coconut vegetable fat with high quality skimmed milk powder. FFMP is used to replace Full cream milk powder (FCMP) while being more economical. It can be optionally made instant, enriched with vitamins and minerals, tailored to customer specifications _______________________________________________ Applications: Fat filled milk powder is used as a whole milk powder replacer in many applications such as: ...
Company: Shandong Tianjiao Biotech    China

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